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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2019 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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are you ready with all the wonderful human stories that make some special. for all truth. more than football. was the. one to uphold the school's 9 goals in 5 match days. as spanish scoring machine.
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the brazilian who in chance an entire legal have in common that imports and in football success requires a global assembly of play it's take a look at the international talk. like f.c. buy in the liverpool boss alone and you've been to top of each club squad is made up of players from around the globe well this is around the world. it's our forces about looks at the global migration routes players take. the fans travel to the ground hope is like you want to show you have plenty of stories to tell. people who travel far and wide for football now. life. football today said by global migration and europe the number of ex-pats reached record levels in 28 to 41.5 percent plays in the clubs and leagues around the comp that's almost every 2nd player. take a look at the international top. a bit less than half a by on
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a squad of foreigners slightly more than half a liverpool team too same goes for barcelona and that you went to a solid majority in the squad are known to tell the migratory routes has become an essential part of football i wonder how do these rooms look like i want to know why do footballers migrate where do they go. do you know this book around the world in 80 days well this is around the world in 10 minutes. how many professional footballers players brought over 13000 out of the 60000 around the world. and the vast majority of them over 9000 played in the average age of 1st migration abroad in europe stands at 21.8 years today migrating players are is young as never before little surprise here professional football has a solid anchoring in europe actually there are people crazy enough to publish entire studies about football was going abroad for example to switzerland based
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football observatory c i s terrible colors i know but hey they produce great data 1st of all which is a country that most tourists travel to. correct it's france around $90000000.00 people travel to the country with that tower each year a good bottle of wine and maybe a selfie with a who did not go abroad and yet next on this list are spain and the united states of america. but which country imports the most footballers i wonder also france maybe. professional footballers have other. their top destination is over $700.00 foreign players are to be found in the english professional leagues that may be because of the weather but surely because of the level and rather competitive salaries nobody knows how breaks that will affect this. by the way don
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johnson how many foreigners in your favor club. top destination number 2 italy more than 600 players enjoy their footballing life in. italy even the number one players from wales scotland and northern ireland and england were not counted as foreigners technically speaking they are not but i'm sure many of you know that all of these u.k. entities have their own football associations and who is number 3 germany china qatar . all wrong number 3 the united states of america now that's a great and i want you to list of top tourist destinations maybe i should call the guys from the observatory. almost 600 players are bound to make america great again i mean strictly football wise. the m.l.s. will be enlarged from now $24.00 to $30.00 teams by the time of the world cup 2026 which will take place in the usa canada and mexico now more clubs will mean more
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foreign players because these new clubs have to be made attractive and competitive fast the list of principal importing countries continues with a whole range of european nations spain portugal turkey germany belgium france and greece only in 11th place comes the next non european country mexico the 1st african nation on that list on position 2900 south africa the 1st asian countries japan ranked 31st so a short recap the top important nations are england italy and the u.s. . so what does this say europe rules everything yes and no just to remind you the last 4 world champions were all european and one reason for this might be found in the next test because if you look at the country which sends the most players abroad a new continent comes into the game. the clear winner here is brazil over $1300.00 brazilians play $150.00 leagues around the world. at the last world cup brazil had
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only 3 players on its team who earned their money back home in brazil was brazil eliminated in the quarter finals against belgium because of that. despite this the high number of brazilians going abroad certainly reflects the unique role brazil has in supplying footballers worldwide then again the country has 200000000 inhabitants. if you look however at the correlation between number of inhabitants and number of footballers going abroad the number one footballers exporting nation of the world is. iceland more than 50 iceland has play abroad while the country only has 350000 inhabitants now that is here 0.014 percent of the population of iceland in brazil that share is 0.0006 percent. i said in the lead montenegro 2nd your why 3rd if you look at it this way let's
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take it back to the number of players and forget about correlations for the moment so who follows brazil on that list as the main exporting nation france is number 2 argentina and number 3 both have close to 900 professional players in action now broad so to top export nations are brazil friends and argentina. if you think this is all kind of predictable have a look at number 4. number 4 in serbia never won anything internationally or can even close then again it only has been a country in this shape since 2006 why serbia not before ahead of countries such as england colombia or nigeria explanation number 150 out of some 450 serbs playing abroad are contracted in neighboring countries of the former yugoslavia such as bosnia herzegovina that means family friends well known environments are close and people around them speak the same or a similar language. the remaining $400.00 serves the spread out pretty much all
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over the world europe russia kazakhstan hong kong and counting serbia has only $7000000.00 inhabitants but it's a surprisingly strong export country. take this brazil france and argentina by the way all these statistics are so far have nothing to do with real life which nations you think have the biggest diaspora. in general 10600000 russians live abroad 13000000 mexicans and 16000000 indians so these are the most basic facts are you still with me and you are right. which are the big migratory. brazilians conquered the world and big numbers but where do they go to this kind of surprise when i found out what their main destination is. over 250 percent playing professional leagues in portugal. your tool. like in the case of the serbs the language plays an important factor was that. in the year 200 the older of you
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might remember portugal claim privilege on the arrival of its fleet there in $822.00 brazil declared its independence from portugal now that it's been a while to both countries until today's big portuguese and share a privileged relationship so the biggest migratory route in world football is also a reflection of colonial past has it turned the portuguese league into a powerhouse though not really plus many in brazil complain that young talents leave too early they should play at home make the local league stronger the 2nd most important migratory route is from argentina to chile over 100 fellow countrymen of messi went across the n.d.p. didn't help though. how many times have to lay in teams won the cup believe it or is not often wants to be precise and that was 20 years ago still there seems to offer plenty for those argentinians who can't make it to their top teams at home or in europe many argentineans also chose mexico almost
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a 100 rather far away but at least they can speak spanish there. isn't always about language and culture in the next case definitely. almost 80 germans went to play in turkey the big majority are of ethnic turkish origin. exceptions to that rule oh yes. among the top 10 migratory routes around the world one clearly stands out almost $100.00 french players chose to try their luck in england here for a change it's not about culture or language here it's about proximity about status and obviously in the end also about. money. these are the top migratory language and culture greatly influence my decision on where to go. so what does all this mean for the respective clubs and leagues are they all over run by foreigners 1st of all expects rates or not divided equally throughout the world including in
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europe where most of them play but which league has the most foreigners per club in europe take a guess. it's cyprus which has 17 per team on average but it is hardly much different in one of europe's top leagues at least. there it's 16 on average per team next up portugal turkey belgium and of course the premier league the percentage of players having grown up in england has progressively fallen in recent years it has reached a new negative record last season almost 67 percent are foreigners now continental european players are more numerous on premier league pitches than u.k. nationals i'm getting confused here aren't premier league pretty cool leagues but attractive football and high attendance is there not profit from all this foreign talent. then again like the league and spain is among the european leagues with the lowest percentage of foreigners on the pitch only 40 percent actually. league as
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a top league as well honestly i'm lost one thing is for sure it's not all that simple what about things such as identification with your club or organic growth of a team what about stability or is it just new players from all over everything there are regulations in the european top 5 leagues though when it comes to foreign players in the german bundesliga team needs to have at least 12 german nationals on it squad spanish league it's a maximum of 3 nani you nationals per team. players such as messi and what is out though because the argentinian also has a spanish passport and they require an italian one in the premier league there are no regulations you. when it comes to your players at least their teams need to have 8 so-called homegrown players until 2020 that number of will be enlarged to 12. in france it's for non e.u. nationals protein. and it leaves 4 players born in italy and 4 at least homegrown
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ones but is all this enough or is it not that big of a problem what do you think how does for benefit from migration should there be stricter rules or should there be no borders at all but you know in the comments. i need a holiday after this i tell you that. yeah where should i go friends like the other 90000000 people good idea because then i could ask. how much longer he's going to stay in france statistically speaking he has 2 more years and then he'll go abroad and even though statistics are going to suggest that he could get a very good contract in cypress to play with a lot of foreigners there i have a strong feeling he just won't go into. business planning as migration routes lead into gold mines was a big win for the black and yellow as we analyze what makes package cuts are so valuable to him and next. whereas the
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cock up the goes the goals are sure to follow as per usual he's already scoring aplenty this season with 5 goals in 5 games but something is new now regular start of the spine is working for the team and serving up assists we take a closer look at his evolution at dortmund. last season defending was not exactly his strong suit his one example bug him at a time and goldman were leading one nail the last the ball in full play is instantly hostile to win it back. even dormant forwards were quick to track back and help protect their single goal advantage. with one exception. packer kept the weight around in the opponent's half after regaining possession jaden censure took off on a switch counter-attack and as others sprinted up field again kept the trotted into position as an almost legendary pace when the chance came his way he snapped it up
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so often to. talk back on the part that strikes to. most of his goals last season were created just like this usually after coming off the bench but this is the new package fitter and more involved suddenly he's become a regular starter off the ball he's working harder when doormen lose possession and kept the joins the hunt closing a gap of over 11 meters here fighting his team. he's now doing this 9 times a game up from 4 times on average last season. his backup reloaded with extra mileage in this instance he loses the ball the old packer wouldn't have chased after it but now he does powering the opponent winning back possession and setting off straight away on the next 4 sprint. this is just the kind of more aggressive proactive style coach museum father wants
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to see from a spanish scoring machine. 13 sprints on the ball per game almost double last season's average. his new style of play opens up new opportunities against when your belly in a pack of fights to win the ball and keeps going. his run through the middle opens up options for marco royce he can throw the ball through. if no markers follow him . or alternatively royce can play out wide into space for jessica sanchez to exploit. 2 options and this time it goes out to sun show prolific. provider of assists being one up on a plate and the man in the middle. of the. deadly . piece dispatched to every clear cut chance to come his way in the current campaign. some things haven't change thank revellers for
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goal and his sheer class inside the box hausberg having covered in depth here with 2 men are not half no room no problem a couple of discrete steps back and 3 seconds later he's all on his own and makes the finished live just as easy. i think i. won goal for every 3 chances but also on a par with last season. with the new improved our copper doing his share of the leg work for the team almost heart race chances are looking even better. not bad for philippic which she knew was not too shabby either playing if you get it for a month now the brazilian is settling nicely by and find out why now. new sights new experiences new pleasures for me because she knew it started to feel at
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home in munich. i've enjoyed the odd stroll with my family it's a lovely city and the people of very friendly yeah. it was a move that seemed to be an easy one for him on the training field and in the stadium but also thanks to the help from his teammates and personal minister of integration seattle i can tell. they measured out the back yard has been a tremendous help with the language he's doing his bit for me every day on and off the pitch and everyone's made us feel very welcoming and i think that's just part of the club culture it's like one big family. i mean. special treatment for a special player nicknamed the little magician since his liverpool days by and he's already doing it justice slipping through rival defenses in apparent defiance of the laws of gravity. and this is a league where it's not easy to make football look effortless.
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but one thing came to so intense every team will fight to the ends and it's a battle to win every board that. brings fresh right talents he to the engine room after an arrow dominated by the way i am robin and paul de ville he fired once again have a natural string pullers in the middle against cologne of the weekend he mocked another premier. texada sat test for this job. for most all new deals great to school my 1st goal for this club and these fans. see him. his 1st goal is symbolic to the new collective spirit of his revamped brian team brother levon dos he's usually the ones who shoot the penalties but he
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voluntarily hands of the job to the new math a sort of belated welcome aboard gift. that was a really great gesture from heaven dusky he was on a hat trick but instead he gave me the opportunity to school my 1st goal for by and . he was very happy about that and grateful for it too. it's only fair because she knew played his part in bands both for and later on the 4th and final for fellow newcomer even perish each good sign to buy a title defense ambitions but no grounds for premature complacency. from the floodwaters. just started we need to train harder every game and keep improving it's going to be a battle brought to the finish. by a new midfield maestro has settled in and is already making his mum.
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did you know kick off is now on you tube with the world of football. to read all the while. how. i'm going to say no to stars never. discuss football chris here is. going to go. visit football kick off on you tube. next passionate fans with a unique call the ground up as a test matches and as many different stadiums around the world as possible we accompanied some on their mission. thursday evening at franklin's main train station you're not sure there's a see j.f.k. would go by saddam stuck in germany 6 shorter is a ground he collects stadiums it's all about attending matches and has many
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different grounds as possible. how many people do you expect i'm expecting or anyone i know 91 yeah it's just a week to write yeah and the rest cost twice as much don't make me cry remind me it's not even the weekend. whether it's the bundesliga or low division league doesn't matter main thing it's a ground he's never been to before. and it's right down the game league number of attendees and results so i'll that's why i have the ground. to take down all the info. through the app groundhog was commit and compare with one another they plan upcoming matches check into locations and can see who else is around it's common to run into other state and collectors that matches a common passion brings them together but it's not a hobby fit for everyone. some people think you're crazy others think
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cool you get to travel a lot and see a bunch of small corners of the world and villages that no one else would otherwise see and you want to show that it's always on the hunt for great stories at the smallest pitches. since a best story that i've heard was that s favela a tiny club in 4 girls after a 20 year break they refunded their football team when they finally had enough people town with only 400 residents isn't really big enough to maintain its own football team but they fixed up their old beautiful stadium with wooden standards that's one place i always like to visit ground hoppers are often unique with their own personal rituals some are in the quality of the sausages others count every single spectator in the stands what does still to do i mean i always keep track of what's minute we're in i stop my watch. up until now the 31 year old has visited more than 800 different grounds in 14 different countries he was most impressed by
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the pitches in the czech republic but he admits 14 countries is nothing he knows other ground hoppers who've been to 200 different countries to watch football. has visited $36.00 he just returned from a trip abroad. on the tour a. trip through the balkans croatia bosnia. flying to argentina to watch the super classic if we get tickets that would be amazing nothing could top that i. i think it's always like that but today no super classico but instead the 6th division by the way dumb stuff 13 know another ground to check off the list time to go back up. it's almost 11 o'clock which means i only have 4 hours to sleep before i have to get up for work but that's what you have to do. that is until the weekend starts of course. to bid farewell we leave you with
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a little game of questions announces. just think people are going to be. joan's touch the y. . o. . who's got nerves of steel robert levin dusty old thomas miller. and it's all i was yeah he doesn't have any of those examples i felt as if yes gaudy and exhibiting. the best thing come out of sky news and most of the people either go like that all. of us well yes it. was over for the. most with the snow that he's now got a little. deeper look to the. ha ha. but it is almost do. as you say it's not how much i was convinced it is up to the.
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yes used to show business what is there much of. this thing jim sciutto being was a joke posing for me more than. he does the us have anything. to hide as advice. thanks for watching kick off see you next time i'm. the.
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