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to clarify the fact that. this is due to reduced life from berlin what will happen to northern syria turkey and russia's leaders are meeting as uncorrupt threatens to resume a military offensive against kurdish forces in that syria a cease fire runs out tonight also coming out the unveiling of a new emperor of japan scenario he told formally ascends the chrysanthemums broke the world's oldest hereditary monarchy. and about the prime minister wins a 2nd term justin trudeau as liberal party comes out ahead of the conservatives but just barely and he loses his majority.
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i'm sumi so let's got to thank you for joining us we start with a meeting that could decide the fate of syria's kurds turkish president rajapaksa one is meeting with his russian counterpart vladimir putin in sochi for talks on northern syria now turkey launched an offensive there 2 weeks ago to clear the area of kurdish militias and carve out a so-called safe south a u.s. brokered cease fire to give the kurds time to withdraw is due to expire late today more now on the region in northern syria and the players who want a stake in it. it's a fight turkey has been spoiling for for a while. conqueror is determined to expel kurdish forces from an area close to its southern border over the syrian. it is helping turkey on the ground told e.w.
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they will stop at nothing to make sure the operation succeeds. we will not stop no matter what international decisions pressured nothing will stop us we're moving forward we came for this mission so we have to finish it out of the. president added once a serious kurds are a threat to turkey security he also wants the area they have controlled up to now for the resettlement of some 2000000 syrian refugees currently in turkey. ankara was emboldened to launch its offensive after u.s. president donald trump ordered most american troops to withdraw from the area. troops who up until that point had fought alongside the kurds to defeat so-called islamic state after being abandoned by the americans the syrian kurds then made an agreement with their former enemies. the syrian regime of bashar al assad and his
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russian backed asked. that this was a huge victory for damascus and moscow as it allowed them to start calling the shots in a part of syria that had been out of their reach since the start of the civil war 80 years ago. but it also raises fears of a nightmare scenario a clash between syrian and turkish troops. and analysts say the wider implications of the situation are also worrying it to strengthen the hands not just of the acid regime and russia but also of another us at 1st 3 iran and left a vacuum at the heart of one of the longest running complex in the middle east. for more on the story we can go to our correspondent your ear chateau he joins us from moscow hi yuri what can we expect from this meeting of presidents everyone and putin. well like turkey russia is directly involved in military activities in syria both countries have troops and heavy weapons on the ground we saw the report. like
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to stress that they have very close partners but the thing is soo me that russia has completely different interests in syria to turkey moscow supports president assad uncorrupt wants us out to go moscow has support of the kurds in the past and cairo wants to fight with them therefore both presidents putin down don't have a lot of coordination if they want to avoid a situation in which of their soldiers and up facing each other in battle also the turks recent military offensive hasn't gone down well in moscow so both presidents are going to discuss the withdrawal of the kurdish militia from the border with turkey that's why today's meeting between andrew and putin in sochi is so important for both of them you're in a german his defense ministers actually made a suggestion as well for the future of northern syria let's listen to what she had to say in an interview with g w one flush. my recommendation is that we establish an
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internationally controlled security zone in cooperation with taki and russia but. this security is there and would seek to resume the fight against terror and against isis which currently has come to a standstill. it would also ensure that we stabilize the region sorry that rebuilding civilian life is once again possible . so that those who have fled can also return voluntarily. ok so your ear heard the suggestion there from the german defense minister but is an internationally controlled security zone something russia and turkey would actually welcome. well assuming probably yes i think so at least when it comes to russia and at least in terms of the kremlin official line reportedly moscow would study jim an idea to create an internationally controlled security zone in north
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and syria moscow has long made a big deal over wanting more international coordination in syria so far with americans and the russian minister of defense often complain to the u.s. didn't participate now that the americans gone that could mean call duration coordination with turkish troops and on the ground and political go to nation with europe russia really has positioned itself as a power broker in the situation what does russia want to see for the future of syria well certainly russia want to leave syria at anytime soon i think and in spite of all the statements president putin has made promising the complete withdrawal of russian armed forces from syria on the contrary what russia now can do is not only to deliver essential military aid for president assad but also to delete to deliver real political support moscow is attempting to cost itself as a mediator in this complicated conflict it's
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a complicated conflict as you said yuri so what do ordinary russians think of moscow's involvement in syria well look at russia's role in syria is increasingly viewed critically here at home according to official figures russia has lost at least 112 soldiers and continues to spent plenty of money there and that's why many russians according to polls view their country's involvement in syria very critical and now only a minority supports the kremlin's policy because of the military operation has been going on so long and the conflict in syria soon is still so far from ending this is a messy war air strikes russian asterix means civilian casualties there is no peace in syria the islamists from the so-called islamic state are still not defeat it. so bringing us up to date there thank you yuri and you can watch g.w.'s full
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interview with the german defense minister coming up right here in about 40 minutes time let's check in now and some other stories making news around the world demonstrations in lebanon continued late into monday night even after the government approved emergency economic reforms the protests over the country's dire economic situation have gone on for days demonstrators slammed the reforms as empty promises and they're calling for leaders to step down israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has failed to form a majority government funding the country into political uncertainty he was repeatedly rebuffed after trying to establish an alliance with his rival benny gantz now council try to form a coalition but he could face an equally difficult task. in northern ireland abortion and to same sex marriage have become legal for the 1st time a last ditch attempt by conservative politicians to block the legislation failed the changes to northern ireland's laws were said in motion by an intervention from the british government. japan's emperor natalie she told us formally proclaimed his
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ascension to the throne in an elaborate ceremony attended by dignitaries from around the world pledged to fulfill his duty as a symbol of the state at the imperial palace in tokyo the new emperor took the title earlier this year after the application of his father. the ceremony cements his transition to the throne japan's government has pardoned more than half a 1000000 people convicted of petty crimes the occasion that he was the latest emperor of the world's oldest hereditary monarchy let's take a look back at his life up to now. the eldest son of then crown prince. and there are vito and to the world already an heir apparent but though his fate was clear his journey to the throne has been one of many firsts he was the 1st crown prince to be born after the 2nd world war and unlike those that came before him the new emperor in waiting grew up at home with his family raced solely by his parents.
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after attending an elite school in tokyo narrow he became the 1st japanese prince to study abroad reading medieval european history and economics at oxford university he brings to the throne an unusually broad range of experience for japanese royalty back in japan he would and one of the affection of. harvard an oxford educated diplomat she reluctantly agreed to abandon her career to marry in 1993 but over the years masako battled depression and was eventually diagnosed with adjustment disorder there he promised to protect her with all his might from the strains of royal life. the pair had a baby girl princess i go in 2001 the devoted father narrow he was often seen attending his school and sporting events under the current law as a girl i cannot be next in line. narrow he just brother crown prince
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currently holds that title. but for now all the attention remains on the new emperor nero he says he wants to carry on his father's devotion to peace and compassion for the people he ascends the throne as japan's 126 sempra marking the start of a new imperial era are known as ray wa. and correspondent cut of the enough on choice in thailand is following the events in tokyo for us hi catalina good to see you tell us more about the ceremonies that have been taking place today where you can see that the emperor and the empress are having quite a busy schedule to date started already at 9 am with the ceremony where the emperor was worshiped being. a goddess of the suns and at 1 pm probably with some power of the gods involved the sun came out because the rest of the day
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we spent in rather poor in rain at 1 pm the actual ceremony started it only lasted half an hour in the presence of more than 2 towson guests from over $170.00 countries the emperor was wearing a dark orange roll a symbol for the ricing some a symbol for japan and his wife empress massacre was wearing a traditional chemo no not all of the guests were actually able to be around the court where the ceremony was taking place so they had to be in other rooms where they could follow the ceremony on big screens and right now there's a state banquet taking place a state dinner with 900 guests and of course because we are in japan traditional japanese food is being served to so-called. very very extensive ceremonies cattleya now that we know this also is the beginning of a new era known as we are that is means beautiful harmony what's said been to the
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people of japan. well of course it's enough power to fill his role but he made it very clear from the beginning that he he would like to step into the footsteps of his father a key he told 10 not emperor means heavenly ruler and already a key he wanted to be closer to his people and now he is actually planning to do the same feeling he already showed. his sway of being closer to the people japan was hit by a very violent typhoon last week hockey piece and he was traveling to the affected regions even before prime minister abbott to talk to the people to be in contact with his citizens how important is that to the people what does what role does the emperor play in japan. well he has no political
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power a dog but he's still a very strong symbol he's he's a symbol for state and unity and the japanese colleague of mine explained it to me very well he said why prime minister sheen so obvious government shows the harshness of japan also towards other countries. the emperor represents more like the kindness the law for his citizens he actually represents he's like he said like a bumper. i mean i talk to young people i wanted to know from them i wanted to know from them what the empress the means for them personally they said well nothing for us personally but whenever we have news from the imperial family it really creates a deep or a deep feeling of inner peace correspondent catalina fun church and thank you so much thank you. our canadian prime minister justin
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trudeau is one a 2nd term in office but only narrowly has a liberal party lost its majority and will now have to lead a minority government election has been described as the toughest test so far for trudeau here's more. it was a close election but justin trudeau and his liberal party retained power to most of the canadians it is the greatest allor of my life to serve you for these past 4 years then tonight you are sending us back to work for you. was we said this is going civility seriously and we work for you for your favorite movies and for your future 4 more years in which governing will be harder for trudeau his party lost the majority in monday's election and now has to form a minority government to pass legislation it will need the support of smaller
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parties it was an ugly campaign last minute help came from former us president barack obama who endorsed trudeau i was proud to work with justin trudeau as president he's a hardworking effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change the world needs is progressive leadership now and i hope our neighbors to the north supports him for another term. as young voters all over the world get more politicised canada's young activists also have clear expectations from trudeau and many youth are coming out why grecians and causes that really matter to them such as the environment under showing voters and good caring we really want a better future something should plans to provide and his 2nd term you are sending our liberal team that to work back to ottawa with a clear mandate we will make life more affordable we will continue to fight climate
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change we will get guns off our streets and remove it 1st thing i heard. promises he can only keep if he makes friends across the aisle. british prime minister boris johnson is continuing his push to pass as european union withdrawal deal through parliament today lawmakers are expected to vote on whether they support the deal in principle a 2nd vote is also likely on a possible timetable for debate and any amendments to the deal johnson is expected to face a strong challenge from opponents across the political spectrum. and let's go to correspondent shall locked up pots in london for the latest so 2 votes today as we said on the withdrawal bill and then also the timetable for debate what are boris johnson's chances of winning these votes. well you might be surprised but johnson's chances of getting this vote through of getting the deal through are
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actually very good he might get the majority in parliament and it's symbolic sums up that parliament would give them there but of course there is a but in those as always and one is that the opposition parties will try to amend the bill they will try to bring in their own ideas on how they want to look like that could pose as a major hurdle to the government and the 2nd one as you already mentioned is that one on the time table because boris johnson wants to push this bill through in just 3 days so a very short period of time for $110.00 pages of complex legal text and we have to say leaving the european union that is one of the most complex constitutional events that ever happened in the u.k. and parliamentarians are saying we can't do it in 3 days we need longer time so this could slow down the process one m.p. even this morning said look we discussed a bill on the ban of wild animals and circuses longer than we're going to discuss
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this bill so this is not going to work for us or it's such a lot if johnson fails on one or both of these votes today what does that mean. pretty much that we have back to square one we've been there before of course theresa may lost the withdrawal agreement vote in parliament 3 times already so this all seems familiar if that were to happen tonight and that means 2 things 1st of all it is most likely that we will see an extension beyond the deadline of october 31st then so the u.k. would leave on october 31st wouldn't leave the european union and the 2nd thing is that i think most likely would see fresh elections somehow because really the numbers and parliament need to need to be shaken up to go over that deadlock to get over that deadlock. parts in london for us thank you for your insights.
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now following several recent cases of racial abuse in international soccer germany's largest jewish sports club is now calling for more to be done against anti-semitism the club's manager says team members are facing a clear increase in hostility and he's calling for concrete action to be taken including appointing a commissioner on anti-semitism in sports. mccarthy frank 30 is the biggest jewish sports club in germany the e.u.'s team has a cup match today but anti semitism plays a role here even for these youngsters mccarthy players come from a wide range of backgrounds christian muslim atheist only about a 3rd of them. nonetheless they face hostility. those who think it cold jew kids and worse the typical slang. obviously and i only began to hear these things from my son after he switched to my copy here patiently
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his insults at school. were in an age in which it's. just recently conflict escalated during a match with my cubbies under nineteen's the result a mass brawl police needed 9 patrol cars to restore order because the manager alan meyer says the recent anti-semitism is coming increasingly from one group. germany it's mostly opponents with muslim arab backgrounds who in the last 2 to 3 years really have been attacking us swearing about us calling us names. you know frankfurt's university of applied sciences has researched the topic she says there's been an increase in anti semitism among various social groups and is calling for the soccer world to crack down. i think it's very important to send an absolutely clear signal in this respect even to the extent of canceling games as
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long as no action is taken it looks like things are not so bad. the soccer federation of hessen has only registered 2 incidents of anti-semitism in the last season but alan meyer believes that many cases go unreported he wants action. information on anti-semitic incidents to be properly gathered and for there to be an appropriate response at the same time we need to build support structures for these associations and sports clubs through a commissioner of anti-semitism in sports. the soccer association is open to these ideas even as a lot is already being done to solve the problem instead of just using punishment it also teaches german jewish history. already tackling this problem for. offenders about the history and the extent of the problem. frank educational center for example in order to get in the about the past.
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back to the e.u.'s team has ended their game and they won $10.00 to $1.00 the campaign against anti semitism however will continue into overtime. the champions league returns tonight with germany's very minute travelling to greece to play olympiacos byron of injury problems after a $22.00 draw at augsburg in the bundesliga last weekend but they seem to be more comfortable in the champions league this season they beat tottenham 72 away in their last european outing. it's the only stage that bion have nukes themselves on this season. that she saw i'd have been in wonderful champions league form but in the buddha's league on the weekend a disappointing defensive display cost them 2 goals and ultimately 2 points but fortunately this let's just i still think that our last game had nothing to do with us not wanting to defend or not being able to mention constantly we were just
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missing a bit of concentration right at the start and then at the end we're working on it and i think you can definitely see that we're developing absolute to this list the defense will have to develop without key man nicklaus who tore his uprooted ligament on saturday and could be out for the season. but could it's going to focus and upkeep it's impossible to say exactly how long he'll be out of them and above all we need to make sure he has enough time especially as it's not the 1st time he's torn that ligament in his left knee. we won't force anything if he's better good if not it will give him all the time in the world to recover. because of that that leaves kovacs with just 16 outfield players who are match fit it's a skeleton squad for a team with buy ins ambitions veteran jerome boateng could be back at the center of defense leone gorecki is finally back after
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a lengthy spell of injury. and intimidating atmosphere will await the german champions in greece though if by and play like they have in the blues legal lately who present a stiff challenge only another display of their charms champions league form is sure to see them come away with a win. tennis now and roger federer has celebrated his 1500 match on the men's tour with a victory in his hometown of basel the swiss player who you see at the bottom of the screen wearing red hair shows how proud he is still going strong at the age of $38.00 he was commanding against germany's peter chick the 1st round match ended fix to $61.00 federer is aiming to win what would be a record 10th title at the indoor event. this is d.w. news these are our top stories turkish president. is in russia for talks about the syrian conflict turkey attacked northern syria 2 weeks ago to clear the area of
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kurdish militias and carve out a so-called safe zone a u.s. brokered cease fire to give the kurds time to withdraw is due to expire late on tuesday. germany's defense minister on a cuts come is calling for an internationally patrolled security zone in syria it's similar to what turkey says it wants to achieve with its incursion into northern syria but the zone would be under international control and not turkey's. japan's and bernardo he too was formally proclaimed his ascension to the throne at an elaborate ceremony at the imperial palace in tokyo he became emperor earlier this year after his father ikea he took stepped down. canada's prime minister justin trudeau is one a 2nd term but he's now expected to form a minority government that means his liberal party will have to rely on the support of a left wing party to stay in power this is g.w.
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news from berlin for more you can always go to our website w dot com. coming up next did have your business crystal cobra's looking at women reaching top positions in the world of business and economics are we seeing cracks in the glass ceiling that's coming up in just a few minutes they took. up the.
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costs. to. make women to come to the city to table but timex i'm still going to train from the most comfy chunk of steamboats shifts to a new twists of fate which i'm going to see gusts. the some 60 minutes g.w. costs. the famous naturalist and
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explorer. to celebrate a click some dough from him bones from 250. marking on the floor of the discovery. expedition in blood on de. france dear antonio 2 says here this is opposite us i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep untrammeled that's when i was in france is in germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades. if your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years old. my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born in england tried to come on a full time a time of great joy. 3 generations of one family
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on a journey through recent german history. in. our family and us starts nov 6th on d. w. . the cost of climate change exxon mobil facing legal troubles with new york state attorney flaming the energy giant made itself appear more valuable to investors than it actually was also on the program at the i.m.f. the e.c.b. the nobel prize more women have risen to power and fame recently have the cracks in the glass ceiling become we'll get an expert's view. i'm chris colfer welcome to the program exxon mobil.


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