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stores that people the world over the information they provide. the fenians they want to express g w on facebook and twitter to up to date in touch follow us up. to get out of that. finally leo has a new kidney thanks to an organ donor he can live a normal life. this isn't to say it's a gift it's mine now i have to look after it properly. the way it's also over for maggie thanks to a donor she now has
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a new long. it's hard to not a single day goes by when i don't think of the dyna i feel like this soul is part of me the fun. i'm getting. an organ transplant gave leo and maggie a 2nd chance at life we accompanied them for 4 years. till . spring 2014 the 24 year old lay on hot benin god looks like he's in perfect health but appearances can be deceiving. his kidneys have stopped working and that means his body isn't being detoxified. layo studies medicine in hamburg and is spending a year in paris he doesn't want to see illness to dominate. life. is
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an idea i'm very enough to not want people to notice i'm sick and sometimes i'm my own worst enemy sometimes i get so exhausted i just can't keep going on about us blasting gun wasn't going to go. for the last 8 years leo has needed regular dialysis he's waiting for a new kidney until he gets one his quality of life is severely restricted as a medical student he knows how long the wait for a transplant can be. in germany the number of people willing to donate their organs is in decline. i'm funny it wasn't supposed to take that long i was 16 when it all started i was told an organ would definitely be found by the time i left school but that came and went then i was told it would happen before my 1st medical school exam i'm still waiting. 3
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times a week he undergoes a 4 hour session to clean his blood it involves an overnight stay in the hospital. more. secure. i know that it doesn't it's a drag not to sleep at home in my own bed my own space and i'm attached to a machine that's pretty loud. but my life depends on that machine. my living think is a machine and. the session lasts until 5 o'clock in the morning then later goes home and sleeps it off. 54 year old method hilton was fed is also waiting for an organ transplant. meggie as her friends call or has a genetic disorder that led to abnormal blood vessel formation in her lungs and caused life threatening damage.
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my life changed dramatically 4 years ago. but it was done for for us to be a very active person i wrote a motorbike i was full of energy. and then i went into hospital and they said i had to give up work. and i had to retire. and it has got worse from year to year. the former office clerk rarely gets to leave the house these days she has difficulty breathing and need supplemental oxygen her mother held spent says she's very brave. courage cheers us all out of that she's stronger than the rest of us and that helps us cope. to meg and her
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partner close becca it feels like all they're doing is waiting for a donor. you have integrated we have no quality of life we're. going to we can't just go out for a pitts or to the pub for a beer or take a car trip and. we can't do anything life's over this is we're stuck here and you were here 1st that maggie just wants to be able to enjoy life again. and i'm trying housing market and the 1st i was constantly waiting for the phone to ring i'm going to the high was scared of the surgery because i know it's no picnic but now i know that is what i need i want to see my son get married i want to be a grandma my dream is to ride my motorbike along leggo much or to coach my men's dance troop my men up i look like. they're all just waiting for me to be well again . today maggie has to go to the hospital for
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a long function test every 2 weeks her father drives her to the routine check up. he knew. it for 6 minutes maggie has to walk as far as she can. she can't manage more than 4 metres it's obvious she's in desperate need of a new long over still spy plane i was a little at this right i don't think i can last like this for another 2 or 3 years for really shifts given how much worse i've gotten just one yeah 5 don't think i'll need a new long in a couple of years it's work or ya go in the. back to paris. and even though. there was
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a girlfriend is visiting from hamburg he and danielle ahmed of the university she's also studying medicine you know. his illness is a challenge. so it puts a heavy strain on the relationship. of his with and he was just as i you mustn't be selfish but it's hard when i 1st came to paris to see him i'd never been here before so of course the 1st thing i wanted to do was explore so i've been looking forward to it it's the city of love and he had the afternoon off but he'd been working in the hospital in the morning and when he came home he needed a nap. and then it was 6 in the evening and time for his dialysis patients explo done all she needed to do this. but there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon the clinic has called to tell a while about a potential donor but it doesn't work out the donor organ goes to another recipient
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. you keep telling yourself a don't know will be found it will definitely happen and then when it doesn't it's a setback sometimes it's hard to stay positive with the shrillest in the. summer 2014 5 a suitable donor has died meggie is finally getting a new long the transplant is a complicated procedure that takes over 6 hours. maggie is recovering well the risk now is that her immune system rejects the new organ. and that is the fatal compassed. story. she and klaus are optimistic. he came out of the blue we got a call in the morning from the doctors saying they had a donor. or nothing came straight away and she had surgery in the evening we were
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all on the edge of our seats but it went well for the over the over 2 and just so happy because we just want to start living our lives again. and autumn 2017 leo has a new kidney. because it was proving so hard to find a match his father donated a kidney. there was now 27 and enjoying life to the fullest. he and daniela have taken a year off to travel. and at the moment they're exploring the us in a camper i mean. well my life was always good it's just that i was very sick i didn't even realize how sick i was until i had a comparison then i realized what it's like when you can actually do everything you want to do like going to victor's does my homecoming was when i was very. before
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the transplant foreign travel was out of the question. sightseeing in san francisco i wander around chinatown in the past even short trips within europe were difficult. isn't well off time and if we wanted to go on holiday in italy we had to plan every last detail i had time you had to make dialysis appointments everywhere and to get in touch with doctors and send over reports it was always a massive undertaking. but i was all over. the difficulties of the last few years are long forgotten. guns. that cost the friendship of laos still attends regular checkups and also takes medicine but he's adjusted easily to his new found freedom. i don't feel blood because this is
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a normal life you forget that waiting for an organ donor is an exceptional situation once you have a new organ things can go back to normal but it's not like a huge explosion before something for other. life has also gone back to normal the transplant was 3 years ago but maggie is now 57. at one point her body began to reject the new long. but her doctors managed to get the problem under control with medication. them off when you really believe in. it will be all right then it will be when if i was determined to live dying just wasn't an option but the thought of my family having to grieve for me was terrible not the thought of dying.
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her parents say their faith in god helps them. did the youth i prayed for a measure told every night and thanks for her health we mustn't ever take it for granted it was through sister. minister i guess. in. these days maggie lives with her parents she and close split up she says their relationship had been failing for a long time. but it was only after the transplant when she regained her health that she found the strength to ended when they. helped me when i realized that it's not unusual for couples to split up after going through this experience. it was the best solution. while not one pod like to find a new partner but it's not easy. so i am far. and
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i like someone who shares my interests. as more you should definitely have a motorbike. and he should like dancing to. coping with serious illness waiting for an organ transplant leo and daniela have been through a lot together. they're well aware of the toll such an experience can take on a relationship. if your life permanently hangs in the balance and that can start to become the bedrock of the relationship with. the things i went that's no longer shadows your whole life i can imagine that you might realize. that was a very dependent relationship. and that's no longer what i want to opinion with
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your. son. closeness performable it's ok. i will tell you not to cover your butt but when lael was sick daniela consider donating one of her own kidneys. it was a viable option. but the couple had too many reservations. i 1st started i think that if you had donated your kidney i might not of felt ok about it. and that he has kept it's good to. have to have is that. this is for i would have wondered if you felt this and you had to stay with me because there's the fear that that means i'm missing my least yeah as i didn't like you anymore. really there were no serious 911 commission been littered with his
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arms and no no but you might not have wanted to stay with me but i would have felt you owed abided by is this was. the sense that it was such a gift in that you were no longer free to make your own decisions. enormous that's true and i think i would have felt obliged to stay together because i want a good the relationship might be at the time you might feel differently when you get your life back and say sorry we no longer want the same things the way we used to see just to miss moving. you doesn't modify the. donation from a living person wasn't an option in maggie's case. winter 2018 maggie has started coaching her men's dance troupe again she's on her way to
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a performance. against the mob when i 1st went back i had to cry. it was so wonderful to be back. should the truth is that. the tension is mounting the troopers on stage it's megastar next. i'm nervous. but it'll be all right if. i do the lung transplant was worse than tad more painful. than her carnival performances over thinking is happy it's a times like these she's reminded she's only alive because someone else died. i think about that person i wonder if it was a man or
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a woman. i owed to my happiness. i'll never forget that. leo is visiting his father they haven't seen each other for 6 months. alexander is glad to see a son travelling and living his life. he rarely talks about the fact that 3 years ago he donated a kidney to leo. he was going for his motive in the for me it was just what i had to do to the elizabeth way i had to take you to dialysis it's very tight the time i come. home that's the idea that it's a gift where you're already how fully for me i guess you can see it as a gift because mostly schenk to. thank you yeah.
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it is a gift that's how a lot of people see it it's a nice description. but i see it in fairly flat mattick yeah you meant it as a whole it's not like i feel i have something all wrapped up with a bow inside me it's just part of me. that helps me get my head around it. is almost going to went well you were the right age you know now you have to do what you have to do. you said it. so. often a barrier. and when you lose a father alexander can still live a long and healthy life with one kidney because there are after his son had waited 9 years in vain for a new organ they decided alexander would be a living donor. but something that's more severe should have given them as it would have been great if it could have worked out another way but it is what it is and he
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was starting to get worse and at some point you just need to decide. it was a pretty straightforward decision. time a come. yeah right hi. it's very frustrating for me to see that there's a steady decline in organ donors in germany and that the situation isn't improving and there's an immediate correlation between the number of people willing to donate an organ and the suffering of people who need water god and the time before. he doesn't know her organ donor. but she wanted to express her gratitude and wrote a letter to the family of the deceased for the german organ transplant foundation to pass on. to the family of my organ donor it's very hard to lose a loved one i'm but the person you lost gave me the best if you can give someone a smile. when i close my eyes and think of them i sometimes feel that they are with
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me does the i'm going home. away must have been a very special person i am eternally grateful best wishes the recipient. you can bring stews to my eyes. i sent it to the foundation but if you days later i was informed that the family wasn't ready for such a letter. or in the head that i'd like to see one day but the foundation should keep it for now that's something that's what they told me but now that letter can no longer be passed on i was good. data protection laws have been tightened spring 2018 maggie and her father are tinkering with her motorbike strangely enough she often feels especially close to her daughter when she's on the road. comfort's why my wife's i've been in very dicey situations one side rounded a corner and
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a cock aimed straight at me father come for all of mine as i know i didn't bat an eyelid i just drove on and shook my head in disbelief at the terrible driver. i knew someone was looking out for me. of. do you think it's ok that i ride a motorbike i enjoy it or supper with my new lungs do you think i shouldn't or god . if you enjoy it and you're careful but i think it's ok. just as you ride a motorbike yourself i got my love of it from you out. we both like to tinker a bit it's a hobby we share. this
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morning. leo and danielle are also busy pursuing their hobbies rock climbing on the west coast of america. the couple want to enjoy life to the fullest it's their way of celebrating the life saving kidney transplant believing we always want rock climbing we can't start worrying now you can just avoid all risk and live in suspended animation and to us that would mean we had no quality of life. there was eager to make up for lost time but he doesn't have anything to prove to himself. just want to be right in because i'm not competitive i don't go around comparing myself to people i'm great health and feeling bad about it i don't feel sick i don't go climbing with
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the thought at the back of my head that i'm sick and need to compare myself to others who are healthy. i like to see what normal people are capable of and see if i can do it 2. or 3 times to be. like my family get togethers with the latest addition to the family baby luisa maggie has become a grandma a dream has come true. but the bad news is that she had a fall and broke her arm. it's a nuisance i'd love to be riding my motorcycle but i can't just choose the women's side. everyone's out on the roads and i can't join them. still it could be worse i might not be here at all to put so i just have to deal with that.
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medication weakens her immune system so her broken arm wasn't operated on that means the healing process is slower. but maggie is as upbeat as ever. they know her time is precious transplant at long last an average of 8 years i'm making is now 60 and has had hers for 4 years. it's by no means certain that she could survive another long transplant. if what i was resolved to live for a long time and i will watch for that i'm not worried. i met someone with a lung transplant in the rehabilitation clinic who's been living with one for 26 years so that's completely exceptional but it does happen i'm determined to grow
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old. that. i've referred to have no here they are always well aware that his transplanted kidney won't last forever. he doesn't think too far ahead for 9 years his life was touch and go he's learnt to be a realistic. fisherman . you know what i feel i'm also i'm famous for and i take things one step at a time and i set myself modest goals that are easy to achieve this goal but also so i'm tired so you have to manage the toxic set yourself you know the 7 standout idea i'm just hated that's a strategy that works for me. after
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with its own gravitational pull down. the finest musical compositions. with some mysteries terrific. to me that he was you. don't tell me that there's enough. power for you know and the joint should come off in the morning blame. listen for a few hummus palms. how do the romantic master come up with such a piece of. the proms code. to berlin been on d w enough. this
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is deja news live from berlin austria's conservatives win big in snap elections former chancellor sebastian cools and his austrian people's party emerged stronger than ever just months after a scandal brought down his government but now starts the hard work of building a coalition government will get the latest from vienna. also coming up freed from captivity after hundreds of boys are rescued from an islamic school in nigeria some are speaking out about the horrific abuse they suffered.


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