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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2019 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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this is news a live from berlin hong kong authorities invoke emergency powers in an attempt to end months of unrest mass transit is suspended and a ban on face mass takes effect but protesters remain defiant we'll get the latest live from our correspondent in hong kong also coming up. a small organization is working to locate the remains of world war 2 soldiers who fell in eastern europe and provide them proper burial a painstaking task nearly 75 years after the end of the war.
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thanks for joining us hong kong's mass transit rail system is on shut down after a night of violent unrest many protesters are angry after the government invoked an emergency law on friday and banned demonstrators from wearing face masks to conceal their identity but the pro-democracy demonstrators are still wearing the mets risking a year in jail and hefty fines. it's the most prominent symbol of the protests demonstrators have been wearing face masks since the beginning of the pro-democracy movement in hong kong to avoid punishment by the government masks like this are commonly available at pharmacies there are rare defense against the widespread use of facial recognition soft. where by the chinese
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government and that's a nuisance for the authorities. your problem is the identification of the suspects who would commit to many offenses such as criminal damages raw years unlawful assembly wounding our people so many of them. with the able to avoid detection because of the matter and i think it must say that midnight local time on friday a ban on facial masks took effect in hong kong along with other emergency regulations we believe that the new law will create a deterrent effect against must violent protesters and rioters and we assist the police in this law enforcement protester so far seem undeterred by the new ban. was the knock on the market. was 1
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the was today you think the news the pala. was from there it must be the big and useless operating shall think and ring. that the price of us i'll follow. the anger among protesters has if anything only mounted the weekend is likely to see new clashes and more violence. to w.'s charlotte chelsea pill is on the ground in hong kong we asked her to set the scene. we've just been following a small march that's been going through hong kong it does seem to have drawn to a close known people have gone on their way but that march people were chanting along the way 5 to mons not one that glory to hong kong all in reference to the fact that they still see that the months unfulfilled bio florentines here demands
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including an independent investigation into the police handling of these protests so far what we saw was they had an enormous bana saying glorious hong kong which they own felt and then broke out into song at the lot of people here had expected huge protests today boys been hearing on social networking sites that these protesters used to communicate on is that they are trying to save energy for the coming days is tomorrow more protests are expected monday is a holiday here in hong kong more protests than is well there's a sense of real trepidation here about exactly what authorities are going to do to try and crack down on people wearing face masks which is now an authorized lot of shops as well very anxious about the scenes that could unfold later today and into the weekend we are hearing that the trade of the train station has been the train network has been completely shut down shops are closed essentially what we're seeing is hong kong on lockdown at the moment waiting to see what happens next.
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oncoming leader kerry flamm recently made a statement what can you tell us about what you have to say. carrying on the chief executive gave a televised address in her 1st public statement since those the face boss man face banner those measures you know. introduced it was prerecorded she was flanked by government ministers enough to dress she said that hong kong last night had seen a dog night that is in reference to a lot of the vandalism that took place of of shops that would link to beijing believed by protesters to have prayed beijing anti protest a sentiment to carry them saying those scenes were proof as to why those emergency laws needed to be introduced she also called on people in hong kong to distance themselves from these protesters and to support the government in their attempts to try and crack down on the violence that statement will be falling on deaf ears for
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a lot of people here they've long been saying that any action to try and calm or ease tensions here is coming much too late for him so we are expecting people to be back on the streets defying top down. well as you have you have reported protesters are no doubt determined to continue wearing those masks despite the ban have a yet paid a price for that as far as you can see. not so far that we're hearing when all hearing of any arrests of police cracking down on those protesters but we have had spoken to people who have all made clear that they are going to be taking to the streets in spite of the ban they say that authorities here simply cannot arrest everybody who is defying that face mosque ban in fact joshua won a very prominent activists here in hong kong he shot to fame during the umbrella movement pro-democracy movement back in 14 he's tweeted recently saying that he as
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well will be defying that face boss ban what we're now waiting to see is how authorities respond. some kill in hong kong thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. democrat lawmakers have issued a subpoena to the white house requesting documents relating to the impeachment inquiry into president trump a house committee is looking into whether trump pressured ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden trump is valid not to cooperate with the pro. u.s. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has been discharged from a hospital in las vegas doctors confirm that the 78 year old had a heart attack and was treated for a blocked artery the vermont senator was hospitalized on tuesday while in las vegas for campaign events. protesters have taken to the streets of libya's capital tripoli in opposition to military ruler. he is behind
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a months long campaign to capture the city from the u.n. recognize government various groups have been vying for power since the 2011 uprising against moammar gadhafi. iran has released an australian couple detained for spying australia's foreign minister said the charges against the pair have been dropped after sensitive negotiations travel bloggers jolie king and mark firkins spent 3 months in jail for allegedly using a drone to take pictures of banned area. nearly 75 years after the end of world war 2 the remains of thousands of soldiers are still buried in the ground many of them lie along the german polish border now a small organization has taken up the daunting task of properly burying soldiers who were killed on the eastern front. very carefully
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a swiss anthropologist and an italian student dig in the soil around the skeleton they're searching for clues about the age and identity of the deceased the 6 set of remains found at this excavation they believe he was a soviet soldier. who wouldn't cakes and there were left on the battlefield when the war ended because there were too many bodies to bury them all as they were often placed in military trenches so shallow pits then covered it was sorry. east of in there with heavy fighting in early 1945 claimed the lives of sounds of german and soviet soldiers many of the war dead still live here. to find them members of the group the association for the recovery of the fallen in eastern europe have been excavating the old trenches. digging twice
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a year they've excuse the remains of more than $200.00 soldiers so far. you're happy because you find them but you mean if you have a lot of problems how do you take him out right is anything broken so there is of course exciting because you found there is problems if you have to solve as well. that's why 40 specialists from across europe historians anthropologists and archaeologists are collaborating on this project they're doing it on a volunteer basis using their vacation time to look for soldiers' remains the associations chairman is an entrepreneur from hamburg he has a personal motivation to take part in this project his grandfather was among the soldiers killed in world war 2. we're here because we want to resolve the fates of the soldiers who senselessly lost their young lives i did least give them back their names with dignity proper grave and the name. in order
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to later identify the dead the volunteers very carefully remove the remains from the ground the greater the number of personal objects they find the greater the chance of identifying them and notifying families about their missing relative this rarely happens but 23 year old danielle hammond has experienced it once was a moment that was the moment when i realized. that this is hugely important work. with our efforts and if you left over papers that were lying around somewhere for more than 70 years that person's face could be revealed for the family i am. the next day it's a military cemetery the volunteers together with local residents bury their recovered remains of 15 german soldiers in a dignified ceremony. this is also
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the end of one year of research so it's almost like i follow the days there the all across their cycle from their emerges from the ground to the river and that's something quite powerful to behold. next spring the volunteers hope to return and search for more fallen soldiers thousands still remain undiscovered and all those here know that only a small number of them will ever be recovered. to football now and the bundesliga. came from behind to beat fortuna dusseldorf 31 and record their 3rd straight win the viral day wilson grabbed her decisive 2nd goal with a fine finish just before half time and now up to 10 spot after recovering from a sticky start to the season. they have been complaints of empty seats at the world
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athletics championships in doha but that was not a worry on day 81 local athlete stole the show with his high flying at attracting the biggest crowd yet at the worlds. for once in doha a packed house and crowd. compact 3 is something to celebrate he took gold in the high jump the 1st guitar retitle at the championships off to a troubled tournament an outburst of immense moco and personal pride was it was an evening that saw plenty of spectacle the leader mohammed of the united states was chasing her own world record in the far new of the 400 meter hurdles boids by the crowd she too trained gold and b. cup best time to set a new world record of 52.16 seconds. the
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men's 3000 meter steeple chase ended in dramatic fashion as well ethiopian army sure gear must seem set to take the title but a late surge saw the defending world champion conciseness keep troops out of kenya pick his rival to the post by just a 100th of a 2nd. there was late night glory to force stephen god now of the bahamas in the men's 400 meters he's finishing time of 43.48 seconds is the 6th fastest runner in history to gold medal his 1st ever at the world championships. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you hong kong authorities have invoked emergency powers in an attempt to end months of unrest mass transit is suspended and a ban on face masks has taken effect but protesters remained defiant. to watch indeed of you news from berlin up next shift living in the digital age and
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don't forget you can get all the latest news around the clock on our website that's on d w dot com and as always we will be back with more headlines and all the news in 45 minutes. to sift through the dipsy. doodle for over a match at home the fortune for all of those missing in that nickname for. the families at the last dragon as well as called the whole history. books on. the. i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. that was hardest for.


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