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for was never your own you've been in the courtroom we approved all of the coroner saw it coming turner's before it before through and. what does it take to change the course of history. raising the curtain starts september 30th on d w. you're watching t w news coming up the death and destruction was a text message really behind the deaths of more than 30 people in indonesia's problems also. is this berlin a youth hostel violating u.n. sanctions against north korea. plus the big fat fight against fact we need that indian theatre group standing up to socialistic must.
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i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thanks for joining deadly violence has hit a remote part of indonesia this week violence that appears to have started because of a text message it happened in papa province which is next to pop into guinea it's a place ethnically and culturally distinct from much of the rest of indonesia and it intermittently sees tension the latest violence was apparently sparked by a text message from a student who said that a teacher had racially insulted a pop one student officials have called the text news in any case that message spread and angry crowds turned out torching cars shops and buildings more than 30 people have died in the unrest so far. joining us is fed rianna fure dowse a journalist based out of jakarta who has been following the story this seems a really dramatic response to a text message what's going on this is actually in a coalition about what happened invest your spouse she's the year the next day root
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out the problems to the saints about receive some but indonesia never talk about these nanny shelley talk about impressed or care and indonesia talk about the economic for example but we never talk about these things about distress distances and when it's happened in like 2 weeks ago and then people culex so tiger with that you saw how the indonesian our. west papuan by calling the monkey for example this is just a commotion my sort of states from the crown who joined the protest that there is enough argument and they're tired and then now they want to speak on behalf of that in an international to say something russia is still to west. do you have a sense to which extent the number of top ones who support independence movement are they the majority yes they are the my jury they are spatially often sorry it
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sampled at all the west papuan get i mean in pop up regimes they support the independence they never change at all but in west because. west buck up rocking steve flight into profit is starting to spur region to fighting to profit ends up our profit messed up or changed in the west up up rottenness more diverse that some of the west papuan support in the day in the rain and the others are better and go but the other its part in indonesia lost east timor 20 years ago how negatively would it have people view a lost of west papuan. international now divided into 2 but the my jury they also parked in the industry as a part response quote the part of indonesia but now it's marked indonesian right now understand the problem a huge story background indonesia. and they are our kids the rest want.
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to to get their right to self. fabriano fear dowse thank you. violating international sanctions is a serious matter multinational companies have teens devoted to making sure that they have complied with financial regulations and that money doesn't end up in the wrong hands but sometimes there are ways around it wus leoni fun hammerstein has the curious story about a berlin hostel and its relationship with the north korean government took cheap and central accommodations the city hostel and berlin's mitta district room started 17 year olds and it's popular with young backpackers but few guests know much about the place north korea owns the building and its flag flies right next door at the embassy. and if larry i saw the flag yesterday and i wondered about the north korean flag that i didn't know it was the embassy and show but i have been.
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seriously annoyed so i like the money that you pay to the goes to north korea. ok. indeed until 2017 the youth hostels operator paid north korea $38000.00 euros a month for rent but then a un resolution banned payment of rent for north korea own properties the regime might use the money to fund its nuclear weapons program. the german government has tried to get north korea to comply. although the embassy cancelled the rental contract with the youth hostel operator and submitted an eviction notice the process has stalled. we as the foreign ministry stand behind this and we are applying pressure to ensure that the correct legal situation is implemented however
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an eviction notice can only be applied if the appropriate court fees have been paid and that has not happened there that instances of mr foote north korea has not paid the fees tom schreiber a member of berlin state parliament suspects there is a secret agreement between the embassy and the hospital to keep the income flowing . there we know these things will stay the same because it's also a source of revenue to couples or to sort what also needs to be clear is that rules must be applied but we put them to this before and. after 2 years of litigation and no end in sight the city hostile berlin is still in business. joining me now in the studio is the only fun hammerstein who produced that report let's back up here a bit has this hostel violated international sanctions yes it's a come it's a complicated situation that was exactly my question when i started out with the
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report and it's kind of a curious case because the north korean government said in the reports has indeed said it has cancelled the rent agreement with the hostiles operator and 2017 reacting to pressure from the german foreign ministry the german government but then it even filed an eviction notice but then never paid for the court fees and then on the other had yes he also operates who still operating the hostel and who has said that it has transferred the rent since 2017 to a blocked account but we have tom schreiber we just saw in the report saying that he suspecting some fishmeal going on between the north korean embassy and the hospital parade has been dragging on for months and months for 2 years what's going to happen next that's an interesting question i mean it seems like and we just saw in regard to that the the foreign ministry and the german foreign ministry and the local level. very committed to resolving this issue because it has become somewhat
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of a curious case it's been as you said going on for a long time it's also a question of credibility at the international level because germany i mean is also has committed to imposing the u.n. sanctions against north korea and it has to prove that it is actually doing that let's talk about the u.n. sanction in question about the transfer of money. what is the rule that's actually impacting the situation here in berlin is actually there are a lot of un resolutions concerning the case of north korea especially because it is developing its nuclear program and has carried out various missile tests in the possible un security council has issued a lot of resolutions u.n. resolutions including the ban of trade with north korea including the ban of imports of luxury goods into the country but also including this specific aspect of food that is saying that it's battling member states to allow north korea to use
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its property its embassy grounds for anything else but diplomatic activities so money transfers and diplomatic usage proper diplomatic usage it's very tricky you mentioned about the pressure germany feels right on any time you deal with north korea it's you have to watch where the money goes and how it's being used how do countries when they come across a situation like this how do they make sure it's unforced how do they make sure they're in compliance exactly that's one of the biggest problems about u.n. resolutions by the u.n. security council because the u.n. security council relies on its member states to enforce them but obviously there's such a long list of sanctions against north korea some countries do not have the resources to check every ship at every ports. that oversight and to go with these sanctions and there's no actual punishment for not for countries like germany not to fulfill the sanction but obviously as i said it's
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a question of credibility they have to remain credible at the international stage and these sanctions were absent yet agreed on unanimously so member states really committed to these sanctions against north korea. on hammerstein thank you very much. too young too old too short too tall too thin too fat people in the public eye face so much scrutiny for the way they look tell me about it especially if they don't conform to regional physical stereotypes now one theatre company in india is out to prove it's possible to be proud and plus sized. the. where. are we. my big fat. standing up to prejudice and stereotypes the big fat company has
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a very explicit agenda to show theatre comes in all shapes and sizes. founded in bangalore in 2017 the troupe only casts plus size actors in its productions. i don't know maybe it's uncomfortable to see class size people moving and enjoying their bodies they're not necessarily looking like they're you know been torn down so bodies that we're so used to seeing. yeah so yeah we did get some kind of pushback. just as in hollywood stereotypes of bound across india's entertainment industry but body shaming happens offscreen to something the actors in big fat company know only too well. this commission a very common like if i go out of here for any family function people who say look how much how do you look if you don't get any food so i mean i'm
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actually less of than what. the group's founder was tired of being pigeonholed so she created her own stage to challenge such perceptions she hopes plus size actors will eventually find space in all places without their bodies playing a part in casting so the future of big fat company is to become obsolete. because we shouldn't exist i mean if we've heard given opportunities everywhere else you know not considering our size we didn't have the need of the credit companies so the aim is to become obsolete. until then. prejudice. one big fat play at a time. that's it for today you can find more stories on our website and on facebook and twitter we leave you with pictures from beijing's futuristic brand new airport thank you for watching the scene you next time i.
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go into unofficial estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. i'd return to. visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know where i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. and i don't need to. go for over
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gretchen home the 4th i'm. also assuming that we can about. the bottom of the valley at the nasa dragon as well as call the home through your. books on. china opens the world's largest single building airport a signal to the rest of the world of beijing's global player ambition i made concerns over its economic slowdown. and speaking of an economic slowdown the asian development bank downgrades its forecast for growth in the region all speak to the lenders chief economist. and e.u. border agents are bracing for a no deal brag that we show you how they're getting ready. to welcome to the
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business i'm going on in berlin today many in germany are looking to china wondering how they did it because while the capital berlin is still waiting for its new airport to get off the ground a full 13 years after construction started and 8 years behind schedule china's president xi jinping officially launched a glitzy new mega airport around 50 kilometers south of the capital beijing today and it took just 4 years and outward demonstration of might amid a difficult time within the country. shaped like a giant starfish beijing dossing international airport took just 4 years to build and cost $60000000000.00 euros it's already the world's largest single airport terminal building it's going to be one of the busiest president xi jinping cut the ribbon on the bus terminal the launch comes just ahead of the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china a mass of days in the ruling communist party's calender.


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