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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is g w news from berlin for the 1st time police use lethal force against a protester in hong kong today tens of thousands of protesters to find a ban on demonstrations on trying his national day and the protest was hospitalized after being shot at close range by a police officer the violence a stark contrast to beijing's a show with military minds as the country marks 70 years of communist rule president xi jinping told his countrymen that no power on earth can hold china's
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advance also coming up tonight u.s. democrats subpoena top trump aides including the secretary of state as they build their case to impeach the president over the ukraine allegations it comes as new evidence has emerged that trump pressured all stroll u.s. prime minister for political gain and abducted raped and forced to give birth police in 1000 free dozens of women from what's being described as a baby factory. it's good to have you with this we begin tonight with some of the most violent anti-government protests that hong kong has seen this year scores of pro-democracy demonstrators were injured in clashes with security forces today which included the 1st police should. of
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a protester the demonstrators were defying an official ban on protests to mark china's national day the violence in hong kong overshadow carefully choreographed ceremonies marking 70 years of communist rule in mainland china. and nonviolent but provocative message to beijing. while some 2000 kilometers away the chinese president xi jinping watched a national day parades. protest is in the territory spent the day on the street calling for more democratic rights for the 17th week in a row. was. this moment marks a violent escalation in the clashes between demonstrators and the hong kong police . i. and off the ship shoots an 18 year old student in the chest at close range with a life bullet authorities say the officer fired to save his and his colleagues life
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as they were being attacked. the 18 year old male was sent to hospital when he was sent to hospital he is still conscious at the moment i believe the doctors. conducting examination curing him cure him at the moment at this moment he was arrested for assaulting police officer we will conduct further inquiries and then once after the inquiries we view the site where we will press charges are not. over $1500.00 people have been arrested since june that's when the pro-democracy activists demanded the government withdraw or a controversial extradition bell eventually the hong kong authorities did cancel the bill but the protests continued and activists wants an investigation into police violence free from government influence which on tongues people are ready to sacrifice everything to fight for democracy and freedom i hope hong kong has will
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persist and carry on so as to get the freedom promised under one country 2 systems guys out there it's very dark and people from all walks of life want an independent inquiry and i think i watch the withdrawal of the bill is not enough hard it's hard to settle the matter of finding it hard to hold our physical and i got hong kong has had its own legal system since the british handed the colony back to china in 1970 the activists want more electoral reforms and to keep the freedoms of that compact treats on the mainland have never had. well haves trying to turn 70 amid protests in hong kong the leadership in mainland china is using the very website blocks to fight back against dissent in the territory that's according to a new report that says beijing has dramatically expanded its arsenal to be used by its waiters here with me now with more on that so tell me more so this is
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a unprecedented counter offensive that we're seeing happening online this new report by the oxford internet institute found that beijing has enlisted around 2000000 people to attack the credibility of the protesters on my 2000000 that's more than half of the nomination more than half the population of berlin could you imagine and not only that their tactics have changed the before they were more focused on the messaging in their sort of domestic social media platforms like we bow and we've had and now they're shifting to global platforms facebook twitter the new app tick-tock that's very popular the goal here is to weaken the global support for the protesters and paint them as violent extremists we have seen in china attack these social media platforms before have no absolute we've seen them attack the platforms for instance tick-tock this video platform that's very popular today it's owned by a company that's based in beijing and they have given their moderators the directive that any content that's critical of china be it hong kong protesters or 989 in tenement square or the controversy over the week or as who are being
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persecuted in the west of the country all of that has to go so now in addition to facebook and an edition of this there are facebook and twitter accounts that have been shown to have a originated in china that all appear to have acted in a corner aided fashion to amplify messages and images that portray these hong kong protesters as violent and extreme now we've seen fake accounts be created so they're using state effort they're using social media this is a multi-pronged attack from these platforms at the same time as they're censoring these platforms in china a new social media weapon in the information. and the worry is that because facebook and twitter are global platforms the chinese censorship is going to shape how western young people see the conflict in hong kong well are these platforms are they doing anything about this and can be sure that it does not happen your answer is no longer answer is they're not doing enough facebook has said it has eliminated
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some some groups some pages some accounts that are involved in this information twitter said it deactivated around 900 counts and they also released this press statement saying that it would ban state backed media chinese state backed media from promoting tweets after that media had placed ads on twitter suggesting that all these protesters were sponsored by the west and that they were becoming violent so we have to remember that in china facebook and twitter are blocked that means that all of this messaging is for international consumption not for domestic consumption and it suggests that beijing is not shy about using these services to spread their messaging even as they restrict their own citizens access misinformation muscle flexing my it's way to thank you. 3rd song is communist party celebrating 70 years in power with across the country the main festivities in beijing included a huge military parade and ended with fireworks in the laboratory on of all places
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tiananmen square thousands of musicians and dancers perform for dignitaries and a national television audience the spectacle concluded a day designed to showcase chinese progress prosperity in power or in his speech today president xi jinping said the chinese development would be peaceful but that its military would safeguard its sovereignty and security. strength discipline and vision this was the message from a state that has defied the odds for 70 years on tuesday the world's longest surviving tommy and his nation celebrated its achievements on a grand scale standing where chairman mao proclaimed the people's republic in 1949 presidents using ping struck a combative note. home. today
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a socialist china is standing proudly in the world's east. and no force can change the position of our great motherland and no force can stop the chinese people and the chinese nation from stepping forward. the spectacle that followed was designed to highlight china's rise from a nation in despair to a global superpower. at the forefront of that newfound confidence a display of military might on a massive scale advanced weaponry including nuclear capable mistrials rumbling through beijing. the event comes at a crucial time growth is slowing as the trade war with the u.s. takes its toll on the economy and calls for more democracy grow louder both in hong kong and among the middle. classes in mainland china. well for more on this i'm joined tonight by so if you richardson the china director at human rights watch she
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joins me from washington tonight so it's good to have you on the program you know as we just saw there you've got this this picture of pomp and ceremony and a global show of military might and then you've got hong kong where the police shot someone in the chest today how do you read this mixed picture well i think it hasn't been all that hard for the chinese communist party in the chinese government to beat the odds as your setup piece suggested when it's always held all the cards and i think it's very telling to watch what's going on in hong kong where people have been guaranteed the right to freedom of expression and simply and somewhat limited democratic rights and precisely what those people are saying right now is that not only do they want to keep those rights but they want them expanded and i think that's why you've seen such different developments on the same day between beijing. and you also hear the president of china did today
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reiterating that china is one country unity and is that going to mean for places such as hong kong also maybe for taiwan that we're talking about a future where human rights and personal liberties have no future except one that has them being eroded over time due to beijing's control. well if they didn't get to call the shots that's precisely what will happen i mean i think one of the most. you know devastating realities in china today is that you know it is you know the government is more affluent powerful and secure than it's ever been and yet it is no more tolerant having multiple political parties or you know respecting the rights of ethnic minorities or of letting people practice their religion as they see fit. and i think that suggests well and certainly the erosion
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of rights that we've documented in hong kong suggest that the doing has one and only one vision for how it will rule and there's no room and that view for human rights and if it does have that vision and you add the fact that is becoming militarily stronger it's talk to me is strong. is there anything that rights organizations can do to change the the crisis that we see in hong kong . well i mean the extraordinary success story of human rights in fact that over the last 2 or 3 decades has been the rise of independent activism and let's be clear on there she didn't hang those people who've been horrifically persecuted prosecuted driven into exile you know but they get up every day and they keep trying to document human rights violations and push for accountability and we see our and certainly hope that many of the governments that have some influence over eating also push to protect precisely these people because they are the ones who feel they
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are going to be able to make some positive changes like china. and they are the people who will need the support from organizations such as your so that's for sure so if you were just in the trying to director of human rights watch joining us tonight from washington so if you think you. thank you. here some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world one person has been killed and hundreds injured in clashes between protesters and police in the iraqi capital baghdad protesters were angry about public services and high unemployment as well as what they see as iranian influence on the government. the un's refugee agency has reported that more than a 1000 migrants have died in trying to cross the mediterranean to get to europe for the 6th year in a row most died on the way to italy or multi hundreds of migrants have held a peaceful protest on the greek island of lesbos to demand better living conditions the protest to place outside the overcrowded maurya refugee camp where riots
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broke out on sunday after a fire in part of the camp killed one asylum seeker. a texas jury has found a white former police officer guilty of murder for killing a black neighbor after entering his apartment amber geiger admitted to shooting off i'm jean he was unarmed but said she mistakenly believed he was an intruder in her apartment she was in the course the wrong apartment. in washington d.c. the administration stonewalled congressional demands that officials in the trunk white house testified in the a pietschmann inquiry against the president now of course aggression committees have issued subpoenas against trump's private lawyer rudy giuliani and the secretary of state money from paya they've also asked 5 state department officials to testify on peo has been lashing out at those requests accusing democrats of
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bullying in trying to intimidate his staff. pompei it was in italy right now at the start of the europe trip he said that it was not now feasible for the officials at the state department to testify giuliani has also suggested that he will not comply democrats believe that trump abused his office by urging ukraine's president to investigate democratic presidential candidate joe biden and now the justice department has disclosed that trump asked other leaders to investigate the russian for that he calls a witch chop to. the story starts to seem all too familiar democrats say that new allegations point to yet another cover up by the trump administration according to the u.s. justice department in may this year trump asked australian prime minister scott morrison to help discredit form a special counsel robert miller's russia investigation miller let the probe into
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trump's alleged ties to russian interference into 2016 u.s. presidential election it's alleged the transcript of the call of with a straight yes morrison was withdrawn as it was with another call from trump to ukraine's president followed him into selenski potential yes i know only trump insists he's done nothing wrong and made a call the call was perfect when the whistleblower reported that he made sen. the 2nd case of trump allegedly trying to enlist the help of a foreign leader for his own purposes can only out of more fuel to the fire already being fanned by the democrats. and for more on this i'm joined by our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena good evening to you alexander so how does this 2nd allegation of abuse of power how does it feed into this impeachment process that is now under way. well for the democrats this is another example and other
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evidence showing the president using his office to advance his personal political interests but with regards to the impeachment inquiry i would say that the democratic leadership is trying to focus on the ukraine and president phone call with the ukrainian president they want to stick to this one story and they know that in the end they have to convince dmn american public and of course they want to be done by thanksgiving thanksgiving and christmas just around the corner what do you make xander of these are. his response to the subpoena that has been issued. i think that this is very telling how aggressively secretary pumping of pushback on demands for dispositions of potential witnesses
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state department officials as you said he he said that. not feasible that he accused democrats of bully like tech takes and it was also interesting interesting how quickly the democrats fired back a warning secretary pompei of that if he is trying to prevent witnesses from talking to congress if he is trying to intimidate potential witnesses this would be seen as obstruction of justice and impeachable offense and they also said that in the letter it sends to secretary of pompei oh that if it's true that he was on this phone call with the ukrainian president he will be regarded as a potential witness an amazing developments there and all of this happening while you have the republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying that he would have shore yes but to take up articles of impeachment if the house of
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representatives approves them is it likely to come to that alexander. well the inquiry has just started and we have. the house membership saying that they supported the beginning of the impeachment proceedings but they have not committed to how they would vote on impeachment articles however if there is evidence for the president's wrongdoing we can expect the democrats to move to votes and they would just need a simple majority in the house of representatives to impeach the president however in the senate then this is a totally different story because to do in order to convict any peached of president you would need 2 thirds supermajority and as we can see right now most of the senate republicans are still supporting the president strong that's right i think you would need about 20 republican senators to change their loyalties
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and that's a tall order alexander phenomenon the story for us in washington tonight alexandra thank you. police in nigeria say that they have freed 19 pregnant women and girls from the so-called baby factory the victims are believed to have been a doctor abducted and raped so their captors could sell their babies to female suspects were arrested during the raid in law gives. women impregnated by the captain is now free to tell a story so they were subjected to serious abuse. a woman gave me a drug suddenly labor started although i was only 7 months pregnant. i was in labor for 3 days and i did not deliver until police came to free us. the victims say they were tricked into coming to lagos but the promise of jobs as domestic stuff poverty drove them to seek work phone from their home some are as
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young as 15. majority of them. had not all think it was fishy. at this time of year. to sue him. to sell that if. it's police say this baby girl would have been sold for around $900.00 and a boy for about $1400.02 women suspects have been arrested and off origins are still looking for a fat so called baby factories run by criminal syndicates are not a mutual in nigeria but for these women at least their ordeal is our. odds in libya now and that country's ongoing civil war for months the country's eastern commander khalifa haftar and his libyan national army have been trying to retake the capital tripoli from forces allied with the country's internationally
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recognized government. has been using the strategic city of guard as a base to launch more attacks on the capital but his forces were driven from the city back in june still the security situation. remains precarious. the city of guardian is just 100 kilometers south of tripoli but it took us 3 hours to get there from the libyan capital by car we had to take several detours to avoid in the at between the 2 fronts going on was occupied by general khalifa haftar his troops until the end of june the city has since been liberated and local residents are relieved including mayor yousif it dearie who we met in a hospital where urgently needed medical equipment was being delivered. and for. this road was recently blocked because the city was occupied more than the
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it was very difficult to get anything in or out for example food off fuel but now we still have the problem that the main connection between god and tripoli has been bombed and. yousef was elected mayor 5 years ago this spring after his troops drove him out of the city then commander moved tough and many other residents front against tough to his troops. thousands of them overran gharyan according to commander move tough shit in kata in order to turn the talents south of tripoli into halftones largest military base. but the conquerors underestimated the conquered. the world economic people who were outside of ghajar plan the attack had the had no support inside the city. and there was an uprising of the people of their fleet in medina yanni no of the. half
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terrorist fighters wanted to conquer tripoli from here but they lost their strategically important base at the end of june they were pushed back far into the country's interior now the front is 60 kilometers away from gharyan but half there's militia is still attacking guardian with fighter planes even so many here like commander move talk and bread seller mean hope the city will soon be at peace and. the future will be better hopefully even better than now. hopefully go yon will have a good prosperous future. and there's no bizarre opponent stay on the outside we'll have peace and security men will he said and be admitted but commander must talk knows that the dynamics of the civil war can very quickly change the situation especially because hostile wants to use all his might to reconquer the city. well
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italy's capital rome has been plagued by a garbage crisis in recent months inefficiency and corruption mean that rubbish is going uncollected but the city's transport authority has found a solution turning trash into tickets travellers can exchange 30 plastic bottles for a pass on rome's metro system recycling machines have been placed in 3 train stations with more to be added across the network world is the 1st european capital to adopt a system like this and presidents who are sick of trash piling up in the historic city they say they welcome the plant. the u.s. opera star jessye norman has died at the age of 74 a glittering career saw her seeing more than 80 times at new york's metropolitan opera and showered with on the very doctorates in prices she's saying for to us presidential inaugurations queen elizabeth's birthday and at the opening ceremony of the atlanta olympics.
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this is news and these are our top stories fireworks in a spectacular show of concluded china's 70th birthday celebrations in beijing the daylong fifty's included a huge military parade president xi jinping told the nation that china's development could be peaceful but that its military would safeguard sovereignty and security in. china is similar in his territory hong kong is also marking the anniversary with violent protests thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators took to the streets with some throwing molotov cocktails one protester was shot and wounded during a scuffle with police. u.s. democrats have subpoenaed president donald trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani as they search for documents relating to trump's dealings with ukraine u.s.
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secretary of state might pump a i would choose democrats today of quote bullying his staff and said that it was not feasible for 5 state department officials to comply with congressional subpoena . this is g w news from berlin you can stay up to date with all of the latest headlines on our website or d.w. dot com. we'll see you again a couple be. kicked
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