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this is a doubly news live from britain's prime minister what he says is he's finally. calls on the e.u. to compromise otherwise he says the u.k. will crash out of europe without a deal also on the program. agents murdered and dismembered. in turkey a year ago but his health for the washington post journalist still no one has been brought to justice. someone makes a mistake one time we shouldn't just leave. what should countries do bad citizens who supported islamic states and now want to go home we find out why conservation decided to allow this woman and others like her to return.
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to the program britain's prime minister has outlined what he said is his final offer to brussels on the terms of a deal for the u.k.'s departure from the european union boris johnson was addressing his conservative party's conference in old inner city of manchester one of the biggest stumbling blocks in negotiations has been how to prevent a hard between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is indeed you mr johnson's new proposals have now been conveyed to brussels he says they represent a compromise on the u.k.'s former position. today in brussels we are taping what i believe are constructive and reasonable proposals which provide
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a compromise for both sides we will under no circumstances have czechs at or near the border in northern ireland. the only will the old we will respect the peace process and the the good friday agreement. and and and by and by a process of renewable democratic consent by the executive and the assembly of northern ireland we will go further and protect the existing regulatory arrangements for farmers and business is on both sides of the border and at the same time we will allow the u.k. whole and entire to withdraw from the e.u. with control over our own trade policy from the start as a bar of johnson speaking in manchester the conservative party conference that's
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going to date of the correspondence bob are available in manchester and they have got masses in brussels welcome both of us are with you barbara what more do we know about this new british plan. now we could read the paper down that has been sent to london to brussels from london and if we read this correctly this is the plan that seems to rather close to what the e.u. had originally proposed as the northern ireland only backstop now the word back so we know has to be bad and so let's call it the proposal what is in it is that the northern ireland would keep on for the future to stick to european rules for all goods and food and animals that are traded there that is the important point because abortions originally couple days ago had just said yeah greece food you can think about that just like the health of cows and milk and things but now it's supposed to be all projects that means basically that northern ireland would stick
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to european rules and these things could be traded continue to be traded freely however great britain wants to leave the customs union that is that means that there have to be customs checks somewhere now of course johnson says as we heard they don't have to be on the border they can be somewhere in the back of the country now this is the point where then the european union would have to compromise but looking at it at 1st it might be a hopeful step. let's take that hope to brussels and with. those who are saying that this sounds like a previous e.u. plan so presumably brussels is going to look at this with some favor. the paper's full and you know they have arrived here in brussels and it is currently the chief press in negotiating michel barnier who's assessing to what extent it is a compromise that the european union could live with i think there's 2 important
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points year one is the one that barbara's mentioned the u.k. as basically talking about a regular teri's zone another word for a backstop if you want where some parts of the internal market remain aligned but the u.k. would be out of the customs union and to what extent then checks in the irish sea so between the u.k. and northern ireland could be acceptable to northern ireland but also to the rest of the you that we'll have to see and there's another really interesting element and we're talking here let's read as remind our viewers we're talking here about a time after the transition say so for 2 years the u.k. everything would stay as it as it is but then that backstop would kick in all this new regulatory zone and what boris johnson has introduced is an interesting element the e.u.'s always said they do not want an expiring date on the backstop or on that regulatory zone and now he has introduced i would say that that that expiring date
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through the back door by saying that the northern irish parliament has to indorse that that regulatory zone every 4 years and they also have to endorse it after the transition phase and that will be interesting if the e.u. is going to swallow that. let's go back to barbara faisal just on that point about having to go back to northern ireland one of the big sticking points in this process before winter is the maid was prime minister was what the day you paid would do the democratic unionist in northern ireland on whom she depended for a majority the math has changed now. how are they likely to respond northern ireland being treated slightly differently from the rest of the u.k. . in the way they have already responded and last night here at the party conference in manchester it looked as if you peed boss arlene foster a lady that is feared for her stridency sort of fell flat on how badly and fine of
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boris johnson's charm and in front of boris johnson's money because he's through another 125000000 has some such sum in the direction off to do u.p.a. and said yes you all very good people and you need money i understand that but please you know will you will so sort of now stand with me and it looks so far as if they would be willing to do it looking at their tweets and not quite sure whether they really understood what they kitching into their hole whatever the 1st signs from their side look and courage ing and it seems very hard to mention that they could now walk back and step away from this if they did even george johnson would push forward without them he doesn't have a majority in parliament anyway so he can do without those 10 votes and he'll just have to look for other parliamentarians to support him but that seems to be the direction the whole thing is going and yes there is more movement than we have seen
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in years that's a hopeful otoh i don't bob proviso in manchester matters in brussels thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world iraqi police are fired into the air and used tear gas to disperse protests in the capital baghdad clashes have also been reported in other cities with at least 5 people killed and hundreds wounded in 2 days of violence protesters are demonstrating against corruption unemployment and the lack of basic services. aviation regulators in the united states have ordered the specials of nearly 2000 boeing 737 aircraft to structural cracks were found in some planes the order applies to 737 next generation models the precursor to boeing 737 max model which has been grounded since march following 2 deadly crashes. u.s. senator bernie sanders has canceled events in his presidential campaign after undergoing heart surgery from
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a blocked artery his campaign says 2 steps were successfully inserted after he experienced chest pains a 78 year old is a frontrunner for the democratic nomination to run against a president trying. now facebook facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is back in the headlines after recordings of internal meetings were leaked to the press and the 2 hours of audio provide a rare glimpse behind the curtains of one of the world's most powerful companies and it comes as a number of presidential candidates led by democrat elizabeth warren a calling for a big tech companies like facebook to be broken up but mr zuckerberg appears not to be about to back down. like it was before a fix of the right answer is to break up the company gives us a lot of presidents but i would bet that we will have a legal challenge and i would bet that we will waive the legal challenge does that still suck for us yes i mean i want to have a major lawsuit against our own government i mean that's not like the position that
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you want to be and we care about our country and i want to work with our government to do a good segue. but with off at the end of the day some of going to try to write something about it that's all you got about $25.00. so let's talk to marsh waiter about these protests which have so rattled that was to talk about welcome on what is a problem with big tax well where should i start we're talking about big generally what we're talking about is what are called the big 5 that apple amazon google microsoft and facebook and the thing about these companies is they really touch every aspect of our lives and we don't even know it every single day every hour really and so their problem is that they have so much power over everything they do they know so much about us and there's so little regulation and accountability for these companies they are essentially monopolies they have generated together more than $800000000000.00 u.s. dollars last year that the bigger than the economy is saudi arabia amazon has
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surpassed wal-mart which is the other biggest retailer in the u.s. actually stands to lose a $1000000000.00 because of competition with amazon and it's one of those things or even if you would try to look for alternatives to poster fit your photos in a different way text your loved ones in a different way apply for a job in a different way it's really not an option there was an article that went viral earlier this year of a tech reporter who tried to remove herself from all of these companies tried to completely disconnect and she really couldn't do it she couldn't. do her job she couldn't live her life she couldn't communicate with people without having to interact with these companies i should also say w. is not exempt from this we are available on the amazon smart speaker elect so we use google ads on our website so it just goes to show that this is something you really can't get away from ok so elizabeth warren is proposing what how we she saying that we should be able to extricate us exactly. as we said these companies
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are essentially monopolies and elizabeth warren is a very left wing candidate she considered very left wing in the us and she has a track record even before she was a politician of being very anti corporation very. anti big business so the thing that zuckerberg is responding to here is a proposal that she laid out earlier this year where she said she wants to quote she wants make sure that everyone quote is playing by the rules and that the next generation of tech companies has an opportunity to flourish now at the same time as there's been this rise of very left wing sentiment in the u.s. there has also been a lot of scandals involving a lot of big tech companies namely at the forefront of this facebook we've seen them whether storm after storm over data privacy misinformation campaigns hacking cambridge analytic oh so this sentiment is really blowing in warren's direction and against facebook in the public sphere ok so is the public support behind this all
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the votes and that's actually surprisingly yes there's a recent poll that was put out by hugo of data for progress that shows that 2 thirds of americans support breaking up the big tech companies and this cuts across demographics actually this is the most interesting thing and there's no variation by age party education level nearly 2 thirds of americans across the board support this and elizabeth warren's actually not the only candidate who is talking about this bernie sanders for example is also talking about breaking up big tack we see c.n.n. b.b.c. report saying that tech insiders themselves in silicon valley are supporting more in this so this is going to be a developing campaign issue i asked him and no wonder the bogus talk about going to the mosque. must read thank you. it's been exactly a year since a saudi journalist and washington post columnist jamal khashoggi was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey a memorial was how near the controversy on wednesday on wednesday attended by his
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fiance had teacher changes as well as jeff bezos who owns the washington post u.n. investigation found what he called credible evidence linking saudi crown prince mohammed bin selma to the killing but here later none of the behind the plot has actually been brought to justice for the murder. of his fiance said the memorial was meant to send a message and to keep the case alive. a c.c.t.v. camera captured the last images of journalist jamal khashoggi he was walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where he would be brutally murdered what happened inside this building shocked the world. body is believed to have been dismembered and disposed of his remains have never been found. jamal khashoggi was an outspoken critic of the saudi leadership since 2017 he had lived in self-imposed exile in the
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u.s. i was a columnist for the washington post. after he was murdered saudi arabia initially hampered turkey's efforts to investigate but eventually riyadh admitted she had died in the concert at the state television spoke of an argument that had broken out with shock she being killed a new suing brawl. but the consulate building had been bugged by turkish intelligence that meant ankara had audiobook orderings of exactly what happened turkey also released c.c.t.v. footage of 15 saudi government agents writing in the stumble on the day of the killing and leaving just hours later among them a top advisor to saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond despite the smiles the crown prince was coming under growing pressure as western allies asked questions in salman denied all involvement in the killing claiming wrote elements instead riyadh but 11 people on trial for the murder but
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a un inquiry later found what it called credible evidence linking the crown prince to the killing a u.n. official behind that report told t w riyadh's claim that it was a rogue operation doesn't hold water. if it was conducted and done by state official. it create live upon state and state resources the team that came into. a private shed with diplomatic clearance. the murder global condemnation the u.s. and many european nations slap sanctions on some saudi officials but washington was reluctant to take things further than in danger weapons sales to riyadh $450000000000.00 worth of things ordered from a very rich country saudi arabia. 600000 jobs maybe more than the.
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really very hurtful to this country if we said we're not going to sell it to use now one year on from jamal khashoggi is death it's almost as if nothing happened relations between saudi arabia and its western allies have largely normalized. our european countries including germany france and britain have been struggling with what to do with citizens or join the circle of islamic state in syria they're often reluctant to allow former fighters to return because of a security threat by powers but in april cause of otoh back 110 of its citizens mainly the wives and children of islamic state fighters they've been detained in kurdish comes in northern syria after the collapse of iowa's territory so are they being successfully integrated back into civilian society they w. spoke with one of the return he's up until about half a year ago and i was still living with the so-called islamic state in syria she stayed on till i s lost its last holdout bugaboos in the military strike we need
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and i had a lake outside because it was capital pristina she lives under house arrest awaiting trial like all returnees and i is the 1st cause of orator need to speak on camera about her experience we wanted to know what she thought about the beheadings and other reported crimes against humanity committed in the name of the islamic state but anna avoided our questions and focused instead on her own suffering the asterix when they came they just destroyed a house a big building there were children there there were women mothers everything in eyes and tells us she didn't know what she was getting herself into when she followed her husband to syria in 2014 he died in battle she married another fighter his fate remains unclear and i says that being back in kosovo after almost 5 years feels like she has been given a new lease on life she cannot understand why other european countries like germany
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are refusing to take their citizens back we are human we have people if someone makes a mistake one time we shouldn't just leave them. the women best are sensitive and it's not the children's fault either so we should help. help them like our own country kosovo hopes to do in april in an operation assisted by the united states kosovo brought back 32 women 74 children and 4 male fighters the cause of our approach is unique so far no other european government has undertaken similar steps while the men were sent to prison the authorities are closely monitoring the women and children and giving them counseling. we didn't see any resistance from bomb to be part of our programs and maybe this also is that due to the thought that they know all that was because of operators
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who took the decision to report. in kosovo otherwise they would have remained calm things on the concept is based on the belief that back home under official observation the returnees pose less of a security risk than if they remained a brought the aim is to reintegrate all of them into society eventually including the men on the streets people are supportive of the measure. and the new gov't in they've made mistakes. we have to help them reintegrate into our society. they are our people. and told me a couple it was a good decision to bring them back and i support this initiative and i'm on a little at the chunks these people have not come back to do harm here like they did there that is why we should not exclude them. around 90 percent of the almost $2000000.00 cars of ours are muslims but largely secular in outlook despite
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that more than $400.00 young cause of arson joined extremist groups in syria and iraq between 20122017 that's the highest rate per head in europe some were easy prey for religious extremists unemployment in the country is high and prospects for the future are not good. and i wants to put her time in syria behind her she says she feels accepted by her family neighborhood no one talks about her time with islamic state but and i says she understands why she's under house arrest. we came from a place of war it's normal they're investigating us but in the end they will understand that it's not how fault we didn't do anything maybe our mistake is that we were there that we left there anna is still convinced that she didn't do anything wrong that's now up to casa both authorities to judge. i'll be doubly
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reinvestigated reporter material from haim was part of the team that produced that story welcome to the studio mathias. let's start with the big picture kosovo bringing these people back where lots of other european countries are much more relaxed and wise was cause for doing this things a number of reasons one is humanitarian remember of these one $110.00 people repatriated $74.00 with children were kids and the humanitarian situation in the north and nasiriyah in the camps is really dire is really bad in this year alone according to a u.n. report published in september 390 children died in those camps due to preventable illnesses so who military aspect but also security was we talked to felt as my colleague. national coordinator for counterterrorism we just saw him in our report as well and he seems to follow
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a kind of concept that might best be summarized as something like keep your enemies closed so he sings that by repatriating them by bringing them back in a controlled way and by monitoring and by trying to reintegrate them into society. they are better serving the security interests of kosovo then by leaving them there in northern syria was a danger of them slipping away and maybe returning undetected integration is an interesting question is it because the woman we saw in the report she refused to answer questions about the crimes i asked committed in syria she insists that she's done and done nothing wrong so the question has to be asked will leader she think she's done nothing wrong if she really suitable to be reintegrated into society i don't know if you can look into these people's heads you know and you can look much
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less into the head when they are fully. covered in black cloth but. you know we heard lots of stories of you know i as returnees. or of woman that have been captured and kept in our hole and it's very difficult for them to to say that they have witnessed crimes and these women also they claim that you know they stayed at home all the time sake took care of the kids and they even claim that when they went to islamic states they didn't know where they were going they say as i just followed her husband they were told they would go on a holiday to turkey and they ended up in islamic state ok so they can go home to cost of a very they faced charge potential prison and will they be active steps to sort of try and deal radicalize them those i mean the man who came back with this batch forman's they went to prison right away the woman who came back 42 of them they
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closely monitored they are all under house arrest and they have a program in place to take care of them psychologically to deal with traumas and to deal with them in a cycle social way and kosovo is doing a great effort us into we integrate them to make them part of kosovo again and this woman ana for us and she has plans for the future she's very positive about a country she's very thankful that her country brought her back good talking to very interesting thanks for joining us at the doubly investigative reporter mathias from time. could flood of sports champions league football continues tonight with dortmund taking on czech side slavia proc after falling behind in recent weeks the bundesliga title contenders are looking to their european campaign to reignite a stuttering season. dortmund may well be delighted to get away from germany for a few days the champions league trip to prague gives them a break from troubles in the bundesliga you see and followed his team coming under
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unexpected pressure at home. draws in a row and what you might call an unsatisfying game against braman that we obviously wanted to win of course the atmosphere isn't good. it certainly wasn't good in the vest fallen study and at the weekend dortmund were booed off by their own fans after a 22 draw with braman that saw the team drop points from a winning position for the 2nd game running. the match against slavia prague is a chance for the german side to turn the tide after a difficult couple of weeks. desperate to show tomorrow that that's not the real dortmund and that the real dortmund is the team from before the last 2 games we want to get back up to a stable level of performance. but the match is more than simply a chance to not show morale boosting victory in
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a group also featuring european heavyweights barcelona and into milan it's a must win game. they wus a shirt with paresh ballenger he is up next i'll be back at the top of the hour have a good day. geminids
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w. at any time putting any place in the news media in the back yard i don't like the clock so missing along to see this to come from super lists the books interactive exercises. everything is online most bio and interactive benjamin to frame a 50 w.
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. i n. where the real talent resides. i come from there are lots of people in fact more than a brilliant future but the largest democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and the aspirations and the concerns. the television the book is trying to get in but named after the for the fun in one i remember thinking at the time to fix a bomb in broken forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for the courts. but i do the news often. trying to compare situations for conflict between design still i see despite my job to confront floods he does on policies and development just put the spotlight and issues that matter most to security question martian isolation. and not chance can achieve that so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at constitutions my name is on the time she's
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on and i walk into the gallery. this is the day of the news asia coming up testifying to the show's new parliament controversial reform plans have triggered the biggest student protest in decades with hundreds of arrests will spread to video follow through on roles that his critics say because of corruption and restrict freedoms. in hong kong protesters denounce the police for shooting a teenager during tuesday's by the toughest.


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