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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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smuggling recipes for success is strategy that makes a difference. baking bread on d.w. . plate. this is day w is live from pearl it more pressure on the u.s. president donald trump. democrats subpoena trump's personal lawyer pretty giuliani as the momentum towards impeachment hearings get a place and more allegations emerge of improper behavior. also coming up. after a deadly fire has plans for its migrants catch and that includes sending thousands
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of people back to. the 70th anniversary of communist rule the government is going out of its way to make sure nothing on its peretti. i'm anthony how would welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has come under fire from various directions of moves in congress towards inpatient proceedings gather democrats in the house of representatives have subpoenaed trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani if you want to see documents relating to giuliani's dealings with ukrainian officials allegations that trump put pressure on ukraine to investigate these potential rival in next year's presidential election joe biden have sparked calls for trump's removal from office 3 of giuliani's associates have also been subpoenaed.
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well let's bring in washington correspondent of a seller to unpack today's events of a welcome public opinion finally seems to have shifted about half now support the impeachment inquiry what's behind that do you think. well we've seen a steady search here since last week where numbers went up 8 percent so nearly every 2nd american now supports an impeachment inquiry against president trump that was a pretty much different just a couple weeks ago and so what began as a very much as a political risk for the democratic party looks like a successful path at least until now because what the democrats also know is that they eventually will have a very difficult to task to impeach the president before the senate the senate has to speak the final verdict and the senate is controlled by the republicans but what
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they also know right now is with this growing public support that this could also damage president trump in the 2020 election campaign or trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani is now being subpoenaed and trump is lashing out how much pressure do you think the president is feeling right now well these are under a lot of pressure and 1st and foremost rudy giuliani is president trump's private lawyer who travel to madrid to meet ukrainian officials and press essentially press the ukraine to initiate investigations against joe biden and his son hunter biden the front runner of the democratic party and therefore a likely potential political rival of president trump so that's very problematic in and off itself and 3 the committees are now believing the president trump and rudy giuliani could have been jeopardizing the national security with their behavior by
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pressing the ukraine to interfere in national election and that is obviously for the president very dangerous as the rudy giuliani was acting on his behalf. and on another front all of the new york times reported today that trump has been in touch with the astray the in prime minister scott morrison asking for 5 is what can you tell us about that well following that report on the investigation on russian election meddling in the 2016 campaign the so-called moller investigation was initiated after tips came from australian officials and all following that report president trump pressed the old australian prime minister on the phone to start investigating the beginnings of the modern investigation obviously in an attempt to spin that back to raise doubt about the credibility of these 2 investigations the transcript reportedly was then treated the same way that
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the transcript of the selenski call the ukrainian president was treated that it was saved on a high security computer system so that very much looks like a common practice. 2 3 in the wide tells under president trump to try to make material that is potentially damaging simply disappear of a skillet in washington thank you tom well now to some of the other stories making news around the world. but as prime minister bars johnson says he'll release his final plan this week to get a deal for britain to leave the european union at the end of october report suggests his ideas including the whole island economics on and for the e.u. states to rule out for the delay to break. austria's conservative people's party led by former chancellor sebastian goods has one sunday's general election social
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democrats finished 2nd followed by the far right freedom party and the surging greens each of those parties could give puts enough seats in parliament to form a coalition government. police and demonstrators have clashed in haiti during protests calling for the resignation of president you've no mores protesters say several people were hit by gunfire public discontent is being stoked by corruption spiralling inflation and fuel shortages. or one day after a deadly fire at a camp for migrants on the greek island of lesbos the government in athens has held an emergency cabinet meeting details are emerging of measures it plans to take to ease the pressure on its of the credit camps they include fast tracking judgements on asylum asylum applications rather and sending thousands of migrants back to turkey other the coming year the mayor of this bus is also calling for the a media transfer of migrants from the camp where the 5 burka. i they left their
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homes in war torn syria for this the infamous maurya camp on the island of lesbos. sunday's fire has drawn attention to the desperate conditions here an estimated 12000 people in a camp built to hold a quarter as many. died the fire broke out and spread through containers used to house residents many were upset because they thought the firefighters took too long to arrive there were scuffles between migrants and firefighters and police fired tear gas. migrant arrivals in greece from turkey have surged reaching their highest levels since 2016 when the european union signed a deal with ankara to stem the flow greece is ill prepared to handle them it's just emerging from enormous financial difficulties and its resources are stretched. we are going through a national crisis it is essential that all of us pull together as we greeks have
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done in the past to handle this. athens says it plans to accelerate efforts to move people from the islands to the mainland but with winter fast approaching time is running out. to china where celebrations are taking place to mark the 70th anniversary of the communist party rule his day will be the main event and massive military parade in town in minsk with that they are worries the celebrations could be either settled by pro-democracy protests in hong kong. on the eve of the anniversary a ceremony to honor the birth of the communist state and the heroes of the civil war chinese president xi jinping paid his respects to the fallen. in the evening he attended a theatrical celebration that recalled china's rise from despair to the world's 2nd largest economy. october 1st 1949 7 7 mosley dong
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declared the founding of the people's republic of china and transformed the country his great leap forward aimed to industrialize the country but instead left it devastated famine was widespread and tens of millions of people die most cultural revolution followed opponents were sent to camps were executed in his attempt to purge china of counter-revolutionaries. after decades of isolation beijing took steps to open the country and its market up to the world. today china's on the podium of the world's leading nations. but rapid growth has come at a cost cities are choked by pollution and society is strictly controlled. hong kong saw a summer of demonstrations and sometimes violent protests against beijing's growing influence in the semi autonomous territories. on monday pro-democracy activists
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formed a human chain along hong kong's harbor a warmup for more protests planned for tuesday. i suspected 5 right extremists have gone on trial in the jenin city of dresden. they're accused of forming a neo nazi terrorist organization and planning a violent uprising in berlin as well as attacks on immigrants and political opponents all of the defendants are allegedly members of the extremist scene in kenya it's a city that so violent far right protests after a fatal stabbing of a german man last year. it takes a while for all of the defendants to be brought into the courtroom. 8 men sit in the dock of the dressed in the higher regional court their trial began this morning under high security measures they're accused of having founded a right wing terrorist organization that's those are the men allegedly arranged to meet in
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a chat group which they named revolution kemet before or during september 28th they planned armed attacks on foreigners and people who belong to other political parties they accepted the fact that people would need to be killed in order to initiate the fall of the democratic foundations of germany. the men reportedly joined forces in chemists following a deadly knife attack on a german which prompted violent riots according to the prosecution several of the men attacked youths and foreigners in chemist's in mid september last year this was supposedly a test run for a larger attack planned for october 3rd however shortly before this could take place the men were arrested experts believe the group has its roots in the neo nazi movement. there's a larger support network surrounding these men it has to be clarified to what extent other the attackers lands in and. hopefully the trial will shed light on this so far the higher regional court has scheduled almost 70 days extending until
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the end of april 2020. volts wagon is in court in germany comic or is facing a huge lawsuit of the diesel emissions scandal only half of a 1000000 drivers are bringing germany's 1st class action suit the money in compensation for the cars they bore. this could be a watershed moment for germany's legal system 4 years after the emissions scandal broke hundreds of thousands of diesel drivers now have the chance to hold the carmaker to account. it's the 1st ever class action lawsuit to take place in the country similar auctions in the united states have seen consumers come away with billions of dollars in compensation. really good of analysis for we're confident about winning the argument speak for themselves. the leaders knew about things from the star sides and. you haven't put forward anything for that you can't contradict
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justice. correspondent lawyers maintain that the carmaker has removed the emissions cheating devices and argue that diesel owners cannot claim for compensation while continuing to drive the offending vehicles no hard to value to this day hundreds of thousands of vehicles are still in use by customers for us this means that there is no damage and therefore no reason for compensation these days hearing comes just a week after german prosecutors charge 3 v.w. executives including current boss happy with market manipulation accusing them of failing to inform shareholders about the financial impact of the emission scandal. further indication that the costs of germany's biggest post-war industrial scandal are still being counted. for at the track and field championships in qatar was the day the defending champions kinds of the $43.00 out
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of the 6 gold medals. also held top spot on the. undisputed leader of the pack of defending champions was russian how jumper maria losses came in who won her 3rd straight gold medal this one though as a neutral athlete as russia's track and field federation has been suspended since 2015 due to widespread doping. i'm the men's 5000 meter race had 3 norwegian brothers competing in the final in the brits and the youngest of the band of brothers was leading in the final round only to be pepped at the last corner and your brits and ended up in 5th well gold and silver went to ethiopia with interest repeating his triumph from 2 years ago in london i then finally some joy for a norwegian athlete carsten barholm defended his title in the 400 meter hurdles
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crowning an unbeaten streak of 14 races meanwhile 3rd place up there rocky and some one the 1st medal for the hosts qatar in this final. news life and news africa is placed around so that in the meantime there's always a website. now and that may help thanks for watching. nico is in germany to learn german looked and. why not learn with him the music he learning course because vic. that 77 percent. are younger than 60. that's me.


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