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celebrex it delays security a bit with johnson repeating his vow to take the u.k. out of the e.u. but that he 1st with or without a deal parliament is locked in stalemates justification this date of years live from berlin i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being with us and rita will join you at the top of the hour have a great day the 1st. stand for. language courses. video. anytime anywhere. mr.
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joe but i don't. get how we get it. and i got joy are they saying. they were. together no no wait. i want to. 6 know what. that good.
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you're. in the. airport and that is not the bay theo pier 6 years ago this is where the story began. on the tarmac i see white cargo planes being unloaded food aid coming into the country. and at the same time food being exported out. why is a famine struck country receiving food aid exporting food to the rich world to us.
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to make sense. returning to find out more i couldn't imagine that it was the beginning of a much bigger story. if i can just point out across the way here i've got. a neighbor of ours here he's also a little cool person. he has no infrastructure much no machinery. but what he does do is follow his crop very closely and he does everything at the right time and you see he's also got a very good crop now i'd like to just show you this call just here. the person the
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farmer who has this is somebody who lives here now do so but they're not following their crop closely they're what we call an investor they come perhaps once a year to look at that crops the result of that is that we have a lot of this week this is called i see grass weed it's called asking dubbo literally means no break what we need is more of the mentality of the pharma rather than the investor people who are committed to growing crops following their crops having that competitive instinct wanting to find something which increases the production. that's. one of the things they're very keen on these people who are having export crops in order to increase prices change how we haven't gone down that route i mean
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were we to save imports. which varieties this. is really in. yes sir yes well ok and look be there ready now. and the others are almost ready so i mean if you can come on wednesday. thursday night you come that's good and also your good good i think that's very nice no problem with that and that's good 1000000 issue.
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commercial farming is absolutely essential in this country as in most countries. the peasant farmer is a very good farmer normally. but the present economy is only producing food for the rule community for themselves. they cannot produce enough food for the whole population and no one yeah. so there has to be a very strong commercial farming sector. i've been has been out here for 5 years always working closely with the community. any time you said please can i go to my props because that i must go always he said
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yes no problem. i have said to the combine is good and harvest mahomet's crops if you got the celery and you also you've had the leave when you needed it you know i know and god knows. you. sir. what do you think in our cut we. should make a little become to be divided into 2 to compromise yet here we have to compromise we are mom agrees you repeat it is nice for all i know the losing of course. for the kids most often. only do we lose all our money or some of our money some made some a bit he's not. even having good young yet to be
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can i could beat and if you can organs and. she lit while you hasn't she recommends you. in theory if you. get at them and. don't get. dumped off but. one of the the chief things that you have to have is a great deal of humility. if you shout and demand things you you will make no progress. you cannot do anything without getting on with people. not pretending that you're much better you know a lot more in actual fact it's largely through the goodwill and friendship of
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people in this area that we've managed to get to a position now where we're actually making some good progress. in $0.74. think it's very 20 kilos is it. if you know what it has been a great puzzle for a long time why agriculture has underperformed throughout africa really and i really wanted to be involved in the push forward to try and get more production and especially in a country where people were hungry. through . i consider it
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a great privilege to have this land. this great responsibility. it's a passionate thing really having possession of land. i'm just a farmer in that way we don't want tens of 1000 of fact and shareholders doing this as farmers. with. the land ivan took over was an old state farm that hadn't been farmed for years. and the wheat from his fields will be eaten by theo peons not exported ivan might be the exception to the rule but at least to give some hope.
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and that is things are getting even worse. the government is targeting the opposition and locking up the few remaining independent journalists getting that footage that you're being i gather that you've got a question but the guy i got to tell him i have a matter that's coming out are about the think of of what you naturally other don't get that i want but that all of the. joke at the property before i imagine that my head of the free you know i look back at them i don't want that mechanic. i try to contact argo but he's impossible to find. and i have to return back home.
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just a few weeks later i see argo again now as a refugee in my hometown berlin has gotten a tip from a secret source the government was about to arrest a group of journalists his friends are going to warn them so they can escape. 'd but then the security police found out about it. so i gave me an item and. i gave them the name of my source. or i would be honest. 'd i could not betray myself so. there was no other opportunity to flee the country.
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argo had heard that the forced evictions and dumbbell were creating a wave of refugees over the borders to south sudan in kenya it seems that the land investments are also causing the refugee crisis with argo exult i take up the investigation. returning on my own to go on bella i contact almost the park official. who heard that indian company was given 300000 poppy. and we were saying but what is this because if it is given there will be not any more because then the amount of they helped us with too much. at the same time there was a news that. used to be given a land which is in the center of the park. and we went again and talked with the original government who say but what is going on and they say just
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already decided and they have to start at cultivating in the central. unfortunately nobody listened and i was also kicked out of. the local people love order to decide that they're. going to command his slaves. he can visit us because they don't know flattened. and their family at the end of. we believe that he has no leg up being a baby in. the new man as a slave for these food only. what is not a metaphor i. cut it out of. you cut it. down and it
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was. done and he was saying what that will be planted goal i will be giving the country. to be in excess. food the remaining on works the ones who haven't fled are now working as day laborers on their own former land. i decided to follow the trail of the people who fled over the border to south sudan. the. minute it was 8. get it. was loud well what.
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was. up it was yes it was it was. outside the capital juba 2 and a half 1000 people from dumbbell are stuck in a refugee camp. the video catching. one would be more like you. jim what a little bit of a question again on your question. do you want to talk but if the phenomena going on catch him. in a move on would you walk me up walk with one immigrant on the mobile mano a mano better modeled on the one on cuban one. for a moment to moment a look at it do what it could put up with him walk and you could be able go. in you
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might walk in a movie and more chatter your book one can which are your poem one. i want to believe you know you know more than one who will put a comic book. pulling a monthly jump. bring on. the lid you want to prove what a more egregious you can beat here tonight you woman average. well the. the refugees haven't given up their hope for justice they want the world bank to recognize the harm done to them. you can't we just make this a lot but the wall street. they're not ready.
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and i work with an organization called inclusive development international which is working to make global development more just and only help marginalized communities whose rights have been abused in the name of development to claim his rights in the centers of power and to hold corporations and financial institutions like the world bank accountable. the and like of filing a complaint they want the world bank to start an investigation on what happened to them in the. p.b.s. protection of basic services and this is one of the world's biggest aid projects the world bank has provided billions of dollars to the ethiopian government this project has a good purpose to fight poverty in ethiopia but the government of ethiopia decided that in. the way that they wanted to distribute basic services by forcibly moving
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people. into new villages. it was possible that some of the money being provided by the most bank was being used directly to the implementation of the education including for serious human rights abuses that were the ok but when the muslim and the been when they were one of them. i believe that with some hard work and advocacy we. we can get the world bank to be accountable for what it's done. it's been difficult for me to say but i mean i wouldn't i wouldn't be here if i didn't believe that this was worth it. was the world bank listen to the newark people. what happens if they don't.
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get the you know. civic peace a state put on what on a national. i mean. i know there's. been a. number because it was. already spending it was in the low this is when i was in. the room got the money at the wouldn't believe me we are going to have to look. 'd at that subject and
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thought it was as if i go over to. it a lot and i walked over to you know move forward is a little. under laviolette. not using the. roof you know and. of. course. with your what you might ask a good morning everybody cold morning here thank you for i.e. dorsey. in the refugee program and. i said a future and 1st i came to new york and then just recently i came to this city. you know once you're going to find the way back to home you know that much of a love of a thing and it's still funny you know once you most even now remember last time i
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had to you know i wrote it in those same plays 4 or 5 times and it's not smooth. i'm very much aware that i'm extremely lucky. i'm safe and i even have. many of my colleagues are in prison or stuck in the future. or the same i used to feel deep sense of loss. to be cool but i'm very lucky that you offered some of. the double sausage which. yes ultimately what photograph must that of what i am i a traitor or so much else you know by me general to the limit they have cut
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whatever it underscored at the moment but. violence has broken out in combat. so reports he's also mentioning that the big harm has been attacked and our workers were killed frustrated young and walk can't hold their anger back. they attack the foreign farms and anyone else the associate with the regime guilty or not. come bail out of those days. cannot be compared to today's and used to compare it with there. that you know he didn't. announce just like a dream to me. in self change.
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and that that took place on saudi style and it was even when people are coming out from the work. to fight hysteria and were killed so due to the government and a lot of troops to come back. and now after this thing many people now the next step was last week. is that arresting people which many friends would friends of mine for me from the government and say you are going to be honest it so instead of waiting to be addressed it goes somewhere far away. because this government whether you are right you have done nothing they cannot ask you they started with beating you torturing you then when your case is a suspected in the your feet your meth and your den they think you are a nice with
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a lot of wouldn't inside. and that's why i decided to move from my place to hide myself because of the fear of the threat i don't fear arresting i fear torture. i'm not really that keen on returning to gun violence but if i can prove that the land investments are inciting violence there's a good reason to go there. i just have to be.
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the saudis star farm is now turned into a military camp. the workers are scored to the rice fields by heavily armed guards . was this girl made for. this is still is made for foreigners. taking a clear view all over. this place for security it is really. here people can come here enjoy the view here the sun see from here it's so beautiful. why do you need so much security. in mystery targus told me before that you had a problem with terrorists yes. that's right
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something. you. don't want army in their daily danger does a danger to you if you guys so you don't want that to happen. again for that reason you have a security. and . after the attack on the farm ethiopian army sought revenge on the remaining and walk in the area. money woman boy the medium we counted the dog that google money look at they're doing to me are you paying what we can and you don't even get awarded the d.m.v. i do know peeping nick i don't want to meet you don't. own the last week you were
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good loving giving you the fare can i get. where i need bin laden will be a big fan. when i'm on. the. right leg a down economy and i are going to get out on your. you're going to go not. god wanted you to get out of the dichotomy on the you know you're going to let me know got it in any one corner by now among the one you gotta get me one guy going in the movie what i'm going to. look out that i do look up on the moon i know that i'm not gonna die on me while you.
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on the. the heat just a few years after the foreign investors 1st came the gun that the region is slipping into chaos and violence the anger of the locals is turning into violent retaliation the government responds by sending more troops and. violence is breeding violence. i wanted to read you the short summary of the world bank's response plan and tell you how that inspection carol what the inspection on the site ground i'm going to be getting you are not going to make it takes months but the world bank finally reacts the complaints filed by the refugees leads to an internal investigation the
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research team sent ethiopia needs a translator with local knowledge of gun bella and they ask. almost feels obliged to help the truth get out and so he accepts returning to gambia despite his fears. a dead donkey cannot fear pain. because it is harder to date. so this is where we have. a year later the world bank's report is finally getting ready yeah newark refugees
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in the camps are mobilizing. and so this is a very important time for you to try to influence the world bank it is very important that they hear your voice a lot is the reason why a come back because i want to collect your messages and take them to washington to deliver to the bank's board of directors. but i'm one of the not one but a mechanic on a copper wire bunk i mean i don't know we're going to take but the minute in walking when i want to walk and when my notebook better now we'll bomb this apartment you know when it broke let me talk we are now hearing. yeah little good and i'd want it can all go no down what gaddafi gilgo. you pull the ladder would really thought.
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we had a particularly i did this for you just want to know learn without consultation with the religious without compensation to learn. to destroy our history our i didn't to. or to get along to old people is there is 3. is not our we'll talk for them to be there we have never been consulted you do not pay any compensation and we are no nets. are not quite i joined among whom i don't want to. compare with someone what i can remember one will not know lookup or. one woman or can emit one well what you giving them what we've been getting on a good journey to produce new a lot of weight and they would want
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a better way about being the better but give you good i do want to dip into but think you want to get better minimal getting an element of good or you just might or toke opinion bella or you could all be the people by mocking what that nobody dipping in london new york and the miners are doing and why and again bit of magic a bit about a member going on about limited down and dry land bank not an opinion but c'mon we're going to be limited on walk by tomorrow can mark or will believe what you want to eat no money put it down even a good luck in a good farm not a pain again it didn't make a deep canyon where you when i didn't get to put in the money why do i let montana big nipping you know what i dream be acting like i do evil but i do a bang. hour
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the. tower. was. picked up to articulate. that the world bank's annual meeting to top management is gathering. the bank has overriding goals which as you know are to end poverty and to promote shared prosperity and the purpose of the safeguard policies is to make sure that for every project that we have we look at that project from the perspective of environmental and social issues if they are any adverse impacts could possibly
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arise then we have to characterize those and we have to address those that work then it's for us to be on something of it while we're here. and i would love you to look at how sensible the savings we had are not against you grace we are not against the divine. but we are against when this is done harm other people the country where i come from any. government claim there with 99.9 percent in a country like that you think that this consultation. so now when we are talking of one giving you got to other people what about those countries who go on even acknowledge the fear got of their own people. if you want to being in theater how people use. if you know creating any. security.
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invest in it you would write in that human dignity rather than people that have thank you. well there's always a price to development the issue is to understand what that is and there are in theory winners and losers and all projects our challenge is out to science is to make sure that you know they're all mostly witness and very few losers. when the banks report is released it does admit the connection between the development program and the forced evictions. but nevertheless it says it's not the bank's fault that the local people lost their life. the claims from the owner are not correct.
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looking at there are there are a lot of good people that work the world back trying to do the right thing but then you know there are the decision makers and they're completely removed from the people on the ground who are impacted by the decisions that painting can get cision that they make about dollars and cents and maintaining cozy relationships with governments who are there their clients. we all share a common vision of a socially inclusive environment and in the world protecting the environment in the world's poorest and most vulnerable people in our projects is a key element in this vision. good little thing can get that article on animal cleaning up a little. t.v. 1000000 people not been through this who are the ones. in most of the kids the
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funding is being given by the one being spent in the name of the development of the kids these are the most vulnerable to the. it's absurd that international financial institutions like the world bank are immune from any type of legal accountability you can't sue the world bank in a court of law even if the world bank is responsible for grabbing your land and destroying your home it's also very difficult to hold corporations legally accountable that needs to be. what we need is more of the mentality of the pharma rather than the investor. the idea of foreign investors coming in a foreign land clearing people also. probably isn't the best at developing model. you know yes it may produce higher amounts of food but i think if you look at that
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the countries which if achieved more sustainable growth based equitable gross they tend to do it based on small scale farmers. the huge state come here the big companies making hundreds of thousands of head to head and the effect is to local people displaced and their entire approach are. all together i'd much rather see a more cautious approach and from. a more human scale. the company on the bus if you will expand there i think there will expound a. decent young to be a new clear danger would be used for the comp expansion tomorrow we'll expand. i think you're. in a little dorrit bet on. bet on a good bet by the end of the. particle when i know i don't. jump to
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a book i'm a but i don't want. you dead but given that. after 6 years my story is coming to an end. across the street from mild tell olmert the former park official is held in the notorious kill intell prison. just a few weeks after the world bank rejected the un works claim almost was arrested and charged under the terrorist law. he's now facing 14 years to life. meanwhile the country is on fire. tens of thousands of ethiopians are taking to the streets demanding freedom and the rights to their land.
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the 1st time i came here 3000000 ethiopians needed food aid for their survival. since then more than a 1000000 people have lost their livelihood and their land was taken for the foreign investors. at the same time the export of food has increased steadily. the end.
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of the. first 4. 6 ft from. the feds. us.
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6 borderless europe. northern ireland. frantic search calling on. the rescuers on the ice. conflicts in border regions and how people deal with them. are special nurse told. in 90 minutes on d w. how does it feel knowing. where i come
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from but all of that to get to cisco just like this chinese food doesn't matter where i am always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but by taking a step back i see saying i need to look different to me now. then have to express as i recall a sense that exists to add the part of the wall which haven't been implemented in china that's new but i'm not a chinese people wondering if they're going to say that but if i have a right to learn that it is this is the job of just under the law how i see it doesn't why i have nothing my job because i tried to do it expecting it every day my name is the uninsured and i. it was added.
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this is the daubeny is coming to you live from the end torture chambers in refugee camps did you meads refugees who were kidnapped in libya they say they were tortured by people smugglers who promised to take them to your are. also coming up to us filmmakers gain access to the whistle goes report on.


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