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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin environmental activists staged drastic actions to draw attention to the calls of climate change in cities around the world members of the group extinction rebellion are aiming to paralyze traffic and occupy buildings to get their message across also coming up protestors in hong kong braves rubber bullets and clouds of tear gas to define a battle on facebook as tens of thousands of demonstrators take to the streets once more police begin arresting those who piling the bag. and more bloodshed on the
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streets of baghdad hendy government protesters clashed with security forces leaving more dead and injured demonstrators are furious about corruption and the lack of basic necessities. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us the climate activist group extinction rebellion has kicked off worldwide protests warning of an environmental apocalypse here in berlin protesters gathered at dawn to block streets in the city's center over the next 2 weeks civil disobedience actions where protesters attempt to peacefully paralyze cities are planned in 60 cities around the world protesters want greenhouse gas emissions be cut to 0 by 2025 we now go to our correspondents in london and shear in berlin let's start with big at moscow. is
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joining us there on the streets of london stan the protests are just getting underway there what's the situation on the streets. well i mean here in the government district and london and protestors of blocking several sites in and around the government a straight that's trying to block it what you can see going on behind me is that protest says have been trying to put up tents and other structures and police have then calmly taken the same structure stance it seems as a little bit like a back and forth so protesters try to put things out and then again police put things down i've also seen one young gentleman arrested and as we media reports that these there have been so far 21 arrests all over london now the last time there was a big protests in london was the beginning of the summer before the summer and police have not been very heavy handed however today i've seen here and on
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a lot of police on the streets and they have also in the house that they will arrest people so the question is how many protesters will want to be arrested or will will be willing to be arrested about it seems that is just going under way and it's a bit last you know a bit of a battle but a very peaceful battle at the moment between what the protests this one and what the police want ok a number of arrests already in berlin or rather in london a massive police presence so simon young is our correspondents on the street here in berlin solomon what are you seeing there. terry i'm standing here at the victory monument that's not far from the brandenburg gate in the center of berlin it's a key traffic roundabout in the protesters several 100 of them who have been here since the early morning have managed to block traffic from passing through here i can show you the scene it's an empty streets normally this would be full of heavy
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traffic buses lorries and cars at this time of day to day there's nothing and also the atmosphere here rather different to what bigots describing in london there have been no arrests the police are holding off the taking a watch and watch in white approach and the atmosphere among protesters ease peaceful nonviolent people are singing songs and chanting slogans and you probably see behind me there they've been building this sort of noah's ark they have been painting pink that's going to be the central focus of the demonstrations here today these protests have been anticipated of course we caught up with some of the activists in the german capital here as they made their preparations for this week of protests let's take a look. more oh this is how environmental activists from extinction rebellion are preparing for today's protests and. one of
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them is 28 year old luke. she's undergoing training and how to behave when blocking a road and when being removed by the police. allah says she's willing to be arrested for the cause of violence. this this is the only way to show how serious we are it's not sufficient anymore to simply wave flags and demonstrate we need to make clear how bad the situation is and i think it will be highly symbolic if we are willing to be arrested and have our freedom cattails. extinction rebellion was founded in 2018 and claims to have activists and around 50 countries that protest method is civil disobedience peaceful but sometimes illegal and provocative to illustrate the effects of climate change the activists even dyed the river in switzerland green
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the dye was harmless but the campaign got a lot of attention. attention is what the demonstrators and belin. the protests will last a week but for many the climate fight is a long term commitment. as he previously worked as a psychologist has decided to live off her savings and dedicate herself full time to the campaign. and pursuing a career is becoming more and more relevant if you look at the broader context of our work here is very important so i can't imagine doing anything else at this moment and for america. others hopes the extinction or 1000000000 will be successful in raising awareness about climate change so that governments around the world will begin to listen to her and her peers. their good this isn't the 1st time that extinction rebellion has staged protests in
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london what do londoners make up. for life being speaking to people that are passing by this particular protest and it in the very it randomly i have stockpiles this fire stops like this and my opinion is my impression is that most of broadly supportive particularly the people who are cycling was this is a very. very it's a group that's used over by cyclists in the morning in and out of work one of the big sort of routes into the city and the cyclists of very supportive of the process however i've also spoken to some others and one lady said she she does understand where they're coming from but on the other hand they are blocking the roads and of course london is a very busy city and they are blocking a judge traffic arteries and and they would also do that would hinder people also who are already travelling and agree no way for example by buses so some people do
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to object to the best methods that's for sure. bigot thank you very much for now that spigot mass force in london and here in berlin we had simon young our political correspondent out on the streets thank you to you thanks to you both very much. now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the u.s. says turkey is set to launch its long planned offensive against kurdish fighters in northern syria washington is withdrawing u.s. troops from the area and says it will not support or be involved in the operation on sunday kurdish groups in the region held a mass demonstration against the turkish offensive. exit polls from tunisians parliamentary election on sunday show the country's moderate islamist and not a party in the lead of its rivals roles of claiming victory the election is seen as a bellwether for the upcoming presidential runoff between his candidate and
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a jailed media mogul. and a 2nd whistleblower tells intelligence officials the president donald trump has abused his power democrats reading impeachment proceedings are now investigating whether trump pressured ukrainian president lot of me as a lenski to investigate a political rival joe biden as well as biden's son. hong kong police said arrested and charged 2 protesters for defying the ban on wearing face masks during demonstrations the protestors are the 1st 2 people to be charged under the new law all at the courthouse supporters used umbrellas to protect protesters identities as they were ushered away the ban on face masks has helped fuel days of violent protests in hong kong. and we're joined now by our correspondent in hong kong mathias bowling a materialist the battle on face masks has clearly angered the protestors we saw violent clashes there over the weekend what's happening there today.
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there are new protests announced in telegram groups and online forums today so far there haven't started yet but it's clear that the protesters want to keep the pressure up they want to be on the streets and the law has clearly not achieved what it should achieve according to the government to deter the protesters and take some steam out of the situation know now the protesters are more furious than ever and everybody is where almost everybody is wearing a face mask now to the demonstration even those that were not wearing any before. but mathias we now have the police actually arresting demonstrators 2 of them have now appeared in court for wearing face masks. can we really expect that the protesters will continue to defy the ban on face 1st.
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it's hard to say at the moment it looks like this and if you look at what has happening throughout these 4 months then that's that every means of deterrence the troops at the border with china threatening to enter this city be it police tactics that target the protesters i don't really stage all this has not worked so far that people are not deterred and that might be because many protesters fear that if they stop to protest a much worse clamp down on the city will happen and beijing will take its revenge so so far of course. this things are very volatile and can take other turns but at the moment it doesn't look like this is going to deter the protests as they were not deterred by long terms for rioting people with charged with offenses that carry up to 10 years in prison. so one year in prison for
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wearing a mask would probably not do the job i. understand public transport in hong kong has been severely disrupted but here's how is that impacting daily life there. you can see here this is one of the major m.t.r. stations one of the most busy m.t.r. stations in hong kong it has been vandalized for several days in a row half of the transport system is down today again even more than half and of course this makes life here very difficult to transport system carries 5000000 passengers a day to day is a public holiday so people are not most people are not commuting to their jobs that is of course changing tomorrow when schools and most businesses were pick up again and we will see how this is going to work this is this city is built on this transport system and it needs it appears they very much. there in hong kong.
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iraqi officials say at least 15 people have been killed in anti-government protests in baghdad overnight brings the death toll to more than 100 since violence erupted last week rexx prime ministers announced reforms aimed at quelling the unrest but tensions remain high. country in crisis. the prime minister's efforts to quell the violence had little effect as the death toll rose on sunday. demands for jobs better services and an end to corruption have been met with force demonstrators accuse security units of firing on crowds and deploying snipers. and that much of. the youth are protesting peacefully what do they want from us why are they killing us wasn't it our officials have responded with mixed messages the prime minister addle abdul
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mahdi offered to meet with protesters but he also defended the security forces. while iraq's interior ministry pointed the blame elsewhere. live in connecticut there were no clashes a confrontation between the security forces and the brotherly protesters but there were militias that target the victims. sad if it were just the prime minister said the families of those killed in the protests will qualify for state benefits he also announced a string of reforms including an increase in welfare unemployment benefits and to create new jobs officials have asked the protesters for time to implement the changes but gaining their trust will be a challenge. you're watching d.w. news coming up next we've got
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a documentary film for you will be looking back at 30 years of colonial rule in namibia of by germany and we've got some more international news for you of course coming up at the top of the next hour sumi will be with you then meanwhile we've got all our stories online at g.w. dot com i'm terry martin thanks for being with us. the intention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to sit on the bridge of comics on the front line while it's 250th birthday we were embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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