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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2019 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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2017 president detergents response was. this is not the kind of freedom that we. didn't know where you become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of our u.s. starts october 24th on d w. russia and turkey agreed to share control of the border area of northern syria leaving the kurds no watch and some isis prisoners are now free and on the run and today u.s. president trump declared that a victory made possible by his foreign policy tonight u.s. president trump says he's lifting all sanctions against turkey and without mentioning russia and its new power in the middle east he says america is done and that it's time for someone else to fight over those blood stained cena i'm brick
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off in berlin this is the day. early this morning the government of turkey informed by administration that they would be stopping combat and their offensive in syria and making the ceasefire permanent and it will indeed be permanent this was an outcome created by us the united states and nobody else no other nation 1st of all turkey syria and all forms of the kurds. have been fighting for centuries. we have done them a great service and we've done a great job to let someone else fight over this long blood statement saying and. also coming up tonight a truck loaded with death police in england have arrested the driver of
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a truck after finding the bodies of 39 people inside investigators are now asking was this an attempt to smuggle people across europe and attempt that went horribly wrong these people are human beings at the end of the day fleeing from war from pesach you share. and then you come here for a better opportunity only to live a regular life i mean you do today and then for them to risk their lives like this you know they deserve. dignity they deserve to have respect paid to them that's why i came in they plowed down tents that. went to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the casualties of truth created by us president drums declaration of victory in northern syria today at the white house trump took credit for the deal over northern syria's future which was struck this week between russia and turkey he
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portrayed that deal as a diplomatic masterpiece crafted by his policy in syria and yet the united states was not present during the talks between russia and turkey trouble also claimed that he decided to bring u.s. forces home from syria because they had stayed longer than the original play in the 30 days however there was never a plan with a timetable and he said that the u.s. had deployed troops to syria northern syria a decade ago that is also not true ground troops arrived there in 2015 the us president did not mention russia at all in his speech today instead he focused on turkey and he portrayed president to one as a leader who had come to his senses and if no one ever misbehaves again trump warns that punishment by sanctions is always an option so the sanctions will be lifted or less something happens that we're not happy with. this was an outcome created by us
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the united states and nobody else by the moves that we've made we are achieving a much more peaceful and stable area between turkey and syria including a 20 mile wide safe zone turkey syria and all forms of the kurts have been fighting for centuries. we have done them a great service and we've done a great job for all of them and now we're getting out all right we have a team of correspondence on this story for us tonight from washington d.c. our very own well before us and our very own teri schultz is in brussels tonight good evening to you both pablo i want to start with you trump he took a victory lap today and at the same time he communicated that the u.s. is washing its hands of the problems in syria now that is a message for his base but it's not based in facts has there been reaction from
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anyone in the u.s. congress. well as you can probably imagine i mean a huge amount of reaction from the republicans but we did hear from mitt romney who's the he's a republican senator from utah he criticized this announcement democrats were a lot more vocal we heard from the senate minority leader chuck schumer he said it was a nonsensical foreign policy decision that was echoed my many democrats but brant what i really want to focus on is really what the republican senator majority leader mitch mcconnell said yesterday he said that the u.s. should stop using sanctions for foreign policy now what's quite interesting with that comment is in fact ill ill one omar now this is the congresswoman who's been a fierce critic of trump also said that sanctions were a mistake now while trump was hailing the deal as a success jame jeffrey the u.s. envoy for syria and the coalition against isis said the u.s.
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believes that the turkish support opposition forces in syria have committed war crimes now jeffrey also confirmed as secretary of defense mark aspart statement that more than 100 isis fighters have escaped now he also said we don't know where they are and as you can imagine that hasn't gone down well with other democrats or republicans over the manager terry you have covered during this u.s. administration and other u.s. administrations talk to me about the disconnect between trump trump thinks that the syria problem has now been solved. how was made to react. president trump's announcement came as nato leaders are just coming to brussels they will only gather for the 1st time tomorrow we did hear from secretary general younes stoltenberg today before the announcement from the white house and so he
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didn't have a chance to react yet but i think that nato leaders the counterparts of president trump and the counterparts of mark as for the defense secretary will have a lot of questions tomorrow when the meeting gets underway it seems very abrupt and oversimplified to think that all of a sudden turkey is going to pull out of out of syria to think that the kurds are satisfied with this resolution and i just don't see how anything could happen that quickly i think there will be a lot of questions tomorrow for defense secretary mark esper and as has been mentioned he is coming to brussels having said that he believes that turkey may be responsible for war crimes on the ground and that's something i asked at nato today and the u.s. ambassador said yeah we're going to be definitely looking into this and so it doesn't seem to me that things will be wrapped up quite so neatly you know that's interesting point there you make i want you to take a listen terry to the message that the u.s. president had today for europe further we implore european countries to come
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and take those fighters that the u.s. captured and bring them back to their countries for incarceration and for trial until just recently europe has been very unresponsive in doing what they should have been doing for a long time now is their chance to finally act. this is one point where trumps claim is backed in truth europe has not shown much willingness to take back its citizens who went to syria who with any place in the middle east enjoy the ice is do you think today's speech do you think is going to change that. you're right that is true that there are many fighters coming from european countries who have been detained caught by the us detained by the kurdish defense forces and are still there on the ground either in syria or now in there in iraq and european countries
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have made the decision that they prefer them to stay there they prefer of and for them to go through the judicial process in iraq and even be condemned to death although europe is against the death penalty that would be their preference now i don't think the speech that truck made today is going to change that what we have seen is a bit of change and thinking now that with the possibility that these fighters and their families have a skate from detention because of all the chaos on the ground there and that makes european governments a bit nervous that they don't know where these people are anymore and they may well be coming back to europe on their european passports but they're moving very slowly even with the new risks and i don't think we're going to see any sudden action or willingness to bring them back. trump talked a lot today about turkey's president but he did not mention russia or president foods and terri in public with that in mind i want you to take a listen to this today's announcement validates our course of action with
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turkey that only a couple of weeks ago were scorned and now people are saying oh what a great outcome congratulations now i haven't heard much while we're going on and all as you book who are the people who are saying well terry what do you think. don't look at me brant i don't know any of the people saying wow over here in brussels i think tomorrow people are going to be saying and again as i mentioned they're going to be asking a lot of questions and as you said he did not speak at all about the fact that russian forces are now going to be patrolling very near a nato border the turkish border with syria and this is something that is not going to make nato very comfortable it seems to me to be a huge win for russia and even for the assad regime this is not the outcome that nato would have wanted nobody is comfortable with this remember that most nato
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governments are also european union governments and they have a partial arms embargo on turkey so there's a very different feeling on the 2 sides of brussels and the european governments are not going to be comfortable with this outcome i don't think there's going to be any wells coming from here. but you use one for a draw could it maybe be russia and iran. well in some ways are going to echo what terry's saying now many of trump's critics are saying that this essentially cements russia's role as a power broker in the region also claims that. from president trump that the syrian kurds were happy with the u.s. withdrawal seems to be contradicted by images that we've seen of kurds in fact throwing rotten vegetables true u.s. troops who were leaving the area and also there's been a lot of critics here in the united states saying that the fact that troops are supposedly coming home is false because many of those troops in fact are going to
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be moved to iraq to actually fight potential isis fighters who are out there so many factor even going to be staying in syria but let's not forget that there's one big element here and this is a sort of an election campaign ad that trump promised in his back in before his. election victory that he was going to bring the troops home so this is definitely for his base of supporters and he's been saying that time and time again that he would be bringing the troops home but like i said many of the critics are saying that that's just simply not false or not true. and we've heard that from many people even within the republican party you know that's a very good point let me ask you this year period before we run out of time the u.s. president today slammed former presidents for not being able to make a similar deal in the middle east but you know an agreement by turkey to end its offensive against the kurds that is not anything close to a broad accord resolving the major problems in the middle east what must u.s.
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allies here in europe what must they be thinking tonight here. i think they're going to be confused by the trump announcement he certainly as you mentioned did not explain anything about how this was going to be a regional solution and that's really a problem here but i do think that there what has happened if it's true that turkey is pulling out and that there is going to be this safe zone that they've been seeking established remember that germany has now proposed that this safe zone would be monitored by international forces including germany's own and this is something that's going to be discussed in the margins of nato tomorrow and if it's true that a safe zone is established europe is going to come under pressure to actually make something happen today both secretary-general stolzenberg and the u.s. ambassador welcomed the german proposal the german initiative as europe stepping up and taking the lead so this could be something now that comes under more of
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a spotlight tomorrow when the defense ministers meet here in brussels yeah it'll be interesting to see what is said to morrow there in brussels to results in brussels and publicly also in washington to both of you excellent analysis thank you. europe especially germany you have seen 1st hand the human consequences of syria's civil war in 2015 most of the 1000000 plus migrants who came to germany were fleeing their homes in syria that includes the kurds a 3rd of all syrian refugees now in germany come from the kurdish region in northern syria we met one of them living here in berlin own weak. looks forward to soccer training with his club. mike most of the players could you know comes from osama the kurdish autonomous region and northern syria. he finds it difficult to concentrate on the game on the conflict in his homeland is still going
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on. i mean. we are worried about our families and the team talks about it. it's not just me but others have roaches there we support each other. as always. came to germany as a refugee from syria in 2012 he now has german citizenship and is studying to be a social worker his parents still live in northern syria. you know is keeping a close eye on the news he said but also angry with the german government. that. germany is providing weapons for this war. and it just tears me apart and so it has to talk. english the german government has condemned the turkish offensive and his band new arms
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exports to turkey but berlin has not canceled existing weapons contracts. gunson germany is the world's 3rd largest arms exporter so we're selling weapons to dictators like air to one and we don't really care what happens with these weapons . arms exports are highly controversial in germany the kurds are strictly opposed to weapon sales to turkey and they take to the streets over it like here in berlin the demonstrators are demanding economic sanctions against ancora and a stop to the fighting and northern syria. the west has left the kurds to fend for themselves the kurds and real job. we're trying to apply a bit of political pressure including on the german government on the. cutting no once to demonstrate that the turkish attacks against the kurds in
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northern syria are not forgotten. it could be the deadliest human trafficking tragedy in u.k. history on the outskirts of london investigators are trying to piece together a tragedy that took place inside a truck container and that's where the bodies of $39.00 people were discovered early wednesday morning the driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder police say the container had traveled to the u.k. from belgium where the 39 people came from well that is not known tonight. not far splines there is nothing unusual about this cargo truck parked an industrial estate in the town of gray's east of london. but when police forced open its doors in the early hours of wednesday they made a gruesome discovery the lifeless bodies of 39 people. and. emergency services attended but sadly all 39 people inside the container had
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died. early indications suggest that one of these paper was a teenager the rest it believed to be adults. a murder investigation was launched and the lorry driver a 25 year old man from northern ireland was arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in place custody prime minister prime minister boris johnson expressed his condolences in parliament. to the whole house will be shocked by the appalling news that 39 bodies have been discovered in a lorry container in essex this is an unimaginable tragedy and truly heartbreaking i know that the thoughts and prayers of all members are with those who lost their lives and their loved ones. as police try to piece together the trucks movement footage has emerged of it passing by 2 separate cameras shortly before the bodies were discovered authorities say the container had just docked in the u.k. from zeebrugge in belgium the cap part of the truck is believed to have originated
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in northern ireland police have moved the vehicle to a secure location so that the bodies can be recovered as this murder investigation gets underway. in a drawing tonight at the big table by chris militaire he's from the german office the u.n. high commission for refugees known as the u.n. h.c.r. chris it's good to have you won the day when this story broke the 1st thing that most of us thought was human trafficking did you. just at the same thought and i mean nobody knows. besides the property of the traffic is that of course we have some clues and we have similar cases in the past in britain for example and of a parts of europe i mean remember 20 years ago when more than 50 people from china died in a very similar way also 4 years ago in in austria when 71 people including small children suffocated in such
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a truck central oregon taina and that's why i'm afraid we also. have to face of the possibility that this is also the case of human trafficking the container where the bodies were found is the specter of coming from both geary. that's important for the u.s. to geisha but it's also important for this suspicion of human trafficking why is that well when the refugees all migrants on europe they often don't want to stay in the in the 1st country because for example they have let's say read somewhere britain and when you lost everything then you will looking for some for some routes so probably relatives somewhere this is inside of the european union and this is the the the border of the you countries to non-u. with you countries this is a very important part of this of this journey and that's why a lot of this trafficking that happens that we report a lot year d.w.
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about migrants and refugees trying to reach europe via the mediterranean you know we've reported many times about people dying i'm trying to leave libya for example we hear less about the trafficking. what happens inside europe but it's a problem inside the continent is it it is definitely i mean the most dangerous pod is still the mediterranean but yes also europe could be dangerous and they are still problems we have to solve as i just said many people have relatives someone of a country so they want to reach them but don't let's forget that europe is a region not the hotspot for the refugees. 92 percent of the vote refugees not in the european union the un countries like bangladesh like turkey like uganda been on every 6 people is a 6 person is a refugee and when we talk about of every 3 crisis it's happens that not in europe
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we know that the european union still has not been able to come up with a migration policy where all the members of the e.u. agreed to take a fair share of the migrants that come into the it's a problem for the do you see that in your work when you're dealing with cases of human trafficking in europe does it depend on which country where this happens or some countries easier to work with others and you have different experiences yes absolutely so they are countries who are very kind of open for this at least open to solve problems and of us who are not we are pathways that doesn't mean that we say we want to have open borders and everybody can come that's not the what i meant and not the policy of the united nations high commissioner for refugees but at least every asylum seeker needs the right and the possibility to show his case to to ask for asylum and if an ex of nation off the rule of law finds
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out that this person is a refugee then of course he needs international protection put this into this tragedy if you could in the wider context of what we're seeing in. with africa in the middle east especially in syria you are expecting more human trafficking and there is no decrease in sight is that correct this is very difficult to say we have some instruments to predict movements on the other hand when people are fleeing wars or. about things like like. political unrest so we're not talking about migrants we're talking about refugees so people fleeing for political reasons this is this is chaos this is this is panic there's nothing is planned to organize something and that's why it's very very difficult to predict these movements or something like that but of course since there's still
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a war in syria for example that since there's still war in south sudan there will be people who try to flee most of them 85 percent stay in the neighboring countries but of us will also try to go to europe of course chris miller from the un h c yorkers we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you you. well it is an unusual sight at the u.s. basketball game and fans have protested in support of a free honk kong at the n.b.a. season opener which took place in los angeles for the l.a. lakers last night the league has clashed with china over its hong kong policy and lakers player le bron james he's now in the crossfire some protesters with a director their criticism directly act the star player. base of the n.b.a. le bron james was the focal point of protests at the season opener los angeles lakers star player was targeted after he criticized an official from
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a rival team for tweeting support for hong kong residents in their political dispute with china last week james took to social media himself stating i do not believe there was any consideration for the consequences. and ramifications of the tweet my teen and this league just went through a difficult week i think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others but james attempt to salvage the lucrative relationship between the n.b.a. and china before the season started it didn't really work chinese t.v. didn't broadcast any of the n.b.a.'s opening games and protesters in los angeles are disappointed at the league's response i asked the n.b.a. to come out and make a forceful statement that they support the mystique and support the people of hong kong and they support the american values but even fans of james own team were perplexed. and you know it's always tough to to use sports as a little device to talk about you know politics but sometimes it's necessary and
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i think when the bron james did. talk about how it was not a happy night for the lakers off and on the court they lost their opener to cross-town rivals the los angeles clippers. on the days almost done the conversation continues online and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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2. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight the u.s. president declares a victory for his foreign policy in northern syria trump takes credit for a turkish ceasefire even though longer as offensive against kurdish militias was made possible by the withdrawal of u.s. forces also coming up tonight police find $39.00 bodies in a truck.


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