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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2019 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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glad. to. play. this is d.w. news live from berlin clashes at pro-democracy protests in hong kong police fired tear gas at demonstrators at a global anti totalitarianism rally and it comes of mainland china prepares to celebrate 70 years of communist rule our correspondent is in the middle of those protests also coming up the former austrian chancers about centaurs is the entente favorite to lead a new government in a snap general election but which party could choose its coalition partner is
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anyone's guess. and thousands brave the rain for the berlin marathon are alive for the german capital to see how the pros and the outside shores are getting on to. mary in evanston it's good to have you with us. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have stepped up their campaign on what is now the 17th weekend of protests sunday's demonstrations are part of a global anti totalitarianism rallies that are planned in 60 cities worldwide protests in hong kong quickly turned violent as demonstrators through fire bombs and bricks of government buildings police responded with tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds despite a police ban protesters are also planning a major march on tuesday when china celebrates the 70th anniversary of the
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communist party taking power. let's go live now to hong kong where our correspondent charlotte some pill is standing by so charlotte today's protest mark anti-totalitarian is a day saw new clashes we saw a lot more violence what is the latest. mariana multiple rounds fired throughout the day today from the moment the police were firing tear gas at people gathered up in districts that because this protest proved by police considered unlawful. cracking down hard where i am in between the shopping district and the government complex have just moved in behind me you can see them still the right behind me pushing those protesters but they're away from the government complex. behind me where they
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are right we seem to be having some difficulties getting the audio from hong kong and we'll hope to get back to charlotte in the next program all right let's turn our attention now to austria where voters are going to the polls to elect a new government sunday's snap election comes after a corruption scandal in may prompted the collapse of the right wing coalition government. is are on the front runner former chancellor of the bus and courts and his conservative austrian people's party of course his party is expected to win it'll probably need a coalition partner to secure a stable majority and 2 he will pick is currently anybody's guess. well for more let's bring in our correspondent mike hoffman who's standing by outside a polling station in vienna so max opinion polls showing sebastian courts his
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conservative people's party with a comfortable lead so can we assume that they will finish 1st it looks like he there won't be any majority against the austrian people's party which of course is the lead candidate on top of that some or even most of those parties have excluded to go into a coalition with the far right freedom party that really believes that the only options through courts on top of that he has a lead of about 10 percent in the polls so you can choose is called a supporter and he hasn't excluded anything so the chances are very very high that the last chance it will be also be the next reside in the building behind me the austrian chancellor rhee quotes all right well we know that course is previous government collapsed because of a scandal and viral involving the far right freedom party. and yet courts has not ruled out forming a new coalition with them why is that. the answer is quite simple if you
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look at all the different parties that he could strike a coalition with the freedom party is on many topics the closest one was about for example on the very controversial topic of migration they already had a program they were set to govern until 2022 but of course then you had that huge scandal surrounding the so-called even video and that's the only thing that brought that coalition down so he could argue that the main person the main culprit is no longer part of that coalition but still you would expect a huge outcry in austria among certain people if he does that again and that's also a reason why he's keeping his options open for example to have a coalition with the social democrats or even some think with the greens all right well this does suggest that perhaps the corruption scandal took place before the summer holidays maybe didn't just not have any impact on austrian voters
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it didn't have the impact that many expected it looks like the far right freedom party will still have about 20 percent of the vote just 3 to 5 percent less than they had in the last election so that is not significant giving the scope of that scandal but we talked to some people here here in vienna who would be very unhappy with another coalition between zip codes and the freedom party take a listen to the kind of shots it's definitely not a people's party freedom party coalition we've seen that wasn't such a good idea to say. we see this if it if i hope it be a setback for the freedom party and they want to get into government why. they have just too far right now almost not cystic and i can't stand that. the 5th missile fleet is i want to see less cheating less going behind people's backs we've got so much brutality. i just wanted to get better. and it's
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a bit see there's a lot of opposition here in vienna in the big cities that's the way but if you go into the countryside there are so many many people that are sticking to the freedom party and that's why they're set to have as i said earlier around 20 percent of the vote all right delhi is next hofmann reporting for us from vienna thank you so much . all right let's get a quick check now of some of the other stories making news around the world vote counting is underway in afghanistan's presidential election after deadly violence marred the polls on saturday nearly 70 attacks are being blamed on the taliban which had vowed to disrupt the elections at least 5 people were killed across the country officials estimate that voter turnout was very low. in poland clashes with right wing protesters have marked a gay pride march in the eastern city of luban about 1500 people marched under heavy guard police used water cannon and detained at several dozen far right
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demonstrators. 2 people have died and 5 more were injured in a roller coaster accident in mexico city one of the attractions of rail cars left the tracks during the ride and fell 10 meters to the ground best to gators are treating the incident as a negligent homicide. the teenage climate active is gratitude and burke has hit back at critics who try to ridicule her at a rally in montreal timberg said her adversaries mockery of children showed that her climate protection message was threatening their world view and it's not just to convert who's sitting back now a video making fun of adults who attack the activist has gone viral. on a middle aged man with an interesting problem. racially angry swedish girl who wants to save the planet. luckily he's now a number i can cool hello you've called the gratitude helpline if you want to
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fortunately there is no real helpline for middle aged men angry with the environmentalist this is the work of australian satirists but the verbal abuse and mockery aimed at israel and it intensified this week after she spoke at the united nations this is all wrong. i shouldn't be apia. i should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. just so you'll come to us young people for hope. how do you. since then she's been attacked by some in the right wing media and a canadian oh mike i called her mentally unstable but it has been open about her a spur just diagnosis which is not a mental illness but a type of autism calling it her superpower. even u.s. president donald trump mocked terror in
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a tweet on friday she addressed the attacks head on suggesting adults attacking children must feel threatened really come to a lot of people tangles to try to silence. so we should take coming. but no one has managed to silence her so far and she's proved more than capable of subverting attempts to mock. the berlin marathon as seen as 1st runners crossed the finish line and ethiopia's can and he said the kelly was just seconds off a new world record the result the 2nd fastest marathon time ever be recorded by became at just 2 hours one minute and 41 seconds it was also a strong showing for ethiopia in the women's race with a shot a big hit taking 1st place thousands of runners are participating in the race in the german capital. and joining us now from the course is de w.
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is a leader who talkie alema it's raining. the berlin marathon is of course always seen as a faster race today was no different despite the weather was it. exactly and it is known for being a very fast horse and of course for setting world records and the reason for that is quite simple just take a look at the surface pretty much the entire course is a flat surface and we also have a very very few sharp corners now the organizers said from the get go that this was all about creating a very attractive race for the fans it was not about setting a world record although we did come awfully close to setting one. we can also see a great spirit despite the gray skies a limit talk us through some of today's top performances. so they kenyan dominance in berlin has ended this year it was the it the o.p.'s dad
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dominated on the men's side of course ken and he shot the k.l.a. i mean what a comeback story for the 37 year old he finished in 2 hours and minute and 41 seconds that's just 2 seconds off the world record and here it is the 2nd is the 2nd fastest time ever had a marathon people need to realize that a big day that he was a surprise entry he has been dealing with injuries he's had some very poor performances lately and so many of us didn't even think that he would at the end to run and yet don't come this close to setting another world record. all right so the pros have perhaps finished crossed the finish line already but we still see quite a lot of people still participating in this race. our reduce our round after that you all are mach that's when you have the elites
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come and then around the 3 hour mark that's money off the semi professionals come in now of course the party is getting started because you have all these amateurs people like you and i and over 46000 of them are expected to continue streaming in these are people you see it i mean just look at their faces look at the emotions only about a kilometer to 2 kilometers away from the finish line but of course we have to be patient because they are not knows and it will take some time before they cross that finish line. to deal with a lima hood talking braving the wet conditions at the berlin marathon thank you so much for your reporting. now where else has beaten australian sunday's big game at the rugby world cup in japan wales dominated the 1st half and seemed to be cruising when they went in to have time 15 points ahead the 2nd half was a different story with the wallabies bouncing back to give the welsh a real scare but the men in red regain their composure to see out
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a narrow win. to athletics and controversial u.s. sprinter christian coleman has won the world championship gold in the 100 meters in doha home and missed 3 drug tests but was cleared on a technicality last month shrugging off the controversy the 23 year old stormed to victory in a time of 9.76 seconds fellow american justin gatlin took the silver medal and canada's andre de gras the bronze but it's coleman who emerges as the apparent heir to retired sprinting legend you single. mercedes formula one team has sacked 4 employees who they say were in breach of the team's diversity and equality regulations the team confirmed the sackings which were carried out of august ahead of sunday's russian grand prix the move comes after british newspapers reported an internal investigation into quote racist
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bullying of a muslim employee at the team's u.k. headquarters. you're up to date now on d.w. news i'm marrying evan steyn from me and the entire news team here in berlin and thanks for watching. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the could. be coaxing germany to learn german why not come with them simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course you can speak german for me to see. when your family scattered across the globe.


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