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this is deja vu news live from berlin it is crunch time again for the u.k. and its efforts to leave the european union u.k. prime minister boris johnson is about to unveil what he's calling a final directive proposal to the e.u. so what is his plan and will the e.u. take it or leave it the 1st signs are not good news and also coming up more protests in hong kong as the city take stock after one of the most violent days in
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4 months activists gather to show their anger over police tactics after a teenager is shot at close range. and he was murdered and dismembered by saudi agents in turkey yet one year later still no justice for a washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. i'm sunni so much god that's good to have you with us british prime minister boris johnson is addressing his conservative party's annual conference in the northern english city of manchester his due to set out in a speech what he's calling his final offer to brussels on a deal to leave the european union now one of the biggest stumbling blocks negotiations with the e.u. is how to prevent a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland and johnson's government has hinted at a new proposal on how to manage that border issue those. those will be officially
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conveyed to brussels later this afternoon let's listen to more sounds and speech now the jobs that were created the fact that so that they can get the fantastic jobs that we are creating that we're improving connectivity investing in trolls bought a fantastic project of northern powerhouse rail that is now getting the go ahead for manchester to leave just the 1st leg and of course a huge new program of rail really prepared for the course of road improvements as well and the 60 to 61 of the other one said you started with the 383858383 that you the lincoln right about we're doing with there's a huge range of things that we will be investing in know and. it's been it's been. boris johnson there addressing a conservative party members in manchester and we'll get a full analysis of his speech when it wraps up a little bit later for now let's move on to some other news that hong kong is
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taking stock after some of the most violent clashes since pro-democracy protests started 4 months ago hundreds gathered again today to show their anger at the police shooting of a teenager police fired a live round at the 18 year old on tuesday after he attacked an officer with a metal bar crowds also converged on a court in the district to support protesters arrested in the previous demonstration. and our correspondent charlotte shall some hell has been covering all of this for us in hong kong hi charlotte what is the situation there today. siri they have been numerous flash mob protests that have sprung up in several different places across hong kong today the mood here very somber very anger angry after what took place yesterday at that protest the shooting of that young teenage protester here in the commercial district of hong kong hundreds of people gathered during their lunch break. many of them still dressed in suits to voice their anger
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some of them chanting anti government chan's then there were protests that took place at the school if the teenager who is winded a lot of students sitting down one arm across their chest signifying the area where that student was shot what we saw yesterday to be very clear was a huge escalation in the violence that we've seen in hong kong safe opulence previously have fired warning shots into the air we've seen tear gas we've seen rubber but it's never the food though have we seen a protester shot by a live rounds now we were on the streets last night as news of that shooting spread like wildfire across hong kong throughout the protesters and we spoke to a number of people and got their reaction to what happens take a listen to what we heard. the protesters taking part in illegal marches knew the risks. take ass rubber bullets arrest. but in one moment everything changed.
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but as news spread of police hitting a protester with a live round it wasn't fear we saw will go on. probably one of the borough. or work of art of the mountains of whom we moved to the time ground under guard my daughter grew up in purgatory know something was not. this was an escalation that many had long feed but few could believe one woman so irate she confronted police without face must police unflinching in their response. at a gas canister in their already missing our cameraman. protestors tell us the shooting only strengthens their resolve to take to the streets i'm afraid but it will push push me to go. back to stand up to fight for him. that
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river sounding. a communist party trying to force before a free place to works. their toddlers i was shocked but i think it's will to happen in one day because chinese government they want to store oh boy. police say the officer fired the shots because he feared for his life but protesters see it differently they gathered outside a police station into the early hours of the morning telling abuse at the offices and signed as hong kong braces for another dark capta in its protest movement. surely you can see their emotions really running very high after that violent today what can you tell us about the student who was shot. a few details are known about the protest and so far we know that he is currently in hospital he's said to be in a stable condition off to receiving that bullet wound to the chest we've heard that
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he is 18 years old and is a high school students now the image is that bullet being fired went viral here in hong kong very quickly spreading across the protestors on the streets what they show is a very violent scuffle between a number of protesters and police we saw the police getting injured we saw that the protesters carrying poles hitting the police then that shot was fired at very close range now police have said that that was in self-defense the officer himself apparently believed that his life was a risk and the life of his colleagues police were given a statement saying that the shooting was lawful and in the court and with guidelines a lot of people here are thinking though why that bullet was necessary as i've said we we've seen multiple ways that police have been able to disperse protesters in the past pepper sprayed tear gas rubber bullets a lot of people here want to know why. exactly but it was at
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a protest over at our reporter charlotte shell some polls for us in hong kong thank you charlotte. let's get a round up now of some other stories making news around the world japan says north korea has fired 2 ballistic missiles into its waters japanese prime minister shinzo abbay has condemned the actions saying the launches violate united nations resolutions the incident comes a day after pyongyang announced fresh talks with the u.s. on its nuclear weapons program. india is commemorating the 150th anniversary of mahatma gandhi's birthday prime minister narendra modi led the nation in tributes while other religious and political leaders including former prime minister manmohan singh also pay their respects to the man who became known as the father of the nation and at least 2 people were killed and hundreds injured in clashes between protesters and police in the iraqi capital baghdad protesters were angry about poor public services and high unemployment as well as what they see as
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iranian influence on the government. it has been exactly one year since the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey a u.n. investigation found what it called credible evidence linking saudi crown prince mohammed bin selma to the killing but a year later none of the masterminds has been brought to justice for the murder and western partners seem to have forgiven saudi arabia. a c.c.t.v. camera captured the last images of journalist jamal khashoggi he was walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where he would be brutally murdered what happened inside this building shocked the world. body is believed to have been dismembered and disposed of his remains have never been found. jamal khashoggi was an outspoken critic of the saudi leadership since 2017 he had lived in self-imposed exile in the
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u.s. and was a columnist for the washington post. after he was murdered saudi arabia initially hampered turkey's efforts to investigate but eventually riyadh admitted she had died in the consulate the state television spoke of an argument that had broken out with shock she being killed in the ensuing brawl. but the consulate building had been bugged by turkish intelligence that meant ankara had audiobook orderings of exactly what happened turkey also released c.c.t.v. footage of 15 saudi government agents arriving any stumble on the day of the killing and leaving just hours later among them a top advisor to saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond despite the smiles the crown prince was coming under growing pressure as western allies asked questions in salman denied all involvement in the killing blaming wrote elements instead riyadh
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put 11 people on trial for the murder but a un inquiry later found what it called credible evidence linking the crown prince to the killing the u.n. official behind that report told t w riyadh's claim that it was a rogue operation doesn't hold water if it was conducted and on by state official who said. it created live upon state and state resources the team that came into. a private shed with diplomatic clearance. the murder global condemnation the u.s. and many european nations slap sanctions on some saudi officials but washington was reluctant to take things further than in danger weapons sales to riyadh $450000000000.00 worth of things ordered from a very rich country saudi arabia. 600000 jobs maybe more of them.
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really very hurtful to this country of which we're not going to use now one year on from jamal khashoggi is death it's almost as if nothing happened relations between saudi arabia and its western allies have largely normalized. well friends and rights activists are holding a memorial in istanbul outside the saudi consulate that's the place where to mock killed and our correspondent yulia han is there for us can you tell us what's been happening where you are. while there is a memorial service for mr the show just a little further away from where i am it started at 114 local time marking the moment the right to walks into the building right behind the saudi consulate a year ago and we all know he never emerged today the building is basically sealed
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off the lot of police and security around as according to my information no one from the saudi state is present here today it's mostly human rights activists other journalists friends of mr the shock she ended his fiance who came together today to calm the memory mr bush. and to have what they call is a moment of silence because they say this is exactly what his killers wanted to silence a man a journalist who had always refused to be silent who openly criticized the saudi kingdom one of the speakers today is the. midst of a fiance it's a particularly painful day for her because she doesn't have a grave to wisit his body as you mentioned has still not been found but later she is going to unveil a memorial statue in his name it's made from white marble i had a brief look at it and it reminded me actually of
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a great stone so this is going to stay here very close to the saudi consulate as a reminder of what happened last year in this building you live this is a story as we remember escalated very quickly and you were following it from the beginning can you give us an idea of what it was like after that consulate a year ago. well you know the moment he walked into the building on october 2nd last year basically a crime story unfold that that many of us journalists who have been following the events saw it was to horror of the horrible horrific to be true actually a lot of crime scene investigators were here and then gruesome details of the investigation surfaced as we know today he was suffocated with a plastic bag and then his body was dismembered by a forensic doctor all of this happened you have to know that while his fiancee had teach agenda's was waiting outside the consulate because he was just going in there
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to get some documents for the 2 of them to get married later we spoke to a teacher earlier this week she's still very shocked about what happened let's listen. no one could have imagined that the hatred for jamal could go so far that it would get him to. himself wouldn't afonso. he was a problem for the saudi rulers he was someone who said things they didn't want to hear. you hear what can you tell us about the state of the investigation. well you know the u.n. investigation and the turkish investigation both concluded that this is likely an extrajudicial execution a hit job and they're all credible to mohamed bin to the highest levels of the saudi leadership the saudis have long denied any involvement and mohammed mohammed
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bin some on earlier this week actually said in a t.v. interview that he's now accepting responsibility for the killing but he said he didn't order it we also asked the teacher about what she thinks about these remarks by mohamed bin some and let's listen to her. sounds like a political maneuver to me these statements made at this particular time seem like an attempt to quell pressure from the public mohammed bin soundman said he accepts responsibility but at the same time he says he didn't know anything about it and in doing so he's trying to dodge responsibility. so we can see there for his fiance this is completely unresolved but why would jamal khashoggi have been considered such a threat by the saudis. well jim was a royal family inside a tent critic he left for the u.s. in 2017 he was a regular contributor to the washington post
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a well known blogger somebody who openly criticize human rights violations in saudi arabia a well known mind envoys across the region and that potentially has gotten him into all of these troubles the people here clearly clearly say that his message today is louder than ever that the fact that they killed him actually turned him into a larger symbol for press freedom around the world our correspondent reporting for us there outside of the saudi consulate in istanbul thank you. let's return now to our top story british prime minister boris johnson addressing his conservative party's annual conference in the northern english city of manchester he's expected to set out what he's calling his final offer to brussels on a deal to leave the european union and those proposals will be officially conveyed to brussels later this afternoon one nation but touch conservative government and
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figure to be bigger to the if not literally said. all right let's bring in our correspondents are covering the story for us berkut mass is at that party conference in manchester and this is covering all the reactions in brussels a bigot let's start with you tell us more about what we've heard from boris johnson and also the so-called final offer to the european union. well 1st of all so really it was pretty much trying to be a rallying cry for the troops here in manchester the party faithful that are really still very much behind bars johnson and his breakfast strategy now he hasn't really flashed out in detail what his final offer is in this speech he has mentioned a few details he said that there will be no checks near. the border the crucial thing of course in older because the actions with bus presses is still the question of the irish border and how that will be handled in the future but he
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also said that the problems in business is that both sides will be protected and dug elation is going to continue as it is so it seems a little bit like he was promising all things to all people but very much trying to get his message not just to brussels but also here to the audience and mention stuff that this is trade the final offer he is shuttling to walk out of negotiations even if there is no deal also the audience and i think this is the movement where he got the most of close always ready for a no deal and everybody cheered yes very telling. and we see the prime minister has wrapped up a species shaking hands here at the conservative party conference in manchester garrick i want to come to you in brussels that we haven't heard all of the details as birkett said but these proposals will officially be sent to the e.u. this afternoon how do you think brussels is likely to react when we front here in brussels that there will be a phone call between jungle juncker and the british prime minister that those
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details of course we're working to hear them here in brussels the officials really waiting for those plans we've already launched that the irish government does not seem to be excited about what they have learned about the plan we still have to find out whether that is actually whether they had know all the details of that so-called compromise as boris johnson has said that was something where red raised a lot of eyebrows here here in brussels if that it will be a compromise that is practical that is workable with a compromise that all the negotiators who have worked for years on this issue now all of the i respect stop so the guarantee that there will be no hard border between the republic of our the northern ireland if a solution that nobody has thought of that the by british prime minister now puts on the table that will be really interesting to see if the paper with all the details contains anything like that carrot how much of
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a say will ireland actually have here on this latest proposal. i think arlen has a huge say say in this to the extent that so far the 28 member states of the you or rather in that case the 27 have been totally united so don't expect drama me or france in the face of a hard bracks it's to press arlen to accept anything where island sees a danger to that open border to that one oil and economy that they have and the moment that is something i've talked to a number of officials here a rock solid support for the irish government if they don't give a thumbs up for that supposed compromise it will not be done all right and as those delegates are milling out of the hall there in manchester very good what do you think we can take away from what we heard from boris johnson at this conference today. well i found it interesting i didn't think he was in top form as i've experience even at
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a party conference is the last years where he was really. very charismatic very enthusiastic and audience really seared him and they were really he was almost hailed as a savior i think the mood was a little bit more muted here yes people are behind him yes they are willing to go with him and they want breaks it down which is what he's saying he's saying all along he wants to get out at the end of it to become what may and he's reiterating that again today but also there is a sad and weariness and i'm maybe a little bit of for shed doing that people are not quite sure that it's going to work out the way that they had expected conservative party members of cause most of them bricks it is so well let's wait and see what happens really at the end of october and how the mood is that here in the country right analysis from our correspondent in manchester and garrick in brussels thank you.
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football now and in the champions league byron munich soared to a 7 to win against last season's runners up tottenham now took the lead early but it did not last long byron fired back and went on to completely dominate the 2nd half with some stunning attacking striker robert levin dusky netted 2 as the premier league team conceded 7 at home for the 1st time in their history but the big star was searched knopper who scored 4 goals for the german champions. that day 5 at the world athletics championships finished with a gold for american gold rush rather for american athletes that means the united states now leaves the medals table with 7 gold medals in qatar. the most unlikely world title came courtesy of donovan bridger in the 800 metres a 1st ever u.s. win in this event as braziers set a new championship record but possibly also a controversial one as braziers coaches alberto salazar who was banned for doping
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offenses earlier on tuesday i the most anticipated title came in the 200 meters from noah lyle it's the 22 year old is widely tipped to become a new saying bolts natural successor posting faster personal bests than the jamaican great pad at the same age. the most thrilling title came in the pole vault with sam hendricks defending his prone but only just both kendrick's and swedish teenager armand to plantaris cleared 5 meters 97 the best tight at a world championship since 2001. 100 pts only took the title because he had fewer failed attempts. right now of passengers waiting to board their flight at chicago's o'hare airport on monday witnessed an unusual spectacle when an. on manned catering cart quite
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literally spun out of control staff were loading drinks onto an airplane when a case of water fell on to the gas pedal sending the vehicle spinning wildly into reverse now it was finally stopped when a member of the ground crew crashed another vehicle into the spinning truck. this is news these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson has called on the european union to compromise over brags that at his conservative party conference johnson has been setting out what he calls his final offer to brussels for britain to leave the e.u. johnson and the european commission president jiang are scheduled to talk later today. flash mobs have gathered in hong kong to protest against the police shooting of a teenager at a demonstration on tuesday the incident marks a significant escalation in the violence that has gripped the city for the last 4
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months. japan says north korea has fired tuple listeth missiles into its waters japanese prime minister shinzo ave has condemned the action saying the launches violate united nations resolutions. a memorial has been held for the murdered journalist jamal khashoggi he was killed and dismembered a year ago by saudi agents in istanbul no one has been brought to justice for the brutal killing. this is news from berlin you can stay up to date with all of the latest headlines on our web site w dot com. don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go download or out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking it and you can also use the d w app to send us your photos and your videos. coming up next
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our business show made in germany we'll be looking at the question can an economy survive it without government subsidies thank you for that.
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german industries are dependent on subsidies each year the german state pumps billions of euros into the private sector. too much some experts say.
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it others believe that subsidies are necessary. what's the situation like elsewhere in europe. made in germany next on dealing. with a special edition on the classic ecosystems did you know that more than 2 pods on. my once a. week to send home on next generation these are the responses we have to make fun of the intergovernmental panel on climate change has just for censored its report on the condition obama oceans will see what he said. in 60 minutes on g.w. .
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i got nothing out of the gym while i just sometimes out but i stand up english with them and then thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics in here thinks he's a country guy down on the time. needed to take his grandmother down to me it's all about a new i might show join me for meet the gentleman from d.w. post. economies a bullet hold with paradoxes the airline industry is just one example state financial support huge tax exemptions for fuel means flanks cheap.


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