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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm CEST

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this is the news line from the mixed signals of the chance for a breakthrough prime minister says he's hopeful the remaining sticking points can be overcome with changes in brussels well the time is running out also on the program. president heard around for plans to meet a senior u.s. delegation seeking a cease fire in northern syria but he says he will not bow to pressure from washington on the ground russia says its troops are patrolling to contain the conflict. cut short after shocks of
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pro-democracy and forced to leave the podium. on the. violence against south africa's with. in the south. even if. he's. working to reclaim the space where she was assaulted her friend was killed. and welcome to the program a new officials are warning that significant issues remain in the way of efforts to secure an agreement of the u.k.'s departure from the bloc garlands prime minister.
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says he hopes that any sticking points can be resolved today that would allow member states a chance to consider any deal before thursday's summit last june the heads of government meeting before you case planned departure on the 31st of october u.k. bret's it minister stephen buckley has told lawmakers that the british government would abide by the rules requiring it to request a delay if no agreement is reached by saturday i mean. let's get the latest from brussels bureau chief max hoffman welcome max what have you been hearing about nick negotiations within this locked room 2 most important people i have spoken of course other people spoken to but the 2 most important people of the people that have spoken or don't have to ask you council president boris johnson himself apparently the prime minister of the u.k. sedona took said that within 7 or 8 hours he was expecting to be able to say how the braggs that saga continues of course that was a couple of hours ago so that would be around 7 or 8 local time right here in bars
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sounds of the u.k. prime minister said back in london that he believed a good deal that quote it was still possible but some obstacles remain so that is what we're hearing here as well still some obstacles most of the obstacles or road blocks as it called have been eliminated but the sticking points remain. so even if those obstacles are dealt with there must be a concern there in brussels that even if a deal is reached the prime minister will still have to get it past the skeptical british parliament. right and the nature of those obstacles if i may talk about those just briefly are of course the one ones we know and they make it so difficult it's avoiding a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and with the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and you need the d u p on board u.p.d. is the unionist party of northern ireland they want to have a say what's going to happen to their region up there and they need some convincing
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and it appears that's the last sticking point boris johnson on the other hand so the u.k. prime minister needs the d. u.p.s. vote to get it through parliament most likely because the social democrats the labor party have already said that they most likely will not vote for that deal it is a huge concern of course here in brussels all those days and nights again spent to negotiate with the danger that later on will not pass in the house of commons so to have this deal and also to have this deal draft discussed at this summit on thursday and friday boys just a need to be convincing he needs to convince the leaders that he actually has what it takes to pass this deal in the u.k. parliament and without if no deal is struck that today what happens then well the deal would be struck at the very earliest tomorrow but we're hoping to see a draft for a deal that the leaders would be able to discuss on thursday and friday and if no deal is struck then our understanding is that boris johnson is required by law to
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demand an extension he has already called for parliament terry session on saturday that's where it would have been or that were parliament would oblige him to ask for an extension something he's always refused but many expect him to do so anyway because it's the law after all and then we're looking at another period of uncertainty that most likely though will involve snap elections in the u.k. . finally and briefly if you wouldn't mind germany's i'm going to macklin france's emmanuel mccraw due to hold a press conference shortly how much influence do they have over what's happening in brussels at the moment. well they have a lot of influence theoretically but they're leaving it to the pros because this is become so detail than complicated that even the heads of state and government don't know how to interfere with that they don't want to mess it up to put it simply so we don't expect them to go into a negotiating mode during the summit there needs to be a draft where they can say this is the right direction or not i do max hoffman in brussels thank you and that press conference between emanuel macro and i'm going to
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machall is part of the 2 leaders signaling the strength of european solidarity despite that present macro and chance the back will have been in the french city of toulouse today too in the headquarters of adbusters yeah plane that manufacture that has come to symbolize european industrial cooperation i'm going to cover that speech live here on t.w. . now to other news starting in hong kong where pro-democracy lawmakers have disrupted a major policy speech from the territories leader left the legislature and delivered a speech by video after being heckled and called on to meet the 5 demands of hong kong's protest movement. the this speech was in peril before it even began. in the chamber fellow new make his head coach chief executive kerry lamb. playing all lawmakers please be silent
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are you anyone who does not say sorry and we will be asked to leave the chamber will you. laugh i would use a call i have i seen on the board of your fabio young pro-democracy lawmakers projected the slogan 5 demands not one less on the chamber's walls these include universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into police violence during demonstrations. the the kerry speech did not address any of these demands at all. was silenced by her critics. the disruption forced ms lam to abandon the planned speech she later gave her address via video link the. turkey has rejected calls for a cease fire in its northern syria offensive against kurdish militias the kurds
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have joined with syrian government troops and russian allies and have now moved into previously kurdish held areas including the city of mann bridge turkish forces meanwhile are continuing to shell positions in northern syria u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike compare on their way to turkey to push for an end to the fighting this follows the announcement of u.s. economic sanctions against turkey for the incursion. the syrian flag raised over to city of monday it's meant to signal the syrian army's presence in the city a move that follows their agreement between kurdish forces and the government in damascus. and damascus has brought along international allies managed together with other kurdish held areas was abandoned by u.s. forces leaving it vulnerable to turkey's military offensive in northern syria. going through we were afraid of turkey's aggression but now the turkish army won't
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be able to enter our city should we feel safe now. turkey has pressed ahead despite growing calls for it to halt the incursion. president donald trump's unexpected decision to withdraw troops came after a phone call of with turkish president i week ago after that the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey while the european union imposed a limited arms embargo. its all coffees we are watching the situation in turkey with concern i have repeatedly said this military action should be stopped we must return to negotiations. we remain concerned about the international situation of food with the tuna schmidt. while people in managed remain on the alert residents from elsewhere in northern syria are getting out the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting.
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france's president of. japanese charts a comeback been meeting for talks in the french city of toulouse on the agenda is the conflict in syria u.s. trade tensions and brags that a few moments will cross live to that joint news conference in the city ahead of that take a look at matters arising with the political cost of simon. simon these talks important well i think i think they could because there's a lot for these 2 leaders to talk about as you know these 2 countries germany and france the motor of the european union so they want to talk about the reforms that are necessary the shape of the union going forward but they've got a lot of other international topics like the conflict in syria and and so on and of course they're also holding this event today the 2 governments the 2 cabinets you can see they're meeting to talk also about industrial policy that's why they're
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meeting in toulouse which of course is the headquarters of the air space from us because this is this is an ongoing writers in the german french parliament meeting that's right they they meet annually almost almost every year anyway when they can and these are high level talks obviously there's quite a lot of detail but it's always somewhere between a photo opportunity and an opportunity to talk talk into some of the detail on the current issues and how does the relationship stand there was because we had mr macro pounding on to the stage say we want and we need to change this this this about the opinion and chancellor man who. will say yeah i mean a you sum it up pretty well phil i mean it's quite true that from the french perspective emanuel mccrum brought forward a while back now some pretty clear ideas of how he would like to to change the
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european union in particular deepening the relationships and bringing in more political decision making at european level and so on and i think the french feel that the german response to that has been muted shall we say at least that hasn't really been so much coming back sometimes you hear german officials getting a bit annoyed actually about mark role he's put a lot of the spot. on himself some talk about an ego show coming from his side so i think when i go to medical meet same and she's incidentally had a meeting with him already on sunday so it's not as if they they were that coffee geniuses to top but when she's there today she'll be wanting of course to focus on responses to the united states president trumps trade and tariff offensive if i can put it like that but also i think they'll be talking
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about other things one of america's pet projects for instance is data so frontier this is the idea of the european firms are too dependent on u.s. firms like amazon and microsoft and so on for their data and the germans would like to to see the europeans and in particular germany and france 1st of all building up you know their own cloud and server capabilities so that european data can stay in europe well let's talk through then some of those the big issues that are going to be on their agenda will start with with syria where does germany stand at the moment on turkish incursion well clearly this condemnation and there's been a lot of verbal response to the. to the turkish operations in northern syria there's a lot of concern i think growing by the hour the moment about the developing situation there of course you've got turkey you've also got russia and you've got syria
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moving on the ground militarily looking to fill the vacuum as it were left by lift by the american forces that have been pulled out by president trump so verbal condemnation has been a lot of that has been moved to have it discussed at european level but also in the united nations and unfortunately that it hasn't really gone much beyond that at the moment we've had this resolution. to stop arms exports only certain kinds of arms exports that can be used in the conflict situation to turkey but i think you can ask how relevant that is because of the arms that have already been exported already being used by the turkish military other ones that are really relevant so you know there could be a much tougher response for instance there could be sanctions against individual turkish politicians or something the united states it eased is doing and you know
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whether that will come as a result of today's meeting well i rather doubt it but it could be a tough tough wording in what the 2 leaders say about turkey and syria well let's talk about those you mentioned of the u.s. there let's talk about just to clear viewers and what you're looking at now is the meeting room where this press conference in toulouse will be held between the german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel macro simon young political cause wanted to see in the studio with me just as outlined in the background to these talks and we just come on to the u.s. europe trade tensions if i can put it that way can we expect anything to emerge in the next few hours in the next few minutes from this press conference or not well i think going to hear strong words from both merkel and mccrone in support of european industrial production and in particular. us is of course at the center of this because president trump of his is european governments of you know unfair
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support for us and so i think the 2 leaders are going to be saying you know we we stand behind this key european business and you know they've been reviewing production of the a 350 that's one of our buses long range jets and i think they'll be. sort of saying positive things about that but using that as the platform to. push back against president trump and say that what really is needed is a good open trade relationship and not a trade war so it's interesting is to lose is where it's headquartered in has manufacturing facilities it's almost analogous with the situation that you outlined just about data decades ago when most of. airplane money factory
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was in the united states is this idea of a joint european operation to take that back it's sort of analogous to what you're saying about the data yeah i mean it's important for europe to have to have strong businesses of course you know behind it all is is is jobs and employment and this company airbus provides thousands of jobs all over europe poets' a manufacturer in different places the wings for instance in the united kingdom which of course raises other questions that we may go on to talk about but the. various parts of the of the planes are are produced around europe transported to toulouse in the south of france and assembled there in most cases and you know it's a remarkable is a little just equal effort. and of course it's true to say that european governments have pumped money into it and supported it with.
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subsidies down the years and the question of whether or not it's unfair as president trump says is that you know one that you can you can actually take a view on it's not a it's not a black and white so that's that's talk about the big beast in the room then brax it. talks are ongoing in brussels at the moment are we expecting to hear anything from mr macro the chancellor all not here well i mean it's hard to imagine that on this day which is really the crunch day in terms of whether or not a. withdrawal agreement for the united kingdom as it pulls out of the you can be can be negotiated by the end of this month or not it's hard to imagine that these 2 leaders would at least spend some time on that i think the key question because to me for them is really to decide what they will do if it hasn't been agreed because
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there's been suggestions that the europeans might hold yet another summit next week to discuss brics it in the in the real last chance saloon next week and perhaps these 2 leaders are need to be on the same page given that there's such important voices within the european union in responding to that idea if it happens and you know who can say at the moment is written in the stars really whether there will be an agreement but if there isn't could they go on talking and just try and somehow do it next week because as you know france in the past has been a little like up yeah they've they've been less willing to sort of accommodate in a comedy i think they're more willing to countenance at least rhetorically the idea of a no deal angle americal for her part has always said you know we must find the most sensible solution in the smoothest exit for the u.k.
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if possible this relationship between the as you say the the the most of the access within europe germany and france. how do other european countries regard it because it's it from the outside it almost seems like the prefects at the top table decide what you are going to do what everybody else falls in line well that's certainly something you hear often said by euro skeptic british m.p.'s but not normal and you know you're right it's a view that is the way that europe works you've got larger countries you've got smaller countries of course they all get an equal voice in the in the council meetings in brussels european level but inevitably those with greater weight. will will possibly have better options for carrying the day and of course the parliament is also divided up on national lines so that plays a role i think i think leadership is needed in europe is what these 2 countries
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would say and that's why it's worth it's always worth them talking and trying if possible to find a common line with the 2728 soon to be 27 people around one table where you need you need at least 2 people to sort of push them corral them in a particular direction you watching d.w. news the view that you see on your television at the moment. of a conference hall in toulouse and france were expecting to see the leaders of france and germany take to the stage a very shortly chance of a president back row have been that meeting that interlude as part of the german french parliamentary arrangement which sees them meet every year i don't have 2 significant because of the presence of adbusters joint a european manufacturing venture here with me in the studio is the political
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correspondent simon young and simon just to continue on the. the french german relationship the picture that we see behind us as of members of the cabinet of the 2 countries and they they meet on an annual basis is do that do anything is there anything more to this relationship than just talk. well you mean in the sense of between the 2 politicians yeah well i mean that's what palm and still are suppose is that is they talk they have formulated as i say they formulating policy where they can but they don't come into this negotiation as saying you know we're going to achieve this this and this and then it's possibly a failure if they don't achieve those things but as i mentioned there are lots of areas of specific cooperation such as this project that germany is pushing forward to build up. european data capacity and obviously there
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already is a lot there's something called gaia x. which is the german sponsored sort of plan the economics minister you can see there on the far right of that picture he's coming with with the details about the germany's plan to do that because he wants french companies as well to say you know where we can will ensure the security of not just the companies but individual citizens data. and not to be releasing. you know not to be running the risk of releasing data to american companies where it's not necessary because there's been a lot of talk just lately about why the chinese telecoms company and its involvement in telecoms infrastructures and you know but it's not only china that might that where concerns might be raised about data if we're talking about specific projects also i mention the fighter there's
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a fighter pilot i just interrupt you just saying the german interior minister horses they have just taken his seat. on a screen sources to do the fighter that's right the fighter. fighter jets project that france would like to see come to fruition. pretty soon i think it's meant to go into service by 2040 and there's a bit of tension between the 2 countries over that because the this is this is something that's being developed by france and germany particularly and of course the development of such a project always holds a huge amount of public investment. and the german parliament has been pretty slow to greenlight some of the funding for that project so that be another area where if you're asking about specific areas of cooperation the 2 might push together and
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perhaps more broadly while while i'm talking about funding and public public spending perhaps you could also point to discussions here between these 2 cabinets on that issue generally mccraw would certainly like to see germany spending more doing more to stimulate domestic consumption but it was that putting more public investment into businesses perhaps not just in germany but around europe they. praised france as the the dutch you've got a program of doing that the moment and jem is a bit more reluctant of course to open the public purse in the best of times simon you stay with us still waiting to see for the french and german leaders to take the podium ahead of that let's go to brussels the bureau chief max hoffman we're going
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to welcome max we hear that there has been a development. talk of a process. we have one source or one agency reporting that the deal is pretty much done in brussels and that it's waiting for u.k. approval we try to verify that but our sources are saying that this is premature really sorry i'm sure that. my car also waiting for that breakthrough but we cannot confirm this at this time and you have to keep in mind this is a place where you have 28 member states each with their spokes persons and other diplomats and so you have a lot of leaks and you have a lot of opinions and sometimes though you have a lot of false information as well so in this case we will just have to wait and see sorry but the whole process of pressure has been quite unusual and as much as even though we have 28 different countries the e.u. has spoken pretty much with one voice and these final negotiations have not been as
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leaky as they have been in the past. you said final phil i did not say that. but you're right of course it's in when this began i remember distinctly we talked about this here at our studio brussels today when this began 3 and a half years ago that's when the referendum to play such a long time for one story really for probably the biggest political story in in our journalistic career we never thought that the 27 would show so much unity and i don't know anyone who thought so because if you look at the divisions within the e.u. for other topics on migration for example between the east and the west and you know the debates there have been other topics that seem quite unlikely but this was not the case here because it's just back to the main reason why the e.u. exists the single market is something that all you member states recognize as a huge advantage it gives them the punch to face big other markets like the u.s.
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or china in some cases at least look at what we have at the moment with the trade dispute with the americans the americans take the european seriously when it comes to economics not when it comes to military power but i want to come when it comes to economics and that is the reason why they are all sticking together because they agreed that the integrity of the single market must be preserved so much holzman one source of verified at the moment that a deal has been done while waiting for confirmation one way. if a deal has been done if there is a framework to agree on what then. well they inching towards it i think that's that safe to say would be a rather big surprise at this moment if they would not reach a deal i don't know if it's going to happen today we do expect the leaders to discuss this on thursday but you cannot imagine this. with the leaders sitting down and looking at this draft agreement which will be extremely complicated do the
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nature of the problem they will most likely not give a full blown yes either they will probably say this is going in the right direction but we need further work from our legal teams to verify that this is actually workable and workable is the word that we've been hearing the most in the last weeks or months they did the e.u. acknowledges that many of the ideas that the british government has brought forward in the last week are pretty good are interesting are above or beyond what was proposed in the past but they're not sure if they actually can be implemented are workable let's say for example if we have the time to discuss this still if you have a customs border between u.k. mainland and northern ireland which seems to be part of that plan to make sure that you don't have a hard border or a customs border on the island of ireland then somebody would have to check that the goods getting into northern island have actually been you know are up to the
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standards of the european union that they've been regulated that they've been checked and i'm not sure that you trust the u.k. to do that properly this is probably one of the main sticking points who will make sure that this is all implemented. in brussels enough and i thank you. well you're watching a special program here on the d w a news waiting for a press conference between the leaders of france and germany of everything in the french city of toulouse i'm going to go and emmanuel that a macro basing there at the day to talk about business amongst other things that's the view of the whole in which the press conference is due to take place we're expecting that was started about 15 minutes or so ago we'll see when they come out they say members of the german cabinet take their seats so i would imagine it's not going to be that long. political correspondent simon young is here simon
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before we spoke about bracks it would talk about the state of relations between france and germany and given the length of time that germany took to form a government after its election and given that we now know that angle americal is on her way out i mean given her commitment that the she looked seek another term. is there any sense within the european family that germany's influence and america's influence is waning. what angela merkel's influence is still is still very strong because it rests on germany's influence germany's importance germany is the. economically strongest come country in the e.u. . let me go interrupt you there let's go to toulouse that where the german and french leaders are giving a press conference there's emmanuel macro let's listen in to hear the words spoken
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through interfaces. yeah. i mean the museum is minute chance of excellence he said in a disenchantment. angle i am very happy to be able to welcome you here in toulouse far joined. but at meeting between france and germany 3 days after our working lunch and harrah's to coordinate our positions we have some important topics to treat tomorrow and friday in brussels as well and also work with the new commission under underly and that is called a geo political commission and rightly so every day we. in our world and. everything that is happening currently makes us work even closer together that's why i think our cooperation is so essential. i invited you
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here to to do so because we. have also been in regions that are important and our cooperation is not confined to some regions only we have to make sure that all our territories and companies and the whole industry is comprised in all cooperation this is why we are happy to welcome you here in this beautiful region and to show you one of our big european leaders that is also at the heart of. a treaty that we talked about earlier. we have to show you while our american friends are taking their distances on certain topics from us that we europeans and particularly germany and france defend our common interests and values and we also have to show our wonderful successes because you
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are a project that is parking and that is not confined to bureaucratic impotence and by us it is showing that we showed one another tough industrial projects today that shows what operation and she. we spend some time today with young apprentices german and french young people who are learning a trade here and we saw. a 350 production line a wonderful success of our cooperation we wanted of course to express our support to it once more. air buses are being developed are going to be developed in the coming year in the area of space defense we have also in the last months and today at and initiated common projects. with the chancellor
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and several of our ministers who are present here thank you by the way for a fashion to work we have been able to talk about those topics today. and have consigned them into the toulouse declaration that we are going to provide you with in a matter of minutes. the new climate plan of the german government is going to give us more opportunity for cooperation between our 2 governments we don't mean to be happy with the current situation but we want to reinforce our strategy we have also mentioned that in our common document a minimum carbon price on their opinion level is also going to be worked on by the commission and. also comply with the w t all provisions of towards a carbon tax in europe in order to avoid competitive
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distortions. and we are also supporting fair transition fund for the strategy and all of our countries that we wish to coordinate even better that's why we want. to agree to a green deal proposed by a president also have underlying. if you know decisions were taken and are going to be taken on the national level about we also have common decisions in order to be consistent with our projects change the financial system strengthen the financial mechanisms and for the subsidies to accompany those major projects we also talked about their european and worldwide economic i think you get a situation concerning trade tensions as well. and it is especially
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concerning arab you don't have not to be weak and needs to defend their interests within their european rules you need a bit but in europe has to look at fight for investment and innovation that was also a topic that we talked about at length today and. we are going to talk about that also with industrial leaders. here in the region together with all sort of underlying economics that you have been asked to adapt their. predecessors. emerging actors and also regulate the digital diet giants. and the new european council for innovation is going to have to work on those topics but you know on the bilateral level germany and france become met to join
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projects even beyond our common agenda and on innovation and and trail and them a project that's especially in the topics of. the artificial intelligence and the. electrical batteries gives good to see will. suffer a run and thus trip policy is also you know remote also includes are you put feels it will be a spatial politics of launching satellites because we cannot at the same time fine and 6 and accept the foreign competition or could we have given our industrious mandate to the built in wouldn't be a launching industry for european rocket and mortar would be for dumping them and
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we have also made progress on the field of defense today particularly on the and just real level 3 for one member defense the difficulty during the defense and security summit this afternoon are the ministers foreign ministers and defense ministers if you would have worked on barriers that were sometimes only misunderstandings in order to continue operations more concretely for the future. for future arms and weapons systems as well as a memorandum of understanding standing about the fighter jet of the future and. that as important step forward during the bush the. air our special. fair arm where our industrial is going to
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meet an order to continue those projects especially the demonstrator and 2026 and a strategic agenda for armies and for our defense industry. we have also via an alliance an important legally binding agreement on weapons exports don't remember which would be a good model for those programs and are already in the nation and cooperation in this field signed by our ministers is the conclusion of a year's work with many other topics also covered to you during our talks especially agriculture with significant. projects that were signed by our ministers today with an agricultural and climate. for a sustainable agriculture a far off farmers and also
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a commitment by both our governments for common agricultural policy see that is. and productive if you're going to help those you find that to feed us every day. good we will we also talked. among those different topics about culture. and what we have found in the franco german compromise in order to a strengthen copyrights on their own and lead on and adapt to the digital world and ministers are working on concrete and i should. and i can already tell you that we have achieved something and europe with that is not protectionism. nor sensor shirt like some have said it is defense off authors and their copyright of those that produce something and also the rights of
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journalists of photographers everybody or creates contents that has a specific value. and i think. we are defending the european soul through this through our belief in this. we believe in the freedom of creation that google for instance and others would not like to apply those rules we are not going to allow them our national know and you know if you hear and authorities are going to consider all possible procedures and i proposed to the chancellor of the rules for those big platforms with faster sanctions the authors journalists and media out of groups
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that defend their interests legitimacy are going to be going to receive help in the future model and that happens to be money that we also spoke about the e.u. summit. really breaks it off because and i hope i think back to a deal is just being finalized and we're going to be able to work on that tomorrow . and in our common to lose the declaration of we are also calling to speak about this conference for europe that is a very important and it's only through to talk about the international situation especially the carbonation of our efforts concerning iran so i had. the most tragic urgency of the charkha offensive when in syria in germany and france are working together in this field you know we come here to gather to
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stop the weapons sales to turkey and we are going to also propose this to the summit and we have several initiatives in the coming weeks we are going to have a normandy a summit in order to continue working on the ukraine cry. and also coordinate together with other members of nato of nato. those of you with us in order to exert pressure and she had dialogues and sold the crisis this week and they accepted those situation and we are working together on all those topics but sometimes i hear that franco german relationship is difficult. the situation in the world as a difficulty. chancellor and myself regret that if we were the only persons. to be considered everything would progress very quickly. every day
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our sovereignty is tested and they are a peon situation as well but we are convinced that none of those situations can be solved without a stronger more sovereign europe and a stronger and more united franco german couple i am convinced that the couple that we are and our will and our capacity to progress at our rhythm our rhythm that is not the german nor the french rhythm is the best way to progress for our countries for europe and also father world that's why i would like to thank the chancellor for being here and would like to tell you once again how deep our friendship is and of how deep my face is in our strong franco german couple.
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thank you very much and thank you for inviting me in the name of all the ministers who are also traveling with me we are very happy here in toulouse it was a very good idea. to meet outside of frank capital and to meet here and to us but i think it is also. excellent idea because we are celebrating 50 years arab us this year so we can also try. to build on the work of our predecessors and today we can benefit from powerful company it was very moving to listen to the young apprentice us from toulouse and from hamburg about the way that they work together and that they understand each other $20000.00 jobs in toulouse and in the region 131-4000
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hamburg those are only 2 sides of. so it also means a lot for the people who work in this powerful company it was the 1st franco german some after the agreement was the 20th summit i think all the presentations like you just said dear emmanuel we showed you how deep and detailed a corporation is like i don't want to repeat everything that you just said but maybe. accentuate some of the topics. cooperation and close to the borders is very important we now have a fund for cross the border cooperation where we can talk about mobility programs for young people and have a concept for a future work all of these are very practical steps that we have taken since the
6:48 pm
beginning of the year and that show how much we have progress in the topic of climate protection and that touches all was one of our topic and we are going to work of are actively on the. the reading deal and germany we are committed to act. german and work on their. defense summits some historical projects have been initiated it is hard to imagine them all but when germany and france work together in tang's and airplanes and that can also create a lot of momentum like air bus after long negotiations we have agreed on. a ban on.
6:49 pm
our men. there are a lot of difference cultural difference i've been in germany and france and this topic and we have tried to. get a little bit of closer to each other of course the franco german government is not always easy why should it be easier then our cooperation inside of germany to wean federal state and the land and we always have differences martin thing is to find common solutions and to move forward and we have shown that this is possible in this field and others. and. the fact that germany as a nonpermanent member and the security council of the united nations was also talking great and important point right before general
6:50 pm
assembly. concerning the economy and the fine and says i would just like to add that lots of things have become a reality now the euro zone projects are also the battery project within the european unit we are going to talk about the. and management hyperscale are there are a lot of franco german and mission that are also going to be welcomed inside of your education and research there is a project that you were proposing to her during a speech and sorbonne the european universities is taking shape slowly as well as the networks of artificial intelligence sides that is being started now with pilot projects and in france and germany are for that and agency for disruptive innovations and working towards
6:51 pm
that in order to increase their european competitor the team off cause concerning agriculture an important field all cooperation as already very close today we did not talk about traditional agriculture questions rather about sustainable production and animal welfare that the german citizens are very interested and we can and i would also like to sell you our interior minister because something very important was created here come in an issue of tips between germany and france. to work on that doppler and agreement even if germany and france don't agree on that point i don't think we can expect the rest of europe to do it so that is that is necessary but maybe not so fresh and condition for our success that's why i would like to sell you to it and say clearly that the trip to turkey.
6:52 pm
to germany and france that plan and the commission was an important sign despite all of the differences that we have in foreign policy. and. that is something very important for a country that has every 63.6 syrian refugees. i would like to say that our cooperation was tense and the preparation for the iau council of tomorrow was also intense i think what we heard from russell could be worse news of course we are going to wait what me shared by new and his team have achieved with. british counterparts. but we always say that we cannot. be taken hostage by this
6:53 pm
question and we have 27 member states and we have to make sure that. we treat other topics as well i would like to thank you again for your hospitality i think we have done a lot of things but we still need to do a lot we come out of here very motivated if you we have our questions. instead of a certain level they don't for one is going to like your guns even to going to the chancellor i'm consensual but from the fan photo of the mind of a woman. or surname in the weapons experts is that an agreement that is what a tight and that france can rely on he is the s.p.d. going to agree to it and for that of our exports to saudi arabia also included. because you mr president author of
6:54 pm
weapons exports have different cultures in your respective countries so i would like to ask you can you explain why france still continues to export weapons with saudi arabia that can be used in the yemen war. this grim and was negotiated by the foreign office. and you probably know that as was included so this agreement could not be assigned without their grim and anyway the coalition could never do that we are also going to approve it and cabinet office minister. there are some pollen and says that
6:55 pm
one of the countries contributes to the other country it needs to agree with it and there are also some common projects that need to be. reliable this is an agreement that as a long term agreement and according to the situation you have just heard that france says there are no french exports to turkey currently so according to the situation we are going to take the decisions this agreement is a framework for reliability and it's an excellent thing that we were able to sign it should be because of the tsunami. listening french weapons export was one. of the. the prime minister. presides commission that is in charge of that it was the procedure is so different and our respective
6:56 pm
countries. concerning arms experts and the destination is sometimes a different country then where the weapons are being sent to sometimes this is only a transit country concerning saudi arabia we have a strategic relationship with that country as well as with united arab emirates the very structure our relationships and saudi arabia is not our major destination and not our major partner and not only that the field we have various partners and we are still working with agreements that were signed several years ago. some of those agreements have to be revised with people forget that you are asking me if in this context we should have gotten totally stopped exports of saudi arabia. since this is
6:57 pm
a partner that is all saw being attacked on has on territory so we said it and if we should just cut off the fuel all deliveries brutally we would open the door to other alliances that would have taken the place off hours from one day to the other and would not have been a fisherman but we are watching their mentoring the situation closely and we are working very transparently with n.g.o.s in the country and i think one has to be realistic the controls that are being done restrictions are being i am posting that the situation is quite different then the situation concerning the turkish incursion in on foreign soil. it was an example so just
6:58 pm
a moment on the radio i because it's some folks don't know we were just speaking about this situation you want to leave it was was the city that has suffered. and she had a text and only natural woman you can say to the falls probably in the defense console of those topics it was also talked about what can i have germany and france to do to stop out of the one who is attacking the guardian the guardian angels that the kurds were. and what can we do in order to survive that rival off criminals on european soil ok so you've been watching a press conference being held by emmanuel macro the president of france and germany such chancellor. merkel there speaking in toulouse. a meeting of the franco german council amongst the topics that the leaders the 2 leaders
6:59 pm
touched on were european and franker german industrial policy act climate seem to get quite a lot of attention from the french president talked about a defense digital policy as well as it got that i might mention not not the big starring role it has it has taken over the last 3 years listening with me to that speech from french german leaders in brussels hoffman and here with me in the studio political correspondent simon young with you simon. takeaways for you from that well president macro really making quite a big show there huge sort of layout of different topics he talked about he's calling it the to lose declaration with all sorts of agreements you say on on climate policy on industrial policy. in agriculture space
7:00 pm
projects they've got defense cooperation i think the key thing that i would focus in on. this announcement that they've agreed both leaders said in slightly different words i ain arms export ban. to turkey and that would appear to be you know something that they're going to force through and they're going to pressure it president micros save act european level as well and how much we're. but how much does that differ from from the agreement that already exists in europe the should be no arms sales to turkey yeah well i mean that i don't know because the we have got the details of this yet but it may well be that it extends to different types of equipment that it extends for different types of potential use of such.


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