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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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voice calls in beirut suddenly have in common they can quickly become weapons when the state needs more money and weapons of an angry public that says enough is enough on opposite ends of the world in chile and in lebanon calls for revolution and for politicians to come clean tonight the high cost of living that may now come with a political price to pay i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. it battles. against a powerful implacable enemy and sadly 5 people were killed in this fire pig just you know i'm a happy man i'm not of gold with anyone. we're not leaving the street and sometimes you have to know your voice is being had a lot is that nothing will happen
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a few times i will not allow anyone to threaten or intimidate you we don't believe a quarter of what he said. also coming up in syria the americans are leaving the russians aren't going anywhere what about the germans tonight a plan from the woman who could become germany's next chancellor. i in my recommendation is that we have stablish an internationally controlled security zone in cooperation with turkey and russia. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day after a weekend of rage in chile at least 11 people were killed 1500 arrested in violent protests that have shaken the south american country 10000 troops are now patrolling the street. it's and today chilean president sebastian pinera extended
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a state of emergency beyond the capital sun tiago the unrest is the worst that chile has seen since the end of the pinochet dictatorship some 3 decades ago and it began just last week when the government announced a 3 percent hike in the price of metro tickets angry protesters torched at least a dozen metro stations as a result and that ticket price increase it has now been scrapped but demonstrators say it does not address social injustice and inequality in the country they claim the government's economic policies have widened the gap between rich and poor and they claim that the president is out of touch just last week president piñera described his country as in a way says among south america's troubled economies on sunday night he called the protesters delinquent and he declared the country is now at war with the evil we have this report. another day of protests in chile. thousands have taken to the
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streets once again in santiago and valparaiso. by the military used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowds of demonstrators president sebastian pinera sent in the troops to maintain order after a weekend of chaos in several cities there were deaths amid violent clashes arson attacks and looting. the cause was a planned hike in public transport fares angry rioters set this garment factory on fire on sunday 5 people died here the president declared a state of emergency. we are with a powerful relentless enemy that the respects nothing for anyone and is willing to use violence and crime without any limits. even when it involves the loss of human lives. many residents of santiago tried to get back to normal life
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the city's metro reopened. as did a small number of supermarkets where people waited in long lines to be let in. motorists also faced long waits to fill up. thank you it's a bit of a quiet morning compared to the previous days at least after everything i hear during the night it looks calm now i imagine it will be worse to be honest. but total calm seems a long way off with the protests showing no signs of letting up. and for more on chile's protests and anger i'm joined tonight by a crystal ball review called fossa he's a political science professor at the diego portales university in chile's capital santiago professor it's good to have you on the program tonight let me ask you as a citizen of chile are you surprised to see what's happening. yes i'm known to be
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honest i'm surprised in the sense that nobody expect that he's going to turn so fast in that way and they're not surprised because those who have been doing research like myself and many colleagues we do know that the levels of inequality and anger of the 'd nation are extremely high and this is the main cause of the problem is that we are seeing nowadays and so you say that academics is just yourself people on the street they know that this gap between the rich and the poor has gotten bigger and yet just last week the president of chile said that your country is in no way says among south america's problematic economies is he really that album touch with reality. well i think that the important role mr president but the government in general but also the leading more in more general sense i mean there are many many people in this country who are very rich who are not
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really understanding there are many people on the streets normal city sense struggling to to to come till the end of the month because the summer resort not good enough to say and because all those who are completely out of touch are saying certain scenes and generate more and more attention and this is i would say one of the main problems that we are seeing nowadays and he's probably one of the reasons why the protestant are scaling up so to say what did you make last night of the president's speech where he said he basically blamed the protests on students calling them young delete quints and he said that the country is at war with evil that's not that's not a positive constructive language coming from your leader is. exactly anything this is part of your problem we have a government at the moment and e's not doing what we should expect instant instead
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of saying that he understand the cause of the problem and that he understands that this regime is not an easy one but he wants to stop the style of he's doing exactly the opposite he's saying that we need more repression of course the reason because of the riots the disease is not going to solve the main problem of the country and instead he's using these very provocative and polarizing language and you have to wonder as an outsider professor looking at chile this government is democratically elected this is what the voters wanted and yet the president seems to be terribly out of touch with what the common voter experiences every week at the grocery store for example so you know whose fault is it that this disconnect exists is it really the elites fault or is it you know the people the voters fault for putting these people in power. well i think to be fair we depressives and this is a longstanding problem of this country destroying didn't start 4 years ago to do
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with the economy runs in this country needs to insurgents and related to the dictatorship and the newly reforms that were implemented 30 years ago but going back to our current president we need to understand turnout leveling elections is extremely you know approximately 50 percent of the nation going to the polls which means that the group president was supported wholly by 25 percent of the nation so and democratic elected either not 50 percent of the mission voted for him only 25 percent and he doesn't have a majority congress and this is again part of the problem of what we're seeing today you know the. situation you have in a country known as the united states i think if you want to make that comparison the government tonight was. sense yes yeah yeah i mean there are similarities there i want to ask you about what the government is saying tonight we've got
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a report that the government in chile says that the unrest that we have seen will undoubtedly impact the country's economy do you agree with that. well the economy of the country and this is one of the paradox if you compared the economy of chile with the rest of latin america it's in a relatively good shape i mean economic growth should be around 3 percent inflation is under control and employment it's not very high but of course if the currency to ation thinks some surveys and political group the station continues and repression grows of course we're going to have a very very difficult situation we need that i would agree there's now when they stop using polarizing language and try to speak a language that connects we did mounds of the people again we know that reforms are not going to be easy easy to be made but we need another type of language and use is not no weddings you know that it's good advice that i think applies to
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a lot of countries around the world at the moment professor crystal ball revealed a culture vasa joining us tonight from santiago professor we appreciate your time and your insight thank you. thank you very much. from south america to the middle east in lebanon people are protesting as well demanding an end to corruption and social inequality today prime minister hariri announced that economic reforms are on the way including massive cuts in politician salaries but that did not send the demonstrators in beirut home some are calling for a revolution and we all started when the government announced a tax on what's app voice calls that tax has since been scrapped the anger in the public it remains what these ministers and legislators should be thrown in jail this thieves they were begging for money from other countries on behalf of the
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lebanese but that then put the money in their own pockets the the money this government has done nothing but divide us as well as making us poor citizens must retain their dignity this is why we won't leave the streets without taking down the regime and forming a transitional government with exceptional powers to rebuild the country. aren't for more now we want to take the story to beirut i'm joined by our correspondent there basile a reading also it's good to see you let me ask you are you surprised at how quickly the prime minister has said he will meet the demands of the protesters. no in fact at all it's was obvious since because of these huge crowds that took to the streets the last 5 days mainly yesterday the old major cities in lebanon lost the downtown offered with the 2 main squares in built on both the
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market squares and the squares which is in shrunk of the the presidential headquarters the sort of the prime minister had sort of some old coats old beastliness natures that due to the seats. in these days it was obvious that the government will do will meet the protesters the months obvious. since the 1st tryst 1st 24 hours of these demonstrators old ministers mainly the minister of. telecom announced that he's going to pull back the old beast act that was that that was on the discussion and nothing was for sure according to the minister of telecom so it was obvious that the government we'd go would proceed would this be forced back it just let me ask you then if you know if it's so obvious that these demands will be met why are the protests continuing because we
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haven't really seen many people leaving and going home. not utterly the the. the clothes was full of crowded of crowds saudi and that's one thing according to the demonstrates of a conduct to the old these people on the streets in tripoli in not the lebanon to the south of lebanon old these cities. would want think it is the nation of the government they say lead us to the speech of the prime minister saad how easy they said it it is that they don't trust these authorities anymore they want full of promises and they want any more of these promises i mean we know the civil war ended in 1990 we've had almost 30 years but many segments of the lebanese economy they still remain in a in horrible condition in does this government i mean doesn't it does it have any it is
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a safe to say that it has no credibility left with the public. accordant the public. like he and i can see in my bag down the central bank of lebanon the banking sector according to the packages announced. that they want to take it one of these. by the point $2000000000.00 i don't think $1000000000.00 made it through. as an aid to the economy most of these money all of these. buckets from the beat back except up we go through the electricity off lebanon and the did to these major problem and lebanon since 30 years until now the population was called on the private sector would write that generators due to the bandits between the. 2 again some electricity and
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puzzled me as before we run out of time you know we have talked in many many times about lebanon being a country where the politicians have used sectarian differences sectarian violence to maintain power but with these protests we're not talking about sectarian violence if we were talking about she attacking shia for example this is this is across the board protest that's different for the country isn't it. for the 1st time according to all of the local newspapers the 1st time since the independence in $1000.00 it's the 1st time that lebanon witnessed such huge protesters and. action in the streets of lebanon old the doubts all over the cities in lebanon in one voice they all over the political. division so the. united. in one voice they need they want diggnation of the government and to change
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and to take down the all of the g 8 the city which is based on 630 and. it will be very very interesting to see how this is moving forward that is for sure correspondent basile a reading joining us from beirut special thank you very much thank you. what kind of future will northern syria have the united states has departed the russians plan to stay what about the kurds and what about the turkish military well there is a new proposal from germany tonight germany's defense minister is calling for an internationally patrolled security zone in syria along the border with turkey that is also war what turkey wants but there is a big difference germany's plan puts the zone under international control not under the direction of turkey. my
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recommendation is that we've established an internationally controlled security zone in cooperation with turkey and russia. and this security zone would seek to resume the fight against terror and against isis which has currently come to a standstill it would also ensure that we stabilize the region so that rebuilding civilian life is once again possible. and so that those who have fled can also return voluntarily. i want to bring in the w.'s chief political editor of the killer there she conducted that interview with the german defense minister because what exactly is a k.-k. what is she hoping to achieve with this proposal well she wants to change the debate she wants to bring the european union out of the defensive from the sidelines as she herself says just watching what turkish president and vladimir
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putin of russia potentially will map out when they meet on tuesday because that one said he would decide what to do after that well now there's a new factor here potentially and i think i stress potentially a european proposal on the table saying yes we're looking internationally administered a safe zone that could possibly have troops or forces from the european union and russia how realistic is that well nobody talks about russian forces and is coordination they want to bring on. wants to bring on board russian turkey whatever that means in the end when you're talking about e.u. forces there's no such thing as a european union army this is a very long debate. and i did try and press the german defense minister whether that could potentially mean german boots on the ground to military commitment let's just listen to what. said the fog of. how germany handles this politically
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and more than anything what this could mean for our armed forces is a question that must be decided by the bundestag was so that's the standard out so that from politicians it's a parliamentary army everything has to be it has to go through the bonus talk but she did cite the example of iraq where w. does recognizance flights and training so that sounds a lot more soft touch than what she said 1st i mean. still the question does it mean should the german army join this operation. well this is the question she successfully ducked by saying that she acts upon the request of the german parliament this is something that has hampered germany in also in nato but in all kinds of alliances so quite clearly this is somebody who wants to kick start a debate also here and many i think there's a very large proportion of playing this to a domestic oil unseeable despite being
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a very international question we can also listen to a sound bite that we have on that. this is just another this is 1st of all a proposal by making his party leader and as defense minister i know it's a proposal that is supported by many defense and foreign policy experts in my party . before going public with this recommendation i informed the chancellor and this will definitely be discussed within the government but we can't simply talk about europe needing to be more than a bystander we must come up with our own proposals to catalyze discussion. and. so there's a mills and it was made not by the chancellor but by germany's defense minister should be read anything out of it absolutely not under all this is the woman who wants to succeed america as the next chancellor i think this is yet another sign that we are much closer to a potential collapse of the so-called grand coalition with the social democrats
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because i don't see any chance of the social democrats going for this proposal this would mean potentially more engagement she has trouble getting through that 2 percent spending goal for nato in the 1st place so clearly this is her stepping out of the shadow of trying to her popularity numbers are not that good to her is that another reason why she's being so present with this proposal she said she doesn't have a lot to lose currently her popularity is pretty low also she's being attacked from within her own party appealing to the party not to do the kind of infighting that's destroying the social democrats has not succeeded so far so this in the attempt to lay down the law to show that she can play tough and that she can do german chancellor. there's always still thinking. in hong kong there were more pro democracy rallies over the weekend some of them were violent for months now and unlikely figure has put himself in harm's way
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squarely between police and the activists in charlotte jails until introduces us to hong kong's uncle was wrong a man who has seen it all and the fuses to stay on the sideline. at a.t.t. few could match his stamina but uncle wally is driven by sound sense of responsibility . 9 between who's a can and until death run sites and petrol tanks on the other. he doesn't shy away . instead he deschutes towards the front line from morning until night weekend up there we can't protect those he says it's fighting for the home he's lived in. a more i have enjoyed the years of democracy in hong kong but we're living in a new era the world has changed dramatically in the last few months. there to go you got that you've been watching going well yes but i got why are so many young
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people being assaulted by the police. but that we already know the police should be protecting people hold on monday's are going to be noticed until one is a member of the community group protect the children led by constable each turn they put themselves between the police and protest it's guiding the young people they aim to shield the way i think. but as every passing week worries move by the day the stakes get little bit high and. i don't fear death not when the children are right here fighting for democracy and risking their own lives it's the responsibility of elderly people like me to come out and protect them if i fear death i wouldn't be as young as tempers boil a the uncool one pushes for calm the weeks of unrest have taken their toll on both sides i don't like everyone i've. got
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a hold on to the right side of the underdog as a passionate pro democracy advocates uncool wrong please with police not ahead protests. if they're arrested and charged with rising they face up to 10 years in prison i don't think didn't go deeper than since i was a little card back so yeah the children just want to fight for democracy freedom and human rights the core values of home calm to prevent hong kong from becoming just another chinese city if we can help the young people to when the movement i will be very happy i will be able to die without regrets. going under oh you. were found my life oh involve my writing ok wong says he'll keep returning to the streets as long as the protests containing. one man and his walking stick now an icon of the movement.
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and finally how about this place for a round of golf take a look with mount everest in the background golfers in naipaul are taking advantage of the himalayan scenery on what has to be the most spectacular course unmanageable there's only one real way to even get to this course and that is by helicopter if your wallet is big enough and it's thought to be the 1st golf tournament that has ever been played at an altitude of 4000 meters they say golfers have to have good lungs a good. all right the days always don the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either going to be news or you can follow me of regattas t.v. the craziness the hash tag the day i remember whatever happens between now and tomorrow is another day we'll see you then about to.
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kick off the big bad day show a quick game into the top of the industry good table good time glenn close good stuff trim find the most comfy chunk of steel guitar. playing twists of fate the mistakes. pick up next fall just clicks. climate change caused by
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a single catastrophic event the eruption of mountain bora in indonesia in 1815 was the largest ever recorded the following the weather europe was suddenly very different now scientists are researching how the 2 connected. months to the volcano that changed the way. going to food minutes long d.w. . look closely. listen carefully. to suit the needs to get.
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