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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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around the world. one of them needed urgent assistance. the family starts october any on t w. this is d w news live from berlin 2 people are killed in a fire at a refugee camp on the greek island of lesbos a riot breaks out after migrants say firefighters took too long to arrive also coming up to. the austrian anti migration conservatives have also could look set to return to power after his party wins parliamentary elections but it is unclear who
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view forming a government with support for his former partner the far right freedom party has collapsed. and violence intensifies in hong kong as protesters step up their fight for democracy bras could overshadow events in china to mark 70 years since the communist party seized power. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us at least 2 people have died in a fire at a vastly overcrowded greek migrant camp the dead are reported to be a woman and a child the blaze struck the morea camp on the island of lesbos it was later put out but residents of the camp angry at what they say was a slow response clashed with police. conditions at that camp are at the breaking
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point after a sharp spike in large print arrivals from turkey. misery upon misery on the greek island of last boss migrants scramble to escape a cloud of tear gas fired by police as a tragic chain of events unfolded at the marianna town. the fire broke out inside the camp quickly spreading through containers used to has residents there are conflicting reports about what happened next and then go working in the camp says a group of migrants rushed to extinguish the blaze and police used tear gas to chase them away. police say they fired tear gas to disperse rioters i heard by the time to talk to the deadly fire. what's undisputed is that a group of migrants attacked firefighters who arrived on the scene
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a video posted on facebook shows the damage it ition of police officers were flown in from athens to help restore calm conditions out moria have always been difficult but in recent months they've gotten worse migrant arrivals to greece from turkey have surged reaching their highest level since 2016 when the european union signed a deal with ankara to stem the flow. about 12 peasant people are currently has done the camp though it's only designed for a quarter of that number the deadly fire and rioting will increase pressure on the greek government to ease the situation with the harsh winter months approaching fast. let's go straight to athens now we're joined by correspond curaçao good morning to you do we know anything more about what might have caused this fire or a cab. well there are conflicting reports as to what in fact caused this
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blaze. by one account it was caused in fact by this woman who was killed in this blaze because she started cooking in her container and that quickly spread by other accounts there were 2 separate fires one fire that was set outside the camp and then within 20 minutes another fire set within the camp which kind of shows an orchestrated and premeditated kind of attempt either way the chaos that kind of ensued and what happened simply underscores the abysmal situation in what is being called europe's most embarrassing refugee camp 13000 people crammed in a can build to hold 3 sow's. abysmal is the right word the images we're getting
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show just how over crowded this campus can you tell us something about about the riots as a result of this fire. well there were the riots have actually what happened what ensued was that once these these fires took place. many of the refugees who were in there and who have been extremely frustrated by very long stays simply rioted because of the asylum process that is taking so long that however as far as rescue attempts had had a very negative impact because the firefighters could not move in and eventually the police riot police had to move in and fire some tear gas to disperse these militants migrants and to bring about some calm and to get this rescue operation going eventually the fire was doused out by water planes and there is some degree
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of calm now at this camp but there are great fears among 1 the locals that it's just a matter of time before new riots will be triggered. as a preview now and some of the other stories making news at this hour u.s. president gul trump says he deserves to meet his accuser in the whistleblower scandal in a series of blatant tweets the president attacking the whistleblower who released details of a phone call between trump and the ukrainian president in that call the president asked his counterpart to investigate political opponent joe biden for corruption. the british prime minister boris johnson has denied decades old allegations that he touched a female employee in appropriately a newspaper columnist claimed the johnsons tweezers died during a lunch 20 years ago he's also defended himself over reports that he gave special treatment to a close friend and a business woman during his time as london's mayor. in paris
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thousands of mourners waded into the night to pay their respects to former french president jacques chirac who died thursday at the age of 86 and is lying in state at the in belize monday. world leaders are due to attend her ox funeral service later today. carmaker v.w. is facing a court case brought by nearly half a 1000000 of its customers in the case starting today those customers say the w. deceived them and caused them economic harm when it installed software vehicles to cheap diesel emissions jess. e.w. executives have already been charged in connection with that scandal. it's to austria now where former chancellor sebastian quotes is set to return to power after a sweeping electoral victory that saw his anti migration people's party win the biggest share of the vote that poll was called after his previous government collapsed following a scandal involving his far right coalition partners the freedom party. the recent
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scandals that triggered the government's collapse apparently didn't hurt sebastian courts at the ballot box i thank the former chancellor is poised to return to power the results show his people's party is the clear winner support for the conservatives jumped more than 5 percent i was thank you thank you very much my dear friends i lost the confidence vote in may. the past 4 months were difficult and today the people voted us back into power thank you very much i there were many long faces at the headquarters of the conservatives former coalition partners the far right freedom party decides an expense scandal a covert video showing former chairman heinz christiane struck appearing to offer favors to a woman posing as a potential donor devastated the populace their support tumbled by some 10 percent
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. unfortunately the results are not a mandate to resume a governing coalition now the once and largely future chancellor will have to be creative the slightly weakened social democrats with nearly 22 percent of the vote or a potential coalition partner so are the greens they almost quadrupled their support to 14 percent enough to re enter parliament. the a.v. hadn't damn near we will soon be holding talks with other parties above all the people's party that's correct i think striving for that but it will be a discussion about possibilities and whether it makes sense to hold talks at all and for handling on something it could still be days before all postal ballots are counted then the focus will shift to the difficult task of coalition building and deciding the balance of power in austria. so what's ahead for austria did have years max hofmann following this vote for us in vienna good morning max there are
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a number of coalition options today for some boss the courts the once and future chancellor what are his most likely choices do we know. we just heard those 3 options in the report brian and let me walk you through them so 1st of all you have the freedom party the far right freedom party that seems like a very unlikely option at the moment because the freedom party itself has said they want to go back into the opposition and if they change their mind which is not a given at all it would probably not be a very viable coalition with all the scandals of the last months then you have the social democrats but the social democrats and cold says austin peoples party are very far apart on different topics especially when it comes to social policy and migration so that basically leaves the greens and many experts here in vienna think that is the most viable option of course they also have their differences on social policy on migration but it won't when it comes to the economy or
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a green economy they might find a solution there it'll be hard talks they need to bridge a gap they need to align their positions it won't be easy but as i said it might be the most likely option at the moment what about this election and its influence on the european union as the e.u. looks for more unity inside the block on issues like migration is something we're reporting on a lot this morning. australia has often been seen as a lab of sorts for the rest of the european union on a small scale and you can you can tell that a lot of the the conservative parties are looking towards austria 1st of all because the success of quotes can they copy it and 2nd of all because they've been trying to hug up to the greens to get some more climate competency and if the you really have this conservative green coalition here it could be a blueprint for the rest of europe and of course we expect austria to change its hardline migration policy at least slightly if the rains come into
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a coalition max often thanks so much for that from vienna this morning max. it's to china now or celebrations are taking place to mark the 70th anniversary of communist rule president xi jinping attending a ceremony at yemen's square to remember the heroes of the civil war which saw millions die in the communist party seize power the main celebrations will take place tuesday with a huge military parade on them and square. but beijing fears the anniversary could be overshadowed by the democracy protests and unrest in hong kong. as more. it's images like these beijing hoped would have long been stamped out chinese president xi jinping trampled underfoot. instead mass demonstrations have dominated the countdown to the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china and these protesters are no mood to celebrate. with the world watching closely they
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want to capitalize on the attention and make that and ahead we should be a great day but we really can't find a reason to start to bring we feel more sorry and sorrow for what do you have suffered i hope to make other country attention to understand more whites we are going to fight for this this thing is a good one to protest too to show them all hope we all lose who fight for freedom where we so much to hold. it all starts he's here to mass unrest and cheese day they once were void a repeat of more scenes like this. images of angry young protests is threatening to pull focus from beijing celebrations and embarrass authorities police have made clear this weekend that un sanctioned rallies will not be tolerated bots there's
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only so much they can do to keep people off the streets instead of massively. scaled back the annual celebrations to prevent them from being swarmed by protesters ordinarily this area behind me is packed with people marking the anniversary this year though all the ceremonies have had to be moved inside into that building that rope looks like these ones stopping people from even getting close in the evening a massive fireworks display that usually lights up the sky behind me drawing thousands has also had to be councils. if you look hard enough you will find some signs of support for the anniversary a few lone flags lined the streets of a neighborhood known for its prey beijing sentiment. one local shop owner tells me he's looking forward to the anniversary but even he will be marking it privately. i will spend the day doing my duty as a chinese citizen i will do my best to run my business well and keep working.
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as the night falls these few symbols of support for beijing atone to the ground pro-democracy supporters unwilling to let even the slightest hint of celebration go untouched. this is the to be is up next we have a documentary on botswana's heavy metal queens for now though for me bryan thomas of the entire news team thanks so much for being here. welcome to the butt is the game here want to be. a place to talk about in. this country. what. we have. let's have a look at some of these other people so you don't want to.


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