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from point a to flash from housing boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend d.w. . 1000000 has a $1000000.00 in germany are getting their day in coles 4 years after it broke the diesel gauge is still haunting v.w. look at that it's already paid out $30000000000.00 euros to customers around the world. making money versus doing good ethical investors put their money and socially responsible projects that may help you sleep at night but will it help your wallet. also how china fights the fallout of that swine flu crisis releasing
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the strategic reserves of coal to cool the markets. this is the w. business i've got office in berlin wall come fox is in germany to face charges related to the diesel emissions scandal the class action lawsuit the 1st of its kind of the country is being brought down more than 400000 drivers who are seeking compensation for purchasing vehicles with devices that allow the comical to cheat on environmental tests the scandal has already cost well over $30000000000.00 worldwide. now let's check in with financial correspondent chelsea delaney in frankfurt chelsea there's already a precedent for this kind of legal dispute in germany how much could this cost v.w. . we're looking at pretty significant potential cost here for a v.w. if you look at the amount of plaintiffs in this case it's close 250-0000 you know
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that's they're all seeking full refunds on their cars that's a huge amount of money if you look at some of the other cases that w. has settled or been asked to pay across the world $1.00 of them is the u.s. case and 2016 that was a similar size and they ended up paying $10000000000.00 to to their. to their customers and on top of that you sort of have to consider that v.w. still facing a lot of other legal challenges they have a $10000000000.00 lawsuit from investors that's still pending so on top of the 30000000000 the still many billions more that they potentially have to pay i was preparing for this moment in the legal costs. for now is saying they don't expect to have to pay a significant claims especially for this for this class action suit so their legal
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rationale here is that the customers were not harmed but the vehicles are functional so they are at this point are not setting aside more money for it to pay off to pay off the claims and if you look at sort of the market reaction we're not seeing much of a move in that in the stock today so i think investors are sort of waiting to see how this plays out it's going to be a really long long case if you don't you know he doesn't expect a decision until 2023 so it's still to be determined so is it let me thank you. well it's a cool investors are probably giving v.w. says a wide berth right know an acoustic number of people with concerns over the environment and social justice putting their money where their most is and invest in companies that. do good things for the environment or the community they operate in startups capital from proper funding initiatives and ethical funds who for example do not
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invest in fossil fuels or companies who do not respect book as rights investors often put a higher purpose before high profits that's a nice but one that's growing. cuttingly know meyer and her friend founded a start up with an innovative idea who. can touch a bakery new nick that serves as a meeting place for elderly people who come to us with their recipes and bake cakes and we sell the cakes. we came up with the idea because we both said our grandmothers cakes are delicious so why can't we buy them anywhere. and dozens of retirees work here part time to supplement their pensions they get together and feel needed and appreciated their cakes are sold to cafes and caterers the start up one the munich founders award a few years ago. it wouldn't have been possible without their investors catalina and her partner collected most of the money for the equipment with crowdfunding they received 25000 euros the willingness to make
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a difference and put money to work in a sustainable manner can also be seen in the amount of money people have invested in responsible investment funds europeans put $252000000000.00 euros into those funds in 2012 last year that figure almost doubled to 496000000000 euros according to the german statistics office studies the. ethical social and sustainable investments are on the rise and be through crowd funding or responsible investment funds and has come to the net has shown those investments can also be delicious. you know so good within the studio as a jet amazon one of the founding fathers of the impact investment movement that is investing in ethical funds always getting lower returns actually no in fact you can often outperform traditional benchmarks and increasingly if all you care about is
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making more money and you're not thinking about how water or climate change or pandemics affects your business models you'll actually underperform because those things are out there you're just not taking them into account but even in the short term. i think ok it's good to look at these things that you just mentioned are the long term for the shelter in the short term if you're pepsi and you're producing your products in india where they're having a serious and significant drought that will affect your ability to sell products certainly it will affect your ability to do business in that country there are any number of examples of companies that took their eye off the blended value ball if you will and only wanted to make money and ended up losing their license to operate . do you have any any hard numbers or an example showing that you actually can make money at more money with ethical investor where you can still pick a bad deal and a bad investment opportunity i'm not saying that because you take these factors in
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the success you will then therefore be successful but if it's an important vote yes but the fact of the matter is that a we have internationally 30 trillion dollars are being invested on this basis in the form of direct investment you have over $500000000000.00 in direct investment pools and funds and deals investors would not be moving that money at those levels if they were losing money i can guarantee you so what's the secret if i want to pick if i want to invest say by the no 10000 euro's i think what right you were recommended by the 1st thing is to be clear on the amount that you have and what your own personal risk return and impact profile needs to look like like any of us as any of us and in many ways all we're talking about is. is not reducing the strategies that you're in the aged in but actually augmenting traditional sounds investing practice with another lens that takes into consideration what's called off balance sheet risk risk that usually doesn't show up in a traditional financial analysis. what kind of funds are attracting the most
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capital right now i would assume climate change funds invested in companies that take have the climate i think climate change and climate solutions funds are increasingly popular gender lines investing is a very popular area if you look at the amount of money that historically has gone into women lead business enterprises they historically have not received a lot of investment capital and yet their performance has been outstanding and so what you try to look for are what are some of the areas that traditional mainstream investors overlooked because they either mispriced the risk or they don't understand the opportunity that i missed thank you very much thanks so much for having me. it's consumers in china cutting their pork in say staples rice nearly doubled the hike in cost follows shortage caused by an outbreak of african swine fever beijing is now taking steps to counter the surge and price
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of the nation's favorite made. chinese consumers are hoping to bag a bargain before the country's national day celebrations but an outbreak of african swine fever has put a damper on the food heavy festivities more than 100000000 chinese pigs have been lost to piracy depressing the nation's pork supply and sending the proteins price skyrocketing beijing shoppers are still stocking up on the country's favorite meat but high prices are leaving a bad taste in some consumers miles telling me the site at work almost every week sometimes when the price is good i'll buy more to put into the fridge took place there now it's become very expensive and i only buy what i need it doesn't make sense to buy too much pork i'm expecting the price to drop by the bucket then the pork is $1.00 of china's most important foodstuffs with more poor planning on chinese tables each year than poultry beef and mutton combined the country is also responsible for more than
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a quarter of global meat consumption china's government has released $30000.00 tons of frozen pork from the reserves to supermarkets the move has helped keep the proteins price from rising further at least in the country's capital were wary customers are substituting their pork purchases with alternative options. than i was on that cost i like to buy pork ribs and phillips. see the end of the prices are up i started to eat more chicken and beef true shall we go see the kind that can go to not go under a tree. you were not. china may soon have to increase its imports of foreign pork following a drop in domestic pork production. a development that could benefit european export hers. and china's economy has more problems one of which is a reputation issue cambridge university conducted an international poll on the quality
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of consumer goods coming from 12 different nations and made in china comes last nearly half of respondents came to a negative verdict on the quality of chinese goods just 15 percent had a favorable impressions other asian countries fared much better south korea with popular brands like l.g. and samsung comes in at 9th place and japan home of high profile consumer brands like nico no sony is on 5th place at the top spot is easy to guess products made in germany still have the best reputation of them all despite scandals lifea w.'s dizzle date half of all respondents had a positive view that only 6 percent expressed the negative sentiment towards products made here in germany. before i let you go here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you nearly half
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a $1000000.00 in germany are getting that day and calls for years off for a broken diesel gaze nearly cost a 1000000 v.w. drive us seeking damages from becoming a. child as well as thousands of tons of coal from its results to combat massive prospects the move could help bolster sales for you and us but based produce. and that's it from me on the business team here and berlin for more business news and background stories go to websites that dot com slash business pluto is a quick look at global markets at this. week's
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time to take one step further and face the consequent. time to search the. find for the troops. to overcome barriers and conflict. it's time to. coming up ahead things. cool. the insurer's of the famous naturalist and explorer. to sing the racial politics on the phone while its
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250th birthday we remember going on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. . this time on world stories. threats to freedom of the press in kashmir. why kenya is my side are keeping peace. but we start off in peru where the top she company has received a hefty fine for illegal logging it's a victory for the environment and for farmers who refused to sell the firm their land. it takes for
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a patch of ask is 45 minutes to reach his land on the way he passes the entrance to the time she plantation. he doesn't know what the firm is up to here it supposedly grows cocoa but not on this land. it used to be home to 70 farms neighbors on all sides but repaired of us is now alone since the hunters sold their plants. and they were meant that they thought that this place used to be up paradise we had all yucca bananas up pineapples he just needed to go up the mountain to catch a wild boar or a deer a tape here or in a possum at night you know everything used to be close by that's what we lived on now not even a rat lives here anymore because the company has destroyed the animals and try habitats not the other was on the malice the farmland often stayed in families for generations.


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