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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin turkey pushes on with its offensive in northern syria as international criticism mounts with turkish backed troops ramping up their bombardment of kurdish militia the death toll is rising and now france and germany have halted arms exports to turkey also coming up typhoon hog abyss rips across japan and rescue efforts are in full force as large areas of the country face record branes flooding and landslides leaving thousands for no power or water
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plus thousands gather in berlin for a show of solidarity against anti-semitism and right wing violence that's after a terror attack on the synagogue in the city of hama earlier this week. i'm carl kasell and welcome to the program as turkey ramps up its assault on kurdish forces in northern syria hundreds of people have escaped from a camp in the area for supporters of so-called islamic state international condemnation of turkey's offensive is mounting with germany and france having suspended arms exports to the country up 22200000 people have been forced to flee their homes in the area. syrian rebels backed by turkey advancing to wrastle are in one of several towns in syria close to the turkish
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border in an area that's been under kurdish control and that turkish forces and their local allies aim to seize them. here they're posing in front of a poster of a gel and he may be in a turkish jail but the leader of the p.k. k. kurdish separatist movement in turkey remains a potent symbol reviled by the turkish leadership ankara aims to crush the kurdish forces in syria the y.p. gene militia which it sees as terrorists linked to the p.k. k. but the kurds are putting up a fight the why p.g. were the united states a key ally in the campaign against islamic state until president donald trump decided to pull u.s. forces out. the fighting has already displaced as many as 200000 people in syria living near the border many simply don't know where to go and international aid efforts to get to get under way these people are camping by a road niqab on a. while and then now we fled our village we were scared of the bones and we were
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worried about our children so we came here to save ourselves here we just sleep on the ground. international criticism of turkey's venture may be intensifying but president regift tired everyone is pressing on he says his aim is to create a safe zone to resettle syrian refugees currently in turkey as well as to defeat the y.p. g. . for more i'm joined now by correspondent you leon she's been following this story for us from the turkish syrian border now yulia of course a lot to talk about 1st of all today is day 5 of this surge what's the latest where you are. well there are no signs of relenting the turkish army seems to be a very determined to continue this open ration the artillery right behind me over there has continued to shell targets in northeast syria which is to what's this direction i'm about 5 kilometers away from the border from the frontline i'm in the
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turkish town of color and on the other side there is the syrian town of tell of yet which is one of the main targets here of this operation besides the town of wrestle now the ticket and their allied forces are trying to encircle yet to capture it so far that has not happened according to our information but we do expect fierce clashes fierce battles in the hours to come we saw fumes of black smoke rising from tel aviv yet old day now. there have also been and that's important to mention reprisal attacks new reprisal attacks apparently from the syrian side into turkish border towns including actually where we are and the security situation overall on the turkish side of the border as well is a very tense right now. also. of people escaping from
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a kurdish prison camp for islamic state relatives do we know exactly who these people are. well according to the information we're getting from northeast syria and unspecified number all the ice is family members have managed to escape from a camp cold. which is a camp southeast of tel aviv out to the town i was just talking about is houses about $1000.00 isis family members so it's a rather small cam compared to the huge that we've been talking about a lot in the past days now this is actually a worst case scenario something the kaddish let forces in syria have been warning about that they would be so busy battling the turkish forces that they come to deal with the isis fighters and their family members any more so that's why international concerns are growing that isis could actually benefit from the chaos that is emerging there due to all the fighting on the syrian side what about the
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humanitarian situation kurds we. have anywhere to go where are they going. well about a 500000 people in the border areas are at risk that's what aid organizations have been saying tens of thousands even more than 100000 people have already escaped they are moving deeper into kurdish controlled territory in syria to city to cities like iraq for example there are walking there they are going by car whatever however they can try to escape so they're seeking safety there without really knowing where exactly safety might be right now. turkish syrian border boarding force thank you very much. are now just some of the other stories making news around the world wildfires have forced 100000 people to evacuate their homes in southern california thanks to slowing winds firefighters have beaten back blazes
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that have been burning on the edge of los angeles since thursday fire officials there predicts that more wildfires will break out due in part to climate change. in poland people are voting for a new parliament today the incumbent a conservative nationalist law and justice party was ahead in pre-election surveys and is hoping for an absolute majority the party presents itself as the defender of traditional catholic values against what it calls quote l g b t ideology. hongkong pro-democracy activists have scaled these cities lyon rock peak it's 500 meters high and that is to spread their message they put up a statue that they called lady liberty representing an injured woman a protester believed to have been shot in the eye by police or anti-government demonstrations are being planned in the chinese territory. what was forecast to be the strongest storm to hit japan in some 60 years and now typhoon
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haga biz has board across the country leaving more than 25 people dead and many more injured rescue efforts are underway as record rains have triggered major flooding and landslides. the rain that battered japan through the longest of nights has mostly stopped falling but the border still bright is across large parts of the country for emergency workers charged with the task of rescuing thousands die like i've been a bit a chance to see those in danger but also take in the massive scale of the task that lies ahead the rescue operations continue countrywide up to hundreds of thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes surrounded by water to some the only way out was up. so will i pray for the souls of those who lost their lives. and for the wellbeing of everyone affected by the storm
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you know you don't and never to believe rescue focus will turn to recovery as the unprecedented mortal labels begin to recede. pretty much any luck with the now you all know or me thought now you've never yet experienced such intense rain and pursue potations. before the rain and water it was the wind which landed the 1st blows as gusts reached 225 kilometers an hour some knighthoods were flattened others washed away swollen rivers undermined some streets house by house. the final and potentially most deadly element to the typhoon would landslides that have many residents fearing the worst as the hunt begins for those missing i mean. i'm worried about my sister. as for now the human cost remains unclear in the wash up from a storm of historic proportions. thousands of people are gathering in central
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berlin to show solidarity against anti-semitism and right wing violence up to $10000.00 people were expected to join a demonstration condemning racism it comes after 2 people were killed in a terrorist attack in the eastern city of hala on wednesday the gunmen attempted to carry out a massacre at a synagogue where around 50 people were observing the yom kippur holiday is now confessed to the crime and admitted having a right wing extremist and anti-semitic. deed of your border william glu croft is at that demonstration in berlin now william it's only been a few days since that attack and hala what's the message now today. yeah the message here and they just announced to the crowd that there's 13000 people here at today's rally and their message is one of solidarity one against the far right movements in this country especially violent horror right extremists like the
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one that carried out the attack in holland on wednesday it's a very solemn event actually especially in comparison to previous events of this kind the music is much quieter the music is much simpler there's no partying there's no party atmosphere here it's a very solemn day there was a moment of silence before for the 2 victims and the 2 additional who were wounded on wednesday in the attack just before this march got going and that's that's pretty much what's going on here right now and this is a part of a broader movement happening in germany right i mean tell us more about the organization that's behind today's protest you're right about. here this is actually not just one organization it's an umbrella of organizations of from most of the political and social spectrum civil society spectrum here in germany all of the usual actors you might expect at an. anti right rally including the green party members of the jewish groups muslim groups of all kinds most political
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parties in germany are represented here to stand up against the far right and again whenever there is far right violence or political rallies of the far right here in germany in the last year or 2 especially these kinds of large counter demonstrations have been popping up to show defiance and show that they are the majority they are the true voice of germany and not the far right voices. i understand of course there are some more events also planned for later today. yes you can see this in a very fast moving now at the very end of it these police cars here mark the end of march there they've started in 3 sturrock very a storage area in germany where nazi book burnings took place in the thirty's and they marched through central berlin and will be ending at outside. i looks like we may have lost william there william blue cross reporting for us at a anti far right violence protest in berlin sports now formula one and
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mercedes driver voluntary botha us has eased to victory at the japanese grand prix in suzanne the race weekend have been disrupted by typhoon haiyan this which with qualifying also taking place on sunday the fins victory secures a 6th straight constructors title for his team it also guarantees mercedes will win the driver's title both toss is 64 points behind his team mate lewis hamilton with just 4 races to go can wrap up that championship at his next race in mexico. simone biles has equalled age of nasty x. record by claiming her 23rd world championships medal the american gymnast is only 22 years old she drew level with record holder vitali shareable by winning the vault at the tournaments and 2 got 17 over 23 podium finishes get this have all been gold medals. well 2 sports bodies are looking into military style
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salutes made by turkish athletes over the past few days the reason well the country is currently waging an offensive against syrian kurdish fighters gymnast ebrahim chola gave that salutes after winning a gold medal at the world championships in stuttgart on saturday sport's international federation says it will consider adopting rules to prevent such behavior in the podium on the podium in the future. meanwhile turkey's goal celebration and their euro 2020 qualifier with albania on friday has prompted a separate investigation by you eva that's the european football's governing body u.a. for rules for bid references to politics and religion. but don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google player from the app store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also
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use that you app to send us your photos and your videos. you're watching the news live from berlin reporter up next catching snakes in thailand instead of putting out fires to forget all the latest news is on our website dot com called aspen i'll be back with more of this hour. we take it personally. with the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. more than football on line.


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