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this is due w. news live from berlin hong kong authorities invoke emergency powers in a bid to and months of unrest mass transit is suspended and the ban on face masks takes effect the protesters remain defiant look at the latest from our correspondent in hong kong also coming up to. come. in such a deadly unrest in iraq as the country faces its worst crisis since the defeat of islamic state with dozens killed in 4 days of rioting people are calling on iraq's
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leaders to hear their demands. and iranian women who want the freedom to let their hair down and leave their headscarf at home but it's against the law new iran and can bring fierce consequences we'll take a look at why some women are defining the anyway. i marry in evanston it's good to have you with us we begin in hong kong where protesters remain defiant after another night of violence pro-democracy demonstrators are angry after the government invoked an emergency law on friday and bans demonstrators from wearing face masks that conceal their identity well despite the bad many protesters are still wearing masks and risking jail and have to find.
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after a night of vandalism authorities shut down hong kong's rail system and many shops are closed. or earlier i spoke to the correspondent charlotte charleston pil who's in hong kong and i asked her about the situation on the ground in the wake of friday night's violence. so far it's been considerably calm and today than some of those scenes that we saw yesterday we are at a small gathering right now in a park here we've been following processes throughout the day some of them have been taking part in a march others forming a human chain they have been marching as well through hong kong most people defiant wearing face mask there is a very angry response to that ban which came into force at midnight last night as there has been though a degree of trepidation today people here really don't know how this ban is going to play out and how it is going to be enforced by police as a result it appears that both sides both protesters have been police are almost
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waiting for the other one to to move to 2 to see what happens next we're getting the sense of a lot of people that we're talking to today that they are planning on savings the manager of a big protests that are planned over the coming days on sunday and then monday as well which is another national holiday meaning more people will be off work we're expecting big protests there and i think then that will we will see masses of people back on the streets potentially defying our faith mossbank or will you mention that even today you're seeing people continuing to wear the face masks in defiance of this ban. have you seen any arrests so far i mean if so many people are continuing to wear these face masks is it realistic that police could arrest everybody. no arrests have been officially confirmed yet mariana there has been a video circulating on social media day which does show police officers chasing
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down 2 protesters now it's being reported that those protesters were milling around several hours after the end of the march that i mentioned earlier they were then chased down by police the reports are that it was because they were wearing these face mouth and it is being said that they were then released but they were very shaken by what happened a lot of people tweeting particularly on say on twitter that this is a sign of things to calm this is how police are going to be enforcing this ban say deep concern here among people that we've spoken to but at the same time they ought to time and to keep taking to the streets some of the people that we've spoken to say that there will be a degree of safety in numbers they say if enough people are wearing these face mask police simply won't as you say be able to arrest everybody's so there is going to be there is a big question marks now about exactly what is going to happen next now charlotte after friday night's violence the leader of hong kong kerry lamb issued
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a statement what was her message. carried on there once again condemning the protesters who've been taking to the series particularly some out violent action that we saw on friday night it was her 1st statement since that ban was introduced and she was defending it essentially saying down violence on friday night just goes to show why a ban like this why these emergency powers need to be introduced now we did see a lot of violence on friday we did see protesters storming into beijing legs shops inbounds allies ing them carry lamb very strongly sending the message that that is not acceptable all right charles and charles charles in pill in hong kong for us we thank you very much for your reporting. to iraq now which has been shaken by more violent protests security forces in baghdad again opened fire on protesters
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who were demonstrating for a 4th day against unemployment poor public services and corruption since tuesday at least 70 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in unrest across the country. a moment of 1st bite from the violence iraqis enjoyed a day of calm after this week's clashes but security precautions remain in place the curfew may be lifted here but the danger of further on the west is in the air people young and old determined to bring about change when hope to see mother to be on the loose protesters here they are holding anything in their hands except for iraqi flags. and they're calling for the most basic of rights employment public services that's what the wonderful young people who graduated from universities want today why. it's the revolution of the hungry and courageous people it will hopefully open new doors for us god knows if the
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government is trustworthy or not. these. things are better now that the curfew has been removed. i hope the decisions by the government are applied on the ground because honestly the iraqi people are tired of promises. the violence came to a head on friday as gunshots rang out in the country south and in the capital where police reportedly fired directly at protesters. unrest across iraq has spread rapidly since tuesday without any apparent leadership or connection to a political or sick tarion movement it's the biggest challenge to prime minister abdul mahdi since the so-called islamic state was defeated 2 years ago on friday he said the protesters demands have been heard. now to some of the other stories
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making news around the world turkey's president for a tie affair to one says his country is preparing to launch a military intervention against kurdish militia in syria. north east he says the operation planned by land and air will allow displaced syrians to return home but the intervention could also threaten the safe zone agreed upon by turkey and the united states. haiti is bracing for more violence this weekend as protesters ramp up their demands for president of the now most easy to resign police fired tear gas against demonstrators in the capital port au prince on friday more than a dozen people have been killed during weeks of unrest over rising costs and allegedly government corruption. iran has released an australian couple detained for spying australia's foreign minister said the charges against the pair had been dropped after sensitive negotiations travel bloggers jolie king and mark fear can
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spent 3 months in jail for allegedly using a drone to take pictures of banned areas. they've been complains of empty seats at the world athletics championships in doha but that was not a worry on day 8 when local athletes stole the show with his high flying act attracting the biggest crowd yet at the competition. for once in doha a packed house crowd puller much as i use a bar the same day for his compatriots something to celebrate he took gold in the high jump the 1st qatari title at the championships off to a chubby tournament an outburst of immense no cool and personal pride. it was an evening that still plenty of spectacle the leader mohammed of the united states was chasing her own world record in the final of the 400 meter hurdles
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voyage by the crowd she too drained gold on b. cup best time to set a new world record of 52.16 seconds. the men's 3000 meter steeplechase indeed in dramatic fashion as well ethiopian army gear must seem set to take the title but a late surge the defending world champion consists of kenya picked his rival to the post by just a 100th of a 2nd. there was late night glory 2 for stephen god no of the bahamas in the men's 400 meters he's finishing time of 43.48 seconds is the 6th fastest runner in history to gold medal his 1st ever at the world championships. for women in iran wearing a head scarf or he job is a legal requirement if not followed it's punishable by
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a lengthy prison term but some iranian women are defying the rule and calling for greater freedoms for all women across the country. they're young they want freedom and they don't want to be forced to wear a headscarf these are rainy and women are making their views public. yasmin filmed herself singing in the subway without a he job she was sentenced to 16 years. there's no way i'm going to wear he job why should i it's raining so beautifully. and another woman 20 year olds a bar seen here on the right was sentenced to 24 years for her video filmed without the job. more and more women are joining the movement against the compulsory job and so-called white wednesdays women protest together by holding up white head scarves they send their videos to us based iranian journalist and women's rights campaigner. she initiated the white wednesdays campaign compulsory
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a job is the main pillar of a religious dictatorship it's the visible symbol of gender apartheid so that is why the government is very scared upon to compulsory a job movement and they took my family hostage because they want to keep the woman shut down. my sis shows us a picture of her brother the regime is targeting her family she fears that both her brother and her mother have been arrested to put pressure on her. brother sent her this video shortly before his arrest. traditional for the whole hello mussy the pressure on our family is increasing. they call us constantly trying to scare us. they want us to denounce you publicly mussy has been in the us since 2014 she couldn't remain in iran as women's rights activist she now has some 4000000 followers on social media which makes her
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a target for the regime. i think about my family a lot every day and sometimes i think about. i'm not going to just give up. because of my mother. but i'm sure the government are looking at me and that that's why i don't want to cry and i don't want to give up in this lawmaker republic of iran all women even school girls are required to wear headscarves hardliners crackdown on those who refuse many say the issue is about much more than head scarves. is what it will damage ok from the start the regime has been behind the compulsory he job claiming it is prescribed by islam this idea has since been rejected by islamic scholars but the regime knows that if the job fails it will also bring down other barriers was. all that is precisely why i must see alina judd and her movement are determined to continue
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their fight against the oppression of women in iran. and before we go quick reminder of our top story. hong kong authorities have invoked emergency powers in the bid and months of on rest mass transit is to spend it and a ban on face masks has taken effect the protesters remain defiant. don't forget you can always get w. news on the go just download our top from google play or from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you could also use a d.w.i. to send us your photos and videos. and that's it from given your news this hour i'll have more news for you at the top of the hour i'm married to evans team for the entire team here in berlin thanks for
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