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this is date of your news line from berlin the deal is done britain and the e.u. say they have reached an agreement on the u.k.'s departure from the european union the e.u. calls it fair and balanced but any deal still needs to be backed by gold that use member states and the u.k. parliament so what are the prospects of success.
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i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start with that breaking news story britain and the e.u. saying they have reached a deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union british prime minister boris johnson is hailing it as quote a great new deal as he said on twitter earlier and he's urging the u.k. parliament to approve it this week now the deal lays out terms on some a big sticking points including border and customs issues between e.u. member ireland and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. but johnson's northern irish allies in parliament the day you say they do not plan to back the deal let's listen to some of the points of agreement outlined by michelle benet in particular the new points of agreement with the u.k. compared to the previous bragg's until agreed with boris johnson's predecessor theresa may. but you could go hormones are the one to do or one for.
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sure i groom. people. the question of the protocol in our group and lost on our young. were all disney. in the u.k. where are you committed. to protect the beauty if you are on the right. we are going to require you to. first include. your agreement that could be a vulgar all border between our number nor for not one. or our own economy and protect the integrity of the free market. so when new. prime minister drones on under. all the north from our own remains in the u.k.
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craft arms territory. over all the past there. are a darn. but don't you. and we are old. look we found rest on the forum knowing only. number one. north korean island will remain an r.n. but during it would say. look i agree only if you do good. this means the end of a. rope for non i'm not across the argument. for this program you can't operate. in charge of applying. from school would you. beyond whip
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up your board. there is also the question of crossbones duty. rassilon room will remain in the. craft arms correct or. it will therefore benefit from the u.k.'s true trade policy. but not for larger groups for remaining bonet into our market lol what of we don't know where the current. nuclear ought to recuse from a client who could carry on products coming from 3rd country. i'll hold good i'm pouring off for an hour long look at reception of.
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we'll go through. this month and this morning or shall. we were working on the issue of. given the subject to avoid the door of competition within the single market. for it or still we have managed. to object to money doing not reproducing the rocket work for sure. you can put it to me who. fund i mean if for prime minister drum song and the 2 short run keep going through your own dorm room across the board for the application but you can't accurately use of relevant union rules laws for non. 4 year olds. also look at local elected representatives of north carolina and we'll be able to decide by simple
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majority were thought to continue writing or i don't remember rules from the unknown or looked. across at the triple he's a corner school overall or a newly agreed to across. the line of me cold new a group protocol or even normal girl could be replaced by a subsequent agreement. so. fans who are unsure consent. and listen to her are obviously your learned discussion last along with group about the economy. you can mock drills of google. but there are. very very frankly look for me since the one seems. what you're really lucky girl.
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all right let's get analysis on that now garrick mattresses and brussels for a lot of what is in london let's start with you so tell us about this deal that's been agreed upon who would have thought to me that we hear those magic words today i showed on the air the chief negotiator speaking of a dynamic compromise that both the u.k. and the european union have reached here is the interesting part here is that there has been an agreement now on the so-called backstop which is no longer called a backstop but i would say rather regulatory arrangements that prevents a hard border in northern ireland something that was very important not only to the irish republic which is an e.u. member state but also to the rest of the they want to ensure that the northern
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ireland remains aligned in parts to the customs union and to the internal market so that the standards of the internal market will remain in place in northern ireland in other words that means that some goods from the u.k. can no longer enter northern ireland and hence the internal market of the european union and it also means that in terms of customs if you buy a sofa in northern ireland all you buy is so far with the same company in the republic of ireland you will pay the same v.a. t. so you will pay the same price those 2 things apparently have been in short leaders now at the e.u. summit will very closely look at the legal text that has been hammered out in order to make sure that those guarantees are in place that's right this deal was actually which is just that the summit was a set to get underway underway there and brussels can you take us to what will actually happen next during the summit can it happen that member states then do
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a rather find this agreement. what will happen next is of course that leaders now will look at that paper that boris johnson has delivered and they will i would say let's expect them to endorse that paper they will only formally approve it once the european parliament has given the green light which will only be next week so the really crucial day will be where she is in london where on such a day all eyes will be on london to see whether that deal at a very similar deal which has already failed 3 times in the in the lower house in the u.k. parliament will actually pass. let's come to you then there in london so before i ask you about the chances of this getting past the u.k. parliament what is different about this agreement than the one that boris johnson's predecessor theresa may was able to get. well looking at the document close least $64.00 pages of this revised withdrawal agreement it seems
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like there is actually not much difference between teresa mayes deal and boris johnson's deal but he was able to sell it in a different way and we've just heard from downing street that it is a better deal the best deal that it provides protects the union and removes the backstop but of course it just removes the backstop in part and this is what the northern irish union unionist party the d u p is still fearing and why they are still opposed to this deal because they don't want to be as close or closely aligned to dublin and brussels and they want to be much more closely aligned with the united kingdom and london so this is the sticking point for them and that does not seem to have been removed from what we're reading so far and yet we saw a lot of confidence from the british prime minister boris johnson shylock that he said this was quote a great new deal. the u.k.
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parliament to approve it this week what are his chances of getting this deal to parliament. well we have to look at the numbers very closely so 1st of all there is a d u p 10 members of parliament there and he does need them on board at some point to really have the numbers in his favor in the end the deal is still opposed he might be able to convince them then we have to look at the conservative party at the tories very divided he. kicked out and number of parliamentarians out of his own policy because they rebelled against him what so will those rebels go for the deal will they vote with him that's the open question then on the other side of the aisle in his party the hardline a safe been opposed to theresa may steal but also not only because of the back stuff that we've been talking about but also because they didn't trust you recently in negotiating a good future relationship with the european union now they say we have to look at
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the legal text but we do trust boris johnson and seeing through a good future relationship so they might be on board and then boris johnson would need some of the opposition labor m.p.'s to vote for his deal in favor of his deal and the tricky part might be that we've just heard this morning from jeremy called in the opposition labor leader that he wants to rally his party behind a 2nd referendum a consummation of those votes so giving the people a choice between this deal that has now been negotiated or after all remaining in the european union and if single labor m.p.'s would vote against it would vote excuse me for boris johnson's deal he might be kicking kicking them out of the party as well so very tricky the numbers games again there in parliament and boris johnson has some serious convincing to do and apparently as he told me here there
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we found that in the press conference he believes he can convince the members of parliament or. at least a majority to in the end vote in favor of this deal ok garrett let's come back to brussels as we heard it's anything but a sure bet there in london and michele bunny and wasn't asked did you get any assurances from boris johnson that he has a majority to pass this through parliament so is the you in you convinced that boris johnson can do that convincing at home as well as mention of a shirt on you seems optimistic that. boris johnson can get the numbers and in fact the french president who just arrived here in brussels also said he had a good indication that boris johnson appears confident. you leaders have been through that exactly same situation with a quite similar deal already once they will want to make sure when they listen to the british prime minister and ask him questions on today's summit that he is
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absolutely confident that he will get the steel over the line because otherwise we're back in square one and i have to reckon with you know shit the good news for the european union is whenever if ever this ends up in a disorderly bracks it was a case scenario they will be able to say in a potential blame game look we were there we worked hard we made big compromises and those are in those pages of that revised withdrawal agreement don't blame it on us yeah the message here is indeed very important all right carol thank you both touch a little bit later. and let's recap this breaking news story that we've been covering for you britain and the e.u. say they have reached a new deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union british prime minister boris johnson is hailing this agreement and urging parliament to approve it this week as we heard of the deal lays out terms on sticking points including border and customs issues between member state ireland and northern ireland which is part of
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the u.k. but to johnson's northern irish allies in parliament the day you can already say they will not back the deal and u.k. opposition leader a german carbon we just heard this from charlotta has also said he will not support the agreement. let's take a closer look at the northern irish key allies of boris johnson's conservatives the prime minister has no majority in the british parliament and is dependent on the do you support but as we have heard they are still saying they are opposed to the outlined deal this is what do you feel leader arlene foster told irish television broadcaster r.t.e. on wednesday evening i think what is important to say is that we do want to get a deal but it has to be a deal of respect the constitutional and economic piece of northern ireland within the united kingdom and when i hear talk of a northern ireland backs up as i did in your headlines i think that things are very far off the mark in terms of all of the but it is important that we do work
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together to get a deal and we will be working certainly with the government to try and make that happen. to let's come back to you in london there i likely it is is it do you think that the do you will maintain their opposition to this deal. well it is quite likely to be honest because 1st of all this new deal that boris johnson has negotiated is not that different from what the reason maine has negotiated for knowledge and ira ireland in particular will have to look at the details there but what it comes down to for the do you peel is really the very fundamental it's a unionist party they are in favor of being very closely aligned of course with the united kingdom and their fear is that this brics a deal could in the long term align them closer to brussels and to dublin than to london so that is their big fear and that is why they've shown such a strong opposition over time and why it seems likely at the moment that they won't
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but so that means boris johnson will have 10 votes less because that is what they what the u.p.a. has their impala men in the british parliament 10 members of parliament can you remind us why they do you is so important and why they were opposed to this current state of the deal as it is. so boris johnson does not have a majority in parliament the conservatives are don't don't pose a majority at the moment so he does need the votes of the do you to get this deal through and we have to remember that the british parliament has to approve in the end a majority of parliamentarians have to vote in favor of the deal for this to be passed into law for boris johnson. needs them on board to actually have the numbers this this
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saturday when parliament sits for the 1st time in over 40 years on a weekend to vote on this new deal that boris johnson has negotiated. to every show lots of parts reporting there for us in london thank you and we'll speak to a little bit later. well global stocks are surging on the news so is the pound let's bring in market analyst craig girl i'm from in london hi greg it does look like investors are excited. yeah the very excited i think there's still that's being achieved today while it doesn't guarantee it's going to get through parliament on saturday is certainly deliberate obviously bridge the divide that is existed for so long between. brussels the question is now what are the finer details how much of an issue is this going to be for the day you pay all of the m.p.'s going to be able to get on board or we going to have to have an extension on the election in order for the top one of but even that is probably not the end of the world because if we
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do get an extension on the election there's a good chance that boris johnson then those got the numbers in parliament posset later on in the year so do investors have the feeling we're coming to the end of this saga. i mean investors are eternal optimist and we've seen so many times before that we've become very excited about the prospects for improvements whether it's on drugs at the trade deals or anything else only to be sold short so it's still early days i feel like there's still a few more twists and turns to come starting this saturday but i think it's going to be exciting and i think there's going to be an overall sense of relief now that we're all eventually moving towards an agreement towards a deal and towards talk about something else well you mentioned some of the has a 10 seed because boris johnson described this deal as great but there are questions about his ability to sell it back home so what do you think its chances are. i think it's going to be really difficult to get the numbers through if we look at the states of parliament right now we're going to turn to you people 1.
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suggested they're going to oppose it do we have labor who is going to whip their m.p.'s to only block deal with a 2nd referendum of course the probably will be some groups that we will but the deal who all pays for leave can stitch heavily leave constituencies i don't imagine the lib dems will be s. and p. is going to vote the day you leave the so the numbers are going to be extremely tight. if worst case an over this deal doesn't get through paul don't think that's the end of the world for the deal like it was with her reason mays because i think if they stand goes to an election boris johnson is in a very strong position how to negotiate a deal that keeps the u.k. out of the box all the vast majority of the u.k. i should say all right frank early in london thank you for that insight. let's get a round up now of some other stories making news around the world climate protesters in london have disrupted rush hour commuters by climbing on top of a subway car and unfurling a banner the protest sparked angry confrontations on the platform with at least one
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protester being dragged from the train and some scuffles breaking out climate activists are staging several weeks of civil disobedience in major cities. officials in the philippines say at least 4 people have died after an earthquake caused a fire at a mall as well as a landslide a 6.33 magnitude quake hit the south of the country on wednesday in the region surrounding north cotabato province. maryland congressman elijah cummings has died at the age of 68 the long serving democrat was chairman of the house oversight committee and has played a key role in the impeachment inquiry into president trump his office said he had longstanding health challenges. turkey is continuing its offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria with further shelling of towns near the border this morning president. has rejected international calls to halt the operation nonetheless u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pump aoe are in turkey to try
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to broker a cease fire the u.s. has threatened to push punishing economic sanctions over the operation which turkey launched after the u.s. unexpectedly withdrew troops from the area has been accused of abandoning kurdish fighters who were washington's main partners in the battle against the so-called islamic state in syria. and let's go right to our correspondent you leon is that up to college at the turkish syrian border and she joins us for more hi yulia despite international criticism we've seen turkey continuing to push on this offensive in northern syria what is the latest you can tell us about this offensive . well i'm here on the turkish side just a few cologne meters away from the syrian town of tell of yet which has been taken by the turkish army and their allies in the past 2 days so it's relatively calm right here today but clashes all reportedly going on in the surrounding areas prison aaron said his army has taken an area of more than 1200 square kilometers
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there in northeast syria but from our understanding there have not managed yet to capture the other main target there which is the syrian town of ras and i know but there are all other battle lines from lines developing here off of the kurdish forces have reached out to the assad regime for help and assad has sent units of troops into areas in north east in syria where he didn't have a foothold in years now the return of asada to these areas is a game changer not only because we still have a risk of a military confrontation here between the turkish armed forces and syrian government forces but also now off to the americans have left is basically assad and his most powerful ally russia trying to fill the void so as we speak the map of northern syria is being redrawn and this will have massive consequences for this whole war
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at the same time mike pence and michael peo they are visiting today to push for one so what are their chances of convincing him. well i think the chances are slim that mike pence and his team will convince president add one to a back down unless they have more precious they can apply here i mean we've seen the sanctions that were imposed earlier this week they haven't had much of an effect on the turkish economy or in president ad one who is really convinced to go out with this offensive who says he will never ever agree to a cease fire and sit down and negotiate with what he calls a terrorist the kurdish fighters on the other side of the border now the real question is how much of an influence does washington still have one or maybe will president edwards visit to russia next week be more decisive and yulia just quickly if you can what about the nearly 160000 people who have been displaced since this
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offensive started what is facing them at this point. well from what we understand there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding there in northeast syria dozens of people have reportedly been killed you named how many people had to flee the areas there now they're not only facing turkish military attacks but also possible reprisals from advancing assad forces that it's a nightmare for them aid organizations have pulled out staff from the area they are saying it's become so difficult for them to reach out to people to help them and that's in an area where already more than 1500000 people are dependent on 8. reporting for us from the turkish syrian border thank you very much. this is d.w. news these are our top stories britain and the e.u. say they have reached a deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union british prime minister
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boris johnson is hailing it as quote a great new deal and urging the u.k. parliament to approve it this week the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. on october 31st. the u.s. vice president and secretary of state of travel to turkey to persuade uncorrupt to halt its offensive against kurdish militias in northern syria turkey began its military operation last week after u.s. troops pulled out of the area turkish president air to one is vowing to press ahead . with catalonia as regional president has appealed for calm after a 3rd night of unrest left dozens injured in barcelona thousands have been protesting the long prison sentences handed to 9 cuddle and separatist leaders earlier this week. opposition lawmakers in hong kong have disrupted the legislature for a 2nd day heckling the territory's leader kerry lamb there calling on her to respect the demands of hong kong's months long protest movement. you're watching
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news from berlin for more news you can always go to our website w dot com. coming up next on new our show focus on europe and don't forget you can always get the latest headlines on twitter our handle there is out. thank you for watching.
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the last of their kind in cyprus birds are threatened with extinction every year around half a 1000000 of them end up as a delicacy. it's prohibited but for the bird mafia it's a lucrative business. and by our presence or never look. to know that we're going to be there. next.
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winter. the conflict. lies in populism. like in venezuela. culture rex o'clock in. the world is in crisis no just this week we look back at the key interviews of the season the point you don't want to change the implied gold in the middle channel every now and then something won't you. please. join it and just to slow down the 1st words of the german national life. 3 central believes that the foundation of this country
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. these values developed and pushed. hard is it to live by and defend the principles of justice and freedom and i work every day in my. hour german. series starts october 21st t.w. . hello and a warm welcome to focus on europe i'm laura babylonia it's nice to have you with us the debate around gregg's it is dividing britain as the rhetoric between supporters and opponents escalates m.p.'s on both sides are accused of sowing division was
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inside the tory speech the debates in the house of commons are becoming increasingly heated and the quality of discourse has eroded yes i did.


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