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this is the w. news live from building britain's prime minister says he's made his final offer on breaks in the place of the months to go before the u.k. leaves the european union boris johnson is urging the e.u. to compromise but brussels response to his proposals remains cool so far also coming to. dissolve hopes was the greatest hoax of this is a fraudulent crime and the american people. trump lashes out at democrats and the impeachment proceedings launched against him i feel a just one top democrat could have committed treason. bloody and violent
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antigovernment protests spread across iraq a 2nd clashes late civil date and scores eventually demonstrate his rally against corruption and i think for. a man to be held thanks for joining us with just under a month to go before britain's shuttle departure from the a huge prime minister barnes parts johnson tells brussels his latest break that proposal is his final offer johnson unveiled the plan today at his conservative party conference in manchester he's hoping it will allow him to finally clinch a deal with the e.u. to allow an orderly exit from the bloc but in brussels johnson's news plans haven't gotten a warm reception as yet. supporters waiting in line in manchester to get a glimpse of boris johnson he was the prime minister's 1st comprehensive speech
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since he took office on the high point of the conservative party conference what he had to say on the brakes of talks with the e.u. was hotly anticipated. today in brussels we all taping what i believe are constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides top of johnson's list was the so-called irish backstop and the issue of how to prevent a hard border post breaks is between the republic of ireland and northern ireland the british government is opposed to the backstop in its present form johnson said under his proposal there would be few customs checks on goods moving between northern ireland and the republic of ireland britain's brags of negotiator delivered the proposals in person to brussels german reaction has been to say it will consider the proposals in detail 1st before commenting. events forcefully we will take a close look at the suggestions i cannot say anything more about that today because
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we have agreed to evaluate the issue amongst ourselves 1st for us it's very important that the 27 member states are unified on this issue that we have trust in michel venue and we will continue to discuss the matter here. boris johnson has made it clear that britain is expecting the e.u. to make concessions the ball is now in the e.u.'s court. correspond above a facial is following the conservative conference for us she sent us her assessment of boris johnson's proposals. after weeks of dithering in just 4 weeks before the brics a date for johnson has made a proposal to the reopen union that at 1st glance could be called reasonable place for compromise it is a 1st step to in agreement that might in the end prevent a heartbreaks the prime minister suggests that northern ireland stays aligned with european rules an agriculture and goods in order to keep the border to the republic
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open this is relatively close to board earlier brussels suggested called the northern ireland backstop it may now come back under a different name however but just as plans fall short of what the e.u. and the irish government want there will have to be customs checks for instance and many of the problems remain unsolved this new proposal from london however is a step in the right direction and a compromise over the brics agreement is at least becoming a possibility it is now a glimmer of hope that a heart breaks it might after all be avoided. that's barbara faisal in manchester and a you correspondent mattress is assisting with the european union will except johnson's proposals. after months and months of break that deadlock in brussels there finally seems to be word of positive advances even progress the u.k.
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has made the compromise in the new proposal that northern ireland could remain part of the internal market in other words some products from mainland u.k. could no longer after following e.u. regulations go into northern ireland a number of problems however the head of the european commission jungle juncker pointed out remain and they need to be tackled for instance the fact that the u.k. wants to withdraw entirely including northern ireland from the custom your customs union which creates big problems for the republic of ireland which is you member state and so far the republic of ireland had full rock solid support from the other even member states so 2 things we need to look out for now what does the republic of ireland make of this new proposals and what do e.u. need goshi 8 years make of the proposal they now have to decide whether this u.k. proposal that is now on the table could become a new landing zone for a deal to prevent a heart breaks it. you know now to some of the other stories making news around the
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world. supporters of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi have called for a justice at a memorial event need these saudi consulate in istanbul where he was killed 11 suspects are on trial in saudi arabia but critics say it's a sham to protect the crown prince muhammad builds in some mountain. hundreds of pro-democracy activists have gathered in hong kong to demonstrate against a police shooting during cheese days protests and i thin year old was shot at close range after he attacked an officer with a metal incident marks a significant escalation of tension since and the china protests began 4 months ago . with aviation regulators have ordered inspections of nearly 200737 aircraft after structural cracks were found in some planes the order applies to 737 next generation models the precursor to boeing 737 next model which
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has been grounded since months following 2 deadly crashes. with senator bernie sanders has canceled events in his presidential campaign off the undergoing heart surgery for a blocked artery his campaign says 2 stents were successfully inserted after he experienced chest pains the 78 year old is seen as the front runner for the democratic nomination to run against the president from. virtually. 0 in washington president trump has unleashed a 15 minute tirade at his political opponents during a white house photo session with the visiting president of finland he was particularly scathing about white house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff here's part of what trump had to say. pattern here he's a lowlife he should be forced to resign and practically they should look at him for treason because he is making up the words of the president of the united states not only words but the meaning that it's a disgrace and should not be allowed to happen. trump was referring to
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a statement in which if paraphrased the gist of a phone call between trump and ukraine's president in which democrats say trump abused his office in a separate news conference chief said the president's attacks did nothing to change the underlying facts all of that phone call now let's take a listen to part of what mr schiff said in response to the president the president can attack the whistleblower rhetorically all the president wants it doesn't change the fact that the record of that call shows the president of the united states in this same conversation and indeed immediately after the ukraine president asked for more military help the president i'd states asked that leader a favor though. and no attack on the whistleblower or anyone else is going to change those underlying facts. well for more let's bring in correspondent pablo foley alias in washington d.c.
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public even by donald trump's standards the last 24 hours have been fairly wild who was in the firing line today. hi anthony well it was an unseasonably hot day here in washington and you could feel it down in the white has no of course before we even saw president trump he was tweeting angrily in fact he even used a profanity to describe this inquiry that's taking place at the moment and you know like we have just been mentioning there the house intelligence chair and adam schiff was definitely in the firing line in fact he even said that he was the co-author of the whistle blower's complaint he also had some very angry words for the speaker of the house nancy pelosi of course of democrats he said that she hands subpoenas like cookies and he also was very angry towards the media he once again
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described them as the fake news media and sometimes quite am i right exchanges with that members of the media and he almost demanded that they ask questions to the finish president who at times looked rather perplexed by what the folding in front of his eyes so it was definitely another step forward in this process which appears to be rattling president donald trump so amid all of that secretary of state clarified his position on the ukraine funk where does that leave us. that's right anthony well it took almost a week for the secretary of state mike pompei of to admit actually that he was you know listening in to that conversation in fact he had been dodging the question but of course now on his visit to europe eventually he said yes he had been listening
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in on this obviously puts you know a lot of pressure on him and as this inquiry progress is quite rapidly i must say and of course this means that he could potentially become a witness in this inquiry at this impeachment inquiry but of course all eyes now are on what's going to take place tomorrow on thursday because we'll be hearing from the you know one of the main witnesses from that former member of the state department here in the united states now the backdrop to all of this is public perception and public opinion i want to bring up a tweet from the president that he tweeted out yesterday looking at a map and it says simply on the tweet try and impeach this and he's looking at a how much of the country was rigged post-election that appeared i think. in the hof post in the weeks after the election what you type of wife from him tweeting
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that at this moment. well i mean you know in here in the united states impeachment is not something that's quite popular and a bullet it has to say has to be said that in recent polls of course since this inquiry began there's definitely been more of support particularly amongst democrats for the impeachment of president donald trump and even an increase in the number of that republicans who want to see this impeachment inquiry to progress and also people who describe themselves as independents now has to be said the republicans overall still support president trump but there is a trend for this process to continue it will be interesting to see how that changes as they sat process continues public fully alias in washington many things will stay in the u.s. and the u.s. will impose new tariffs on aircraft and other products from the european union after winning a long running dispute subsidies announcement came to the world trade organization
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ruled that washington could retaliate the state subsidies that benefit the aerospace company us the terrorists will go into effect in 2 weeks and will not apply to kroft it's. now to iraq with violent anti government protests spreading across the country at least 9 people have been killed and more than 300 injured in clashes with security forces of the last 2 days the government has ordered a curfew in baghdad juta the unrest demonstrators say they're angry about corruption and a lack of basic necessities. that. burning for a 2nd day in a row anti-government protests are disrupting life in the city. and they have turned violent. several people have been reported
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hundreds injured in the clashes on wednesday 2 security forces attempted to disperse protests in crowds with tear gas and even life i mean nation. in some areas protesters blocked off back main streets it's not the 1st time iraqis have taken to the streets since up till mosty was elected as the country's prime minister last year their demands are clear. number 3 going to ensure all we want is to live and nothing else we want to live just like the rest of the world we want very basic rights electricity water employment and medicine. we don't want power money or property not all we ask for is to live never predict to eat or anything but this government is shooting at the crowd and killing people and all of that not . our demands we want work we want to work if they do not want to treat us as iraqis then tell us we are not iraqis and we'll find other nationalities and
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migrate to other countries to fight it. protests are now spreading to other cities in iraq too with the death toll among the demonstrators likely to rise. you're watching day deadly news up next a deadly news africa and be sure to check out the latest headlines at a website that's. follow us on twitter at t w news i'm anthony held such an. earth . home to lose of species. a home of course if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps because global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. news that could turn the goodness loosed green energy solutions and reforestation. the crew to.


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