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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2019 8:45pm-9:00pm CEST

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comedy about state surveillance seen through the lens of the east german secret police the stasi. robbery. of fans of hard rock and heavy metal know him well michael schenker widely considered one of the best guitar soloists around a veteran member of u.f.o. he also played for scorpions way back in the seventy's and has had an illustrious if to mulch us career well now he's back with a new album and according to critics better than ever so we'll speak to him right after this. his trademark is the flying v. utah. shaping with the lights on is a track off the new album revelation by the group my coaching professed. shankar
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was born in sa should it yeah hand over in 1955 he grew up playing the guitar with his older brother the beatles. played initially together in school but michael moved on becoming that he could charge for british rock band he left out of michael shank his career spans 5 to can't stand has made him one of the most famous german guitarists in the world. and he's with me in the studio michael sanker well. it's a valid so great to have you here you've got your new album revelation congratulations looks like you guys are having a blast there now this is really classic hard rock with a bunch of guys that you've worked with for years robin mccauley graham bonnet what's the message here is this is this a celebration yeah it's michael shank of fast and you know i realized that i had
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performed the most popular music of like the shank of but not with the original singer somehow we have gone full circle and cycle and you know i thought it would be great if i could do this you know maybe not with clouds and film walk but maybe 80 singers and called up there awaiting the musicians the same thing you know ready to go is something that was meant to be to everybody's having so much fun i want to i want to talk to. 2nd so that we can listen to the guitar solo from the rock steady of all the music on the face the music. please your style so unique. but maybe in the us it sounds in the call because if you don't listen to music since i was 17 i discovered and i knew that we are all unique and if we are all unique i don't need to do what everybody else is already
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doing so i do i open up myself nobody knows what's in there if i open up blues on a daily basis yearly basis the by product of your own guitar style. legend has it that you played your 1st gig with scorpions in a nightclub and you were 11 years old is that even true that was actually my 1st concert which was kind of put a remarkable because i forgot about the reminded later it was the twist and 10 and it's a ok so when you left scorpions at 17 to go play with u.f.o. and you didn't even speak english at the time had quite a turbulent career with them relate back and forth and yet people still speak of the schenker years with u.f.o. and i think i think it was what do you remember from that time how do you look back on that period and yeah it was a blessing that i didn't speak english let the do music do the talking so we were focusing on music number one which was very important and you know
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developed in lights the speed of light for form phenomena to force to know heavy petting lights out obsessions strangers in the night but by everybody i'm going to do my own thing now. and there was over the years obviously been a lot of a lot of friction spoken about in the media between you and your brother rudolf of the scorpions how do you feel now about your time as a scorpion well little son i have in the 6 and a half years apart you know i'm 16 obvious younger than rudolph and we really only lived together. things together when i was with the spoken simone something. and the rest of the review didn't really you know hang out together anything because i was living in i just play one night with them quite successfully. here with the with the lonesome crow that was when i was 50 and 60 and then i joined your fall and then you know i was invited to do i was asked to help the
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scorpions with left drive. you know and i think i would have one more but but he didn't tell me that but you know then they tried to persuade me to stay in in the band and i went all during with but i did do or do you know he'd be back actually crying on the phone michael please stay in the band again because i felt so bad for him you know and he talked about bringing the original guys back for your for this album and you actually want to ward back in 2010 for rock n roll excess and for living on the edge that was the marshall 11 what about now or is it would you say you're mellowing out is it possible for michael shanks to just mellow out a little bit. more out of that then that is really true about this because if you have a talent and on the top people want to come up with great stories and i think that there are a lot of great stories
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a lot of stories that don't they are not true you know people just oreos that you've even had a guitar named after the dean shanker shanker v. which i wish you brought. look at that this is true i. it's all actually more than one k. . you're going on tour in the u.k. next year to celebrate this album as well you'll be in japan in 15 years michael schenker music what's what's your feeling going into that. in japan actually we're doing for. years and was just special and we do actually quite interesting show with simon phillips and bulldoze drums a set b. said we're playing tonight tokyo $5000.00. and then to all the fans are looking forward to it and we'll be watching from here thanks very much for joining us right . well if you've ever had the good fortune to live in paris which i did for many
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years you'll possibly relate to the feeling of comfort that arises when you return and 1st see the eiffel tower again for me as a feeling of warm familiarity but jasper white wondered what it was like for people who actually enjoy the view of the eiffel tower every day. paris you feel. you have. to see it every night every morning it was important for me when we chose this apartment it was i had to see it that is. just to watch the photographer from london he wanted to know how the iconic landmark is viewed by the city's residents and visitors people lucky enough to live with a few walking including. who lives in the 16th with
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a husband just poor whites research actually turned into a book project called 2 i found a collection of pictures showing the tower from the homes of police in residence. this. is so magnetic and it just says that i have to use this somehow i have to kind of use this tower to tell a story about art. and that's how we started. since 2040 jasper has visited 40 homes from a not 3 apartment on the sand to student digs on the city outskirts what they all share is a view of the eiffel tower. very interesting to find out how people bonded their little girl she's caught up with this view and the parents they were at night they leave the curtains open there isn't any finite light you know and she has this amazing relationship with the
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tower and then when they tell her stories or the stories they kind of a lot of them involve the tower so they play a play with that she has this really emotional bond that. just the white plans to finish and publish it to i fell book project this is. the reason room with . yes a sight that definitely warms my heart well our weekly book tip is a novel that's been called the perfect book for paranoid times i've gotten him was a german author and poet back in communist east germany and the 2nd novel i approach the internal struggle struggles of a writer who is doubling as a spy for the dreaded east german secret police and that's of course the stasi to look at the some where there might be a record of you watching this video ok but what about those other sites you've been
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visiting yeah those sites today with the internet it's easy to get paranoid but surveillance is nothing new. in. the novel i was going to his base is about mass as spinoffs well before the web it's about a country that these its own citizens as a potential threat and spies on them all it's not science fiction it's about east germany and its secret police force the sht ozzie and this was their headquarters. the narrator of the book is an east german poet and wished as he sends to berlin to spy on other authors he spends his days creeping around tunnels and cellars at night he attends the secret meetings of east berlin underground literary scene but he soon realizes the aren't just interested in what he reports back about the
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others they're spying on him to. the goal of the service was to make everyone everyone without exception into collaborators of this service and saying though this notion might sound so that all could be watched by all that was a security worthy of its name. the system voice gun he describes as surreal and he should know the stasi spied on him for decades even though he fit the regime's ideal a working class author writing about workers' experiences but he wasn't cozy with the regime and that made him a suspect who left east germany before the wall fell but in the west he was an outsider to. is his novel about writing about the east german surveillance states about a regime destroyed in part by its own mistrust of everyone and everything. so
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definitely want to put on your reading list well that brings us to the end of the show but don't look for get about our website if you need to check out culture so from all of us here in berlin take care and rock on until next time he does in. you. in syria no mercy in germany no deal.
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a surprise visit to an alleged war criminal. the confrontation was preceded by research that pushed both investigators and reporters to their limits. on criminals in germany tracking down someone's henchmen a. close up 30 minutes on the. world unto itself. with its own gravitational pull down. the finest musical compositions. with some histories treif.
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don't believe that she was into them don't tell me that that she never wrote. and the joint you come up in the morning blame. me feel the symphonies of the hotness pumps. how do the romantic master come up with such a piece of. the brahms code. tobar 11th on d w 5 enough. this
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is g.w. news well i'm from berlin tonight at the united nations a climate summit and an impassioned teenager calling out world leaders we are seeing the beginning of a mass extinctions until you can talk about peace and money in fairy tales of eternal economic growth how did you.


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