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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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between this. and how a palestinian family brought october 1st to the west bank and got thousands of people to join the party. but 1st the painting that's making headlines around the world this canvas by the mysterious british artist banksy was expected to sell it for around 2000000 euros instead it sold for more than 11000000 banksy painted the picture of chimpanzees running the british parliament a decade ago what was funny at the time now seems pretty accurate. with britain's parliament in turmoil over the fast approaching breck that deadline this was the painting fetching millions at sotheby's london option house on thursday. banksy has taken a debate in the house of commons was originally titled question time when it was painted back in 2009. but the artist has renamed it devolved
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parliament in a damning critique delivered just off to m.p.'s arguments over breakfast it descended into what some saw as dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric. but he's pointing to here is the regression of this the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world into tribalistic animalistic behavior the source that we've seen board cost so much televisions across the world of the last months and weeks. dark times for the british parliament but good times for banks see the 11000000 euro winning bid was a record sale price for by the secretive street artist. 'd it comes exactly a year after shocks the art world with a painting that shredded itself the moment it was sold. with balloon has since been known as love is in the bin. perhaps they
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say it's the artist's warning to britain's parliament not to go the same way. one reason a lot of people have trouble caring about the global climate crisis is that it often seems abstract but for millions of people around the world who battle floods linked to climate change it's not abstract at all since 2007 photographer gideon mendel has set to bring their stories and their faces so the rest of us. once the waters have risen giddy and men don't get to work. he takes photos of people affected by floods at a time when the catastrophe is nowhere near over yet for his subjects he gets right into the floodwaters along with the victims of the flooding. just enough to photograph from a boat you know because i think if i'm standing in the water i can resist myself in
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a way will make the best photographs and obviously it's a dangerous difficult place to be but i'd say there's something of a me. being in the flood zone which i find you want to be creative be very thankful that i leveled with the people who are up to their necks in the flood waters. for the past 12 years the south african born photographer has been traveling to flood zones for his long term project drowning world. he started the project after becoming a father wanting his children to have an idea of the challenges facing the world. those challenges include ensuring access to clean water that's also a concern for these people in brazil who are hoping the floodwaters will soon leave their homes mental felt the usual news coverage of climate change was too impersonal. images of polar bears in place years very distant places and i thought
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there's a strong need for something which was visceral and i wanted to make something which could be very impactful where kind of the victims of climate change could look you directly in the eyes this is florence abraham from nigeria mendel met her at a temporary shelter she took him to see her flooded home he offered her a few dollars says thanks for taking part in his photo project. i try to. give her the money and she said to me no i don't want your money i want you to show the world what's happened to me. gideon mendel has long been motivated by a desire to show the world what's happening he started taking photos in the 1980 s. of the race riots in his home of south africa. after the end of apartheid there devoted himself to a new tragedy affecting africa crisis has us that it has changed over the years
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shifting from our studio black and white to color and moving away from the traditional photo repetitions printed in magazines instead he began creating artful compositions such as the series' floodlight. what i'm doing there is some sort of following the line of water in. a flood is a situation of great chaos and disorder and i find myself compelled to make these very structured very precise images. sometimes quite abstract in. the mental shows his works and galleries or outdoor exhibitions he still sees himself as an activist as well as an artist. he made these prints for demonstrations during the un climate conference this year like the climate change protesters says immediate action is needed the apocalypse is now.
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like beyonce is lemonade album but for depressed white people that's what director mike mills apparently feared he might be making when he teamed up with the indie rock band the national on a film for their way to studio album i am easy to find but the critics pared to differ they've called it in for melodious mood music the band's currently on a world tour. on their latest release i am easy to find the national have gone in a somewhat more experimental direction. this is. i don't know it's a peaceful record to me you know and it's really feels like it's optimistic human so the tour enjoy even of the sadness of elation and the temporariness of the way for it sort of like embraces all that. part of the experimentation was the band's collaboration with oscar winning director mike mills who had expressed interest in making a video for them. matt gave
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a folder of all the all of the ideas that we had sort of from different areas that were still in various stages. using a medley of the new songs mills made a 26 minute short film starring swedish actress elise you have a condom it depicts the life of a woman from birth to death. the father dies the son leaves home only the people around the woman grow older. one of the tracks like yours is perhaps one of the saddest and most beautiful songs of this year. our heart. goes out. to film in the record all became a belt sort identity in what it's like to be a life in the temporary years and what that means when your god. one of the most distinctive elements of the national sound has always been singer matt berninger is
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baritone voice his lyrics are often surreal journeys through the depths of his own soul. even songs that seem to take a political stance such as fake empire from 2008 do so from a very personal perspective. fascism is on the rise and and i don't need to write a song about it you know everybody knows that and i think writing songs about. empathizing with people with each other whether or not there are the same gender the same color or the where they're coming from or what they think about. god. is important.
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to do proper justice to the content of the film and the songs the lead style them features a number of guest singers including galen dorsey who played bass in david bowie's band for more than 20 years so did not burning or find it hard to share the spotlight. i think there was one text message they sent me. thinking saying enough on this record and then matt's response was i've heard enough for myself and like get ready to hear it i'm not going to miss myself. it's the last weekend of near next october fests and here in germany the huge drunken funk there divides people into those who love it and those who don't but around the world people have imported the idea of october fest and german style beer and they've made it their own even in places you might not expect like the
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palestinian west bank. this is how a palestinian october fest kicks off orthodox priests and scouts process to mark the festivals beginning almost $10000.00 visitors have come to the village of types from around the world. to busting the event is the core family founders of the tide a brewery considered the oldest microbrewery in the middle east their october 1st menu includes 10 different. types of beer half of the brood specially for the event mid-east korea is the brewer her uncle founded the tide the brewery together with her father their october fest promotes community as well as beer of course and other local profits. a palestinian take on the german tradition. this one is published by the noble law girl it's going it's all you know time it's gone but i feel like it's like walking through the hills still because you have all
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the smell. of the entertainment is also palestinian these dancers are performing the dhaka eleventeen folk tradition the palestinians call their national dance. the idea to have october fest in type came from the breweries co-founder nadeem koori to use father. he learned to brew beer while living in the united states in 1903 he and his brother returned to the west bank hoping that peace was in sight at the age of 9 his daughter maddie's started learning to brew for the region's 1st female brewer october fest is about breaking down barriers. doesn't matter where you're from what language you speak people just come outside enjoy the day it shows a different side of palestine to palestinians and to international people and to israelis as well. there's even nonalcoholic beer for muslims so everyone can join the fun. or very much bruce around on george i'm going to fire and we're all
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going to drink rico marathoner heard the talk about reverend graham going. type of cobra fest as a taste of normality in a region accustomed to tension and the party goes late into the night. thanks for watching so you don't like star.
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$4.00 for so much one milestone. with the 1500 b.m.w. road automotive history creating a sports sedan that was the dream just. driving pleasure lives on it's just going elektra and mercedes is leading the charge for the world premier of its called electric heat shield be. trying to explode the minutes on g.w. i'm. not saying 30 years up to the full moon. everything seems possible here. 989 might sink us with a peaceful resolution because. today it's a creative and pleasing the traumas. those just the rights i'm quite sure of into the city's past and present. payments double show.
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people who have something to share. with all the time i spend at the salon i know i'm good quality here when i see ads and a good story when i hear it's my name is elizabeth stone and i work at studio album . this is d w news these are our top stories police in hong kong have clashed with protesters who were defying a newly imposed ban on face masks to services continued into the night after the rule took effect chief executive carrie lamb says the measure is to prevent violence during anti-government demonstrations. they rocky security forces have again opened fire on protesters in baghdad as hundreds defied curfews and appeals for calm.


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