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a lot of oil that are doing everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen we have to fight them 2050 will be well on the way to a reliable renewable solar wind. that. we're not saying it's p.c. . this is. coming up a sign of things to come. on the streets of hong kong ahead of. the people's republic 17 on tuesday but. it has nothing to celebrate. but the capital has pulled out all the stops.
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using technology to save on time. more efficiently. welcome. it's good to have you with us now it seems like these behind me that beijing wants to avoid ahead of massive celebrations on tuesday china 70 and these clashes on the streets of hong kong don't fit in with the narrative of happy he's full prosperous nation and the people on the streets of hong kong. as to why they don't believe that. it's images like the beijing. chinese president xi jinping trampled underfoot.
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instead mass demonstrations have dominated the countdown to the 70th anniversary of the people's republic of china and these protesters are no mood to celebrate. with the world watching closely they want to capitalize on the attention and make them and ahead we should be a great day but we really can find a reason to start to bring we feel more sorry and sorrow for what do you have suffered i hope to make our country attention to understand more wides we are going to fight for this this thing is a good one to protest to have to show all hope we all lose who fight for freedom. so much the whole. allstars he's hit their mass on rest on cheese day they want to avoid
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a repeat of more scenes like this. images of angry young patients is threatening to pull focus from beijing celebrations and embarrass authorities police have made clear this weekend that un sanctioned rallies will not be tolerated by us there's only so much they can do to keep people off the streets instead that massively scaled back the annual celebrations to prevent them from being swarmed by protesters ordinarily this area behind me is packed with people marking the anniversary this year though all the ceremonies it has been moved inside into that building that rope looks like these ones stopping people from even getting close in the evening a massive fireworks display that usually lights up the sky behind me drawing thousands has also had to be councils. if you look hard enough you will find some signs of support for the anniversary a few lone flags lined the streets of a neighborhood known for its prey beijing so. meant. one local shop painted
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tells me he's looking forward to the anniversary but even he will be marking it privately. don't want you to go it i will spend the day doing my duty as a chinese citizen i will do my best to run my business well and keep working. at the night fools these few symbols of support for beijing atoll into the ground for democracy support is unwilling to let even the slightest hint of celebration go untouched. joining us knowledge on this the ranch or in hong kong the real good to see you is a hong kong a reading it's a day of clashes on tuesday yes tomorrow october 1st is going to be a really big day it's i mean 70 year anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china so it's a very sensitive dacre the beijing government and it's also a public holiday here everyone's off the protesters are planned events all over the
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city i think it will probably be the worst day of protests that we've seen so far in almost 4 months of protests where everyone sort of bracing themselves but of course we also don't know exactly what's going to happen but the place has already put out warnings they've sent out i warning messages to everyone's balance saying that tomorrow should be very dangerous what exactly is the minute in which the government plans to deal with these protests because as you mention the subject out of us 3 of china's founding a very important day in hong kong as well and on a day in which protesters will be protesting how does the government plan to counter them. well they govern in the parlor you be using more of the same tactics that they used so far so yesterday for example we saw the use of water cannons they spray water that is also laced the blue dye with pepper spray and chemical engineers a lot of tear gas and rubber bullets from well it's pepper spray bullets so it's
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probably more of that but on a more intense level they did fire one live round yesterday i believe that's the 3rd or 4th time that they've hired live warning shots they have not used it to aim at anyone so far so i'm not sure if you'll see an escalation in the methods but i think we'll see an escalation in terms of intensity in terms of the number of arrests made in terms of maybe the violence you ask that they become increasingly violent so we'll see tomorrow in the run of these protests have been on for more than 3 months now just help us understand that if you go to hong kong how's your daily life impacted because of these protests or the protests almost all the time or only on the weekends so donna weekends they generally start in the early afternoon and go into the evening and they don't go that may be usually and i have to form a night or shortly after the day because that's when the subway closes and most
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protesters do have to get home so on the weekend i would say people's lives are destructed they have to know where the protests are happening they have to avoid them nowadays it's very common. are the subway to shut down stations specially in response to more and more vandalism against n.p.r. stations so people's lives are disrupted in that they're not able to get to certain places or they have to watch our places they're mostly on the weekends and people are still going to school there so going to work and they're still in gauging social activities it's normal just be aware john this laurel jorma speaking to us from hong kong thank you so much for that and. and while hong kong remains tense beijing finalizes celebrations here as a roundup of the pageantry planned for tuesday. every note and every step carefully choreographed under her 1st china is deploying
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15000 personnel for its largest ever military parade a display of strength that will flow into no way of hardware from fighter jets to supersonic drones on its 70th anniversary the people's republic wants to showcase its transformation into an economic and military power host. for president xi jinping it's a key moment to assert his vision for china on the eve of the communist states birthday he paid his respects to its find a mouse a dong she has set out to secure his own place in history with efforts to establish china as a major player on the international stage. those efforts lately undermined by a trade war with the u.s. as well as protests in hong kong which have drawn attention to china's human rights record but snow just senting voices will be allied to ruin the atmosphere on tuesday the parade is invitation only and beijing has stepped up internet controls
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ahead of the occasion with the capital festooned with decorations patriotism is the order of today. what i think if our country is powerful then we won't be pushed around anymore by other countries. will have even more of a voice on the international stage and will be able to safeguard our people's interests in the leave it is over and i'm very excited i can't wait to see it because it's a national parade and as a kid i really wanted to be a soldier and each time our own national day when we have this parade i feel that our country is very powerful a feel that we're very safe. with final rehearsals underway that's a message of a keen to podcast they've even distributed over 600000 t.v. sets to ensure people tune in more than just a spectacle this is a narrative for the masses xi jinping the chinese dream brought to life.
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explain the significance of the celebrations that have been. the communist party has built its legitimacy what he sees as its legitimacy on nationalism during the past 30 years as obviously communist ideology does not really match the situation on the ground in china so these raids these nationalist displays of power . extremely important to the communist party and of course there will be little mention off the economic problems the trade dispute but also internal economic problems and of course the hong kong protests have been censored carefully cheering the whole sum up the specially in the cost stays but is boiling over will have more on those celebrations and possible protests tomorrow and of course more details on our website they have a dot com forward slash isha. that's
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one thing you can never get back and it's always a running out. it's a lost in the throes of buying a vicious capitol talk of feel most acutely long waits and bumper to bumper traffic eat up 3200000 working all hours per day according to the war many people are now turning to digital huts to cut down time wasted on the roads. for decker's nearly 20000000 residents getting from a to b. is a daily nightmare the bangladeshi capital is one of the most congested cities in the world. to me is 6 kilometers by car can take up to an hour which isn't much faster than walking. now technology's offering a helping hand. sharing a back way that says a lot of time. i can reach anywhere on time usually all other rights stateside
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because all the traffic. sharing a bike ride really helps me a lot swapping full wheels for 2 allows drivers to navigate narrow alleys and congested traffic lanes and as well as cutting travel time ride sharing has created thousands of jobs one local company alone has more than 200000 registered drivers. turn in my free time i'm right sharing it's a good opportunity to earn some money. millions of bangladeshis now use one of several companies on the market producing travel time has also been a boon for business. trip which used to be 2 hours before and people were uncomfortable writing on rickshaws on you know buses now only 40 minutes and that. not only saves their time but also increases the productivity. but despite the numerous perks critic. say ride sharing has led to
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a spike in traffic accidents in a city that already has one of the world's highest road death tolls. never an easy answer traffic there we do now with images of protest in hong kong but after that over the weekend remember a number of these robberies of drug for tomorrow as well as you next are part. i'm secure in that of my work not hard and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers who are liars and. what's your story.
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'd with numbers and women especially in victims of violence and take part and send us your story train all with understand this new culture. you are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. saudi arabia warns of extraordinarily high oil prices unless a peaceful solution is found so the around cross it's a credit ratings agency delivers a blow to the saudis with a downgrade. hundreds of thousands of diesel drivers take the w. to court in germany's 1st ever mass lawsuit. and a german family business flourishes in uganda growing flowers there for
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a budding global market. and then fizzle and let's do business saudi arabia's crown prince says oil prices could spike to unimaginably high levels if the world doesn't come together to deter iran they've been attacks on the saudi oil sector the world's largest crude exporter sharply reducing production still. says he prefers a political solution to a military one that's helping ease oil prices today but not the saudis worries fitch has downgraded their credit rating citing the rising tensions. saudi arabia's message is clear an armed conflict with iran would have catastrophic implications for the global economy and send markets reeling it's a stark warning and one riyadh hopes will prevent military action by its long time rival a spate of attacks on saudi oil facilities allegedly orchestrated by iran earlier this month led to a huge spike in crude oil prices as saudi output sputtered in a rare interview with u.s. broadcaster c.b.s.
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the saudi crown prince issued a stern call to action. if the world does not take a strong and firm action to do.


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