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german culture looking at the stereotype clad in the solution. to this drama. it's all good. i'm a joke. post. this. coming up. the duchess of cambridge. on their. all important. kids film at the center. which. has been.
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welcome to do. it's good to have you with us i think called their most complex 2 up to date and with good reason prince william and his wife kate are on their 1st official visit to pakistan a country dealing with ever present security issues the duke and duchess of cambridge will also look at pakistan's efforts at fighting climate change and to highlight the country as a quote dynamic aspirational and forward looking mission those words from britain's high commissioner to pakistan thomas drew the couple have visited a school a national park and had a private lunch with prime minister imran khan but it was that arrival in a column for took 2 also called an auto rickshaw in the subcontinent that had heads the couple were attending an evening reception at the pakistan monument in the
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capital islamabad. i'm sure they've done it for sure has been following their visit why is this visit so important for pakistan. you know it's been a while. a british royalty visit took place in pakistan the last time somebody visited was about 13 years ago and this couple is young it's glamorous it's charismatic. and the visit could not have come at a better time for pakistan when the government faces challenges on the foreign policy front khana means thinking the prime minister is becoming unpopular but this is it helps showcase the positive side of pakistan it's breathtaking beauty the diversity of its culture and that it has its people essentially hardworking and decent people so it's
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a win win for both britain and pakistan but aside from that the royal couple themselves appear to be very popular in pakistan why is that well a lot of people relate to this couple because of their longing for princess diana she visited pakistan couple of times in the ninety's the last time she was there was in 1997 and this reference came up quite a few times during this visit when the duke was meeting children in school they said you know we really loved your mother she was an amazing woman and he also said you know i was also fond of so people have those memories and i think in pakistan's collective memory. there's a that link with princess diana of prince william and kate middleton so a lot of people see it in that light and it's part and parcel of the collective memory of pakistan and how they relate to the royal family shows their villainy
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from richard thanks very much for that. but there appears to be another side to this visit and that is a criticism on social media reporter michelle has been looking at some of that criticism and joins me now in the studio with more michelle welcome what have you found indeed there has been criticism of this visit there are some pakistanis who look at this as window dressing who look at it as a way to distract the so-called masses from some very real problems pakistan faces economically socially and environmentally there's a tweet that we can bring up here that reflects some of that sentiment so even in the u.k. people have woken up to the fact that for decades the british media has used the spectacle of the royal family to distract from the failures of the government maybe that's why they decided to bring their show to a more global audience and then there's another tweet pointing fingers at the legacy of british colonialism in the region it says if it weren't for these royals we won't have
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a dumb and fascist army ruling over us the mess they left behind to ensure there is no peace ever in the subcontinent and that tweet and hashtag will visit pakistan some very strong language that it makes for interesting discussions but overwhelmingly the response has been positive present not been through this visit and a lot of it has to do but then should be with the optics and in particular fashion choices oh yes there is no way around it brash when you look at this visit you have to look at the fashion and pulling that focus has been kate and she has managed to stay true to her own style and yet salute local designers and we're going to bring up a tweet here that basically is a love letter to her and her outfit so far here she's wearing a ray of show our commutes that is the long dress and trouser combo that is ubiquitous for women across pakistan she's wearing blue that's a nod to diana the people's princess beloved in pakistan and then please note this
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green shade. it is very it's a nod to the pakistani flag so she has managed to stay true to herself and yet she looks like a very elegant pakistani woman going on about about her business. and then we have to talk about this moment that we see back here and i do not know if you can top this in terms of winning the hearts of the pakistani people this is the perfect combination of pakistani high fashion and focal church and this is a tweet we're going to bring up put out by counting to palace and this shows the prince stepping up his game he is wearing a traditional share one you suit he says courting the duchess in a tough talk painted in the traditional pakistani truck hardstyle it's almost reminiscent of their wedding day when they were riding around in that hot red car you know it's kind of like the pakistani iteration of that it's. just fantastic i
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mean why would you want to hobnob with them and i know if i was in pakistan invited to a party and i had a real budget i would want to wear something like this i would certainly love to wear some of that going to see a lot of the. are amazing and i talked to more like a truck about going to bat and thanks very much for covering even britain had done for us a very welcome. a children's film about a chinese girl who hoped to genting. political trouble see a bomb in a bowl has been pulled from screens and via a little more of that in a bit but here is a quick peek of the film the pose big marketed as everest the little yeti in vietnam. way. to make sure you get home to your family at 1st just not yourself.
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but kids in vietnam want be able to save the animal the government has the film. the short chinese claims in the south china sea but at odds with me. and this plenty of people supporting a nice stance. so it's an insult to vietnam it's a very sensitive matter to be shown in the cinema. i'm not going to watch it even if it were still shown in the cinema the $9.00 map is straight up wrong. and i'm absolutely not going to support it. if. the 9 dash man look closely behind that big x. in the still shot from the movie and you'll see it the dash very political line. it's a sensitive topic globally but especially between china which claims all of the south
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china sea above the dashes and its asian neighbors like vietnam. china's neighbors have the backing of the united states which sometimes patrols the skies over and sails its aircraft through these disputed waters. dad always wanted me to travel the world taking us back to the map moment in the children's movie which was co-produced by china based pearl studio and hollywood's dream works. i'm quite upset that browses the patriot in me that clearly belongs to vietnam's maritime sovereignty. but nobody and i mean at 1st i was planning to go to see this film but after i learned about the dotted line that marks china's claims i decided i should not watch it. and a week after it opened a vietnamese movie goers can not watch the movie called everest the little yeti in
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some parts of the world and abominable in others movie posters in the movie itself have been removed a geo political boundary dispute takes precedence over a kid's film that for a moment takes sides. staying in vietnam where the art of making 6 thread by hand from 6. could be lost forever people have been making a living from so for generations but as it gets more and more difficult to make ends meet their view of life is under threat. it's a painstaking process when men in this village have been teasing silk threads by hand for over a century they so a boil to kill the lofty insight hot work in the summer months each worker processes about 30 kilos of cookies per day. the finished thread hung in the sun to dry meaning bad weather can spell disaster.
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human family member of the production from silkworms kerns depends 90 percent on the weather we need to have sunshine if the quality of current is good and the weather was rainy than our products will be ruined. that's not the only factor making life difficult for the so because after the thread to spawn and dried they're taken to market and eventually export it to la and to thailand profit margins are thin. no to math people with this job the reason every year it's very precarious if the market price goes up then we might have some spare money otherwise it may just be enough to cover a living costs and we can't see even a thing. many here worrying about the future of this ancient art they say that young people find the work too difficult and leave to seek employment in the city instead skills that have been passed down through generations could soon be lost.
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traditions fighting but done the team that's our show for today you can find more on our website the double dot com. and on facebook and twitter as well. more images of his wife's. body. the body. clock. the body.
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commit. subscribe to the documentary. still way posts highest sales despite being blacklisted in the united states as things are looking especially brought in europe where the chinese take giant still when it comes to most or its 5 g. technology also coming up financial markets hold their breath press brussels in london resume last minute talks on brics it. if you drop it escaped the world's lows let me take you to the globe's biggest book fair in frankfurt. welcome to the business asia i want to get good to have you with us she away has posted an
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increase in sales despite u.s. sanctions targeting at smartphone and 5 g. businesses they were up around 24 percent during the 1st 9 months of 29000 compared to the ago the white house added the chinese company to a trade blacklist in may however shipments off its smart phones have risen by more than a quarter this year your way has been developing its own software and hardware to reduce its reliance on the u.s. . is a leader in 5 g. technology and 5 g. is going to revolutionize business while at least that's the sales pitch some european governments and business lobbies have been using but it's also tailor made for states of a. camera is one of more.


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