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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2019 4:00pm-4:30pm CEST

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with. a law by. the by. this is deducted he is coming to you live from above and the ball is in their court now global leaders gather for an emergency climate summit this as the young around the world maintain the momentum of last week's mass rallies demanding action from our correspondent at the u.n. and. also coming up more than half a 1000000 vacations around the world a strategy dr thomas cook collapses to with the problem from grounded holidays are turning into a nightmare has put tourists left adrift. and the game of thrones rules once again
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at the emmys crowned the winner of the breast drama we have a look at the winds and the upsets of t.v.'s big night. live a very warm welcome to you i'm on the. world leaders are gathering today in new york for an emergency climate summit ahead of the general assembly with starts and tuesday the u.n. is calling it a race to limit climate change risk the world it says can win but for those living on the front line for example in the arctic circle there's a greater urgency the new region archipelago of salvado is home to the wild northernmost town people they're experiencing various consequences of climate change firsthand residents say some lives have already been lost.
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in the cracking sound of the carving place yet it was never unusual here in style about what is unusual is the frequency with which you hear it nowadays scientists say air and sea temperatures have risen significantly in the last 3 decades and it's changing the entire archipelago. we are losing the small bug we know we are losing the arctic as we know it because of climate change the earth's temperature over seas risen by almost total degrees in the past 30 years the ocean is warmer. there is no sea ice on the fjords any more here on the west coast. that's not an isolated development sea ice cover on the arctic has shrunk to almost half its size and less than 40 years. in the nearby town of long a 1000000000 people say they can see their highest changing and they no longer feel
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safe. the summer of 2015. child died. there was a whole apartment complex that was caught in an avalanche and there's like 50 apartments getting crushed. but it was the middle of the night and nobody knew was coming. since then landslides and avalanches have become more common leading the local vicar to paint a doomsday scenario because of climate change and the different fact makes through the soil the ground some of the grace we see behind us might actually end up sliding into the road a little valley. or the next thing we can see if they might all be covered in the next big landslide coming down from the hill after just one by a couple of feet last part. it's a grisly prospect and still a way off in the future but this reason to worry about the here and now roshan is
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eating away at the coastline forcing some to pack up and move here so that's one 3rd nice slopes towards the cold one day. 13 you just disappear just. one event and that's when we decided we have to move the cabin. and many others and spelled out are hoping world leaders will act fast to limit the effects of climate change else they fear their home in the arctic won't survive. the deadly chorus for an icelander phenomenon is in new york and she joins me now from their dogs under thievin the small law we know which in town we just saw want to see decisive action but this is only a one day summit at the u.n. on climate change what results can be expect. when you listen to u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists he is very optimistic that the nations
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invited to this summit are going to ratchet up their own for efforts to come but climate change and that this summit is able will be able to secure more ambitious commitments to curb. greenhouse gas emissions that those made in 2015 when the paris climate agreement was signed and all eyes will be here on china and india we have to say the chinese have made quite moderate commitments promises so far so experts except that expect that they may move even more quickly in the future and india is also expected to make a major announcement here but of course you're right it will it will be a one day summit and there is one person that is going to be absent from this summit and that is donald trump and the u.s.
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government that's right because a number of other leaders are speaking and laying out the country's climate protection plans but as you mentioned donald trump will be conspicuous by his absence why is he not turning up. so he said he is today that his absence for this summit is not meant as a snub but of course it is very telling that is tad of participating in this climate action summit he is hosting his own hastily organized event here focusing on religious freedom this has been a very important topic for the administration we have to say climate change not so much instead the u.s. government has focused on trying to really regular lation in terms of allowing companies to step over different environmental
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regulations so he is not going to participate in this summit and i think what we can expect is that you and secretary general is going to expect the europeans to take the lead here germany's chancellor angela merkel is going to be among the 1st speakers at this summit and he she is expected certainly to introduce the climate package to new measures that her government agreed on last week and alexander climate activists greater tune but will also be addressing the u.n. assembly she was treated like a rock star by her young supporters when she also got a sympathetic reception from the audience at the u.n. . i think so because in the meantime meantime he has she has become sort of a very prominent figure here he she has been invited to speak at this summit and we
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also have to mention that there will be young climate activists in the audience so i think there will make sure that she's going to get a very warm reception. and it's on a phenomenon at the u.n. climate assembly in new york thank you very much for that update from there. on the us oldest child whose company thomas cook has collapsed after failing to secure a last minute bailout more than half a 1000000 people worldwide a country traveling with the group britain civil aviation authorities beginning an operation to bring home some 150000 british customers stranded abroad british tourists are stuck on the spanish island of my yorka have been airing their frustration. nightmares they mistrust. not wanted really full bore holes. what can you do we want to show you the news to train to
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what's happening. to know what has fallen does no one has emailed the sata planes or you just one more thought i. thought you were flying let's just hear we now are . not so sure this place our content or something all sound like you know happy to receive it and put misako to london to do the obvious correspondent seana thoughts shots and lots of uncertainty in exile and he as we heard how the hundreds of thousands of people who are stranded going to get a woman who's going to pay for that. well essentially the british government is going to pay for that they have chartered hundreds of flights around the world from as far as malaysia to get those travelers back home to the u.k. we know that planes will pick them up at some point on the advice there from the aviation authority is sit tight and joy your holiday and a plane will come to pick you up at some point check the website at the thomas cook
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website and they will let you know but of course there is also a much bigger story that is hundreds of thousands that have booked holidays with thomas cook that are coming out that are now not going to be able to take part and those are they going to be reimbursed some are of course and $20000.00 employees globally are losing or have lost their jobs last night with this bankruptcy for example those employees in the shop behind me this shop of course remains closed it's one of 600 shops that are still on high street in the u.k. and those will remain closed until the thomas cook c.e.o. peter fine counsel has also made a statement 1st let's have a listen to what he had to say i would like to say. to all our customers those who i don't wholly though even us. but those who have poked with us in the coming months it is deeply distressing to me that they tell us no to be impossible
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to say full of the most loft rise in travel. social of the day was that was a thomas cook c.e.o. expressing his regret now why didn't his company get the financial lifeline it was disparate to seeking. well it was quite an emotional statement from the c.e.o. and i think this news has hit the u.k. quite hard we know it's the oldest travel agency one of the world's largest so the news really has hit the u.k. and everybody basically in the u.k. has at some point traveled with thomas cocoa know somebody who has traveled with thomas cook so why the question did the u.k. government not to save the company basically they did the numbers and they said it wasn't profitable at all thomas cook has been in debt 1700000000 and when the u.k. government crunched the numbers they figured that it wouldn't be profitable in the
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long term that there was systemic problems and that it just wouldn't be worth saving and short the question which also needs to be did briggs it really ruin all of this. well it played at least some pod i think of the u.k. government not saving thomas cook for example they didn't also want to set a precedent there are many companies at the moment currently with the uncertainty of breck's that and the u.k. struggling and the u.k. government didn't want to say for comment thomas cook and set the precedent for other companies but on the other hand thomas cook struggled also because of breck's and because of that uncertainty a lot of travelers in the u.k. decided to cancel plans to travel abroad and that is why they have less bookings so that has certainly been one of the issues shown a bounce on the collapse of thomas koch thank you very much. this article look at
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some other stories making news around the school classrooms collapse of the kenyan capital nairobi killing at least 7 children dozens more have been injured the elementary school is located in a poor neighborhood of nairobi the collapse is being blamed on shoddy construction . iran says it will release a british blacked oil tanker seized in the strait of hormuz in july iranian authorities said the state of impaired it was free to leave after an investigation into alleged violations iran sees the ship 2 weeks off to britain detained in iranian tanker off the coast of gibraltar. in the gun the silent least 35 people attending a wedding party have been killed in a botched raid by government forces official said the reading was taking place there a house used by taliban militants in helmand province over 100 civilians have been killed in attacks in afghanistan in recent weeks in spain police have counted
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downgrades and arrested 9 people suspected of plotting violent attacks this is the raid started an organization that supports scotland independence police say they found material that could be used to make explosives it comes ahead of a verdict in the trial of pro independence politicians. you're watching the news coming up ahead germany's blind foot 14 taking on the best sides of the continent at the european blind or championship. the trust we have some breaking news for you interior ministers meeting and mortar say they've reached a deal on how to redistribute refugees rescued at sea interior ministers from germany france italy and mortar have been meeting to try and trash out a deal for resettling refugees pushed from the mediterranean both malta and italy have blocked n.g.o.s rescue ships from docking in the past often leading asylum
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seekers stranded on board for weeks. and we'll have more details on that story as they come in they come in telling our to iran which has warned the u.s. to stay out of the gulf region the u.s. is sending in more troops following last week's attacks on saudi oil installations rising tensions and biting american sanctions are having an impact on the iranian economy once a growing source of income the tourism sector has been hard hit with many choosing to stay away the some travelers are going anyway. and for you to use their holiday in iran is a special experience not just because of the captivating sights smells and sounds of the bazaar and to run but also because of the political tensions friends and family were skeptical at 1st but the couple's choice of iran as a destination was a deliberate one. in london. it's
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a country that is growing through a difficult time. and politically. that's all the more reason for us to want to get a foster and impression of what it's like. you wilson cornelia are staying at sea you were in iran a hostile and cultural house started by young entrepreneurs after the nuclear deal was signed just. guests from around the world can exchange ideas and break down prejudices. but rising tensions between washington and iran a hitting visitor numbers especially from europe. in the past couple of weeks we had some deserve a chance canceled because that because of the 2 is they were they were afraid something might happen because they call these training threatening to. transpose.
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be careful is coming for you something like this. and that's not only a problem for the hospital but for everyone who makes their living from tourism. drivers on air and money from tourism before galleries restaurants on. benefit everyone does well from it especially all the women who are can be enmeshed or horner was born the one who has to feed a steroid era fewer guests from europe means a squeeze on incomes just as the u.s. economic sanctions are making life more expensive for iranians you know in off to. the downturn is a worry for the private sector but the weak ryall help them bring into risk from the region they come on pilgrimages or for medical treatment. to some extent that makes up for the losses. on the model. you use and
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also benefiting from this their holidays much cheaper than they were expecting apart from that they haven't really been affected by the dispute over the nuclear agreement. here in the. complex in spite of the tough economic sit. to asian on the political crisis where everyone we've met has been cheerful and his spirits was. just pointless to really and are getting on with life they're looking to the future and they've given us a warm welcome. so the trip has paid off despite some initial misgivings you use and cornelia can see themselves coming back to iran. to the television's biggest award the t.v. hit series game of thrones went out on a high note winning the top prize for best drama series but the night also shed
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light on new stars the dark british comedy fleabag was a big winner in the comedy category at the los angeles ceremony. it is the most decorated fictional show in the history of the emmys but the h.b.o. smash hit game of thrones which ended this year more with a whimper than a bang. it may have won the evening's biggest award for best drama series but it took home just one other prizes sunday night the best supporting actor in the drummer awards for peter dinklage. because newcomers who up ended the night for the more established chose. dark british comedy fleabag was the surprise big winner of the evening dominating the comedy prizes the show's creator and star phoebe will abridge won best leading comedy actress and also bad divorce for best comedy writing and comedy series meaning that i find acting really
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hard and moving if you. follow british actress j.g. como also overturned expectations to take home best actress in a drama for her turn as a psychopath in spite really killing and moment during liverpool if i didn't invite because i didn't think this was going to be my time i. believe porter made history as the 1st openly gay black man to win best leading drama actor for his role in pose and it was a night of farewells to popular shows and surprises that kept us guessing until the end before. news from the world of sport russia is suspected of manipulating doping data more than previously thought the allegations could hit a range of sports and myths threaten russia's participation in next year's tokyo
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olympics russia is already banned from the was atlantic's championships which start on friday the world anti-doping agency has launched a probe after say they've inconsistency is in key data delivered from a moscow drug testing lab to the agency earlier this year and the game of systematic doping have meant russia has been suspended from track and field since 2015 but some russians are due to compete as new trees in the world championships in. the blind european football championship for men is underway in rome germany just missed out on the semifinals but have learned another valuable lesson in team spirit a crucial ingredient in blind sports see if we have a aggressive tempo rich and well organized blind football that's why we'll go up
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and out of the french because we are a team. they don't want to impress their opponents they just want to instil courage in themselves the germany team have a set of principles that they take with them to every european championship game captain alexander fun man helped create a team manifesto since 2006 the 34 year old has amassed 97 appearances for germany more than any other player. who was. hard to go yet but. the coaches on the sidelines shout instructions to they play guiding them on when and where to shoot it's do or die for germany they have to win their last 2 games in the group stages to. reached the 70s jamming out under docks against france but i'm not without their fair share of chances. i. was recuperating. after
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a fall it is the french that take the lead was a moment of joy is short lived the german captain immediately replies. i don't know what was in that even. when a blind person notices things a person of sight doesn't even realize the nuts amazing thing man is unbelievable at it in the games you can anticipate let it go so you can anticipate the opponent and simply great the match and in a 10 draw that was no semifinals and especially more paralympic qualification the but instead a lot of perspective. it was a great game we gave it our all but we still lack of it's a look and the ability to pull through at the very end. with a finish is important for how much funding they will receive that's my tactics aki for the remainder of the tournaments. the tactics sport is
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a help for part of pre-match preparation and. russia a tough opponent they have 3 thought control and understanding. but after a foul it is germany with the advantage the coach uses sound to help his penalty taker and the germany captain does not missed. was was but russia turn it up a notch after a spell of pressure they managed to level thing stop. the was it both sides have to settle for the draw for revenge on the young and remain a team. the more they say it the more they will believe it. finally germany is bidding farewell to an ever
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space pioneer signal and again the 1st german in space has died at the age of 82 the east german cosmonauts trained in the soviet union in the 1970 s. he spent 8 days in space a short trip but one that had special significance at the height of the cold. by cohen or august 1988 a space flight that propelled a german into space for the 1st time and made. the hero in communist east germany a socialist figurehead learned by heart words the political had given him. how i did it take my flight to the 30th anniversary of the founding of the german democratic republic my socialist fatherland. 25 years later the physicist took a pragmatic view of his greeting from outer space. because if you were given a task like that you can't say that before takeoff i won't say that but otherwise
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you'd miss played it and besides that i was an officer we were raised that way it was all part of it today people talk differently. about whether that small almost is another matter. so long to the east german government used the space flight for propaganda purposes and presented it as a victory over west germany. was revered as a hero while the west german press downplayed the achievement after the fall of the berlin wall in work for the european space agency organizing cooperation between western european and russian astronauts close ties to his hometown of morgan who took out and cons and northern germany home to the country's only space travel museum it was here that seek money and celebrated the 30th anniversary of his historic space flight. coming up next on deja vue news. pushback against accusations of police brutality in the hong kong protests we
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hear from to exploit the softer says to defend their brothers and villains. that it's all coming up indeed every museum but for me i'm a touchy mom thanks to a company.
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that everyone a chance but they only really materialize in our brain. consciousness process but what role does all perception play. and how do colors influence on everyday minds we talked to biologists and behavioral scientists to find out the. world today in 60 minutes on. t w. it's
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all happening to children. during link to news from africa around the world. your link to assumptions stories and discussions here no one will come to do such a clean cross remini from born in germany from the news of easy to our website d w dot com slash africa join a song free spirit that t.w. africa. and gemini with w. at any time cut anyplace using news media never have i look like a postcard
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a song to sing along to see just a combo from super. for cutting interactive exercises. everything is online and interactive learn german so free with a w. lens. this is d w news coming up a divided city protesters in hong kong have been loud and vocal but not everyone shares they're being careful to retired police officers who supports the government he also talks police brutality but amnesty international. and are these people building their own prison muslim families in awesome states.


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