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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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review this is a view on this from his. own to the romantic master compass of. the secrets of symphonic magic. and. promise code starts oct 11th w. . ha. another mega merger not materializing the hong kong stock exchange dropped its $39000000000.00 bid for the london bourse we'll see you in on all the details also coming up japan and the united states signed a limited trade agreement but is it really better than the trans-pacific partnership the u.s. ditched in favor for the new deal and will take you to the andes worthy of me
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couldn't you advise people was cold feet with some of the warmest and most expensive pool for. chris colfer welcome to the program on a day were the dream of another mega merger popped hong kong stock exchange dropped its unsolicited bid for the london boars on tuesday hong kong accent offer $39000000000.00 for the l.s.e. group in a surprise approach made last month in a statement hong kong x. said it was disappointed that it has been unable to engage with the management of the elizee the offer had threatened to append the embassies own $27000000000.00 plan to buy data and analytics company griffin if. shares rose close to 3 percent in early trading following the news. well for more on this let's bring in our financial correspondent paul 'd christian brits in frankfurt paul christian. in the
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end rejected this offer it was unsolicited $39000000000.00 worth of the table was it just not enough money or what was the reason. while there was an official reason and then there was an ineffectual reason as the so often the case here. the management rejected that bid very very fast it was within 2 days that l.z. said no that's not not going to happen and the official reason being that the offer was conditional that drop their acquisition of. data financial data service provider that they're trying to acquire in order to diversify and change their business so that's the official one the other one is has been trying to solve this image of being the gateway to china to asia but it's also in recent months become a worry that it might be too controlled and the idea of the chinese taking taking
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over european operations doesn't bode well with a lot of people so that's the other reason that analysts suspect for this very emphatic rejection that came so quickly and we have to keep in mind that tie ups between these big exchanges seem to be ill fated these days i'm 2 years ago the e.u. rejected a merger between the exchanges in london and frankfurt. oh yeah the london stock exchange actually sets an entire graveyard of attempted and failed mergers and acquisitions. it was not just the bid with frankfurt that was rejected because it would effectively create a monopoly in a fixed income sector that's what margret avesta here. from the you said there's also 2011 alice he tried to merge with toronto that failed now that refund if he'll that might be a different story but that's because it might actually create more competition.
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changing its direction to become more competitive with bloomberg for example or perceived as a friend for thank you the united states and china will take another shot at resolving their protracted trade war this week in the meantime the u.s. and japan have signed off on a limited trade agreement u.s. presidents donald trump as one might expect is in no danger of underselling the deal claiming it will create countless jobs however critics say it falls short of the transpacific partnership the u.s. ditched in favor of the agreement president trump framed it as a big win as he watched u.s. trade representative robert light and japanese ambassador shinn suitcase sugiyama put pen to paper the deal will reach use tariffs on $7000000000.00 of u.s. agricultural goods while lowering levies on japanese industrial products becomes alongside an agreement on digital trait. these 2 deals represented tremendous
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victory for both of our nations they will create countless jobs expand investment and comers reduce our trade deficit very substantially promote fairness and reciprocity and unlock the best opportunities for growth. the deal helps out american farmers who've been operating at a disadvantage in japan since the u.s. left the now 11 country trans-pacific partnership but critics say it falls well short of the t p p which the president walked away from in his 1st week in office the deal doesn't even touch on perhaps the biggest issue for the japanese sites tokyo wants the u.s. to promise there won't be any further tariffs on its cars it's yet to get that assurance in writing president trump says the 2 countries will continue to work toward shaking hands on a more comprehensive deal. the united states has added a further $28.00 chinese companies among them china's top artificial intelligence and start ups to a trade blacklist washington says the firms of question are involved in the
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repression of we are muslims the entities which include government security agencies and the video surveillance company hike vision will now need approval from the government to buy parts or components from u.s. firms washington says the move is not related to this week's trade talks with china and now to some of the other business stories making headlines around the world. activists from the group could see trevelyan staged protests in several cities across the world including new york times activists severe themselves and emblems of wall street in fake blood and they lay in the street to block traffic group is calling for governments and businesses to cut fossil fuel emissions and changes to environmental costs a policy union in the united states is suing boeing over wages lost as a result of the grounding of the 737 max worker representatives and bunch of carrier southwest airlines say staff have missed out on $100000000.00 and paid
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because of the model being out of action the $737.00 max was grounded back in march after being involved in 2 fatal accidents samsung electronics is expecting its operating profits to drop more than 56 percent in these 3rd quarter down to $6400000000.00 is stark reversal from the same period last year when it posted record results the south korean tech giant cited a sluggish global demand for computer chips. the deadline for a threatened nodia brags that is nearing with businesses warning of the potentially devastating consequences of an abrupt u.k. departure from the european union now new figures show that the threat of bragg's it alone is already hitting the u.k.'s trade relationship with the e.u. quite hard. london and brussels are at an impasse so things are not looking good for businesses german exporters have already been suffering losses linked to breaks
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that poured into the german federation of exporters the b g 8 in the 1st half of this year german exporters to the u.k. last trade worth over 3500000000 euros as a result of brags that it says and things could get worse the flood an unbridled cannot reach a deal for an orderly bragg's it bring one the president of the b.g. a says great britain has now slipped from germany's 5th most important trading partner to 13th place below poland no deal would be expensive border controls and customs could raise costs in several areas it's logistics transportation and data protection but hard brags it is looking ever more likely european leaders are expressing doubts about in king an agreement in time tolbert 31st deadline. cab drivers in mexico city added to the city's already dismal traffic situation on monday they blocked major roads of the capital to protest ride
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sharing services like over who they claim are given unfair advantage. mexico's taxi drivers want to make a point and they literally stop traffic and mexico city to do it. they say that while they have to overcome many bureaucratic hurdles right healing apps like number don't have to. not work they don't have insurance they don't have a permit we're legal business we pay taxes and license fees. and one of these is you know. and the competition which they say has your costs is also eating into their business. sometime in use have decreased by 70 percent literally spend on gas have to spend on expenses you have to take out money for the house. the drivers are not calling for right healing apps to be bound in their city they say they want to be able to compete on equal terms. i know it's
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quite a personal question but how much did you pay for the socks that you're wear well whatever it is it's probably less than the $1000.00 you pay for a pair of socks made from the. it's a very fine wool in the sense from a llama species is related to the alpaca which lives in the south american andes and because its wall is so valuable the shore and once a year at a ceremony called the chalk take a look at the people of san juan de taro colony are gearing up for a day of hunting but they won't harm a single hair on the head of the coon yes who live here in the peruvian highlands almost 5000 meters above sea level the yearly check up ritual is about gathering the wool of the wild animal one kilogram can earn you almost 700 euros you need to share 3 or 4 of the cooney has to get that much. since the
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time of the incas the check of the vicar news has been conducted to share the news and hear that the will of the bacon is the finest in the world that's why the community is organized into an association we've been working since 2001. during the time of the in cuz there were millions of the by 1965 they were almost extinct efforts to preserve the creature have increased the number to over 200000 protecting the which are related to llamas and alpacas has become big business. the world trade organization says sales have risen almost 80 percent in the past 10 years peru alone sold $28.00 tons of the wool during that time to places like italy in this shop in lima a jacket made from certified will cost more than $9000.00 euros.
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it is a. certificate with its number it gives you traceability it's a designation which tracks the fiber from its departure sharing to the final end product. for the 80 or so and habitants of san juan to tower economy it's not just cheering the wild yes that's good business the chaco ceremony also attracts tourists to the remote area. the visitors can rarely afford garments made from for coolio wall but they're also interested in products made of alpaca or llama wool which the highlanders have also made themselves. and that wraps up our program here on d w business on preschool thanks for watching and never stopping. and
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in the end you're not allowed to stay here any more. are you familiar with this. smugglers. reliance and. what's your story.
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'd of numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story you are trying always to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become sitting. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. hello and welcome to news from the world of culture we'll be discussing a google exhibition in london that's causing a bit of controversy in just a minute also coming up. diversity in the fashion world leaves something to be designed we take a look at senegalese fashion designer perez who's trying to correct this imbalance
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. and in our series 100 german must reads a philosophical novel about a man who fears he's not living his life to its full potential night train to lisbon by coskata messier. the french planes. was one of the greatest post impressionist painters of the 19th century but was sadly not appreciated in his lifetime and died in relative poverty in the french polynesian ma cases islands in the south pacific in $93.00 he's particularly renowned for his experimental use of cholera at the time and of course his portraiture the national gallery in london is currently holding the 1st ever exhibition solely devoted to his portrayed. did his most famous work on the pacific island of tahiti the artist was fascinated by societies close to nature he
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travelled to what was then a french colony for the 1st time in 891.


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