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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2019 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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back to life in cologne it's a must see for football fans and it's up next here on d w. you're watching news live from berlin i'm irish waiter don't forget you can always get all the latest news on our website the w dot com or on twitter at the devil you know his thanks so much for watching. i'm secure in the. heart and in the end this for me you are not allowed to stay here any more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers who are lions and. what's your story. 'd on what i was women especially in victims of violence and. take part and send us
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your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. 6 games into the season and slowly bush surely things are starting to take shape the top the bottom the bad and the good we have it all this is what's coming up on the show for you today. no home team has managed to win a game so far this weekend could this although i'm cologne bucked the trend and pushed their way up the table. and the bundesliga has become the home of young promising players in recent seasons seasons of jamestown show cobb as you know them who will be the new. welcome to the bundesliga here on
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d.w.i. mechanic line joining me in the studio for a breakdown of match day 62 members of a very good team making his debut this season jonathan crane welcome back to the show good to have you the season's 1st show but as always i'm raring to go. back by on popular demand mccambridge was the big it's a shame to hear that people don't want me back how they didn't see it was just being petty. coverage. of the home side of the season has been poor to say the least but just to win and a draw in the 1st 5 games they are desperate for points fortuna would have hoped to have had an easier opponent in freiburg the visitors have been in blistering away form winning every game on the road so far this season and they were dead set on keeping their 100 percent record. a dull 42 minutes dusseldorf gifted the opener keeper alexander school will want this one back row and headings not in
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from close range that jolted freiburg into gear and they responded immediately jonathan schmidt tapping into level on the stroke of half time after the break freiburg won a penalty but lucas hurlers low shot didn't fool zach stephan would this moment haunt the visitors it didn't seem to bother youngster luke of ultimate who cut across the field to send a screamer plus stefan full freiburg 2nd to one the final score. very good in the season there were a few good. we're big big team i think we stay together another win on the road for coach christian stripes freiburg look of ultimate and his teammates now move up to 3rd in the table. well we can't keep ignoring this freiburg enough 3rd in the league of this win and i know i know it's match day 6 but it was the champions league on the horizon for the 1st christians triesman champions league only. jonathan here they can win the league 100 euros. are going to church now i've got
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to tell you. it's a 3rd of the table just one point behind boy and i tell you what they'll be kicking themselves that they lost against cologne of all teams just a few much days ago had they won that freiburg at the top of the table at the end of match day 6 and you know what they've been fantastic all season and christian strikes really got the squad play and his rhythm is really fun to see big out front and young really nice attacking german saying we've got there and i think there's a good chance they could qualify for the champions league not least because you know the big teams are all tripping themselves up at the moment and i mean who knows if they can keep the run going i reckon of course why not join other is the luck of the fixture making machine i don't want to take anything away from freiburg i want to diminish moment that i know there are popular with the neutrals and to be on the. for the budget they've got i think you know they should be fighting relegation every season they're christian strike does deserve some credit for that but let's not kid ourselves of all the teams that play no one has been in the top
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10 this season the company in the top 10 in fact the highest paid is hoffenheim in 12th and it's only going to heart of the next $200.00 games or against dortmund the respectively so that will be the real test is a winning place and then then maybe i'll entertain the idea of the big champions the contenders i will happily tell you 100 year is authorized when they don't win the 0 poisons i don't think grade 6 points from ed mccambridge over the next 2 games of freiburg but moving on there's any just one team left that can break the match day 6 home side cus and that's cologne could they do it the billy goats have been pointless at home so far this season of pushing for them has a belin. so wrapped up in cologne looking for back to back his legal wins after a tricky start to the season one a win for the hosts would lift them out of the danger zone but it was the boys from berlin who struck 1st viro deal or soon firing this peach past. the dutchman 2nd goal of the campaign and what a goal it was my word used to 10 men in the 41st minute jorge matinee receiving his
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2nd yellow for its reckless challenge cancer took advantage in the 2nd period played out a piece of it slotting home from close range his 1st goal of the season arriving in the 58th minute before he scored an almost identical goal 4 minutes later i. did rick boy put the cherry on top later on with this bullet header. for neil the final score on the up walk alone earned a dressing down. they have a not a single home side managed to win this weekend it was a good match to be a travelling fan but that's history now we're done with that let's move on with 6 games in the season and we thought we would be it would be a good chance to talk about the players we want to watch young players who have made it or drop in recent weeks we've picked 2 in particular and let's start with marcus 2 and jonathan. you know you've been watching closely of the last couple
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weeks something to me about marcus to you know did the piece yesterday and he really stood out from the star player he set up one goal scored another in both cases really showed how strong he is but also agile on the board really waltz through the defense and to be honest you know they've done exactly what they did with some player they've raided the french league i think you can be a very very shrewd signing with. the coach and tack mind of coach that lost but he's got a player in his versatile who can play on the wing can play on his own up front as well i think marco rose will get the best out of of other players in that drop back score so i think he's a good one to watch out for the name may ring a bell do genetics play a role yeah if his name sounds familiar it's because he's the son of references 1998 world cup winning the friend. marcus is only one when that happens so clearly inherited is this fall the strength this fall of talent to prove it does
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really run in the family is younger brother as well k. fram plays in france the nice so very talented family in other towns a family is i mean how is family ed this is your guy what makes him a star for the future well he's always threatens to be the superstar confines of it a little bit frustrated probably since he burst onto the scene because he sometimes can be you know a little less a couple of games in a couple of hours but he's got all the speed he's got all the talent and he's finally looking like he's going to add a bit end product head injury seasons and off the field problems last season sorry just one goal in $1000.00 appearances but he's already got full goals and 2 assists in the 1st 6 match days this year and added the end product looked absolutely fantastic this year looks to be over the off the field problems and i think he could be want to stand out players this season you mention those off the field problems there was a car accident there was there was a fatality that meant that last season he wasn't as good as we expected but he's you know he's better this season do you think he has that great you need to become a really good player i think it does i think it's. one thing having talent but what
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really takes a young player up to the next level into the sort of super stress fear level of the top top players is whether or not they've got that mentality to back the talent up as you said he was involved in a traumatic experience last year and then went on to have a hit miss year but it looks like he's over the problems for now he's really fit in far in we saw last week he had the he had the minerals to take a penalty off the he wanted any school at it and he's running the show the shock of this year and he really looks like he's ready to take his chance now that was one thing i noticed that briefly of the world cup last year i interviewed him at the world cup last year for such a young guy he's got a very mature head on his shoulders and i think that really serve him well i mean he had of course for the penalty as you mentioned last week was a shock and they won last week with sticking with a shocker after starting the season with only a draw and a defeat they've now won 4 on the trot including that $31.00 win yes they gave life stg ed is david wagner the missing piece of the puzzle for the world lose if i don't think we can ever really off that question about. it seems like they always
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put a little run of games together somebody says wow the missing piece or you know the final piece of the jigsaw and then the wheels fall off. i have no idea if going forward is going to be the on still live problems they're just too inconsistent we saw on the to disco last season before last i put a great lot of games together ended up coming 2nd then the will fell off and he was gone i have no idea if it's going to still be winning this many games coming into the season who knows with shock about. part of our job of course is watching as much food as possible you've seen we're going to go play in the premier league how to play that everything manager of course in the premier league has failed do you think he has the talent to get. out of those players didn't you know that was coach isn't necessarily well plus you know how does your promotion you know they were relegated. before that happened pretty much already down so i think you know he's clearly got some talent i think what's interesting this season is pretty much the same shower sides that were playing last season we've heard these training methods
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. players talk about how fit they feel now so it just goes to show it's the simple things that need or describe the tactics get the players fit get them enjoying training but he kept some time out after he left how this year because he felt emotionally drained these routines are probably one of the most emotionally volatile jobs in the burn this league with a passion and emotion that runs through shall because fans say it's a good start they've started the season well as that is the trick would be to keep that going indeed there is no way to be sure this will not be an of a dramatic a desk a robert d. roberto di matteo or even this team has gone through 8 coaches in the last 8 years without even looking at the interim coaches who came in and so quite incredible we're going to move on and have a look at the table actually with all the matches in the books let's take a look at what's happened they've been top since that's what is tight up there the biggest surprise for the added bonus to give us could be the freiburg in as we just heard the only sin the only way seems to be down for them there's movement at the
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bottom to head to lead to $10000.00 of their win while colognes goal difference is now so poor they drop into the bottom 2. that's the table after match day 6 before i get this knowledge of knowledgeable geos analysis let's get a proper expert's opinion from buying a coach nico batch. splitting into 2 teams at the top will stay there and the rest will stay near the bottom way at the top and we want to stay there. that's really easy to fame to say his team atop the table jonathan does cover us know his stuff was a hot air i think he's going to state mean obviously everybody wants to stay there obviously when you buy meat you want to stay at the top of the table i think he's got a point but i think what is interesting is it's very tight there at the top and i think by in a very fortunate lucky lucky that they are at the top because they won against they didn't make it easy for themselves i think rest still looking pretty vulnerable
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defensively and i feel like a few injuries a messy thing could be completely wrong of especially if the man that brought robert evans off he is injured because he's been the kind of one that's been keeping them going really this season let's say he doesn't get injured in buying people going the way they're going at do you think these top teams and the top of a the problem well i don't think any of those teams looking at that sort of traditional talk for the people that tit. for dortmund leipzig and of course to finish is awful i don't think so i don't think any of them are that good enough to to accept all or to to think that a gallon seen a place and took full pot thinks the likes of shout the likes of. those why don't think we could stay in space in all that place will be talking about this again soon we'll be back on monday 7 next week thanks for joining us on the phone as we get to see you then.
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you speak this line. this is music from your in. new zealand. and does this take your racing. news come to the right place. for you. in this. people cool it's a sign of the cool. today the nairobi river is kenya's most can you say. i miss it if brings consent cause he's on board and cleans up. the middle un's previously ineffective policy. global 3060 minutes on d w i. take it personally.
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with a little bit wonderful stories that make the game so special. for all true fans . pick up more than football long line. of. hello and welcome to drive with a b w motor magazine this week will see if the ford ranger raptor is also at home in the city. has the luxury factor in the muzzle running quantrill ford. and put those go to come to the test. the market.


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