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this is deja vu news live from berlin 39 bodies found in a truck container in britain could it be a horrific and for migrants hoping for a better life in europe the truck was driven from both kariya the driver has been arrested. also coming out of russia and turkey struck a deal on northern syria presidents put in an air to one agree to set up a so-called safe zone and extend a cease fire in the region turkey tells kurdish forces they have 6 days to leave the syrian borders or. go to botswana where politics has been shaken up ahead of
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today's election if the most a closely fought vote in more than 5 decades. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start with a tragedy unfolding in the u.k. police say 39 people have been found dead in a truck container near london the vehicle was found at the water glade industrial park close to docks on the river thames the truck is believed to have come from bulgaria the driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder police say they are still trying to identify the victims the vehicle is thought to have entered the u.k. last weekend a local member of parliament has linked the tragedy to police trafficking but police themselves of people trafficking rather but police have not confirmed this. and of the local police have just been giving their 1st report about that incident
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let's listen in to what they had to say. shortly before 1 40 am today we received reports that a number of people have been found inside the lorries container to plate industrial park on eastern avenue in gray's we believe the lorry is from area and came into the u.k. through holyhead on the 19th of october. emergency services attended but sadly people inside the container. early indications suggest that one of these people was a teenager the rest to be adults. at this stage we have not where the victims of from their identities and we anticipate this could be a lengthy process. this is an absolute tragedy and very sad day for 6 peace place in the local community. we will continue to work and correspondent shot of hearts is following the story for us to you have just arrived at industrial park on the
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outskirts of london where the bodies were discovered can you tell us more about what's been happening there. well this is an hour outside of london east of london and this area as us and just real park as you can see behind me has been cordoned off by police we've been seeing we've we've seen police cars going in and out of that area and don't really know what is going on behind those gates there but we know that emergency services responded at 1 40 am last night to this call that a lorry was found and sadly it was confirmed very quickly afterwards that this 39 people were found dead inside that truck 38 of them adults and one teenager as we've just heard the authorities saying that they believe that this truck originated in bulgaria and that a 25 year old northern irish man drove it over to the united kingdom and the truck
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already and said this country 4 days ago last saturday through an irish ports as stories through a small town and the irish sea through a port town so this is what we know so far and do we know at all if the victims were indeed my breath. well i mean this is still not confirmed by the authorities but peaceful people trafficking of course remains an issue in europe and it appears to be that this truck driver choose chose a very on also docks routes you could see straight into the united kingdom via jova and calais but those there when you enter through those towns there will be physical checks very often and so the trucks will be checked fright they are carrying now the driver chose this very small ports town at the irish sea and that kind of leads to the suspicion that he knew what he was carrying so i was also
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talking to a truck driver a little earlier who said often times the truck drivers don't know what their fried is and of course austerities are having this man the 25 year old under investigation now and trying to find out more if you also knows where these people came from and where they were headed our correspondent shot up with the very latest there from the industrial park there outside of london thank you charlotta and the british prime minister boris johnson has responded to the discovery of the bodies and ethics the prime minister tweeted i'm appalled by this tragic incident in essex i'm receiving regular updates and the home office will work closely with ethics police as we establish what has happened my thoughts are with all those who lost their lives and their loved ones. moving on to some
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other news now and russia and turkey say they have a plan for syria's future following talks in the black sea resort of sochi russian president vladimir putin and his turkish counterpart edge of tap airline say they're adding another 6 days to a cease fire that was due to expire on tuesday evening turkey wants to establish a buffer zone along its border with northern syria from which kurdish forces would be excluded they groom and follows a u.s. brokered a truce which expired on tuesday. the kremlin had predicted difficult talks perhaps that's why the greeting was particularly friendly we organize extra nice weather for years glad i'm imputing told his turkish counterpart reza type on 6 and a half long hours of negotiations lay ahead mostly in private the biggest sticking point the extent of a proposed buffer zone and who controls it. in a very long and tends to scar since we have succeeded in finding
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a solution which in my opinion is very important and promising. possible if there is it is the solution for the very complicated situation that the turkish syrian border cities could produce continued. under the deal russian military police and syrian troops will ensure that syrian kurdish forces retreat 30 kilometers from the border during a cease fire russian and turkish troops will then jointly patrol a buffer zone 10 kilometers wide ad 100 demanded 35 kilometers particular syrian refugees will move into the areas that are to be cleared of terrorists because of facts around 1000000 people in. turkey and russia will be hoping for international help to resettle refugees but the german proposal to establish an international safe zone was not considerate in the sochi talks. it was new you what do you need europeans for another unnecessary big player in
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a situation that's very difficult anyway and then you add in some strangers and you know i don't think russia wants that the fewer partners the better. the so she will enhance putin's role in the region even add one had to accept that in the search for a solution to the syria conflict there is no way around the russian president while nato secretary general u.n. stoltenberg says it is quote too early to judge the consequences of the deal struck between russia and nato member turkey over northern syria a russian president vladimir putin and his counterpart everyone have agreed as we said on a buffer zone along the turkish border and speaking ahead of a nato defense minister summit in brussels still more excited he was encouraged that a cease fire between turkey and the syrian kurds ahead of the agreement was a 1st step towards a political settlement. and our correspondent teri schultz is covering that summit
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for us in brussels hi terry so yes stoltenberg says it is too early to pass judgment but what how is nato viewing the situation at this point in northern syria . very very cautiously suman this situation puts nato in such an awkward position not only were many allies uncomfortable when the us pulled its limited military personnel out of northern syria because that was seen as the only barrier to turkey going and then of course they spoke out against turkey's military incursion they urged turkey not to do this they urged turkey to make it very limited of course many of these same governments most of these same governments across town at e.u. had quarters have already put a partial arms embargo on turkey that's something that can't happen at nato but there are going to be some very awkward conversations around the table some very uncomfortable discussions to be had everyone says they're looking forward to hearing how it describes what it's doing in northern syria what about the u.s. position terry what if the u.s. said. the u.s.
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of course is seen by some as partially responsible for the turks going in the u.s. doesn't take responsibility itself it has blamed turkey very harshly of course we saw president trump put out these tweets after the incursion saying he would destroy the turkish economy because of this and more relevant here to nato you have the u.s. defense secretary mark esper on his way to brussels now saying that he believes that war crimes may have been committed on the ground in northern syria and that turkey may be held responsible for that so again i just can't emphasize strongly enough what an awkward situation this is for the alliance these are their 2 biggest militaries and they are criticizing each other in this situation one more positive note both allies and nato secretary general u.n. stoltenberg have responded positively to the german suggestion that if there is a safe zone set up in northern syria that perhaps there would be an international monitoring mission of that area led by germany so the u.s. could then support this proposal for an international security zone but wouldn't
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take part in it. that's right i asked u.s. ambassador kay bailey hutchison if the u.s. would participate in this in she said she doesn't see that happening but she saw it as a very good thing that europe is taking the lead on this that germany's pacifically has proposed this and she said that will be discussed around the table and that it would be views viewed as a very positive development if there should be a safe zone set up in northern syria to defuse teri schultz reporting for us thank you terry now to some other stories making headlines around the world european council president donald tusk says he will recommend the e.u. grant the u.k. another extension to leave the bloc british prime minister boris johnson says he wants no further brags that delay but after parliament rejected the schedule for debate on his divorce deal he could now push for an early election. to talk u.s. diplomat in ukraine has testified that president donald trump health back military
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aid to kiev unless the country agreed to investigate trumps political rivals and alleged interference in the 26000 election william taylor is testimony could strengthen the case for impeachment proceedings against trump. thousands of bolivians have protested against what they see as attempted election rigging by leftist president evo morales election monitors have also expressed concern over the pole what alice is currently in the lead as final votes are counted but the opposition say they will not recognize the result. on sunday a new parliament will be elected in the eastern german state of turin franklyn populists are expected to perform well building on their success in other state elections earlier this year the touring year has about 2000000 residents its economy is fairly strong it is experience continual growth in recent years and unemployment is below the german average but opinion polls suggest that the governing coalition the left party with the social democrats in the greens no
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longer enjoys majority support it faces a strong challenge from the far right. and we have our chief political editor we shall know with us here in studio time a stellar what is at stake in this election on sunday well it's also the only state where somebody from the left party is in the lead boreham a little and what we will see here is essentially a neck and neck race what it looks like the queen the far right party which has been on the rise particularly in those eastern states we also saw it in the neighboring state of saxony. recently and to the left party and they are both parties the governing christian democrats i'm going to malcolm's party have ruled out going into any coalition with so this is an interesting neck and neck right race between the 2 fringes at the same time it looks like it will be yet another point where the big parties also the social democrats the big tent parties see
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there there voter group decline well one of or the top candidate entering year for the a.f.d. the far right also happens to be one of the party's most controversial and radical leaders let's take a look now at him. to some he's the great white hope to others he's like a red rag to a bull. bjorn hooka this eastern german town of bad luck is divided over the man who wants to push the far right populist party even further to the right and who doesn't pull his punches when he attacks government. i'm going to be ok if this big angela merkel has rightly been referred to as the leader of a regime this lady together with all the representatives of the cartel parties in the government they don't belong in the cabinet they belong in the dock their friends. statements like this are what makes her one of germany's most controversial politicians likes to provoke for example speaking of the holocaust
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memorial in berlin that pays tribute to the 6000000 jews murdered by the nazis. germans people that is of the only people in the world to plant a monument of shame in the heart of their capital. of the language of. god other a.f.d. politicians and representatives is full of vocabulary that is very very similar to that of the nazis. see as they are in it's strikingly similar the former history teacher deliberately stirs up resentment of immigrants and is i'm sorry when people accept that thousands of their children experience school as a place of fear every day because migrants much ohs who bully and torture and beat them much was mocked. within the far right populist
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hokum leads to so-called flugel a movement that the german office for the protection of the constitution has classified as extremist he's comfortable marching alongside well known right wing extremists some people in the small eastern german town don't seem bothered by hookers provocative rhetoric. yes i mean i'd say he has said things in the past that don't really fit in with the times things i'd say that word not thought through. well he needs to tone it down just before the election but in essence he's right. but the pastor london's oncet is raged by his rhetoric and it angers him that bjarne hooka campaigns right in front of his church. why it is divisive his goal is not to create a peaceful society but one that marginalizes people that has no respect for people
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from different cultures or who perhaps think differently. ok yells the demonstrators ok great you're going to leave. but otherwise he was inclined to shy away from debate for the last few weeks of the election campaign he has officially declined to give interviews he's also turned down our interview request because if he could become the 2nd strongest party entering if it does that would boost his efforts to consolidate his power within the party. so michel we see there he is an extremely divisive person how extreme is the a.f. deal with leaders like. well if i had to work to be the leader of the. would become extreme right he certainly is the extreme right wing of this far right party and twice the if tea in in the couple of years that it's existed when in doubt taken
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a turn further to the right the fact that there has such solid support within the air and is about to potentially be bored by yet another election success makes it more likely that the if he would become more comfortable in being a far right party the fact that he was not excluded from the party the fact that efforts to exclude there were basically killed by the party leader alexander garland shows that this is a welcome voice at the very least within the f.d.a. at the same time polling shows that the if he seems to be successful also despite voices like because too many voters that is to extreme and this is the big question here in a state that clearly is a stronghold for more rightwing voices whether this will manifest itself into a trend that would then become more nationwide here and many the f.t. could likely see another election success on sunday how has the party managed to
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gain so much support and how are other parties reacting well that is the big question particular leaders of those big parties are asking themselves how this is possible what they're largely a party that has fed off of the so-called migration crisis they were basically on their way out and then they basically became a real facts and politics once again now they're trying to widen that out also the climate issue which is. being driven very hard by. the green party was which is succeeding in getting more voters more followers there if he wants to be a counterpart to that the only climate deniers are within the f.t. here in germany or climate change deniers so they're trying to tap into something that goes beyond conservatism to to the point of scientific denial bare and these are issues that are playing out with the voters particularly in those eastern
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states at the moment where they're still really big divisions between east and west despite both sides moving a lot closer you know tell us more about this narrative it's one we saw confirmed in 2 state elections earlier this year this drifting apart in the former east and the rest of the country why are we seeing that trend or is not really a drifting apart it's how much the have both sides really grown together and there were not just the great political differences great economic differences as well if you look at a map of germany looking at how much disposable income is available you see exactly were the wall used to be between the communist east germany and the west and this is something that many voters in the east see as a disappointment there were much greater expectations of german reunification than this manifested for many economically in their lives at the same time if those states that are economically most successful saxony and tubingen which are seeing the rise of the. strongest so it's not such a simple formula and this is causing
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a lot of headaches here in germany certainly if he has made the political equation much more difficult and it's made it more difficult to form a stable government both reach new but also nationally if there were fresh elections here in germany all right our chief political editor with us here in studio thank you so much. now polls have opened in botswana in the country's hardest fought election in more than 5 decades former president and comma has shaken up the country's traditionally called politics by denouncing the party that his father founded and switching sides to join the opposition across africa botswana is widely regarded as a successful post colonial state but ahead of this election voters say there's still more that needs to be done. increased reports that. the ruling boards won the democratic party or b d p has won every election since botswana gained independence in 1966.
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now there's a fighting chance that this could all change. more than 30 percent of the young population of the country are unemployed and especially in the rural areas and the village people are complaining that the government is not giving them enough attention you have to be civilized you don't have to stay in this really they're like this. and. these snowy employment in these small shops. it's not true that everything's fine inequality is a huge problem suffering here. form of d.d.p. president is visiting the village of. people living here where strongly critical of him during his 10 year rule but now common has defected from the governing party and has thrown his support behind the opposition religious are eager to hear what he has to say. he wants to destroy the way we do things here in
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botswana sisi wants to kill democracy and the rule of law. comma is referring to president must sisi the man he personally picked to be his successor 2 years ago shortly after taking over as the head of the b d p my c.c. declared he would overturn several of commerce mandates including a ban of hunting elephants and restrictive laws. put up with your own party or do you think this narrative of the role model nation is in danger of falling into that. trap that has affected many other african nations in the past not so much today with that we still have some examples in africa today where when people come into office they think it's all about themselves and not about the people that they are supposed to serve so i just felt that after 50 plus years of independence when we worked so hard to get their
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reputation you referred to to where it is today that we know backwards and i'm not . 2. to 2000000 people. the country is often touted as an african success story things imparts to the diamond industry the ruling party's line was always that this hot and prosperity should spreads beyond the country's elites. the supporters of president say he will continue on that course. he. says the 5. countries in the world. now. because. we're pushing for top of the top. story to sell. in my lifetime in many people my age. we've seen with our own nice infrastructure
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level of education level of health care changing it's an easy story to tell in the village of siege where people aren't convinced the diamond industry hasn't provided them enough workers they say the diamond mines won't last forever and they're hoping a change of government will also change the country's direction and more of the gemini will trickle down to them. now what do you do when an historic lighthouse is about to fall off a cliff into the ocean and move it back from the edge that is not just a bright idea it's already been done by danish engineers take a look. for decades. lost at sea but nowadays the rule book itself needs rescuing engineers had to literally pull it back from the brink on choose. the lighthouse had been threatening to tumble into the north sea. so the construction taim came up with
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a plan to save it they dug underneath the lighthouse and installed a massive rail track then they fix we was on to the tower and began to shifted away from the cliff's edge. slowly and steadily at around kilometers an hour the lighthouse was pushed inland the operation a success it rescued the structure put at risk by russian and the shifting coastline for many dynes this north sea lot house is a national treasure. be celebrating to die the lighthouse is now around 70 meters from the water's edge and saif for another generation. or mine are now of our top story here and british police say 39 people have been found dead in a truck container the vehicle was found on an industrial estate near london it's believed to have come from bulgaria the driver
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a 25 year old northern irish man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. coming up next our show made in germany look at efforts to slow down growth for the sake of the planet they can for that.
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downsizing sustainable growth. the economy and economics need to be reinvented. we have to change our ways in order to save our planet. but are people willing to forgo consumerism animated gadgets.
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made in germany. they sound entices but are a drain on our natural resources guitars made of african in a. forest across the region are threatened by american guitar builders taking responsibility. financing and many reforestation coming. eco in africa in 60 minutes on g.w. . luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production but
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who is monitoring the subcontractors and investigative documentary goes to italy and china and looks behind the glamorous facades of fashion house of luxury behind the mirror starts november 5th on d w. growth is a key factor for prosperity in any society that's basic economics but in the face of rising concern about our natural environment and the effects of climate change more and more people are asking could it be that the less growth is actually molts or can we achieve growth that is actually good for the planet.


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