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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2019 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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don't tell me that's you listen to them don't tell me that you know. and. resealed the since. this. is cold start. hello and welcome to a special edition of focus on europe this week we're looking at examples of hell borders and barriers old and new are defining the european project to get things started we've come here to northern ireland as you know northern ireland belongs to
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the united kingdom and shares a land border with the republic of ireland the separate you member states that border is wide open right now but. the european union the border arrangements could change radically and that could affect much more than just the economy some worried it could reignite the bloody conflict between republicans and loyalists that raged here. in this market and on the irish side of the border has everything a local farmer could want. it's been attracting merchants and customers from the republic of ireland and british northern ireland for 34 years. called the market into being. the 80 year old knows everything there is to know about. it in his guard house he recounts what it was like during the troubles the days when there were military checkpoints and the ira was active. and
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he explains why many here fear that. so you know no you see it it's just it britain says sort of when i heard of david. the border with operation again maybe they're going to breed agreement is brought on. the irishman traces the outlines of drummer lee on a map it's a little piece of the republic of ireland that's almost completely surrounded by british northern ireland. that has little effects on the lives of people in from early today but a return to a hard irish border would leave them virtually cut off from the rest of the republic leaving many here feeling anxious and afraid. stephen race from northern ireland also feels betrayed by the british government so instead of the union jack the snack bar owner flies the american and irish flags on his wagon instead. and if
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he wants them to be out in the neighborhood the scenery to be here for the world they just don't let me get called. that in baghdad on the ball over you know you think it's really it's a good it's easy to get loose here yeah yeah on the hope of those wheels actually gears up for. a short drive away from the market a bomb recently exploded at this intersection. police suspect it was the work of the militant group known as the new ira no one was injured in the attack. on the lead ready for tom conlon the bombing is more than a warning to the british government he fears it could mark the start of a new wave of violence. and the start of simply mediæval marches. on british army wanted to shoot civilian. then it grows.
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and all because of this now invisible border which lies somewhere in the middle of these farm fields soon the free range chickens might have to choose which side of the border they'll pick around the northern irish side or that of e.u. member state ireland. currently their feed comes from the republic of ireland while the farmers' post is delivered by britain's royal mail. farmer eileen hall tried to explain all that to former british prime minister to reach the may. though it didn't change anything. border crossings is part of our daily life like even bring the kids. you know to the shops or over back up to 20 times a day it's just all the time but we don't think about this you know it's seamless.
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still no deal breaks it could lead to a return of tensions and violence and tom conlin has seen more than enough of that in his time. he doesn't know what the coming months will bring. the only thing he knows for sure is that his market will survive this crisis. the biggest barrier on the outer perimeter is a natural one the mediterranean sea that body of water has become the main flashpoint in a clash between europeans eager to stop uncontrolled immigration and african migrants desperate for a better life there is no humane and effective joint policy on migration in the e.u. that has left aid organizations alone on the front line of a political and humanitarian crisis. this is the mediterranean sea one of the world's deadliest migration routes connecting africa with. that's a cup size rubber boats. german volunteers have been monitoring the area for hours
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by plane they've spotted the remains of a vessel just off the libyan coast but there's nobody in sight it's unclear what's happened to the people who must have been in the. patrol the mediterranean in the aircraft and. on behalf of german energy they look out for migrants who set off from libya aboard unseat vessels trying to reach your head it's perilous and often fatal even when the boats withstand the journey. back running back to back. people who are out at sea for days tend to be massively dehydrated in complete despair and in very poor health there often dozens of people with medical emergencies who need to be evacuated as fast as possible. footage of a previous rescue mission it's common for migrants to be crammed into inflatable vessels without food and at the mercy of the elements. the people smugglers who see
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them off couldn't care less. but even when maria and her team spot a migrant. distressed it doesn't mean the refugees are safe. all the team can do is monitor the situation and call for help. there are almost no private rescue ships in this area anymore because of italy's tough stance some crews have been trying for people smuggling and their vessels have been seized. and merchant ships like this tend to avoid the area which often leaves the libyan coast guard to save people's lives it's frustrating for the sea watch crew. to figure out i want these people to reach a safe harbor and to reach europe i want them to safely cross the sea and look at the port it leaders. have to rescue ships being impounded and fewer resources for rescue missions available with the only ones left monitoring the sea. and then
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we're going to situations like this. maria unchain know that the every step is towsley watched by the italian and spanish governments some accuse sea watch of cooperating with people smugglers who send migrants out to sea. but maria says this is ludicrous. but. we would never communicate or cooperate with people smugglers in a false smugglers or criminals who make money from people in despair. lied on no mention they make a profit from people who are so desperate that they turn to smugglers that's why it's a big missing are. they say every life is equal and every person in distress must be saved without exception. maria is a medical student who previously served on a rescue vessel it had a huge impact on her. and when i was serving on that ship there was
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a mother who gave birth on a rubber dinghy those are stories you can't forget to have a baby in a rubber boat out at sea without any help in those filthy conditions or no good for you from here in the mountains if to an inboard that's beyond anything you could ever imagine up so that they're just sticks with you. since i'm fighting like. now . it's stories like these that spur these volunteers on. although they face an uncertain future. their plane moon bird has been banned from operating from malta for 2 years and see what fin is other countries may follow suit that's why we must keep it a secret whether plane is currently based. for now the crew wants to keep patrolling the mediterranean sea for as long as they can and help say if as many lives as possible. manmade barriers separating europeans have largely
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disappeared but not all of them the so-called peace line in belfast is a brutal reminder of that i'm also to sit still run another example is the green line on the island of cyprus un controlled buffer zone has been separating greek and turkish cypriots for decades there's little prospect of achieving reconciliation any time soon but that isn't stopping some on the island from trying . neo's he became a member of the european parliament for cyprus earlier this year he's attempting to break down borders on the divided island in the mediterranean sea. we have been to lots of nations assad is a conflict 1st army minds a new system for. kids grew up in the occupied turkish north but lives in the greek part in southern cyprus. to get into the political science professor wants to fight in the e.u. parliament for an end to the conflict. cyprus has been divided since the
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turkish invasion more than 40 years ago. we visit the mayor of put a little village on the greek side right at the border. the next town is in the turkish part of. me maybe going to it's just 5 minutes away but as we're divided by the green line it takes 2 hours. the consequences of the partition are visible to everyone in. you sort of admission person it's full bore that you know people who are working recently during the war. this monument was erected just 10 years ago it was a concession to greek cypriot nationalists some see the greek flag behind it as a provocation. because patani is the last ethnically mixed place on cyprus it's both greek and turkish. because europe did especially well here in the last election because he actively supports a peaceful solution to the conflict before. he and the mayor visited the un
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administered buffer zone separating patani a from the turkish north. these fields are used by greek cypriots here and by turkish cypriots on the other side. the farmers know each other you can walk from here over the ridge i don't really well because you are just small danger that someone can see the soldier and you're a stick in which case. we're not driving towards the checkpoint leading into the turkish north the border controls take a long time we need to wait and we're not allowed to film. the turkish republic of northern cyprus is only recognized internationally by turkey here to national pride is particularly important to some i'm addicted to it's a kind of victory over i'm to nation at least we can try to suppress against nation of israel. and root to laura gina there are many heavily armed turkish army
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checkpoints it's an enclave surrounded by soldiers. grew up here. right outside the local pub there's a bust of kamal ataturk the founder of modern turkey. a visit to mayor her son barbara and supporters shows that many people would like to see a solution to the conflict sooner rather than later. because you everywhere else there's progress but we're stuck here. we need an entry point here to the south. regina was a cosmopolitan village. because the island's biggest turkish village was the smallest village only island issue on the violent anger true cruel. 5000 people are said to have lived here once today it's a meager 300 most people left the village. located just at the border to the greek
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south the neighboring village of patani it is so close but inaccessible. he's a year iran for the european parliament because he wants that to change in brussels he's already testing cypriots. unity you can join me in this thing you have to get out of my assistant. principal. and i think that is what i want to see in cyprus. they're setting an example well hoping that the border dividing cyprus can finally be overcome. fortress europe that's how many see or would like to see the e.u. as an impervious block but europe is nothing like current fergus castle behind me the e.u.'s perimeter has thousands of kilometers of open coastline and border officers from the european border and coast guard agency frontex are now for the 1st time helping to patrol that perimeter from the other side we caught up with
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some frontex officers in albania across the border from greece. these german frontex officers are embarking on a 12 hour shift in caps to tsa patrolling the albanian greek border with their albanian colleagues because the albanian cars are somewhat outdated they'll be taking frontex vehicles to get. the mountainous border between albania and greece is difficult to monitor the albanians need help to get the job done. and the germans say it's nice to work with their albanian colleagues . as well for just their very friendly hospitable people and as we have many out damien's living in germany there are strong links between both countries it's one of. the locals in punjab they have got used to the sight of these frontex patrols but they have little interaction with them. we see the soldiers walking around but
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they don't go into the bars or interact with any of the locals. thought their men use it but many of them do approve of the joint patrols. over we have a high opinion of this mission i say that as another baby and citizen this collaboration with our own police force essential use of. the albanian police has previously been accused of abusing migrants. but frontex once the focus to be on their common goals. one is to manage migratory flows and the 2nd is to help the albanian author in combating serious forms of cross border crimes such as trafficking in human being stare isn't but also detection of stolen cars forged documents trafficking in drugs or weapons. at the cops to the checkpoint a finnish frontex officer is helping to check i.d.'s he has access to e.u.
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data banks which helps him detect forged documents his albanian colleagues don't have this access. i feel good i hope to recall it stayed here over time because here we need to go in there again you know. meanwhile the frontex border patrol has reached a mountaintop along the greek border this is where people often attempt to illegally enter greece. but thanks to frontex that's become more difficult. if we were. than a living in officers we are in all now 50. we're searching for suspicious objects and documents. and if we find anything our albanian colleagues come along and transport the individuals to a police station to be questioned either by a front x. or albanian officer. these
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mountains now make an exciting place for kids to play but 30 years ago during cold war times this border was heavily fortified majority and with anyone who experienced the cold war deeply appreciate where we are today in your view it's a good feeling to have this kind of operational general today soldiers from both sides no longer need to fear each other as they did in the past. and then d.m. in blue circle don't. the plan is to further strengthen the e.u.'s frontex mission and other border states albania is just the beginning. e.u. relations with russia have been severely strained by moscow's an extension of crimea and its actions destabilizing eastern ukraine that strain is most acutely felt in e.u. states that share a border with russia their people worry that they too could soon face russian encroachment in finland that concern is fuelling approaches to restrict property
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sales to russians who already own 5000 holiday homes. water taxi operator martine nieminen can navigate around the scary coast of southern finland in his sleep. joined by russian born sociologist olga hanun he's on his way to a mysterious island that was recently the source of controversy in finland. finally they arrive at the island secular which until recently was owned by a rich russian and is now for sale their surveillance cameras have been turned off . last autumn finished police forces stormed the island security experts had become suspicious of this luxurious estate complete with smaller surrounding islands a conspicuous amount of jedi's and a helicopter landing pad was this set to become a russian espionage base so after all a sinister teaching position along the baltic sea route to the west.
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captain nieminen was also surprised. because yes plots for your lawyer to abandon a foolish and ignorant still want you to forbidden to olson vote. it's really strange. honey and has researched russian holiday homeowners in finland. even though the owner of this island denies any connection to the russian state the lack of trust between finns and these property owners is at an all time high. and recently safety and security issues has been on the surface of these discussions especially of the after the crimean while we have an easy historical prospected finland and russia and. reach affects quite a lot because russia annexed part of finland after that 2nd world war 400 kilometers east the finnish russian border at. most russians crossing the border
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are just going shopping at the finnish supermarket others are looking to buy one of these holiday homes along one of the many leagues. soon accumulation in finnish impi for the social democrats grew up in this border region and finds the development worrying. for years she warned others about the unregulated buying up of real estate by russian nationals. following a controversy surrounding the island of the finnish government introduced restrictions by on magic they'll. have to terminate that bias from outside the e.u. need a special permit to buy real estate or property relevant to national security like nearby military facilities all broadcasting talents. generally this will be prohibited in the future. we should also stress that this is a matter of reciprocal treatment as finns cannot buy real estate or property. or
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other places in russia. finland doesn't want to aggravate its neighbor russia when russian president vladimir putin came to visit helsinki in august to the debate surrounding russian property and real estate owners was not part of the agenda. sociologist olga hannan has studied how russians in finland feel she's observed that even though they are increasingly rejected by their finnish neighbors many russians still greatly appreciate finland. those who own properties in finland they are not afraid that finland confiscate or take away the property because they again very good image about finland they believe that the case will be handled according to proper case proper rights. but there is still widespread mistrust toward the russian government among many finns making it increasingly difficult for russians to buy exclusive properties in the unspoiled
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landscapes of finland. borders like this one come and go they shift with the ebb and flow of political history one of the best known examples is the berlin wall the infamous cold war barrier crumbled with the collapse of communism in europe 30 years ago today you have to look hard in the german capital to pine the few remaining remnants of the once formidable wall. where the barrel and wall go luckily this metal strip marks where it once stood but where can you see pieces of the war itself we are some tourists if they found the one i. know. i have it up there ok good yeah because i'm going to head up that way. i don't know 900 by gateless no no that's that's somewhere else i don't know i'm both sides of the former border barely has grown and grown together only long time residents
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remember it's. where all the ball just behind you behind me yes. there's nothing there i mean. that's tough luck but it was there part of the world still is around at least a few meters with original sections with missing ones marked by metal rugs to form an iron curtain. tourists all want to touch the concrete that once divided not just berlin but the eastern and western blocks like this man from california actually expected to be more tall. but on the other hand seems like it's extremely durable i am impressed that it's still here the remains of the wall are a real tourist draw guided tours take place daily. this area actually was controlled by border troops in the end in 190-0000 of them and watch towers in this area every
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2 to 400 meters tourists can see the one watchtower still standing here otherwise the tour guides have to help people visualize what this area used to look like. there are traces you can show how the city's changed meant for people who live here . without a guide like andreas folks who are new to berlin often look for the wall and. i have no clue. we just arrived recently so there's that one of the there but i doubt that this one. but this actually was part of the berlin wall of what eastern germany authorities dubbed the anti fascist protection barrier one stretch for 160 kilometers now just a few kilometers remain and the border is gone for good. that's it for this special edition of focus on europe looking at borders i'm terry martin in belfast
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thanks for being with us. the female. comedians.
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seemingly. coming to. meet me. enjoy the conflict zones confronting the powerful the fall show me the boom is a champion of human rights for those one in particular close quarters essentially the likes of us should story like this this week is some drama back on toss a little so it is a national religious freedom is donald trump trying to hijack legitimate some
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political purposes conflict so few comments on the c.w. for. the laugh. make them strong people make fun about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique we say that you have to laugh so you don't try to install people called me think they'd be prophets. as attorneys i often call colleagues caucus and bad by listening. less helpful to them by actors fatman day by kicking also all those jokes finding out what people are talking about what is moving them. my father taught me how to ask uncomfortable questions about my country and about to book that describes i keep doing to these that my needs that the suv and i work at g.w. .
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airport city managed by from. place. this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight a phone conversation with the potential to end donald trump presidency a memo of a phone call shows trump pressing ukrainian president will diminish selenski to investigate trump political rival joe biden and biden's son despite evidence of wrongdoing the potential quid pro quo got the attention of a whistleblower and his push to.


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