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story. is not a good. story to number 60 on b.t.w. . this is the w. news live from berlin british prime minister boris johnson suffers a major setback the u.k. lawmakers approved a delay on the praxis deal but the johnson remains defiant and vows to push ahead with plans to leave the e.u. by the 1st 1st meanwhile hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of london to defy it wrecks it they are demanding
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a 2nd referendum. and spain's acting prime minister petro sanchez rejects cools for talks with council on separatists his comments coming to us alone it cleans up the nearly a week of protests against the jailing of several separatist leaders. and i'm on your kids mccain and thanks so much for joining us british lawmakers have delivered a crushing blow to prime minister barak bret's it plans in a special saturday sitting a palm and m.p.'s batson amendment to delay a vote on the brics a deal that johnson reached with the e.u. just 2 days ago it's withholds the parliament's approval until legislation to implement the deal has passed now brussels is reportedly willing to grant the u.k. an extension but johnson was valid. to push ahead with plans to leave being by the
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end of this month. this is the moment the british lawmakers delayed voting on a break that deal jubilation from the hundreds of thousands outside who want a 2nd people's votes for just one another chance to vote. so it was it's good a slight delay there. is no change in the law just yet inside parliament british prime minister boris johnson appeared unruffled by a major blow to his brakes at strategy. which the house to know that i'm not wanted or dismayed by this particular result but now he has to write to the e.u. to request a delay something he's vowed not to do i will not negotiate with the e.u. . i am neither does the law compel me to do so i will tell our friends and colleagues in the e.u. exactly what i have told everyone in the last 88 days that i have served as prime minister but further they would be bad for this country was.
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bad for democracy the majority of lawmakers voted to withhold approval of johnson's deal until the legislation that actually implements his deal is passed into law legal experts say johnson must now seek an extension from the e.u. to create more time for voting on the details of a withdrawal agreement the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbin said johnson would be in contempt of the law if he refused to die as a historic day for parliament because it said it will not be blackmailed by a prime minister who is apparently prepared once again to defy a law passed by this parliament i invited him to think very carefully about the remarks he just made about refusing apparently to apply for the extension which the e.u. number 2 act requires him to do. e.u. leaders have been clear in recent days that they do not want. an extension of those
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who you don't like so we you know you kind of wrong you have to do have to deal with the delusion of the folks that's not the way to which this my views to the prime minister is now seeking advice as to how we can get briggs done by the end of the month despite u.k. parliament clearly voting for him to formally request more time from the e.u. . all right so what is going to happen next for more i'm joined here in the studio by calm ousmane and by d.w. correspondent in london barbara let's start with you can boris johnson simply ignore today's vote is he not now required by law to request a delay to the brits a deadline by 11 pm u.k. time this evening. he actually is not large because legal experts here have been looking at the ben law that was passed in september that forces him to do this and they didn't find the loophole that. just is there somehow but maybe he is just taking it literally because it is not personnel says
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there are only him in person that needs to do it he can for instance tell his ambassador in brussels to write this letter or even the speaker of the commons here behind us could do this if court of law for instance would ask him so maybe just somebody else will write that letter for him and boris johnson can say it was me so the legal challenge to this is already been prepared nor court in scotland has already taken on the case and it's just waiting for monday if it hasn't done until then they will everybody expected to happen they will probably oblige him to do it right now call what does this delay mean for the e.u. would the e.u. consider another extension at this point i mean i think the key thing to keep in mind here is it's absolutely not in the interest of the european union to be the.
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he suppose it's because of the u.k. just crashing out of the e.u. with no deal they don't want to be seen as the villains here and most people don't want to know deal breck's it anyway so the feeling is that if the u.k. comes and they ask for another extension it would be granted however we're hearing conflicting messages we just heard john claud the president of the european council hinting that saying look we don't want an extension is not in our interest though we heard the president of the european council donald tusk saying the opposite him saying ok we would grant that if it comes towards us we now know the french president emmanuel mccraw spoken directly with boris johnson the bottom line is it takes all $27.00 e.u. member states to approve an extension if it comes to that even if one country says no that's it no extension ok now barbara thousands of people took to the streets in london today to protest against threats how did they react to today's vote.
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oh they were of course overjoyed because they saw that there might be just this tiny window of opportunity for them because now if this all this is the whole legal preparation of breck's it is again discussed in parliament here if there was straw egremont bill the essential legal act that would take britain out of the european union is put on the table 1st as is the intention of this amendment that we saw today. for instance they couldn't amendment be attached that says yes we agree to this all of this bought only under the idea and only under the heading that it goes back to the people and that there is a 2nd referendum and then of course whatever happens will happen so that is sort of the trick the idea to sort of outmaneuver boris johnson here at this point so people thought yes one man i talked to said my my head says no but my heart
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says yes so of course it's split it's a tiny chance but it's a glimmer of hope u.k.i.p. thiessen some very strong feelings and obviously a huge head turn out on the streets of london but of course london is known for being quite anti breck said how's the delay being received outside of london and the rest of the country. i mean it really really depends we know the country is split over you all the latest polls to show for have been showing for weeks and weeks now that there is now a rather stable majority even though a small majority of about 53 to 47 percent against breaks for remaining in the e.u. bot of course the country is really so do you find it and the the whole discussion has been so acrimonious that the bricks of tears are sort of getting more and more upset and getting more and more angry and so this whole thing is just driving it deep. for this this delay of course is driving this deeper and deeper because both
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sides haven't really played their game till the very end and i think there is still just this little bit of time left to fight for it and so the mood of course on the other side is really bitter because we can hear the shouting behind you call it can i ask you how does this delay affect the chances of johnson's deal now being passed by parliament i mean there's 2 ways to look at it because now there's more time to look at this deal that he reached for the you on the one hand there's a lot of complicated details in this withdrawal bill that now will be examined even more closely there is this entire customs arrangement set up with northern ireland where party members m.p.'s the the all important to you p party will be looking at and they'll be more scrutiny maybe more amendments passed as barbara mentioned so maybe west chance of being passed on the other hand fatigue could be setting in another delay the not many people want to see this brock's
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a process drag out more months even maybe another year perhaps that leads to people finally saying look we have a deal we're likely unlikely to get anything that's any better let's just go for it and get it over with one of those either one is possible yeah absolutely i mean i think that word is really pertinent now is in and of course today was supposed to be a decisive day it wasn't at all where do we go from here yet they call it super saturday the ended up just being kicking the can down the road again you know we do know there's a timeline set up for next week we do know maybe perhaps as soon as monday we will see a meaningful full vote on this bill so no matter what happens at midnight tonight european time this letter will or won't be sent but no matter what this withdrawal bill will see its day in parliament probably next week will be tracking its progress progress in london thanks so much and khan that's one thank you. all right now to some of the other stories making news around the world the
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lebanese government has backed down over imposing new taxes the finance minister says a final budget with no extra charges aims to calm nationwide protests demonstrators have been holding mass protests in the capital beirut for the 3rd day in a row they're accusing the political elite of loosing the economy. hundreds of mourners in eastern afghanistan have attended funerals for the victims of a bombing at a mosque in the village of joe dari that killed more than 60 people on friday no group has yet taken responsibility for the attack. and thousands have taken to the streets of several german cities including berlin to show solidarity with kurds in northern syria the protests come off days of heavy turkish bombardment of kurdish areas along the turkish syrian border where clashes what will say reported today despite a cease fire brokered on thursday. now spain's acting prime minister petro sanchez has rejected
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a call for dialogue from the leader of the catalan separatists telling him that he must 1st condemn the recent violent unrest in both alone and the comments come as pro separatists crowds gathered for more demonstrations in the catalan capital police are bracing for more violence after gangs of mosque youths rampage through the city on friday night vandalizing shops and public buildings. there was a strong police presence on the streets of basra as crowds gathered again on saturday evening the government has warned that violence will be met with the full force of the law on friday you know a 5th night of violence protestors set barricades on fire and police deployed reinforcements to stop riot has from approaching the police headquarters mosque to use hurled stones at security forces who responded with smoke grenades and tear gas . pigs. these are people who are prepared to use
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violence. strategies and they know what they're doing. they're trying to test the rule of law. but the law knows how to defend itself. some 300 people have been arrested in clashes that flared in cities across the region since monday when spain's supreme court handed down lengthy prison terms to 9 count alone leaders who staged a banned referendum on independence in 2017 a growing number of catalonia independence supporters are fed up with the continuing violence. spain's acting prime minister sanchez has dismissed calls for talks from catalonia as pro independence president saying that the catalonia leader must 1st unequivocally condemn the violence. to the been asleep in our saturday's early games are in the can so let's check out results don't grab
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a hard fought win against bloodbath like safe and wolfsburg share the spoils as did spoke and by and munich the same for braman and had to have belin you knew on upset freiburg does not go off beat minds on friday frankfurt won against leverkusen. franco started strongly and gonzalo. for the open after just 4 minutes following a fine move and finished the portuguese forward then netted again before half time from the penalty spot the eagles added a late surge and climbed above inconsistent leverkusen into 70. 2 games coming up on sunday cologne take on part of bone and hoffenheim lock horns with. and now let's take a quick look at the bundesliga table. still on top but only barely up to losing to dortmund could actually overtake them if they beat off in the time tomorrow in the bottom half promoted sides dissolute off and on your own but when both move up
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while book and minds slide down. this is news live from berlin coming up next the documentary follows a young chinese woman training as a geriatric in germany's black forest that don't make stops and i forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that stealing dot com thanks so much for watching. for a meal and i'm doing some good news delusions or medical person to voice broke totally solicitors who want to clone a stranger in the return of. the only reasons check out.


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