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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin germany celebrates reunification day before ceremonies are being held to mark the occasion. of the teeth it is a nation once divided between east and west a communist and democratic and now really amounted to as one mass is hasn't been an easy journey for look at who's come out ahead and who feels left behind. also on the program it says last often prime minister barak is trying to say it's
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a realistic compromise for gregg said brussels is reviewing it we look at rather this is a deal that will deliver and. make up stories that structured this is a fraudulent crime on the emergency people. president trying to lash out at the democrats as the impeachment program getting gathers pace she alleges a top democrat could have committed treason to give. her a very warm welcome to this special edition of news over the next 60 minutes we'll be bringing you live coverage of events commemorating the reunification of germany 29 years ago ago today of the official ceremonies this is taking place in the northern city of kiev in jail and. as an affront to star in maya and german
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chancellor angela merkel are taking part along with some $700.00 invited guests the reunification of germany took place 11 months after the fall of the berlin wall 30 years ago that paved the way for communist east germany and democratic questionee to come together after decades of hostile division during the cold war. and with me in the studio i'm joined by my colleague obvious senior political correspondent peter craven great to have you with us peter not telling me official ceremonies are underway we'll be bringing live pictures of those a shortly tell us what we can expect to happen when the official ceremony has just begun with we've seen who is who is attending today the most important guests of german president frank. chancellor angela merkel and what we're looking forward to is an hour of official ceremonies there on the unofficial sort of bridge that taking part throughout the city taking place around the city with as many as half a 1000000 people turning out to commemorate or celebrate depending on how you see
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it and if the the event. america's attention she's going to be giving the keynote address and it's going to be very interesting to see because of course i'm going to go herself is from instant germany it is all about east and west today and i'm going to merkel is going to i hope we hope i think try and tackle the question of why 57 percent nearly 60 percent of germans who took part in a recent poll said that they feel like 2nd class citizens that's a really tough question if that is the case that has happened on uncle america's watch and she has many questions to answer for and be very interesting to see how she interprets the role today and of course we'll be talking about that later in the program but tell me that every year really for cation day is celebrated in a different german state and this year it's in kiel which is the provincial capital of us because i'm in germany's north looking out on to the baltic sea it's a you know there as you say takes place every year in a different place last year it was in the in the 1st time. 992 percent bill into
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this year is a bit of as the order of the people shows because time work here is located so it's a big deal because it's the only place that has held this event so far looks out onto the open sea the baltic sea is close to denmark the case and on the unification day came off to 11 months of the fall of the berlin wall before we continue our conversation let's take a look at those historic events which paved the way for german reunification. made 1989 the iron curtain was starting to fray hungary wanted to pull down borders people in east germany just wanted to leave many fled to west german embassies in eastern european countries hoping to continue on from there to the west. despite the warnings of east germany's leadership more and more people left the country or took to the streets in october 190-913-0000 people demonstrated against the east german regime. a month later it was half
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a 1000000. i. then on the 9th of november 1909 the unimaginable happened the berlin wall fell the i'm keratin was history germans were overjoyed. chancellor helmut kohl took advantage of the euphoria he convinced france britain and finally soviet leader mikhail gorbachev that a united germany would be at the service of europe. in record speed german unity was a great both nationally and internationally the 5 states of the former g.d.r. joined west germany on october 3rd 1990 called finally attained his goal a unified germany. peter i certainly get goosebumps listening and watching that ceremony because we've
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both seen those events 29 years ago now 30 years on there was so much euphoria back then 30 years on would you say the greenough occasion has been a success. without a doubt in by and by and large the germany is a. natural entity is very broad one side and it has begun to grow together the question is the pace at which the 2 sides are growing together and whether that process is now moved into almost possibly reverse gear i mean it's interesting if you speak to east germans about or even speak to west germans about what happened in the pearl in the period in the last 3 decades or so say how their lives have changed but as a result of german reunification they will say nothing significant happened my life has not changed at all us least germans want to water is changed in their lives and they will say everything so you've got 2 completely different competing and clashing mentalities east and west and that is still a major problem i think people waking up to the fact that that is
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a major problem especially because of the surge of support in eastern germany but not just there for the area of the populist far right party which is now a very the largest opposition party in the german parliament from looking from the outside people would have thought that 30 years after reunification that the differences have disappeared but as you mentioned specially in recent years some differences between the east in the west reflected in politics have also in much what explains that i think the most important thing is that there has been so much hurt and humiliation on the eastern german side i think many people in eastern germany they lost their jobs they lost their livelihoods they lost their confidence in themselves they lost their biographies they lost their homeland they lost literally everything. 75 percent of east germans lost their jobs in the in the 1993 to 2005 when things began to slowly improve you know for a lot of money was invested in infrastructure in cities in streets and hospitals
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and what have you an awful lot of money was invested in polishing and painting repainting before sounds of buildings in eastern german cities but one person said something very interesting the other day said. it's not just about the facades it's about what happens behind the facade what is happening in people's minds and there are 2 very different mindsets east and west still. see a lot more to discuss as you said they are winners and losers in reunification and one of the big winners one would think is just. an easier i'll let you also off the country not for the 1st time but 3 times and of course we'll be talking to peter throughout the hour and we'll also bring you live pictures from the celebrations which are going on in that northern town of king and we'll bring you chancellor of keynote speech live a little later in the program let me know bring you the news which we're turning to other news. the british prime minister has presented new proposals for the brakes
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a deal to head off a crucial summit with the on october the 17th if the plan gets the support of process the u.k. can then leave the european union with an agreement at the end of the month but will it we talk to our correspondents in brussels and london but 1st this report. supporters waiting in line in manchester to get a glimpse of boris johnson it was the prime minister's 1st comprehensive speech since he took office and the high point of the conservative party conference what he had to say on the brakes of talks with the e.u. was hotly anticipated today in brussels we all. believe constructive and reasonable proposals which provide compromise for both sides top of johnson's list was the so-called irish backstop and the issue of how to prevent a hard border post breaks between the republic of ireland and northern ireland the
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british government is opposed to the backstop in its present form johnson said under his proposal there would be few customs checks on goods moving between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. britain's briggs a negotiator delivered the proposals in person to brussels german reaction has been to say it will consider the proposals in detail 1st before commenting. we will take a close look at the suggestions i cannot say anything more about that today because we have agreed to evaluate the issue amongst ourselves 1st for us it's very important that the 27 member states are unified on this issue boris johnson has made it clear that britain is expecting the e.u. to make concessions the ball is now in the e.u.'s court. in joining me now from brussels is our bureau chief max hoffman and in london by the charlotte ponce welcome to both of you max if i missed start with you joe wilson describes these proposals as reasonable and constructive is that how brussels sees them.
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i think we're having some kind of audio problem to brussels and while we're trying to fix that let me go to you charlotte and the british cabinet has already been a meeting today what's known about that meeting. well it lasted for 15 minutes 15 minutes excuse me and we know that there were no voices of dissent which doesn't come as a surprise because boris johnson has basically eliminated and sacked all those voices of dissent once he took office at number 10 so he proposed his plans to replace the northern irish backstop this insurance policy that prevent that prevents a hot border between northern ireland and ireland and it seems that his cabinet is
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on board as well as the northern irish do you pee and the hot hot cold brick city is within his party and those other 2 really. the 2 groups that he does need to get a deal through parliament in the end because those have been before very much opposed to this deal and have voted down the withdrawal agreement in parliament so far 3 times so there seems to be some kind of movement from the u.k. side we are hearing that boris johnson is planning on visiting the european capitals in the next days to try to convince the e.u. leaders to get on board with his proposal and shall it be also hearing that the pilot has been suspended and boris johnson is due to brief fall a month on his new proposals in a parliament where he has no a majority will get his proposal through parliament if and when it is debated.
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so on the suspension it is not like last time and it's not going to be a long suspension this time it is normal procedure. and will be suspended next monday for a few days until the so-called queen's speech so boris johnson can set out a new legislative agenda so they are just using 2 working days there on the other question will he be able to get a deal through parliament the numbers don't look good at the moment boris johnson is just not very much in control of this whole process on the one hand of course he needs to wait what the european union says and on the other hand he's facing a very very divided palm and here in the u.k. we have heard a lot of voices of dissent are they and paula men that are saying they can't get on board with this kind of new deal and i mean there are a lot of ifs in the situation if he gets a deal from brussels a new deal will he get that through parliament he is saying if he doesn't get it
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through parliament then he insists that he will take out the u.k. out of the european union on october 31st even though there is a law in place that prevents him from doing that but he is and this thing he might even break that law and take the u.k. out it's no matter what max we've been able to establish a connection to you so let me ask you again we heard in our report that boris johnson considers his proposals constructive and reasonable what's the view from brussels on this. that the connection between london and brussels at least isn't always the best but right now it seems better than it was in the past although there's very there's a lot of skepticism about that new brigs a plan by boris johnson because many here consider it not workable as it stands but the focus really is on as it stands there seem to be some ideas in there that a u.s. officials like that they see as a foundation for a possible deal later on and i've talked to some officials who say nothing in there
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is insurmountable but the key really is they still need to negotiate what boris johnson said sort of a take it or leave it approach that is not the approach that the brits are communicating here in brussels they are willing to negotiate over this as a blueprint as a foundation and so that's what we're going to see in the next days a lot of negotiations and that's where we have to leave it for now a max of mine our brussels bureau chief and shot of pots in dundon thank you both very much for your assessments let me now being up to date with some of the stories making news around the world and risk you teams in south korea sports city of busan are trying to educate 4 people feared buried under a landslide often typhoon at least 6 people are known to have died and 7 others on missing after the intense storm hit southern part of the country on wednesday night . opera singer misty domingo has resigned as general director off the los angeles
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opera amid allegations of sexual misconduct the star 10 notes of the jew from future performances numerous the men of accused domingo of sexually how to sing them over 3 decades the singer has denied the allegations. attempts to recapture brother escaped a circus in northern germany have come to a sad end the animal named ran onto a motorway near the city of rostock and caused the collision after unsuccessful attempts to catch the zebra alive police say they were forced to shoot the animal dead. authorities in hong kong are said to band face masks in an attempt to curb the anti-government protests that have rocked the city for months many demonstrators wear masks to hide their identities and shield themselves from tear gas following repeated clashes with demonstrators the city's police force has also
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called for a curfew to restore order and violence has escalated in recent days after a student protester was shot in the chest by police. the teenager who is said to be in a stable condition has been charged with driving and attacking police he could face up to 10 years in prison. turning of the u.s. air president down a trampin as attacked his political opponents searing a white house photo session with the visiting president of finland he was specially scathing about house intelligence committee chair democrat adam schiff here's part of what donald trump had to say i'm sure he's a lowlife who should be forced to resign and prakriti they should look at him for treason because he is making up the words of the president of the united states no words but the meaning that it's a disgrace and should not be allowed to happen. and trump is referring to a statement in which shift paraphrased the gist of a phone call between trump and ukraine's president in his democrats say trump
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abused his office on racial democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry of the president's alleged abuses which trump has condemned as an attempt to subvert the will of american voters. the white house is boosting its self defenses outside the security fence is being raised from 2 to 4 meters to keep out unwanted visitors and inside it's all hands on deck for the impeachment inquiry on wednesday the president continued to defend himself against accusations of misusing his position as well as having acted against the u.s. constitution trump alleges he's facing a coup and he says he was in the rights to ask ukraine's president to investigate his political rival joe biden and his family i have a duty to report corruption and let me tell you something biden sure is corrupt and biden is corrupt and i'd rather run against by then almost any of those candidates and i think they're all week. but i think biden has never been
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a smart guy and he's less smart now than he ever was one of the main witnesses called forward in the investigation into trump is u.s. secretary of state mike compay who's currently in italy on wednesday he admitted to having been present during chump's call to the ukrainian president but he boys frustration at subpoenas from congress. and we won't tolerate folks on capitol hill bowling intimidating state department employees that's unacceptable and it's not something that i'm going to permit to happen the political climate in washington is getting even hotter in congress democrats accuse the secretary of state of keeping key witnesses from testifying any effort by the secretary by the president or anyone else to interfere with the congress's ability to call before it relevant witnesses will be considered as evidence of obstruction of a lawful functions of congress the battle over questioning witnesses and turning
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over documents is only beginning lawyer john decker reports for the conservative fox news network and is an expert on impeachment he claims the facts known so far don't prove any illegal actions by the president but that a lot still remains unclear. if there were evidence for instance of a quid pro quo of a deal that the president made with the president of ukraine saying essentially if you investigate the bidens i will then release the $400000000.00 in aid that the united states has promised you that would be hard to defend for republicans even if you are the biggest supporter of the president the president's fortifications are holding so far which senate republicans continuing to support him it would take a 2 thirds majority there to remove him from office. he watching the governess coming to life from but in this i'll take a look at some of us some of the news from around the white. in iraq at least 9
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people have been killed and hundreds injured in violent anti-government protests across the country security forces use ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds demonstrators are angry about corruption and a lack of basic necessities a curfew has been imposed on several cities until further notice. a world war 2 era aircraft has crashed during an emergency landing in the u.s. state of connecticut killing 7 people on board the vintage be 17 ball most slammed into a maintenance building at the bradley international airport after encountering mechanical problems during takeoff. the u.s. has received the green light to impose tariffs on 7 and a half $1000000000.00 on kraft and other goods that's following a world trade organization drilling the taliban in retaliation for subsidies for the plane maker boss. about
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a controversial decision can butt in that's fueling a heated debate one of germany's most successful basketball teams but lin has dumped it's chilly this and the team's managing director said that cheerleading is no longer suited to our times the cheerleaders are disappointed and disagree. these cheerleaders have been practicing for months if not years to be able to do this they're passionate about what they do and many areas hate it when people and their estimate damp and that laughing ability. by a smile or not in my opinion cheerleading requires all the things that a competitive sport demands discipline ambition and a certain amount of routine you have to give it your all practice your teen and keep on exercising you. imagine your. union pal and started she living
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at other bilin one of germany's most successful basketball teams. the team has now decided to drop that she dances during breaks and albus games that. we have come to the conclusion that young woman performing as an attractive break filler at sporting events no longer fits with our times. other big germans would seem such as the berlin volleyball team aki ping that she was what's. in the women who have to say if they want to do it or not i'm from the us and if they see it as sexism or not for business i feel like alba made. because they think it will be trendy right now. and possibly that will make them seem a lot more modern. and provoked a huge outcry in germany even interior minister haas c.e.o. 1st he suggested adding just to be more options right.
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long ago discussed that they're focusing more on the acrobatic part of cheerleading not the dance routines as. many see the album decision to drop. as a setback for the sport. i think it's a pity for the dancers have to learn the choreography from performing in each game . for them it's a real punch and. that's to say we don't want you anymore if you don't fit in with the modern age. they are focused on the future and they're training for the chairman championship after 5 times a week they want to be 1st. here watching the news coming to you live from returning to our top story this today is the day of german reunification nearly 3 decades off the fall of the berlin wall fewer and fewer
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traces remain of the structure the divided the city and the 2 geminis but one is both an institution that survived is the dancehall question's house it remains popular both but people from the east and the west have. couples have danced through berlin history under this roof here in clear him spohn house swing night is just as popular now as it was 100 years ago. berlin might have lost some of its charm but you can rediscover it right here. glitter might be dripping off the walls but we've been coming here for 10 years now it's a berlin tradition i mean to go to one and maybe bits of this and of course there were one big family over the years you get to know each other everyone comes here and we love it sure ziggy marquardt has been coming here regularly for 6 decades he
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lives in the west half of the city and the ball houses in the east even after the wall went up in 1961 he continued visiting the club despite border controls. that will suddenly dr varian you haven't crossed the border at st if you've got a day pass and in the evening at midnight you have to be back again. today the dance club in the middle of berlin also boasts a restaurant and is popular with locals and tourists alike. author madeon keizo research the history of clear his ball house for years and interviewed many eyewitnesses who danced here when the g.d.r. still existed and berlin was divided into east and west and my come to see what comes next for us today you can't even imagine that they built a wall through the middle of the city but this is a place where east and west germany met up and became close because music and dance and alcohol all that brings people together. in her book and keys are tells the
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story. in 1913 classical brewer opened the ball house together with her husband to entertain berliners from all walks of life clear humans survive 2 world wars and the division of germany and hardly changed. but the neighborhood surrounding the club has changed today it's an expensive residential and shopping area back then when berlin was divided ordinary people lived here it's farm on the guns to be a normal street with a lot of small shops with houses built in different times but recently. things have changed a lot and quickly now a lot of yuppies have moved here the old shops have closed there are a lot of art galleries but luckily a location like clear hume's paul house still fits in nicely. the ball house never fell victim to trends even after the berlin wall fell in 1909
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visitors from east and west continue to dance together but in january things may change a new owner plans on renovating ziggy marquardt hopes that things will continue as usual afterwards. we just want to stay here and keep dancing to swing music like we used to like in grandma's time so to speak. claire his ball house takes its visitors back in time to a bygone berlin dance still unites people here as it always has a clear him. with me to see the obvious you know political correspondent peter craven welcome again peter sad to be both have never done this to include. very many happy i was there and i have the place of vice and it's a wonderful it's such an institution it's 1st yeah the we're here to talk about
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german reunification you've lived for a few years if i may say so tell us a ship with us some of your experiences of the events surrounding reunification what you felt then and just the historic nature of what happened 29 years ago and i suppose what i remember most i mean i i don't want to boast about it but i am proud of the fact that i was among you know relatively speaking among the 1st people up on the berlin wall on that great night and that was a fantastic adventure of course and a huge political triumph in the in the in the battles to bring down the. very impressive was the repetitive with which he came i knew lots of people who were nonconformists who would dissidents in east. in germany in east berlin and we all agreed that it was going to happen sometime the wall was going to come down but i would always ask the question is going to happen in my lifetime or my actually going to experience it and people would sort of go. perhaps not so many happened almost overnight not quite i was it through the it was amazing how quickly it came
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upon us and i think also just the one of a point when we talk about german reunification i have a positive take on it in that i can remember western germany helmut kohl's germany being an efficient economy obviously being an efficient society being very sort of stuffy and down day and it's become a much more dynamic international place than eastern germany meanwhile used to be oppressive for thora tarion is now enjoy freedom we will continue our conversation but just want to remind our viewers that every year jim lee celebrates the day of german unification an official set of minis are underway and you can see that on your monitor there there's a tribune's choir singing a right now and as soon as american the german chancellor makes a keynote address we'll go live to that and bring it to you then returning now to peter and listening to his memories of when germany unification took place so how much has changed between the 2 between 9091.


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