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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin turkey pushes on with its offensive in northern syria as international criticism ounds with turkish backed troops ramping up their bombardment of kurdish militia the death toll is rising and german chancellor angela merkel tells turkey's president the assault must stop immediately also coming up poland at a crossroads as voters elect a new parliament today the ruling conservative long and justice party is seeking an absolute majority but critics fear another term could harm poland's democracy and
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thousands gather in berlin for a show of solidarity against anti-semitism and right wing violence that's after a deadly terror attack on a synagogue in the city of karbala earlier this week. i'm calling assman welcome to the program as turkey ramps up its assaults on kurdish forces in northern syria hundreds of people have escaped from a camp for supporters of so-called islamic state international condemnation of turkey's offensive is mounting as well with german chancellor angela merkel phoning turkish president wretch of tire air to want to demand an immediate halt up to 200000 people have so far been forced to flee their homes in the area. syrian rebels backed by turkey advance into russell are in one of several towns in
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syria close to the turkish border in an area that's been under kurdish control and that turkish forces and their local allies aim to seize them. here they're posing in front of a poster of a gel and he may be in a turkish jail but the leader of the p.k. k. kurdish separatist movement in turkey remains a potent symbol reviled by the turkish leadership anker and to crush the kurdish forces in syria the y p g militia which it sees as terrorists linked to the p.k. k. but the kurds are putting up a fight the y.p. g. where the united states a key ally in the campaign against islamic state until president donald trump decided to pull u.s. forces out. of the fighting has already displaced as many as 200000 people in syria living near the border many simply don't know where to go and international efforts to get to get under way these people are camping by a road niqab on a. while and now we fled our village we were scared of the bombs and we were
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worried about our children so we came here to save ourselves here we just sleep on the ground. international criticism of turkey's venture may be intensifying but president regift tired everyone is pressing on he says his aim is to create a safe zone to resettle syrian refugees currently in turkey as well as to defeat the y.p. g. for more i'm joined now by correspondent you leon she's been following this story for us from the turkish syrian border now yulia of course a lot to talk about 1st of all today is day 5 of this surge what's the latest where you are. well there are no signs of relenting the turkish army seems to be a very determined to continue this so peroration the artillery right behind me over there has continued to shell targets in northeast syria which is to what's this
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direction i'm about 5 kilometers away from the border from the front line i'm in the turkish town of the actual color and on the other side there is the syrian town of tell of yet which is one of the main targets here of this operation besides the town of wrestle i now take his army and their allied forces are trying to encircle of yet in that capture it's so far that has not happened according to our information but we do expect fierce clashes fierce battles in the hours to come we saw fumes of black smoke rising from tel aviv whole day now. there have also been and that's important to mention reprisal attacks new reprisal attacks apparently from the syrian side into turkish border towns including actually where we are and the security situation overall on the turkish side of the border as val is a very tense right now. also. of people escaping from
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a kurdish prison camp for islamic state relatives do we know exactly who these people are. well according to the information we're getting from northeast syria an unspecified number all vices family members have managed to escape from a camp cold. which is a camp southeast of tell of yet the town i was just talking about is houses about $1000.00 isis family members so it's a rather small cam compared to the huge hole that we've been talking about a lot in the past days now this is actually a worst case scenario something the kaddish let forces in syria have been warning about that they would be so busy battling the turkish forces that they can't deal with the isis fighters and their family members any more so that's why international concerns are growing that isis could actually benefit from the chaos
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that is emerging there due to all the fighting on the syrian side. of. kurds. have anywhere to go where they go. well about a 500000 people in the border areas are at risk that's what aid organizations have been saying tens of thousands even more than 100000 people have already escaped they are moving deeper into kurdish controlled territory in syria to city to cities like iraq for example they are walking there they are going by car whatever however they can try to escape so they're seeking safety there without really knowing where exactly safety might be right now. turkish syrian border reporting for us thank you very much. and now we want to take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world typhoon how business has bored across japan leaving at least 35 people dead and many more
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injured in one of the strongest storms to hit the country in recent history rescue efforts are underway after record rains triggered major flooding and landslides. in hong kong pro-democracy activists have held bolts of small protests across the territory establishment slink to mainland china including banks and a.t.m.'s were vandalized police say they made dozens of arrests they used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators. wildfires have forced 100000 people to evacuate their homes in southern california thanks to slowing winds firefighters have beaten back blazes that have been burning on the edge of los angeles since thursday fire officials there predict that more wildfires will break out due in part to climate change. in poland voters are choosing a new parliament today the incumbents nationalist law and justice party under. was
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ahead in pre-election surveys and it's hoping for an absolute majority today party is presenting itself as the defender of traditional catholic values against what it calls quote l g b t ideology the vote is also being closely watched in european capitals the law and justice party has an active controversial justice reforms as well as fiercely resisting e.u. efforts to resettle foreign refugees in poland. all right let's head to poland now our correspondent olivia cortazar standing by for us livia according to those polls we heard about the law and justice party has the support of about 40 percent of the population why is it doing so well. well the people here feel that the living standard has been rising and they connect that to the governing party piece has introduced in the very beginning in 2015
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in the last months of 2015 social benefit programs which has promised before meaning that families got child benefits which is around $130.00 per child and that's a lot of money in poland especially in the countryside where peace is very strong so people vote for this party because they know they can expect more social benefits for the next 4 years and they think that their life will be better with this party. what about the opposition now in this election want are they campaigning on. well the opposition really lost a chance i think because people don't really know what they're complaining on at the moment it's very much about being bar you. being a state of. with the rule of law and being against peace not having peace and you can see that even in the research in the polls they show that people vote for the governing party for the oppositional parties to avoid peace being in government
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again. but after all you can say that they are not doing that but the 3 oppositional blocs on the left side of the government have around 467 percent when you look at the polls peace of course being p.i.a.'s that's the polish abbreviation for lawn justice party quickly can you give give us more background on this controversial judicial reforms that are taking place in poland what's going on there. well for the last 4 years we saw more and more laws being introduced and when we look at that point what what they have done we can say that every entity of the justice system has been has been changed has been affected and well it does just the system becomes more and more yeah more and more political we can for example look at the constitutional court it was targeted in the very beginning it would not would not rule against the interests of the governing party at the moment any more or for example there's been a law introduced which makes it possible for the minister of justice to appoint and
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dismiss all the presidents and vice presidents of the courts in poland so basically the rule flows freely endangered here many eyes across europe ron paul once a day want is at stake in this election. we are not sure if peace will have to build a coalition or not that's like the most and pressing question to. hey if they have to build a coalition they cannot just rule they have done for the last 4 years. i think that the people here like the most probable experts say for example the most probable outcome is results will be that peace will not have to go into a coalition and it can just go on as it's done the last years but if they have to go in the coalition it will probably be with the right wing populists and then they will have to do compromises and probably the situation will become calmer even
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alright the polls close there in just a few hours olivia court or some force thank you very much. now thousands of gathered in central berlin today to show solidarity against anti-semitism and right wing violence the demonstration condemning racism comes after 2 people were killed in a terrorist attack in the eastern city of hala on wednesday the gunmen attempted to carry out a massacre at a synagogue where around 50 people were observing the donkey poor holiday he confessed to the crime and has admitted to having a right wing extremist and anti-semitic. i reporter william glu croft is at today's rally in berlin and i asked him a short time ago about the message behind the demonstration just a couple of days after that attack. yeah the message here they just announced to the crowd that there's 13000 people here at today's rally and their message is one of solidarity one against the far right movements in this country especially
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violent far right extremists like the one that carried out the attack in holland on wednesday it's a very solemn event actually especially in comparison to previous events of this kind the music is much quieter the music is much simpler there's no partying there's no party atmosphere here it's a very solemn day there was a moment of silence before for the 2 victims of the 2 additional who were wounded on wednesday in the attack just before this march got going and that's that's pretty much what's going on here right now. william blue croft reporting for us there in berlin to tennis now and neil medvedev has defeated germany's alexander vera to win the shanghai masters medvedev serving here had lost his 4 previous matches against there but today was a different story he needed just 74 minutes to complete the 6461 victory and he maintained his record of not dropping a set all week it's the russians a 4th title this year putting him in the conversation as one of these sports best
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prospects. for gymnast simone biles is so good at what she does even we have trouble keeping up with her competing in the world championships in stuttgart biles tied the all time mark yesterday collecting her 23rd medal as soon as we could process that she went on to top that collecting medals number 24 and 25 with gold in the beam and the 4 events files now surpasses the vitali sure bow to become the most decorated gymnast male often female in world championships history . well don't forget you can always get news on the go just download our app from google player from the app store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the d w app to send us your photos and your videos. watching
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the news live from berlin up next dr film takes a look at the politics behind the euro currency and don't forget all the latest news and information is available on the website it's d.w. dot com or you can follow us on twitter at t w news i'm carl kasell and i'll be back at the top of the. country. boy a meal and i'm getting on with the brand new delusions are most vocal it's personal it's divisive it's about topics that affect us all water for climate change and the return of. only green fields check out.


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