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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 9, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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british a very strong letter it is supported by footnotes not ball and not political propaganda it's hardly political it's legal and it's beyond their comprehension because they are so mesmerised we're going to have to trot this was all comics that democrats say trump pushed ukraine's president to investigate his political rival joe biden and his son hunter using the machinery of government and his personal network in july phone call with kiev the president repeatedly raised the matter trumped private lawyer giuliani is just one of his in a circle accused of working on the ukraine campaign another man involved is called in sunland on the rights he's trumps u.s. ambassador to the e.u. and the past campaign jonah text messages released last week appear to show how he supported pressuring ukraine zone choose day the state department's blocked him from testifying to democrats by preventing us from hearing from this witness and to these documents. the president and secretary of state are taking actions that
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prevent us from getting the facts needed to protect the nation security democrats now see issuing a subpoena for some lens and their clear trump continues to block install the legal process they could use the matter is one of the articles of impeachment. now while that fight over the impeachment inquiry between the trump administration and democrats committees intensifies a congress itself is on a break most members of the assembly are spending time in their home districts talking to constituents for the 1st time directly since the start of the impeachment inquiry they don't lose i was wonderful naaman travel to the battleground state of wisconsin to see how the washington battle is playing there. on a town hall tour in wisconsin one of the stops the tone of shelled work over the last 2 weeks congressman mark book
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a democrat is troubled across his district to talk to his constituents about health care education and does anyone here. you. know. we have a confession right i mean it's pretty. pretty right here like many of his fellow democrats to congressman support the impeachment inquiry but here in his district among farmers who collar workers he's facing some tough question which is what are you we always say well when i was running. unfortunately what i've seen is more decide to just leave rather than say anything because. there's a lot of pressure on the especially when they are running for reelection the only problem with everything that's going on in the hopes. to get serious. so much more. so. there is a so that there becomes a point there is
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a certain those who reached a tipping point know who's going to hell this 'd is a president who thinks he's above the law you the guy who told us he should so. he's trying to prove it but great babies do stupid with it thank you all very much appreciated the good news result of. explaining the impeachment inquiry to voters means walking a tightrope for democrats in swing states like wisconsin according to recent polls the support for the decision to look into don't know it's trump's conduct has grown but at the same time many republicans still sees as a political move to bring down their president and it appears at least for now that impeachment has only white and the existing partisan divides. the city of one pun wisconsin congressman glen growth man a republican has been representing this district for fight for years and he stands
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by the president i think there are too many people who ever since donald trump was sworn in spend all their trying time trying to kick him out rather than dealing with issues that should be dealt with now and then just trying to beat him in the next election. all but shortly after the beginning of his town hall the congressman is being grilled by his constituents on the issue are some pretty republican support for another country you have to interfere with our election to 0 and you know what's wrong all or more should become i feel president using his political power for political personal gain i also believe it's a word for prostitution and no. so have you stated support for the internet for asking the former to enter you know our love scenes but i don't mean every other president who has yet to come up with more people to leave him from office almost all. you know there's
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a lot. of their life. really appreciate everything. and i think people will be surprised when he is. right there are in. elected or impeached and convicted in the disputed vote that is likely to intensify and not only in better grounds wisconsin. sumo breaking news that this out as president has announced the start of military action in northern syria he tweeted that the turkish army had begun what he called operation peace spring against kurdish militants reports from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say ass trucks being carried out there and there is huge public amongst the people is a reaction from one of the spokesman that's out there at the gate of a get out of the image of a turkey's trying through these attacks to open new lands for the mercenaries of these state and is trying to lengthen the life of these groups we do not agree with
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any attacks by turkey or by the people supporting it the world knows the reason behind the attack on northeastern syria therefore we call on human rights organizations and all democratic countries the european union and united nations to take a stance against the turkish attack anyone that is not moving against a turkish attack is considered a supporter of it. yet the lot of us are the result of that so russia has always had close relations with the cards and of course is one of the main players and they conflict in syria so let's go to moscow where we join d.w. correspondent and money show and welcome back emily what is moscow's line on this. well as you say phil russia has always had historically close ties with the kurds that stretches all the way back to the soviet union that they did lose a lot of trust from the kurds last year when they kind of gave approval for turkish
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air strikes against the african region which is was turkey kurdish controlled excuse me now what we've seen from the kremlin has been rather neutral a statement was published on the kremlin website which said that there had been a telephone call between president and on and president putin seemingly just before the operation was launched and that putin had warned his turkish counterpart to be careful and to take care that the kind of peace process in the regulation of the syrian conflict doesn't isn't brought off track by this offer a show on the russian line is very much been to push peace forward. in syria and they will will certainly be watching what's happening in syria now a very closely because nobody wants more heat in what is already a very complicated situation but despite this neutrality from moscow president reagan talked to him praise what he called russia's constructive attitude when it
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comes to this military action so what are we presume he means by that. well of course we don't actually know what the 2 sides said in that telephone call that took place today behind closed doors the statement that we saw was rather vague but it does seem that the russian side isn't too happy about this operation as i said they've been kind of pushing forward the peace process we heard a statement today from the head of the international affairs committee of the upper house of parliament parliament here in russia he said that these operations. will hardly have a positive impact on the situation in the region but what he what they might mean by constructive is that russia has also expressed some kind of understanding for the turkish position in the past months for example at the beginning of the month the kremlin spokesman said that they understood that turkey had to defend its own national interests against terrorists so that could be one they mean their.
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troops in syria is there any danger. between russian troops and. well of course it seems from the telephone conversation today that cooperation between the 2 sides is pretty close but that is of course the danger in fact russian backed syrian troops syrian government troops and turkish forces have already clashed earlier this year in the live region so that certainly is a danger but we saw today a statement from the turkish defense ministry saying that it would that the forces involved in the operation that started today would take care not to harm allied forces so it seems that turkey is certainly trying to send a signal that they don't want to step on russia's toes ok that was just the point that i wanted to come to the united states has backed off and allowed to do space to maneuver russia has maintained
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a sort of neutral let's all talk about this to shoot but not to flee a gun against a turkey in there so everyone sort of seems to be giving turkey enough space to do what it needs to do for now that that does seem to be the general position that russia is taking as well particularly because russia is trying to kind of they're kind of playing some kind of balancing act it seems they're trying to keep all the parties on side including turkey which has become a very important ally for russia in syria even though the 2 sides are on opposing sides of the conflict with russia backing the syrian government and turkey backing the opposition but also the 2 countries have become close partners in some kind of a almost a strategic. partnership in defiance of the west for example turkey is now currently buying 400 missile systems from russia to the dismay of
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turkey's nato partners so it seems that russia is willing to compromise to keep that important partnership going and to keep turkey on side going to show in moscow thank you for that. the nobel prize for chemistry has been awarded to 3 scientists who developed lithium ion batteries a swedish royal academy of sciences place appraised john be good enough and standing with you and your sheena for developing batteries that are lightweight and can be used in many devices from cell phones to laptops and electric vehicles. wireless digital devices are everywhere nowadays and the lithium ion batteries made them possible today the scientists behind the innovation were honored with the nobel prize in chemistry the royal swedish academy of sciences has today decided to award the thew 1900 nobel prize in chemistry jointly to john
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be good enough m. stanley whittingham and ikea. for the development of lithium ion batteries. back in the 1970 s. and eighty's stanley witting amen john be good enough lay the foundation for the 1st batteries made from the light metal about to truly take off that technology had to be refined by akido yoshino in the mid eighty's he began experimenting with lithium ion making batteries that were light nearly endlessly rechargeable and safe for everyday use. the impact on industry and society was massive today lithium ion batteries are used in everything from smart phones to scooters and automobiles and because the energy used to recharge them can come from
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renewable sources they're helping us usher in a more sustainable world even off the grid for years scientists have been looking at new ways of storing energy but nothing has managed to beat the lithium ion battery capacity and reliability it was a development that changed the world. this is day w let me take you back to our main story the shootings in the eastern german city of hala at least 2 people have been killed in an attack near a synagogue and near a kebab shop police have arrested one person and are looking for 2 others who fled the save in a hijacked car believed to be bound for munich those attacks are taking place on yom kippur war the holy stay off the jewish calendar attackers also placed explosives near the synagogues engines police of war the public to remain alert and to stay indoors. in the eastern german city of hama where shots were fired in broad daylight a local resident filmed the midday scene
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a man got out of his car and shot a weapon several times then he drove away a few blocks away near a synagogue an eyewitness described the attack. of the event 1st there was a loud bang and someone tried to force their way into the jewish cemetery. he shot at the cemetery door several times with a shotgun. and then a woman came she just happened to come in from the tram stop and she was shot in. the synagogue was full at the time 70 to 80 worshippers were celebrating young kapoor there according to the holland jewish community several attackers trying to force their way into the place of worship but the security measures at the entrance posted there were attempts. at nearby was another crime scene another person was shot dead. i stood directly at the entrance and saw an older woman who
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walked past a store of. suddenly a man with a helmet and wearing army clothes came up behind her i mean or at least looked militaristic. he had a rifle in his hand and a ski mask on and then he had what looked like a hand grenade or fireworks that he wanted to throw into the shop but it bounced off the door frame and went off right in front of us old woman with a very loud then he looked at the rifle and began shooting. is in a state of emergency authorities call it a rampage situation police believe there were several perpetrators and are calling on local residents to stay in their homes or places of work one suspect was arrested this afternoon but police warned locals in a tweet to remain alert. shots were also fired in the town of luntz back about 15 kilometers from hala the mayor says 2 suspects are believed to have hijacked
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a car and are still on the run.


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