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then fool who is writing the law it would go to the supreme court and this is all speculation of course so i think now the interesting point is when and how boris johnson is going to bring back his deal in front of parliament and how he wants to still take the united kingdom out by october 31st because that is his goal and he said do or die and he is indeed of course having to ask for an extension but still in this short period of time until the u.k. has to leave the european union until october 31st it could be possible to pass this deal agreed with the european union in the u.k. parliament and it could be turned into legislation and then that would make a possible extension meaningless so just say i hope that was clear but there is a chance still that the u.k. will leave here opinion on october 31st if the government hari's if parliament
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indeed votes for it so a lot of ifs of course and we still don't know when that vote would come back to parliament. to try to break that down but it is a very confusing situation rubble turn back to you briefly so you know as he was saying it could be possible for the for the what's being called for in the late one agreement which is to have all of this legislation actually turned into u.k. law before any vote is that really possible to do before the 31st. i think is highly unlikely to me methinks the next procedure today is that the prime minister. for the motion to have. some debate next week monday possibly and then to have the votes on choose day. they can achieve that that's my opinion in a short space of time so i don't actually think it's realistic that we could see a deal being agreed by the 31st. yeah well it's. head of
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a complicated and we really i mean you know we really don't know what's going to happen but i'd like to turn to brussels now if we can i believe that we have. brussels correspondent but ringgit standing by but what does all of this mean for brussels if you can. the european that a box is open and the process is open for business or any letter that really arrived from london today tonight will be received and some diplomats and also colleagues watch this spectacle here in brussels and i mean. astonished but the mound the amount of understanding what is going on the is limited because only 2 days ago boris johnson's told you some of his fellow. papa see in brussels that he has a majority in parliament to get through this new all to the year that now well we now are in the middle of the same procedures we had in march when meaningful binning less abodes followed one on each other in the middle again so but brussels
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is not under time pressure there's no time limit from brussels on a deadline an extension can be granted any time before the 31st of october if nothing happens then britain would crash out of the you also under e.u. law it's not only british your law it's also in the e.u. would have no right no so what's going to happen now. well that's a good question 50. $1000000.00 question is wait brussels is waiting for the letter and then if the letters here it would be considered as an application and then the council would sit again and. check if there is a reason for this extension there has to be a meaningful reason for that and then the consequence side within days to grant this extension that is not a procedural problem in brussels but process could also wait until the 30 years or
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the 29th of october so there's no time that is a time limit for this consideration and how patient will the e.u. be with the u.k. do you think how likely if they go with the cap in hand to ask for an extension how likely will they be to have granted the primary goal for the u.s. not to be blamed for any kind of heartbreaks it or crash out briggs's so the you would be very patient and as i said extensions can be granted very swiftly if there is a reason maybe the you want the drama again and the consider an extra summit by the state by the heads of state or government but it can also be done only by by the any council of the city year next week or the week after so brussels is willing and eager to run to get the extension but the application has to come 1st from london brussels cannot do it alone of course and as we have bars johnson very unhappy to
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be having to write that letter saying that he may not even do it then we get in brussels lots of late night summits ahead for you perhaps thanks very much they analyse this. i'd like to come back to the studio here with rob much political editor and we've got charlotte potts standing by for us in london london. rather sorry reaction to the vote m.p.'s have voted to delay the approval of this deal. for this deal what's the reaction been in london. well i can tell you what the reaction and paloma i think the labor party is quite happy that the government of course was defeated on this motion and they have always said that another extension would grant more time to scrutinize the deal that boris johnson has negotiated with the european union it would give them more time to have a closer look at it and maybe find points that they can oppose so i think
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half of the site in parliament that we've just seen voting for those amendments 322 votes i believe it was a 320 vote. of course quite happy for the government of course it's a huge political defeat i mean they thought today was going to be a good sized surf and crucial vote on this deal of that in the end was negotiated with brussels and lots of effort let's not forget that lots of nights of late negotiating and boris johnson was quite proud of that in the last days trying to convince the members of parliament to go for his deal and we can say that even if this vote on the deal would have been brought in front of parliament today if they happen a crucial vote it would have been very very very tight for him we're talking one or 2 votes maybe 4 against a deal now we've just learned that number 10 foot sure wants to table the bill
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1st the motion and then the bill on this withdrawal agreement again next tuesday so next super saturday that we're on right now. that was dubbed a super saturday where parliament sits for the 1st time in nearly 40 years is now been pushed back postponed to crunch tuesday i guess we'll know more then and she gives of course boris johnson maybe even more time to convince i want to more m.p.'s to go to his side and supported. you know we'll try to think of t. words that we could name this terrible choose a. tile choose to think. but charlotte how likely is i told you that she used a torch to choose to exactly certainly for everybody watching along the challenge you know delaying until tuesday i mean what are the chances that he's going to be able to rustle up the votes that he needs in just
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a few days. it's going to be very very tricky as i mentioned before the labor opposition paunchy of course is against this deal there are few m.p.'s so on the labor side constituency at home that have voted for breaks that they want to leave the european union immediately and those are going to be the crucial votes and i've talked to some of those rebel labor m.p.'s yesterday were told me that they would vote with the government with the conservative policy on this deal. it's going to be a very very tight one we've done the number of numbers we've crunched them and either way you know we're talking about 2 or 3 votes by the for or against the deal and. it really is what has been going on in parliament for the past 3 years what we've seen on that parliament is just extremely divided to be m.p.'s are the
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constituent their constituencies are someone to a closer relationship to the european union some want to hada bricks that as boris johnson has now negotiated with the european union and this is what. it really boils down to in the end when they are voting on the deal tight vote choose days perhaps the one we can go with so we are of course talking about the british parliament where we're talking about british parliament or. decision to vote for the letter an amendment which will delay the bricks that deal the vote on the facts until rather but let's take a listen now to what prime minister boris johnson had to say a little earlier. since i became prime minister i said we must get on a good bridge sit down on october 31st so that this country. mr speaker that policy that policy remains unchanged no delays are you will continue to do all i can to get back to don oct 31st and i continue to come in this actual
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deal with the speaker of the house. well the prime minister bars johnson saying that he still wants to leave file type of the 31st rob how could that be possible that's what i'm trying to get my head around because he seems to be indicating implying he will not follow the rule of law which would be to by the end of business today send a letter to the e.u. asking for an extension which is under the so-called bend act. with boris johnson you never know what he may have up his sleeve. i'm struggling right now to. explain well carol how it's possible as i say if he continues on the path that he seems to be implying or threatening we could see the u.k. head for another constitutional crisis which would divide the country even further
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even more than it already is so basically is. prime minister johnson is saying he's not he's definitely going to leave by october the 41st he will be going against this so-called ban act could you explain this a little bit assumption and act essentially he would go against the ben at which which compels him to seek an extension if there is no majority if the deal doesn't go through. and now that actually noyce is was voted on the while ago this is being imply think in early october former prime minister is in a way during that lead to try and get through the funding here for the last year and then that was on the circle ben that that was passed and so he has known for quite some time that this is what the law requires him to do and for him now to make these statements in the wake of the the left wing votes is quite astounding but then as i say with boris johnson you never know what is his next
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steps on what are the possible outcomes now we've got he either to defy is the rule of law and ignores what he's. opposed to do could we could we be seeing a general election in the u.k. all i what do you think a lot of i think that's has been his plan all along is to push for a general snap election and to be able to go to the country inside negotiate a deal it was agreed upon. parliament again voted against it opposed opposed the deal after all i can and that would be his populist notes to the country to seek a stronger mandate in the next election pixie curry doesn't have a majority and with that stronger mandate they could then perhaps go back to the you from a stronger position and negotiate a certain aspects to the deal again so i think that has been the plot all along but we have to stress that the deal hasn't actually been voted down in parliament yet
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it hasn't even been started on this and version of the deal hasn't even been voted on yet so he's talking about possibly doing that next week i think that is the plan now i think what we'll see is that he will table a motion today to debates legislation on monday and then have a vote possibly on torture tuesday let's call it out today i'm sure that the british media will be coming up with some good names that one. ok so choose day comes a vote how likely do you think it is what are the numbers looking for as charlotte was saying it's still very close and too close to call you've got as you know some of the labor rebels who represent leave constituencies who said they will vote for boris johnson's deal he's got to try and win the support of the $21.00 tory rebels that he unceremoniously dumped out of the party for opposing his brakes of course he's got to try with them over the day you can he has already announced his
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decision not to back it the hardline breck city is the european research group they have. said they would vote for it but i think i was saying i think it is just too close to call and he will have his work cut out for him now over the next couple of days to try and win more support for his his do you but still really anything possible at this stage scramble able after all this is another twist and it's still water. schalit i'm just going to briefly turn to you because there's also a large protest happening in london against the whole brics a deal can you tell us a little bit about the situation there. yeah tens of thousands of protesters actually right now in central london and they've gathered to support a 2nd referendum if so that is another possible outcome though there is no majority in parliament. at the moment either people would want to put it back
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to the british people a vote on either boris johnson steel that now he has no negotiated with the european union or whether to remain in the european union after all and this is of course what most of the protesters.


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