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muchas shows us the ins and outs of bulgaria's famous power lengthy flatbread. but 1st made 2 rocks the world of classical music yet again opera star placido domingo dropped out of a production of various macbeth on the eve of opening night at the new york metropolitan opera while it was to be his 1st u.s. performance since sexual harassment allegations against him were made public just last month. this is what feels concert halls around the world are used to. televisions of sexual harassment against puffy due to mingle have grown so lonely that one day before he was going to to perform at the metropolitan opera in new york to sing a cancer. we were really looking forward to hearing the voice but we
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understand too why he stepped down and. the whole thing is i'm fortunate but if you know what you know where you can kind of graphic stuff it's important that we recognize the suffering of many women and you know like like that women have said for me to movement time so time is up for one of the biggest stars in classical music and not just for this performance it's the end of the association between the met and the now 78 year old domingo to multiple allegations spanning a period of 30 years range from harassment to threats of ending women's careers domingo continues to dispute the accusations whether or not he will ever perform again is unknown but after a nearly 50 year partnership he certainly won't be back at the met. and our classical music expert rick folk or has join me in the studio again welcome rick that does this mean that domingo will never perform again well i don't know if
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domingo even knows that himself certainly the very last performance at the met and it's been an incredible career there of it's been his main stage he's had hundreds of performances there and probably his last performance in the united states certainly the end of an era is not that looks like it was a case of a he just got too hot for both parties who actually cut the ties with the placido domingo or the met where his statement appeared 1st and he said he didn't want to be a burden on the production company or the team and so he was going to step down for that reason although he says the allegations of sexual misconduct are inaccurate the net then issued a more sharply worded statement saying simply the next and mr domingo have agreed that he must step down and he's of course been quoted in the new york times saying he's concerned about a climate in which people are condemned without due process this is one of those problems that we've seen coming up time and time again with these need to cases has he got a point there well you know he did make some sort of cautious statements to the effect that he's very sorry if anyone was hurt over the period of his career he
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also said apparently the mourners and music world have changed drastically in the last 20 years. on the other hand it's kind of. this kind of thing still. it's obviously very very tricky because so many women were involved and it appears obviously that new york has decided to follow the lead of other big houses like philadelphia san francisco what was their thinking in the end when in the can this decision do you think well the net simply has this past history of the vine scandal at this point they simply don't want another scandal i'm afraid and with james levi and it was a very serious allegations that was really very sordid wasn't it when it came out very critical it had. to do with more about that had to do with minors it had to do with young boys it had to do with apparently compulsory sex parties and it went on
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for years actually for decades and it was kind of an open secret nobody talked about it very much even all of us had heard rumors but it never came out in public one of those things where one all almost has to feel guilty as the media that something wasn't that a little earlier indeed yeah one thinks about that too and for so obviously open secret very much like the movie industry with the situation of harvey weinstein what is it about the classical music scene itself that makes this kind of think really rather prevalent in the end i mean there are other cases there are other cases i feel that has to do with classical music being a discipline that is very much that a discipline and it has a requires in a very intense student teacher relationship power differential is inherent power differential mentoring it has to do with also years of sacrifice children who probably don't have a normal as we would call it normal childhood then in fact it's a field of abuse if it's really quite endemic. there aspiring to please i mean we
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know this obviously with with boy squires with athletes and coaches just one last question does this shake the world of classical music at the core i'm not quite sure of course the met in mr domingo may be one of the most successful singers of all time that's over with but you know we have still had isolated incident incidences compare that to hollywood which seems completely turned upside down in the wake of the weinstein scandal and the repercussions from that ok well placido domingo will be replaced by the serbian baritone. folk are we'll be following that story obviously with you and thanks very much for bringing us those insights. well now to the stuff of a life or it all started story with a childhood obsession with treehouse as british sculptor laura ellen bacon once made one that was 2 stories high and spread over 5 trees
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a little did she know that her old weaving with wood technique would lead her to a career as a professional sculptor one who can weave willow into weird and wonderful world. it looks like thousands of twigs only intertwined with this is no natural phenomenon it's a sculpture made of the willows which is hand-woven by laura ellen bacon don't let go is the sculptures title the artist created it in coventry central england. the sculpture takes shape from the core outwards beginning with the 1st loop then laura and bacon ties knots and leaves the willow switches on to it always in paris . the only tools i use really is. on 5 player of hope teeth but otherwise it's just it's just my hands but it is quite a jump of motion. the artist has been making her sculptures for 20 years now in
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green areas as installations on buildings. or inside. laura ellen bacon grew up in county darbyshire in the east midlands where she still lives and works she's been fascinated with nature and creating spaces since she was a girl. well i started making things when i was about 11 because i just used to enjoy taking myself outside and having them i am good at building a tree house which was the very 1st tree house was built with very thin. very thin pieces of wood which i was actually as it happens i pull to weave around myself. the artist adds the final touches before she leaves don't like go at the mercy of
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its environment. it will be a natural habitat for insects while ever i've been making all of my work i always see there are tiny little spiders that move in 1st of all often then you see little birds that come and they feed off the insects it's a bit of a cycle. it's a home for creatures kind of vision from a dream laura alan baker wants to bring humans and nature together with each of her creations. well speaking of creations my colleague is back in the kitchen with his latest episode of baking bread taking us around the european union in 20 loaves and this time we get initiated into the art of the parling and that's a grilled flat bread that's typical in bulgaria one of the most recent eastern european countries to see the union in 2007. 1 of called areas oldest recipes
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is flat bread good per lengthy. to make them start by preparing a preliminary go with 145 grams of mortar 0.7 grams of pieced and 145 grams of plain flour and leave it to rest for a day before starting on the bread itself. toyman is what lands flat bread it's fluffy. time is something called carrier has plenty of but it doesn't have many people. lots of small gary and so on their crust of broad over the past 30 years europe's poorest country has lost 2000000 inhabitants to migration that's a tough act to correct there's no. easy solution to both the areas brain drain now and 270 grams of plain flour and 160 grams of brown bread flour 190 grams of yogurt 6 grams of sugar 13 grams of fresh yeast and 10
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grams of salt. bread and salt these are the 2 key ingredients of europe's oldest welcoming ceremony. if you arrive on an official visit to bulgaria capital sofia a city founded 7000 years ago expect to find this women in traditional garb showing their hospitality with freshly baked loaves. need to do well for about 40 minutes by hand and leave it to rest then split it into 6 pieces sharing is something called areas really good at at least amongst its only cars. and what a lot there is to share. subsidies rights kickbacks. to the country is the most corrupt e.u.
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member state and that drives many citizens away. buggery as prime minister nicknamed tax man wants to reverse this trend the former bodyguard and firefighter boris of likes to goes about his strength in setting things straight so pressed down firmly rolling from the center to the top leaf to rest for 30 to 40 minutes. next step take a griddle pan and grill the pole lanky on top buttered on both sides of course slip and turned on a lettuce pattern will emerge. what you'll see when you are crossing the turkish ball garin border. that's right refugees coming to boil garia don't get the welcome ceremony quite the opposite but if you're a tourist bread and salt will be waiting for you. on both gary and
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speeches you can sizzle like a paul lanka fresh out of the pack. and with that it's time for me to sign off so until next time all the best from us and hope to see you next time. borderless 0. 036 in northern ireland. for untaxed pro and con. with. conflicts in border region and help people deal with an. our special europe's borders. and 30 minutes on d w. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful.
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donald so may not be known as a champion of human rights for those one in particular who scored his attention to the likes of bush it's really like this this week you saw on the ground by comcast soliciting international religious freedom is donald trump trying to hijack religion for some political purposes conflict so few minutes on the c.w. folks. what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild contests d.w. correspondent and the baker card stripes this combined with the rules set by the team. cuts no. smoking recipes for success
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strategy that made a difference. baking bread on d.w. . where's home. when your family scattered across the globe. soft goods that you could do is to. turn back to the roots issue government funding. the charge family from somalia live around the world to them one of them needed urgent assistance of. the family starts october anything on t w cut. moves .
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this is news coming to you live from the complaints that launched an impeachment inquiry u.s. lawmakers given access to a whistle blows report on president dealings with ukraine's president. now they assess if the president abused his power. over the brick.


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