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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2019 5:15am-5:30am CEST

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next the documentary be filing why insects dying and i'd forget you can follow us on twitter news or visit our website that's dot com i mean you can spend watching. us and it's as if that you don't need to keep a lot of the books old for over gretchen home the 4th time for the most recent i think number. of valets at the nasa dragons is words. to use. to agree books on. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. google ideas told stories of creative people and innovative
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projects around the world ideas the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action google audience and series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. cut. pressure is mounting over turkey's offensive in november syria they can all make sanctions against iran are are looming large and companies such as fox wagon are reassessing their business in turkey also on the program the international monetary fund puts global economic growth at the lowest level since the financial crisis he says the situation is precarious there is no room for policy mistakes and ecuador is returning to normal after extensive violent protests over the ditching ugh. fuel
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price subsidies. i'm for scoble welcome to the program turkey's invasion and northern syria has shocked leaders in europe and the united states from across the political spectrum u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state my pompeo are in turkey on wednesday trying to broker a ceasefire the business world is also reacting with fox wagon putting its plans for a new factory in the turkish port city of izmir on hold leaving one and a half 1000000000 euros of investment and thousands of jobs at risk the turkish economy has been begun to recover from the last crisis and now even this slight improvement isn't a threat folks are going to respond to a decision on a new plant prior to the turkish offensive in syria it was virtually a done deal and the united states is also making it clear to turkey that it will hit the economy hard to force president to turn back as we've warned
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all along our desire is not to shut down the turkish economy our desire is to see appropriate response these sanctions will be very severe on the turkish economy we will continue to ramp up these sanctions that president sanctions will only affect individuals but should the u.s. follow up on those threats the turkish economy could be in a tight spot the mirror which tumbled nearly 30 percent in last year's currency crisis has fallen nearly 5 percent so far this month despite state banks pouring billions into markets to prop it up. for more let's 1st over to jose luis doubt on wall street hostilities how much would u.s. sanctions it the turkish economy. well pretty pretty much of because analysts here on wall street are already saying that the leader would likely fall sharply against the dollar is particularly if sanctions were extended to turkey as
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a project of the banking sector but even in india absence of more sanctions that will probably continue under pressure as at the global economy and also father let's not forget either that turkey's short term or sternal debts are large and its growth as 100 financing requirement has a share of our currency reserves is among the highest in the emerging world and also leads we've heard that fox wagon is putting plans for a factory in turkey on hold how have companies in the us been responding to this political crisis. around you as a company is not a big concern about it does it to asian since i did a deal between they did 2 countries was the years of anyway and turkey hardly explored said that much of steel today u.s. i call us that darky scituate only reach around 20000000000 dollars last year with not even 4 percent of turkey's exports focus on the u.s. market and 5 percent of its imports already made in here from day united states
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that said many targets companies omani in foreign currency leaving them born or of all too poor to drop in the turkish lira also lose data in new york thank you. the world economy is facing its weakest growth since the 2008 financial crisis that's according to the international monetary fund which has cut its outlook for this year and next the main reason for the slowdown international trade disputes the i.m.f. is now predicting 3 percent global economic growth for this year down from his previous forecast of 3.2 percent slows expansion in about a decade the i.m.f. also slashed its drawls estimates for the eurozone notably dragged down mainly by export powerhouse germany the world's 2 biggest economies the united states and china also do zing steamy china eve. predicted to polls and slowest growth rates since $99.00. i asked our correspondent pablo foley if the recent phase one trade deal between the u.s.
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and china was an indicator that leaders were heeding the i.m.f. call 'd to deescalate. hi christopher well yeah of course the stuff forget that in the in the past few days of course there has been this we'll say cooling in there in tensions between the united states and china they're calling it you know somewhat of a ceasefire or a truce of some sorts but what we saw today here was you know the i.m.f. chief economist woods was very cautious says she said that what we need to do is wait and see exactly what comes out of it but what was a good sign is that of course today you know a round of tire of against china from the united states were meant to kick in and they of course were suspended and now the next question is what will happen with the next trend of tyrus which are meant to kick in in december but of course in november there is the possibility of a meeting between president trump and his chinese counterpart xi jinping and what comes out of that will they sign an agreement will they put an end to this ongoing
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trade dispute remains unknown and what it appears is that economists are very cautious of what's going to happen in tacoma in the coming weeks and months and pablo we talk about a growth of 3 percent for the world economy how does that translate into everyday life for you and me. well for you and me of course at the moment it appears that consumer confidence is still quite good at despite this slowdown that we're seeing of course let's not forget that interest rates are quite low and you know if you look at countries that are going to see a slowdown one of being germany and you know it consumer confidence still remains pretty good but once again the i.m.f. is remaining quite cautious and they're going to keep an eye on what happens ime whether consumer confidence is affected and if it is is there going to be a slowdown as well in economies is there going to be slowdown in perhaps growth within a connelly's on job growth which of course would have a negative impact on that consumer confidence pablo folios reporting from
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washington pablo thank you. and now to some of the other global business stories making news. subsidiaries swiss has grounded its needs of 29 airbus a 220 jets for an engine review the move follows a diversion to paris by 8 to 20 with a turbine problem the incident is the latest in a serious of technical glitches involving new generation pratt and whitney geared toward fan engines at least draft 2020 budget tax cuts for middle income earners and cracks down on tax evaders while holding the deficit at the same level as this year at 2.2 percent the budget also scraps a huge sale tax increase which it was feared could push the country into recession or to davidson has suspended production of its live wire electric motorcycle which the brand had rolled out as part of a diversification push the decision follows the discovery of a problem with the vehicles battery also it appears buyers of its traditional
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motorbikes weren't interested in an electric version of their favorite. surging pork prices caused by a widespread outbreak of swine fever have driven up china's inflation to 3 percent in september the price of pork rose 70 percent beijing has released pork supplies from its central reserves to stabilize prices and raised import quota us from the united states. life returned to normal in ecuador on tuesday after 11 days of violent protests forced the government to revoke a rise in fuel prices president want to know had announced a reinstatement of a 40 year old subsidies which had been scrapped as part of an austerity the package agreed with the international monetary fund ecuador's economic outlook however remains challenging as years of populist rule and a drop in oil prices have left it with a public debt while half as big as the country's entire economic.
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brief wait to fill the tank what may seem to be normal in most cities around the world is something unusual for many in the ecuadorian capital quito especially when it comes to the prices. for 11 days the country was completely paralyzed by protests against cuts to fuel subsidies and the resulting leap in the cost of petrol. the imported 60 percent of ecuadorian people are extremely poor so who would be affected by these feelings creases of course the people of ecuador not important business and. who are against rich left against right the protests or numerous clashes between demonstrators and security forces at least 6 people died in the violence and over 500 were injured. the international monetary fund had insisted the government cancel field subsidies
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as part of its attempt to balance the budget that turned ecuadorians dissatisfaction with their leaders into outrage. people have not seen a single penny. but nonetheless the government of taking out a 1000000 loans. people don't see these loans. those are annoyances. you can't see the current government with so many loans building roads hi joy electric power building schools colleges everything's just blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. the reinstatement of field subsidies is also being seen as a victory for indigenous people they often have very little money and the huge jump in fuel prices also led to a huge hike in the price of their bus tickets. and for those of you who are like the high tech toys google has unveiled its next generation of smartphones besides standard upgrades the new pixel handsets feature
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a radar sensor which allows users to issue commands with hand jesters a picture for friends coming to his eyes alongside to google's 1st moderately priced laptop but tech analysts say the phone fails to anough apart from its rivals and either features or process. and that's a show frank's watch.
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