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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  October 13, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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after the fall of the berlin november 9th do you don't believe. what is this man planning to do with this and block of cheese we'll find out more about his intentions later on in the show. hello and welcome to another fun filled edition of your own max i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we've got coming up for you. joining me as i explore the
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austrian capital be young up for a fish week day. and a visit to the west bank for another october fast. well we kicked off the show in the danish capital copenhagen which has just added yet another attraction to its long list of sites worth seeing skiing on the roof of a trash burning facility now it may sound strange at 1st but the building kills 2 birds with one stone it burns trash in an ecological way and it provides the community with a source of fun here's a closer look. 450 meters of fun koeppen hill is an artificial ski slope on the waterfront in denmark's capital copenhagen and it operates without any snow so we can stay open year round.
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for a flat country with no mountains for natural skiing this 85 metre high slope is pretty impressive. if you are going to get to the behavior sometimes really quick sometimes it's a bit slow on the 4th behave differently than the. little bit like when you say you. can ski is melting all over so maybe this is the new way of skiing in 2050. this unique ski slope was built on a waste to energy plant in copenhagen the industrial port facility but the steam here doesn't pose any health hazard. this cutting edge plant numbers among the world's cleanest and most modern. of the
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world famous architectural firm. group helped bring the vision to life. living $500000.00 people a week of their vacation every year to go to another country to ski. through the no always. enjoy one of their favorite. there's no possibility so we've been asked to do a building that. we wanted to give the people of copenhagen the opportunity in the middle of the city. can rent whatever equipment they need at a shop at the base of a slope. then a conveyor belt in ski lift take them up. skiers and snowboarders can show off their skills on the slalom course or in the fun park at the bottom of the slope and the surface. feels like real snow.
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coming through. surface and that surface has. different. skiing on snow the most copenhagen is one of europe's most environmentally friendly cities many here get around. now is meant to improve the quality of life here even more the architecture bright idea of combining a waste to energy plant and a recreational facility one of the german sustainability award. isn't just for skiing enthusiastic hikers and joggers can follow a trail to the top. the entire area was built for recreation and bring people closer together. so you don't need a function of the city where you have people living in one place people working
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somewhere else factories in a 3rd place we can actually combine everything have a much more. fun city but also a most sustainable city because instead of you having to travel to go everywhere with transportation you can actually just walk around and have all the different facilities of a city within a close distance. does koeppen hill have to stop for a copenhagen landmark in any case it does make good marks capital even greener. safety is the standard phrase when you're about to take a picture right well one british photographer took this statement quite literally brendan berry uses cheese to make his cameras the way he produces photos is a throwback to another era but for him the challenge lies in creating the apparatus itself experiments with all sorts of materials well it seems for him going the digital route would be too easy. she's the camera.
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and telephone box camera. and i can pick camera all built by british photographer brendan barry let's start with the cheese. grater and barry teaches photography in exeter in southwestern england. but he's more interested in the process than in the fences themselves. so he builds his own cameras with all possible and impossible materials. today a camera made of cheese. one thing i like to do. is kind of play with people's preconceptions an understanding of what cameras and what it can do. when you make a camera of a block of something that people don't usually expect then they respond to the to the camera so focus lee in
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a different way but also the pictures that you take with it. it's easy to build the camera like this but it's not so easy on the net. a frame for the light sensitive paper is screwed to one side of the hunted out block of cheese. twisted into the you have assigned and one of. the night passes through the lens and hits the photographic paper which can then be defended . it works just out. after just 2 hours of slicing and placing the cheese cameras ready for a time session brendan berry uses old polaroid film to defend itself $3.00 to $1.00 . the from the users out they run out they start making about 10 years ago i've kept my fridge since then which we're using today so the effects could be all over the place. and lego camera an accordion
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camera a lot camera and so on and soulful. even converted an entire campaign and equipped it with a darkroom of it so. today brandon barry's taking his camper camera for a little drive through the country side of the car. came when i thought well if i can just be inside the camera and have a darkroom inside as well. and i could take my dog. car anywhere and sort of being in a store space which was. everywhere else could be the. final preparations for a fashion shoot with. his mobile x x l camera. light
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is pouring through this lens and projected me outside world inside upside down if i move this focal point the closer away from the lens you see how different things come into focus. the same place reined in barry positions the model and they're ready to shoot tiny bits you're right. pass that so long to the moment. turn the lights off closed the lens. and kind of place a photographic paper around in the picture. and the times at this point. will make an exposure by opening and closing lines well. he puts the potion through the inside the camp and does the rest outside. it's incredible it's really nice because something interesting. is incredible
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photographic. even a telephone box can become a camera and print it is already planning to recap this many other objects team. owners of a boat. camera one day. double decker bus submarine because like using the periscope as a camera. his camera concepts may sound rather eccentric. but they do show a new perspective on photography. they produce unbelievable images. brianna austria has been ranked the most livable city in the world for a 2nd year in a row now this is due in large part to its diversity when it comes to all things cultural architecture museums concert halls and coffee houses now with so many
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options on offer can sometimes be overwhelming if you only have a couple of days to spend there but leave it to me to give you some tips on how to best enjoy a perfect weekend in vienna. hello and welcome to my perfect weekend in vienna. my tour begins at the mission and the shots with the carriage right karl country nazi has been working as a coachman for more than 30 years the 1st thing he shows me is the hard work for the formula tops for dynasty once resided. we make our way through the winding alleys of the old town to the top sentry saying steve inskeep drove one of the and as landmarks i want to hear more about karl's impression of the city after all these years. the other is the most beautiful city in europe there's nothing like it
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and there's no other experience like a carriage ride either. when he's right he's right carriage ride is without a doubt a very comfortable way to explore the city. is also synonymous with schnitzel. but this is where you get real dinner schnitzel and i'm going to learn how to make sure you're going to try to me to a cooking class in this restaurant. what is the most important thing after pay attention to it has always gone beyond hope no chicken and then i learned how to cut the veal properly. tenderize this. prepared in an egg bag. cover it in fine bread crumbs and get enough buttery oil mixture for about 3 minutes with a little help from a pro my view nurse that's all actually looks quite edible. that's a good napa teat. meanwhile the sunny skies have turned gray perfect for
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a visit to the vienna state room one of the most famous opera houses in the world. now are about to hear be told me. today is programming food chain. for music by members of the vienna philharmonic. my special tip for a perfect weekend in vienna is a visit to the vienna state. day 2 begins and vienna's museum quarter. the fine arts museum was built to house the hapsburg art collection including works by. peter boyko. giuseppe archibald. john femi year. and a potent set out to an entire room is dedicated to peter paul rubens.
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and this is my culture tip for a perfect weekend in a visit to the fine arts we see. beyond that is a modern metropolis which has retained its original charm including a vibrant coffee house culture. copy line run has been serving up coffee specialties since $873.00 managing director band craft out orders and a ray of them for me. including a double espresso. with whipped cream of course. because of. orks sweet coffee with orange liqueur. for another with cherry brandy. in each coffee comes with a glass of water. at the beginning of the coffee house poll showed the water was from the well it was not clean it stunk it was so the coffee house almost serve the
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glass of water and said see this is the clean water oh we call the coffee and of course apple strudel is a must with every coffee house visit. once an imperial hunting ground today that prashar is an amusement park and the lungs of the city here i attempt to work profit calories from the apple strudel without much luck. instead i opt for a ride on the ferris wheel which is also a viennese landmark and when the weather's good you can see the entire city. vienna is known for its wine taverns with music wines from the last harvest are served here that are bells arced tavern on the outskirts of town is one of the most famous. the world is said this is the only city in the world that
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has $700.00 hectares of a new us within the city limits the speed at that it's only have those individual wine growers were allowed to sell the wine they produced in their own restaurant so for. the taverns cosy atmosphere is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the austrian capital and it's a perfect way to wrap up a perfect trip. to learn more about european lifestyle culture. when you come to. your romance. take the plunge join the strike. price. lasered cuisine join the race to destroy. your romance. subscribe so you don't miss it. time now for something to eat and it seems the trend towards
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a vegetarian diet is growing for health or environmental reasons but it's often the case that vegetarian meals lack excitement or variation well here in germany 3 vegetarian restaurants are disproving this notion and they've even been awarded michelin stars for their innovative creations we visited one in frankfurt. from the fields to the table all in one day. fresh vegetables purely locally and transformed into exquisite. there's nothing boring about it this harvest is ripe for its grand appearance at the 7 swans restaurant critics say wait creates mission with a cuisine without any meat. and many people think of plant based cuisine as a boring side dish but it can be so much more complex complex you can get so much
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flavor out of herbs or by smoking in syria. so when you post there's lots of ways to get that extra kick in flavor we make our own measles and we ferment a lot you can get an incredible variety of flavors that way. and this is where he gets all his ingredients in the palm and season oh brewis matters just outside of france has. grown completely organically and sustainable chemical chicken. size but once it's for us that means we conserve water when farming we try to mulch as much as possible and use it to cover the soil after we've planted. that greatly reduces the amount of water we need we try to set complimentary plants next to each other that can take care of each other to put it simply going to month. or you can also foods we also arrange the plants strategically so by and large they can fend
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for themselves. ricky say with stops by the gardens once a week to see how the crops are coming along he uses about 300 different fruits roots and depending on the season. the restaurant only uses ingredients raised here . we'll use the little ones for the plate and we'll make a stock out of the big ones. to keep the winter many are interesting to preserve and sometimes they even harvest things before they put it right. here for this is really important to me to be on site personally it helps me find inspiration. as i stroll through the gardens i might spot some herbs or vegetables that i haven't used in a while i taste a lot here on site and put together ideas in my head and sometimes i come up with some really interesting combinations that way. the harvest goes straight from the
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field to the big city the 7 swans restaurant has just $24.00 seats and they're almost always fully packed. the guests and over to terry meat eaters love coming here to say which creativity his cooking hobby is many a surprising taste experienced and unexpected ingredients. this is our 1st course the appetizer wrapped around outside is a cut out charred leaf stuffed with all the wild herbs growing in the meadow right now. it's decorated with some nice blossoms. we have salt bush inside gallant soldier buck's horn playing time war dead metal. orange. blossoms and chrysanthemum. finest cuisine created with produce grown in the city outskirts for this beat 3 noun french mission our restaurant guide specially conceived to sustainability award which they presented to the 7 swans restaurant in february 2019.
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now rick you say weird is ready to take his veggie concept a step further. there but for 2 months now we haven't used any animal based products at all we are currently totally plant. just . save it is looking forward to the next verdict so far not a single for levy can restaurant on earth has a mission. yet. staying on the subject of a pioneering spirit the palestinian brewery. in the west bank is also one of a kind in that region the founder of the company celebrates a yearly october fasts inspired by the original one right here in germany well as part of our series october fest worldwide which you can also see on our you tube
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channel we went to the west bank to see how palestinians enjoy this german tradition. the palestinians october to celebrating its grand opening there accompanied by a festive perception of orthodox priest and scouts. revelers from around the world have come to the village of type in the west bank nearly 10000 this weekend alone there hosted by the corrie family founders of the type of brewery the oldest in the middle east at their october fest they serve 10 different types of beer 5 of them are special editions created just for the festival cory's the brewer that special beers are doing very well there but that people are loving. to tell us might take a little bit longer at the palestinian october fest but just like at the original
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in munich party goers here's the varian later who is in india. and dollar here for one main thing beer. this one is palestine the herbal all girl it's gone so. it's gone i feel like it's like walking through the hills because you have all the smell the 1st time it's right over here which is really really good. entertainment is classic middle eastern this troupe is performing the traditional dub camp and they do live in thousandfold dance. team corey a co-founder of the brewery 1st came up with the idea for an october fest in type. i go to october 1st every year to germany and all over the word and i wanted to do the same as a palestinian style looked over 1st it would boost the economy. and put
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in the mouth. nadim corey learned the craft of brewing in the united states in 1903 when prospects for peace were good he and his brother returned to the middle east. at just 9 years old his daughter mideast began learning how to brew beer according to the german purity law she became the 1st woman ever to work is in the middle east. the brewery exports to 14 countries that sells most of their beers locally many foreigners come especially for the october fest. it doesn't matter where you're from what language you speak people just come outside enjoy the day it shows a different side of palestine to palestinians and to international people and to israelis as well. type of maybe a christian village but most palestinians are muslims for guests who like to avoid drinking beer there's a nonalcoholic alternative. it's
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a mixed culture or going just the reverse of like that they're going to drink beer of some bomber on you know the corner and grew strong armed drones on board are not . going to do and recall marathoner right at the consulate reverend governor. might be scoring he has only one wish left. for the future in general ah. hopefully peace in palestine shared. the title of tobruk fest an unusual opportunity for everyone to come together and reach across divides. it's like a lot of fun and with that it is time to say goodbye don't forget to check out our website for this week's draw and a chance to win the euro max watch as always thanks for joining in was thinking.
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welcome to the girl max new jersey channel. a good line of story. with exclusive inside. the must see concerning parts culture to your a. place to be for curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribing and don't miss our. unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central valley news that formed the foundation of this country how have these values developed to post war germany come hard is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom in our every tell you my. word german syrians starts october 21st on d w. this
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is detail but the news live from berlin attacking pushes on with its offensive in northern syria as international criticism mounts with takesh baksh troops ramping up their bombs bodman of kurdish militia the death toll is rising and german chancellor angela merkel tells turkey's president the assault must stop immediately also coming up to the people of code and elect a new parliament today in the wake of controversial justice reforms we need for judges being targeted hope.


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