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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2019 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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on d.w. . this is data with the news live from berlin the u.k. prime minister tells them pains to move on from bricks it. a way i want to try i know is to try to speak to this the forest johnson urges lawmakers to back his last last ditch breaks a deal but without a majority in the house of commons success is far from certain also coming up by lance flares in barcelona the capital of spain's catalonia regions group 5 5th day of unrest troll forty's jailed separatist leaders and kurdish and turkish forces
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fighting each other in northern syria both accuse each other of violating the fragile ceasefire brokered by the us may well tens of thousands take to germany straits in solidarity with the kurds. i'm rebecca rate is welcome to the program british prime minister boris johnson plans to have a parliament vote on his new brics a deal today his plan has run against a new obstacle and pains in the house of commons have been debating an amendment that would put off the vote until other laws necessary to implement breaks that are written into the rule meanwhile in london thousands of protesters have gathered demanding a new referendum on leaving the view they plan to march on parliament later today.
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and speaking to lawmakers johnson urged them to pass so the country could move on let's take a listen people simply will not understand how politicians can say with one breath . they want. to avoid mildew. then with an express that they still want to live with a great deal is they're. trying. now is to try mr speaker to get. them to give you correspondent shallop parts is standing outside the house of parliament in london she joins me now charlotte bring us up to speed about what's happening in there right now. well the situation is extremely complex and fluid so please bear with me while i try to explain it we were expecting a decisive vote today on boris johnson steel and whether parliament would approve it finally or not now it looks like 1st and amendment is going to be tabled and
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that amendment would force boris johnson if parliament approves it would force boris johnson to ask the european union for an other extension for yet another extension on the force for for 3 months and he would have to do that tonight so it looks likely that this amendment will be voted through and that would of course take the pressure off that vote on the on boris johnson's deal. johnson has said if indeed he has to ask for an extension then he would conservatives to walk out of parliament and not participate in the vote on his deal so there wouldn't be a decision on that today and we would probably most likely next week see another vote on this deal that he has negotiated with the european union so possibly not as decisive today as he'd hoped now he has addressed the parliament so has opposition leader jeremy corbyn let's take
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a listen to what he had to say. put government is cloying about if we support it will get drawn on the backing them today because the only way to stop. or simply. supporting the government is often moon would really fargo starting pistol in a race a race to the bottom in regulations. race to the bottom the opposition leader jeremy corbin addressed in the poem a little earlier he's not the only one opposed to the deal why are so many pais against it. what we've just heard jeremy called and this the labor spheres are the workers' rights environmental rights would be watered down there would be deregulation when boris johnson negotiates future relationship with the european union that's on the labor side we also know that the the northern irish unionist party is extremely against this deal because basically it would make northern
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ireland different from the rest of the united kingdom and would put a border in the irish sea so many different m.p.'s are against this deal for different kinds of reasons and i think this is what it all comes down to right and parliament has been divided on the issue of bracks it for 3 years now on how to leave on what kind of deal they want with the european union if they want to stay closer aligned rather have a hard break sit and this really mirrors again in the debate today that many parliamentarians just. very divided on the issue and at the same time as the m.p.'s are in parliament to beijing and voting today there's a huge demonstration underway in london people calling for a 2nd referendum can you tell us a bit more about that. well you see some of the protesters actually gathering behind me with the european flags there people have been arriving all morning from
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all across the united kingdom and. protests here in central london and what they are demanding is a people's vote another vote from the british people on whether to accept this deal that boris johnson has negotiated with the european union all whether indeed after all remain in the european union of course most of the protesters for that they approach european they want to remain in the european union they say they've been tricked the british public has been tricked into voting to leave the european union and that referendum 3 years ago so this is what it's all about today and we're expecting tens of thousands of protesters here in central london to parts in london for us thanks very much. take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in hong kong pro-democracy demonstrators have held a further protest against a little banding mosques by covering their faces and making a human chain in the city many will cartoon character masks as they linked hands in
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a peaceful demonstration. chile's president has declared a state of emergency and made widespread post protests there's been violent demonstrations in the capital santiago as well as mass fires in high rise buildings the protests started after the government announced a hike in city transportation phase. in protest in the lebanese capital beirut have turned violent with police firing tear gas into crowds of demonstrators that demanding that the government scrapped plans for new taxes amid a severe economic crisis many want an end to a ruling political class they say is corrupt. to spain now where there's been another night of violence in the city of wasilla as catalan pro independence protesters clashed with police a semi autonomous region of catalonia has rebuke to the country's supreme court for jailing its separatist leaders catalonia regional chief crim torah has called the talks with the central government following 5 days of unrest. as
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darkness descended on barcelona so too did violence. clashes between protesters and security forces illuminated by burning makeshift barricades . sticks and stones trusses tear gas and rubber bullets. eventually the water cannon roll then. it was a predictable end to a 5th day of protest in catalonia even if the vast majority of the half a 1000000 who marched had done so peacefully over the past 3 nights what i've seen on the streets setting fires to things and essentially creating chaos is not what's the general populace of catalonia feels others see the violence as a means to an end. i'm against violence but it seems that
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violence it gets more media bending and march this is. information about the real subject. but not everyone is so keen on the media's presence i. rarely or the catalonian regional president condemned the violence. going on if sentenced to 100 years for staging a referendum that reach a vote on independence again. but some fear that will only make the situation worse. he cannot 3 days after this sentence tell people that he's going to put the ballots again on the streets because we saw what happened last time and we saw the reaction of the spanish government and we saw that this is going to only incites more violence police said
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31 people were arrested as madrid delivered a warning. you know you think i'm in order to not have no one should think that the vandalism and the violence in catalonia will go unpunished and i want to use the capital on the city's walls the defiant reply you taught us that being peaceful is useless. as flames lick the streets of pasha luna for another night catalan independence has once again turned to political wildfire. our correspondent helen humphrey is in barcelona and she sent us this assessment. by day call may have been restored here but last night saw a new level of violence in barcelona begging the question where the night before will once again unleash that chaos on the streets here we witnessed maust young people armed with sticks and stones and bottles turn the streets into a battleground fires blazed in smoke filled the air and police responded racing
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their vans through the masses using tear gas and water cannon today the destruction is evident with damage to street signs and traffic lights some 128 people have been arrested since these protests began on monday 500 people injured and 200 police officers many here in barcelona say they don't know where these violent he's a coming from and say they don't represent the independence movement. clashes between turkish forces and kurdish fighters in northern syria are continuing despite a u.s. brokered deal to halt hostilities for 5 days both turkey and the kurds have accused one another of violating the cease fire fighting was reported in the border town of reza lane on friday turkish president richard time denied the attacks he's vowed to continue turkey's offensive in the region unless syrian kurdish fighters withdraw from a so-called safe zone 30 kilometers deep into syria so far there's been no sign of a pullout by the kurds. meanwhile here in germany protests are underway to show
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solidarity with the kurds and correspondent. is one of the demonstrations here in berlin say that thanks for joining me tell us about the protests happening here in berlin and across the german germany today. well yes kurdish organizations have called for demonstrations to protest turkish military offensive in syria and today in the berlin you can see behind me there are around 2000 people expected for these demonstrations 550 police officers will be working today to make sure that the protests go peacefully and this is the one this is the protests going on here in potsdamer platz and there's also going to be a smaller one with the 200 people in my car and also all over germany in 13 different cities there will be demonstrations and one of the biggest ones being in cologne. other fears it here in germany about the potential for conflict between
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turks and kurds here the they might escalate. well i was speaking earlier to the police here in berlin they believe this here this demonstrations here in berlin will be a peaceful one they hope for that but of course they're ready for any escalation that might happen however in cologne there are more than 20000 demonstrators expected and the police in cologne were saying yesterday that they are were they are worried that there might be young people a couple of 1000 that might be ready for violence so police are worried for violence in different cities around germany and of course this is something that germany does not want to see happen. said i am berlin thank you very much for that update. some support now in the bundesliga frankfurt kicked off match day on friday with a convincing 3 nil victory at home to leave a cosen they started strongly and gonzalo past the n.c. is called the open after just 4 minutes following a fine move and finish the portuguese forward again before half time from the
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penalty spot beagle's added a late 3rd and climbed above inconsistently because and into 7. of the round rugby world cup next where england have overpowered australia 40 to 16 in the 1st quarter final in japan johnny mays scored 2 tries to help the 2003 winners through to the semifinals and eliminate the 2 time champions holders new zealand have just begun an island in their last 8 clash. a passenger on a plane flying over mexico shot footage of the famed pier told while a volcano erupting through the clouds the mountain is sending a plume of ash up to an altitude of more than 6000 meters popo as it is known locally erupts regularly but is really considered dangerous. as a reminder of the top story we're following for you british prime minister barak johnson
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is warning against a lying breaks it saying any hold up would be pointless and expensive pollin it's in session on a saturday for the 1st time in 37 years to allow him pays to debate and vote on the new deal agreed with the new. business data newsline from the we're back at the top of the hour with more news on a better it is thanks for watching. and i'm getting on with the brand new delusions are muskoka this person to voice broke topics that affect us all wonderfully klein a strange thing the return of. the phone would ring friends check it out.


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