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this is due to the news live from berlin and it is crunch time again for the u.k. and its efforts to leave the european union u.k. prime minister boris johnson outlines what he says is his final offer on the brakes and then calls on europe to compromise otherwise he says the u.k. will crash out without a deal also coming up he was murdered and dismembered by saudi agents in turkey yet one year later still no justice for washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. we are human and we are people if someone makes a mistake one time we should just leave them. to what should countries do about
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citizens who supported islamic state and now want to go home we find out why kosovo decided to allow this woman and others like her to return to class cheerless berlin germany's most successful basketball team x. is its cheerleading squad and ignites a debate all the berlin says cheerleading is outdated and feels it's sexist stereotypes but critics argue it is a demanding sport that deserves far more recognition. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us british prime minister boris johnson has outlined what he is calling his final offer to brussels on the terms of the deal for the u.k.'s exit from the european union johnson was addressing his conservative party's annual conference in the. order in english city of manchester
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and one of the biggest stumbling blocks in negotiations with the e.u. is how to prevent a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland johnson says new proposals on the border would be officially conveyed to brussels and this afternoon and he called them a compromise by the u.k. today in brussels we are taping what i believe are constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides we will under no circumstances have checks at or near the border in northern out. thank you will. we will respect the peace process and the good friday agreement. and and and and by a process of renewable democratic consent by the executive and the assembly of
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northern ireland we will go further and protect the existing regulatory arrangements for farmers and business is on both sides of the border and at the same time we will allow the u.k. whole and entire to withdraw from the e.u. with control over our own trade policy from the start all right let's bring in our correspondents on the story broke at mass and standing by for us in manchester and garrick mattis is in brussels welcome to you both very good let's start with you we listen to what boris johnson just said he didn't offer a lot of detail when it comes to overcoming the problem of the irish border did he say anything more specific other than what we just heard. well know sumi he was really very light on the detail as you just said and also i think you have to bear in mind that what he's offering on the one hand he says there will be no checks at or near the border and on the other hand he promises that the u.k. will leave the european union and the customs union completely withdraw completely
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that's in itself really a contradiction almost he hasn't really told us how exactly he's going to square the circle now we're hearing that the so-called final offer is being made to brussels later today to we will possibly get some more details on this but importantly here in manchester with the message that he was really trying to bring across and where he was very much supported by the party membership to say that this is really a final offer we are going to walk away if the e.u. doesn't engage in a way that he johnson deems the correct way with this officer really saying we are going to leave and you just have to basically take this off and have to help us find a compromise and walk away with no deal and this is where you got the most applause here at the party conference when he was asking the audience all be ready for a no deal and everybody shouted yes let's come to you now carol boris johnson still
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seems to be trying to square this impossible circle as we heard that they say they're keeping the irish border open but also taking the entire u.k. out of the customs union and the single market how do you think brussels is likely to react. in brussels fishes are clearly aware of the fact that there is a concern on the part of the british government that in case of a no deal breaks which would be harmful for both sides they don't want to be pictured as the ones who did not reach out the hand and so that is why the word compromise was mentioned a number of times by the british prime minister in that speech the only problem is that officials here in brussels and and experts all all what i have heard from yet concierges actually where that compromise lies because as big it has pointed out. correctly you can't have both you can't have no checks at the border and while at the same time leaving the customs union i've traveled to norway for instance to
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take a look at a country that is not in the customs union about in the internal markets something the prime minister may in visit we'll we'll have to wait for the details but there is clearly a border to sweden which is an e.u. member state so there is no example and when the prime minister boris johnson here says we have to trust interest you cannot the g. or face a hot breakfast that is not an option that process wants to stick through they want to be sure that the future of trade relationship shit can be guaranteed and therefore there is this idea of a transition period and a backstop in case no solution can be found ok what about ireland garrick how much of a say will it have and whether to accept any compromise offer from the u.k. or the unity on the part of the 27 member states including arland was was very was very strong in the past and it will remain strong that's what i've heard from from member states so don't expect ireland to be pressed by either germany france or any other of the 27 to accept any deal that would harm that internal border that
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currently is an open border america coming back to you in manchester is forced johnson actually interested in the e.u. accepting his latest proposals or is he really set on a no deal break that. well it was interesting i was speaking to some you diplomats here at the conference and asking them how serious are gross johnson's proposals what do they think about it even though we don't know the details yet but there have been some rumors in circles and there were it wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement it was more ok well we have to live in hope that he really does want to deal but it wasn't very enthusiastic and of course there has been a lot of speculation that he's really rallying the country also behind the idea of a deal and that he just wants to shift the blame but it remains to be seen how when we get to the final offer the so-called final avoid the details how seriously they
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will be taken by brussels harbored mass for us in manchester and care in brussels thank you both. now it has been exactly one year since a saudi journalist. was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey a u.n. investigation found what it called credible evidence linking saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon to the killing but a year later none of the masterminds has been brought to justice for the murder and western partners seem to have forgiven saudi arabia. a c.c.t.v. camera captured the last images of journalist jamal khashoggi he was walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where he would be brutally murdered what happened inside this building shocked the world. body is believed to have been dismembered and disposed of his remains have never been found. she was an outspoken critic of the saudi leadership since 2017 he had lived in self-imposed exile in the
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u.s. i was a columnist for the washington post. after he was murdered saudi arabia initially hampered turkey's efforts to investigate but eventually riyadh admitted she had died in the concert at the state television spoke of an argument that had broken out with shock she being killed in the ensuing brawl. but the consulate building had been bugged by turkish intelligence that meant ankara had audiobook orderings of exactly what happened turkey also released c.c.t.v. footage of 15 saudi government agents writing in the stumble on the day of the killing and leaving just hours later among them a top advisor to saudi crown prince mohammed bin selman despite the smiles the crown prince was coming under growing pressure as western allies asked questions in salman denied all involvement in the killing claiming rogue elements instead riyadh
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put 11 people on trial for the murder but a un inquiry later found what it called credible evidence linking the crown prince to the killing the u.n. official behind that report told g.w. riyadh's claim that it was a rogue operation doesn't hold water. it was conducted and on by state officials say it used it pretty lined upon state means and state resources the team that came into istanbul used a private chat with diplomatic clearance. the murder global condemnation the u.s. and many european nations slapped sanctions on some saudi officials but washington was reluctant to take things further than in danger weapons sales to react to the $450000000000.00 worth of things ordered from a very rich country saudi arabia. 600000 jobs maybe more than the.
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very very hurtful to this country if we said we're not going to sell it to use now one year on from jamal khashoggi is death it's almost as if nothing happened relations between saudi arabia and its western allies have largely normalized. and let's get more on the story with andrew gardner he's a senior researcher at and this day international in turkey and he joins us from istanbul where there's been a commemoration for jamal khashoggi today and you thank you for joining us here on d.w. we just heard from the u.n. investigator agnes column out saying there is clear evidence of a state ordered murder and we have heard the crown prince mohammed bin salman saying he accepts political responsibility even though he said he did not order this killing so what should happen to him what do you think should happen to him. the prize number in the news for the crown prince to say house responsibility
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everyone knows that the saudi arabian authorities are responsible it was 15 of the . crown prince's closest advisers who came on the saudi arabian jets who carried out the murder in the saudi arabian consulate so this is clear to everyone what isn't clear is the most basic details that are needed for the family and frankly for everyone who searching for justice where their mouth to soltys remains what was the chain of command who ordered the killing did the crown prince ordered the killing himself these things one year later assad lee we're no closer to finding things out than we were a year ago and 2 why are we no closer to finding those things out has there been a lack of international pressure to get those details. well 1st and foremost the saudi arabian authorities have spawn different incredible stories as to the events of what happened they've done everything they could do to prevent justice there is
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. a trial process apparently going on in saudi arabia now that locks the most basic standards of independence and due process which is really not getting us any close to justice what needs to happen is for an international investigation under the auspices of the u.n. secretary general that as you know qualified criminal. investigators her able to speak to all the suspects to go to all the crime scenes to arms cover up all the evidence and only then will we get answers to these crucial questions however. this saudi arabians artie's how powerful ally is to value the salbi and authorities diplomatic links with back countries that trade links and sadly be incensed means he has been. you know scandalously silence over the past year and not as allowed the saudi arabian authorities literally to get away with murder. all
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right that was andrew gardner from amnesty international speaking to us a little bit earlier. now to some other stories making news around the world hundreds of pro-democracy activists have gathered in hong kong to express their anger at the police shooting of a teenager police fired a live round at the 18 year old on tuesday after he attacked an officer with a metal bar the incident marks a significant escalation of tension since anti china protests started 4 months ago . india's commemorating the 150th anniversary of mahatma gandhi's birth prime minister narendra modi led the nation in tributes while other religious and political leaders including former prime minister manmohan singh also paid their respects to the man who became known as the father of the nation. european countries including germany france and britain have been struggling with what to do with their citizens who joined the so-called islamic state in syria they are often reluctant to allow former fighters to return because of the threat they could post
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to security but it april kosovo took back 110 of its citizens mainly the wives and children of islamic state fighters they had been detained in kurdish camps in northern syria after the collapse of islamic states territory so are they being successfully integrated back into civilian society understand why other european countries like germany are refusing to take their citizens back we are human we have people as someone make why other european countries like germany are refusing to take their citizens back. we are human we are people if someone makes a mistake one time we shouldn't just leave them. the women best are sensitive and it's not the children's fault either so we should help. help them like her own country kosovo hopes to do in april in an operation assisted by the united states possible brought back 32 women 74 children and 4 male fighters the cause of
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our approach is unique so far no other european government has undertaken similar steps while the men were sent to prison the authorities are closely monitoring the women and children and giving them counseling they didn't see any resistance from bomb to be part of our programs and maybe this also is due that due to the thought that they know all that was because of a story because who took the decision to the pottery in kosovo otherwise they would have remained calm things on the concept is based on the belief that back home under official observation the returnees pose less of a security risk than if they remained a brought the aim is to reintegrate all of them into society eventually including the men on the streets people are supportive of the measure. and he got them
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they've made mistakes. we have to help them reintegrate into our society. they are our people. and told me about it it was a good decision to bring them back and i support this initiative and i'm one of. the chunks these people have not come back to do harm here like they did there that is why we should not exclude them. around 90 percent of the almost $2000000.00 cars of ours are muslims but largely secular in outlook despite that more than $400.00 young cause of arson joined extremist groups in syria and iraq between 20122017 that's the highest rate per head in europe some were easy prey for religious extremists unemployment in the country is high and prospects for the future are not good. and i wants to put her time in syria behind her she says she feels accepted by her family neighborhood no one talks about her
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time with islamic state but and i says she understands why she's under house arrest we came from a place of war it's normal they're investigating us but in the end they will understand that it's not her fault we didn't do anything maybe our mistake is that we were there that we left there anna is still convinced that she didn't do anything wrong that's now up to cause of us authorities to judge. and we can speak now to did have your correspondent as their felde and she is the investigative journalist we saw in that story hi esther thank you for joining us why it has kosovo chosen to bring those citizens back this is something that other european countries have been reluctant to do. well 1st of all it's a security argument they say that by bringing the people back they actually pose less of a threat to the country also. most of the people are women and children
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so it's a humanitarian aspect there too and 3rd the authorities feel a constitutional obligation to take their citizens back wherever they are asked i want to ask you about the young woman who we saw in your report and she didn't answer your questions about the crimes that were committed by islamic state in syria and she also said that she didn't do anything wrong can women like her really adapt to life back and. well i think it's hard to answer at this point in time it's very early. and i when i met her i had the impression that she was very focused on our conversation she was very concentrated thinking before speaking she didn't want to incriminate herself in any way. she said she showed some emotion when we talked about her the moment that she was informed she was going to be on that plane she had a smile in her voice when she talked about this moment she said it was like being
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reborn on the other hand when you look at her she clearly still wears her new copper full veil and i asked her whether she could imagine ever taking it off and she was very adamant she shook her head and she said no this is like a 2nd skin to me and i can never take this off so i'm not sure what the future will bring for her she wants to reintegrate but she wants or she hopes that people will accept her the way she is and the way she dresses or what about fighters why did so many more than 400 young people from kosovo decide to join us and other extremist groups in iraq and syria. well there's a number of reasons and some of them don't even have anything to do with religion lot of people told us it's the poor economic situation in kosovo unemployment rates are high a lot of young people don't have jobs. every 2nd actually person doesn't have a job so they were like easy prey for extremists also after the impossible at the
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end of the ninety's there was a lot of saudi influence n.g.o.s were coming into the country to help it recover from the war times but with them they had their own preachers and those preachers brought a different and much more conservative school of preaching the supremacy of the sharia law and also bringing ideas of violent jihad to kosovo and the authorities are convinced that actually the saudi influence was the driving factor for the radicalization of their people and i asked her just quickly what is your impression do you think i could still face charges and even time in prison well of course she will face charges everyone is going to stand trial. attorneys but i don't think that she will end up in prison because the 1st female returnee had just been sentenced when we went there and she got 2 and a half years of probation and i think that might be likely for ana to. as they're
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speaking to us thank you for your reporting. sports now and football the champions league byron munich soared to a 72 win against last season's runners up tottenham tom took the lead early but it didn't last long byron fired back and went on to completely dominate the 2nd half with some stunning attacks strike and robert lewandowski scored 2 as the premier league team gave up 7 at home for the 1st time in their history but the big star of the night in london was surged an operator who scored 4 goals for the german champions. and not being could hardly believe his achievement when he spoke to reporters after the game. when as a future getting my 1st 4 champions league goals all in one day was obviously great i'm not sure if it was the best game of my career i've had some good ones but it's not futile and unserviced. will enjoy the game as a result which is very important for our confidence not only just beating part of all at the weekend but now we have to focus on saturday again you know we'll enjoy it but then we just have to keep going us and get support from writing right now to
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a controversial decision here in berlin that's feeling a debate over sexism sports and feminism one of germany's most successful basketball teams although berlin recently decided to axe its truly ding squad the team's managing director said the practice of cheerleading is quote no longer suited to our times but the move has triggered a massive backlash our reporter met a group of cheerleaders who are worried albums decision could be a setback for their sport. these cheerleaders have been practicing for months if not years to be able to do this they're passionate about what they do and many areas hate it when people i'm just i'm a damp and ability. in my opinion cheerleading requires all the things that a competitive sport demands discipline ambition and a certain amount of routine you have to give it your all practice your routine and keep on exercising. when your. union columns. she living
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at other bilin one of germany's most successful basketball teams. the team has now decided to drop that she dances during breaks and alba scapes the cops that. we have come to the conclusion that young woman performing as an attractive break filler at sporting events no longer fits with our times. other big german sports seem such as the berlin volleyball team i keep being that she leading is what's. in the women who have to say if they want to do it or not i'm from the us and if they see it as sexism or not. i feel like alba made this move because they think it would be trendy right now. does it and possibly that will make them seem a lot more modern more than shaking out our berlin's decision provoked a huge outcry in germany even interior minister haasil 1st why didn't he suggested
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adding male cheerleaders to be more apt to date the berlin bears cine just long ago did just that they're focusing more on the acrobatic part of. the dance routines as albus she did many see the alba decision to drop that she just as a setback for the sport. i think it's a pity for the dancers because have to learn the choreography is from performing in each game. for them it's a real punch in the mary some seconds because they started to say we don't want you anymore you don't fit in with the modern edgeways as. they are focused on the future and they're training for the chairman championship at 25 times a week they want to be 1st. right coming up next on news asia controversial reform plans trigger indonesia's biggest student protests
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in decades so why is the government determined to push through these last. and celebrations in india mark a 150th birthday of my husband on the father of the nation will look at how his legacy is being used to promote these a clean india campaign. to respond as he has a coming right up on t.v. news a shot. to .
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the 1st german industries are dependent on subsidies each year the german state pumps billions of euros into the private sector. too much some experts say. get others believe that subsidies are necessary. what's the situation like elsewhere in europe the food made in germany in 60 minutes.
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to. the turning back to the roots government of. the shah's family from somalia live around the world to someone of the urgent assistance of. the family starts october any on d w. this is the dublin you coming up testifying to the show's new parliament controversial reform plans have triggered the biggest student protest in decades with hundreds of arrests will present but don't all follow through on the roles that history takes a kind of corruption and restrict freedoms. cut in hong kong protesters denounce the police for shooting a teenager during tuesday's by the toughest corresponding defaults on the mounting anger on hong kong streets. and remembering the father of modern india celebrations mock the $150.00 of their.


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