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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 2, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin hong kong reeling from a day of unrest activists they just sit in against the police after dozens of anti-government protesters were injured in clashes with officers they gathered to school where police shot a demonstrator at close range with live ammunition also coming up. he was murdered and dismembered by saudi agents in istanbul turkey just one year on there has still been no justice from saudi arabia for the washington post
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journalist jamal khashoggi plus we are human we have people if someone makes a mistake one time we should use lethal. force in countries do about citizens who supported islamic state in syria and now want to go home. we find out why cause of our decided to allow this woman and others like her to return. our brian thomas great to have you with us hundreds of people in hong kong are staging a sit in at a school to protest against the use of live ammunition by police at a demonstration yesterday police shot and injured a teenager after he allegedly tried to attack them with a pole now this happened during one of the most violent days and months of pro-democracy protests more than $100.00 people were injured. nearly 200 people
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arrested. in what's become a familiar pattern tuesday's peaceful gathering quickly descended into violence police fired tear gas into the crowd sparking clashes that flared up across the city then another escalation a police officer is filmed firing a pistol at an 18 year old student who strikes the officer with a metal rod it's the 1st time a bullet has hit a person since the protests erupted in june. footage also merged of protesters beating a police officer to the ground with 30 say that 66 people were taken to hospital while more than 180 were arrested as night fell a subway station entrance was set alight and the cats and mouse game between police and protesters continued the demonstrators insist they will persist until 5 key demands a match including an investigation into police brutality and greater democratic
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freedoms guys so i call people from all walks of life want an independent inquiry i watched the withdrawal of the bill is not enough. it's hard to settle the matter if i think of the whole lot but i think i got back equal chong tongues people are ready to sacrifice everything to fight for democracy and freedom i hope hong kong has will persist and carry on so as to get to freedom promised under one country 2 systems this morning people gathered in front of the college attended by the student gunned down by the police the protesters are no closer to achieving their goals instead their list of grievances continues to grow. with hong kong reeling from what's being called one of its worst days ever let's get the response from beijing we're joined now by did a. good morning mathias what are officials saying where you are today.
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there have been no official statements on what has happened yesterday and the topic was absent from the news yesterday in china beijing had this lavish parade this huge demonstration of power and that was to dominate the news in mainland china it was meant to overshadow all the bad news from the past few months that it includes of course hong kong the trade war and all the other problems that china is facing at the moment it's also a national holiday so there are no press conferences this week the regular press conference of the foreign ministry for example is a joint so there will not be a response probably to beijing to choo-choo events yesterday in hong kong and that's pretty much in line on how the beijing government communicates on problems on this kind of matter there has been very little coverage of hong kong in the beginning and then of course the coverage was very much pro police and against the
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protesters they were showing pictures of violent protesters but these pictures of policeman doing protestors using violence have never been shown in the main ok protesters wanted their protests to overshadow those commemorations and celebrations yesterday that you've been mentioning they looked like they were successful the wounding seriously of a young protester very much in the news today here. yes i mean internationally they were clearly successful and this is of course a dramatic event. a life full of shot at a protest is something that has the potential to escalate things further it's something that people have feared in hong kong for a long time it is of course something that has not overshadowed the celebrations here in a way that everything went on as. planned and there were no disturbances
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at all here kerry lam flew to. beijing and was enjoying the parade which is also a picture that any government in the world would not want when their city is on fire but china is a bit different in that thing maybe the only thing that we've heard that was related to hong kong yesterday was she jinping saying that he wants to maintain the one country 2 systems whatever that means mathias thanks very much for that from beijing. let's review now some of the other stories making the news at this hour north korea launched 2 projectiles from the east coast according to japanese and south korean officials tokyo says they appeared to be ballistic missiles one of which landed in japanese waters launches come a day after pyongyang announced new talks with the u.s. on its nuclear weapons program. least 2 people were killed and hundreds injured in clashes between protesters and police in the iraqi capital
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baghdad protesters angry about public services and high unemployment as well as what they see as a reigning in influence on the government. ukraine's president vladimir is a lens he says his government and russian backed separatists have agreed a temporary special status for the east of the country the deal signed in belarus paves the way for further talks to end a conflict that has gone on for 5 years now and killed some 13000 people. this is due to the news live from berlin still to come journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered and his body dismembered in the consulate of his own country saudi arabia's crown prince denies ordering the killing so will anyone ever be brought to justice. but 1st european countries including germany france and britain have been struggling with what to do with their citizens who joined the
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so-called islamic state in syria they're often reluctant to allow foreign fighter or foreign fighters to return because of the threat they could pose to security but kossovo is an exception now in april this mainly muslim country took back 110 of its citizens mainly the wives and children of islamic state fighters now one of europe's poorest countries costco allowed back its citizens who were detained in kurdish camps in northern syria after the collapse of islamic states territory. so one question is are they being successfully reintegrated back into civilian society you know you spoke to one of the female return ace. up until about half a year ago and i was still living with the so-called islamic state in syria she stayed until i as lost its last holdout bugaboos in the military strike we need and i had a lake outside cause it was capital pristina she lives under house arrest awaiting
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trial like all returnees and it is the 1st cause of orator need to speak on camera about her experience we wanted to know what she thought about the beheadings and other reported crimes against humanity committed in the name of the islamic state but and avoided our questions and focus instead on her own suffering the asterix when they came they just destroyed a house a big building there were children there there were women mothers everything in eyes and tells us she didn't know what she was getting herself into when she followed her husband to syria in 2014 he died in battle she married another fighter his fate remains unclear and says that being back in kosovo after almost 5 years feels like she has been given a new lease on life she cannot understand why other european countries like germany are refusing to take their citizens back we are human we have people if someone makes
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a mistake one time we shouldn't just leave them. the women bass are sensitive and it's not the children's fault either so we should help. help them like our own country kosovo hopes to do in april in an operation assisted by the united states kosovo brought back 32 women 74 children and 4 male fighters the cause of our approach is unique so far no other european government has undertaken similar steps while the men were sent to prison the authorities are closely monitoring the women entering and giving them counseling. we didn't see any resistance from bond to be part of our programs and maybe this also is due that due to the that they know all that was because of operatives who took the decision to report trade in kosovo otherwise they would have remained calm
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things on the concept is based on the belief that back home under official observation the returnees pose less of a security risk than if the remainder brought the aim is to reintegrate all of them into society eventually including the men on the streets people are supportive of the measure. we got them they've made mistakes we have to help them reintegrate into our society. they are our people. and told me a couple it was a good decision to bring them back and i support this initiative and i'm on. at the charge through these people have not come back to do harm here like they did that that is why we should not exclude them. around 90 percent of the almost $2000000.00 cars of ours are muslims but nardelli secular in outlook despite that more than $400.00 young cause of arson joined extremist groups in syria and iraq between
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20122017 that's the highest rate per head in europe some were easy prey for religious extremists unemployment in the country is high and prospects for the future are not good. and i wants to put our time in syria behind her she says she feels accepted by her family neighborhood no one talks about her time with islamic state but and a says she understands why she's under house arrest we came from a place of war it's normal they're investigating us. but in the end they will understand that it's not how fold we didn't do anything. maybe our mistake is that we were there that we left there anna is still convinced that she didn't do anything wrong that's now up to cause of us authorities to judge. let's talk more about this now did abuse investigative reporter mathias fun hind just got back
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a couple weeks ago from cost of all part of the team filing that report for us good morning the ts you talk to a lot of people on the ground during your time in kossovo why has this country in opposition to all others chosen to bring its citizens back european countries refusing to do that well we just saw on the video photos macaulay's the head of the national counterterrorism operations and when we talked to him he basically followed the strategy or what he said is that it's best to keep your enemies close sort of things so they decided to bring those people back in a controlled manner and keep going through an excuse me keeping an eye on them rather than leaving them in the camps with the danger of them eventually slipping away some time and returning undetected bringing them back he said to do that the united states was crucial in the effort of getting the returnees what are american
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policy interests in doing all of this well the americans are the biggest ally of the kurds and the kurds are struggling with guarding and feeding those. fighters that they captured and the u.s. has repeatedly urged countries having fighters of foreign fighters and their families in the dish comes in northern syria to repatriate them up to no only very few have followed up one of them kosovo ok good no other country in europe no other country good could the americans peace anymore cause of ours in these camps back to kosovo actually i don't think they are much more close about in those comes. as a cause of oz in northern syria in provence you know and still rebel held the jihadist areas but i think it's basically all because of maybe the very few but all basically all. women and children i think up back now ok no the young woman we saw in your report says she did not think she does not think she did anything
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wrong for me that doesn't sound like a good basis for integrating into society is she is she a security threat well i really can't tell you know you can't look into other people's heads especially if they're full even you and i think what what is obvious is that she's still steep very much in. the islamist ideology like like as i said she's still for the veil but overall i think you know the impression i got is that she's very positive appalled country she's very thankful that she was brought back but remember you know what you didn't see in the movie in the video is that when we met her she was accompanied by 2 police officers because she is still very closely monitored and she's on the house arrest ok she's she's under house arrest some of them will break in there is this how costco's going to deal with the potential threat the return is in fact well the male fighters that have returned
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say they went to prison right away and wait trial the women are put under house arrest and they are also tried and i think end of august there was a 1st sentence for one of the woman a single it was 2 and a half years but it's on probation but it's not the only thing because they are doing a lot of psycho sociological treatment. and they're seeing psychologists regularly so there's a lot of effort to reintegrate them mathias thanks so much for your report thanks for coming in this morning mathias from heinz from our investigative unit thanks very much. to the united states now president don't trump has condemned an impeachment inquiry led by democratic lawmakers saying he's facing quote a coup now congressional committees have issued subpoenas against trump's lawyer. his personal lawyer really giuliani and secretary of state might pump a 0 and other top aides as well pump
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a 0 has gone on the offensive about those requests accusing democrats of bullying and trying to intimidate state department staff members peo is in italy at the start of the european trip has said it was not now feasible for other officials to testify giuliani has suggested that he will comply. washington correspondent pablo foley aaliyah's reports other trump administration officials are hearing from congressional committees and are expected to testify. well choose there was earlier file asked moving day here in washington with regards to the impeachment inquiry of president donald trump and it's expected that wednesday will maintain that momentum we know that key committees on capitol hill have been notified that the inspector general from the state department is quote interested in discussing and providing staff with copies of documents related to
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the state department and ukraine we also have the media here in the united states talking about kurt volker now he's the former trumpet ministration special envoy to ukraine it's also believed that he wants to speak to several of the investigating committees expected to happen in fact on thursday the intelligence committee chairman jim schiff is also expected to appear on wednesday alongside the speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi she gave a. press conference every wednesday and we cannot forget about president trump and he's been tweeting quite vigorously will say and in fact later on choose day he tweeted in fact a pretty. strong statement calling the impeachment inquiry by the democrats
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a coup so a very fast moving story and it's expected that there will be no let up on wednesday . lois foley there now it is one year today since this saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey his body has never been found now this case sparked international outrage saudi arabia has put 11 people on trial for his killing but the real masterminds are not thought to be among them she lived in self-imposed exile in the united states was a calmness the washington post he was also an outspoken critic of the saudi administration especially of the kingdom's de facto leader the crown prince muhammad bin solomon now he denies ordering the murder but earlier this year u.n. increase concluded that there was credible evidence linking build than solomon to the killing the murder is problematic to say the least for saudi arabia's western allies especially the united states but one year on relations have largely returned
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to business as usual the c.c.t.v. camera captured the lung images of journalist. he was walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where he would be brutally murdered what happened inside this building shocked the world. body is believed to have been dismembered and disposed alt his remains have never been found. she was an outspoken critic of the saudi leadership since 2017 he had lived in self-imposed exile in the u.s. i was a columnist for the washington post. after he was murdered saudi arabia initially turkey's efforts to investigate but eventually riyadh admitted he had done it in the concert at the state television spoke of an argument that it can out with being killed a new suing brawl. but the consulate building had been bugged by turkish intelligence
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that meant ankara had audiobook orderings of exactly what happened turkey also released c.c.t.v. footage of 15 saudi government agents writing in the stumble on the day of the killing and leaving just hours later among them a top advisor to saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond despite the smiles the crown prince was coming under growing pressure as western allies asked questions in salman denied all involvement in the killing blaming wrote elements instead riyadh but 11 people on trial for the murder but a un inquiry later found what it called credible evidence linking the crown prince to the killing a u.n. official behind that report told t w riyadh's claim that it was a rogue operation doesn't hold water if it was conducted and on by state official. it create lined upon state and state resources the
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team that came in to be found was a private chat with diplomatic clearance. the murder global condemnation the u.s. and many european nations slap sanctions on some saudi officials but washington was reluctant to take things further than in danger weapons sales to riyadh. $450000000000.00 worth of things ordered from a very rich country. 600000 jobs maybe more than the. very very hurtful to this country if we were not going to sell it to use now one year on from jamal khashoggi is death it's almost as if nothing happened relations between saudi arabia and its western allies have largely normalized. and we have more on that unresolved
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a murder website dot com we have some football now on the champion's league produced a phenomenal performance to be premier league side tottenham 72 in london tottenham took the lead early but it didn't last long byron firing back went on to completely dominate the 2nd half with some stunning a time attacking play soccer robert lewandowski netting to team conceded 7 at home for the 1st time in their history but the big star was serge and not very who scored 4 goals for the german champions. all day 5 at the world athletics championships finished with a gold rush for american athletes and that means united states now leads the medals table with 7 gold medals in qatar. the most unlikely world title came courtesy of donovan bridger in the 800 meters a 1st ever u.s. win in this event as braziers set a new championship record but possibly also
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a controversial one as braziers coaches alberto salazar who was banned for doping offenses earlier on tuesday. the most anticipated title came in the 200 meters from no alliance the 22 year old is widely tipped to become you saying gold's natural successor posting faster personal bests than the jamaican great had at the same age . the most thrilling title came in the pole vault with sam kendrick's defending his crown but only just both kendricks and swedish teenager are meant to planter's cleared 5 metres 97 the press tied at a world championship since 2001 kendricks only took the title because he had fewer failed attempts. passengers waiting to board their flight says chicago. as o'hare airport monday witnessed something unusual that when an unmanned catering cart literally spun out
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of control staff were loading drinks onto an airplane when a case of water fell onto the gas pedal sending the vehicle spinning wildly into reverse the car was stopped eventually from causing any damage to the plane by a member of the ground crew who crashed another vehicle into that spinning truck getting awfully close there to the flame. this is the news these are our top stories hundreds of people hong kong have been staging a sit in against police violence clashes with security forces left dozens of dems favors injured on china's national day. an 18 year old protester was injured when he was shot at close range by a police officer with live ammunition. north korea appears to have fired a submarine based ballistic missile that according to officials in the south korean capital seoul japan also reported the launch of 2 missiles the incident comes
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a day after pro young announced new nuclear talks with the u.s. and. u.s. secretary of state might bump ayos accusing democrats of quote bullying his staff as rational democrats conduct an impeachment inquiry into president trump compare those vowed to prevent 5 state department officials from testifying before congress . ukrainian president a lot of mayors alinsky says his government and russian backed separatists have agreed a temporary special status for the east of ukraine a deal paves the way for more talks to the 5 year conflict there. this is the deputies from berlin you can always stay up to date of course with our website w dot com and don't forget you can get news on the go as well with our app from google play or from the apple store that gives you access to all the latest news
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from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use it to send us photos and videos. our business news is up next i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being.
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there striving for reconciliation and the rebuilding of their young nation the people of kosovo a war widow founds a successful company. an artist to realize this is dream and a journalist. fights persistent prejudice. old wounds new perspectives kosovo 20 years after the war. 60 minutes on t.w. . sensitive guy you don't need to keep
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a day about the people for over that's in home the 4th time for the closeness you know that we came up with at least the bottom of the band aid at the last dragon is what are called the whole. deal we've got one. where is home. with your family scattered across the globe. the closest you could do is to. turn back to the roots should get a minimum of the. charge family from somalia live around the world to come one come needed urgent assistance of. the family starts oct on d w. i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room for very similar and it was hard i was fair. i even got white hairs out of.
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that general language and not just gets me and make up much maybe to interact with the thing you want to know their story gets her fighting and reliable information for margaret's. protests in hong kong again turned violent and now businesses are ramping up the pressure on the employees they could lose that job so if they participate in the protests we spoke to one woman who got fired over her support of the democracy movement. and leaders of global financial institutions tell german chancellor merkel it's going to get very very gloomy. this is t.w. business live from berlin.


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