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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2019 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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to discover. to the ad subscribe. to. the at. the at. the at it alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with the peace of craven and europe is it seems almost never before have there been so many drugs on the mark that cocaine consumption for instance is at record levels and there's also a flood of cheap drugs they come in tiny cockatrice for just a few euros and the mixture might include dried herb's with
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a cocktail of chemicals it's strong stuff and extremely addictive the result is panic attacks dizziness profits haitians and even fatalities where one place hard hit by this epidemic is greece's 2nd largest city thessaloniki we joined a former user there who's determined to understand the root causes of the problem and find a solution but it is not so optimistic. as darkness descends on thessaloniki drug dealers swarm into the city's parks. many from a young migrant working for greek or albanian drug lords. the substances they sell a becoming cheaper and more dangerous for example increasingly popular pottery also known as synthetic marijuana basically herbs coated with synthetic chemicals. kitty argos cut a kid used to be a drug addict himself today he's
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a social worker helping junkies get clean he's alarmed by the substance abuse in his home town these days and he wants to find out more about the drugs. he meets an old friend who is still part of festal in the drug scene he tells them about a drug called. a cheap knock off version of crystal meth the friend explains the dangers of pot pretty. is a potent it's like heroin and what does it cost just $20.00 euros a bag i've sworn never to touch that stuff again my mother once found be tripping after taking it i thought i'd died. drug consumption in greece has been rising many attribute this to the country's youth unemployment rate of almost 40 percent. many drug users have psychological problems.
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it's in them now and then you have the. they just care about a drug binge cheap or not about what's actually in that. category as is wants to learn more about the notorious pot pourri drug. he's heard it's even sold in some shops under the counter. after all it's a concoction of substances that are legally available like artificial fragrances. that's why drug expert fed on color is calling on greek authorities to act. he says the country faces a particularly and césar epidemic it is quite a big deal because people want it more and more because of its power it's a powerful it's a potent substance a potent drug unlike heroin hearing is a downer we call it a dollar here isn't really a briggs brings you down so this makes it also very attractive the catastrophic
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effects of pot pourri and césar are evident on thessaloniki street in some parts of town locals are too scared to leave their homes at night and some shopkeeper say the drug users are harming their business. but. they attack each other with stones clubs annoyance was not only people who want across the square feel unsafe and threatens years also shopkeepers like goods are in mortal danger. of heard about these new cheap drugs but when a part of. their money you consume them in the student neighborhood or your feet you can keep it or the. police are going after a deal here. the country's new conservative government is clamping down on the drug trade there are now more police controls and the number of arrest has increased but often suspected dealers carry too few drugs on them to warrant
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a conviction. caddick has obtained a packet of the notorious part police drug it looks like marijuana but it's far more dangerous 10 doses cost about 20 years ago with the better debating let me get this road can be produced by anyone with just a basic understanding of chemistry. will have a major impact and many people's lives we still don't know enough about the long term effects of this drug and attics. but it seems the drug lords couldn't care less night after night dealers spill out into the streets of fettle and nikki. so what is it's a farce or a tragedy well one thing is for certain the chaos known as briggs it continues to rock every aspect of life in the united kingdom it's been especially traumatic for the hundreds of thousands of poles who have made the you can't go home in recent
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years now many say they no longer feel welcome and are heading back to poland for one moment doing all they can to persuade his fellow nationals to stay on. salt crust pork belly on a bed of sauerkraut a polish style dish made with ingredients from the british county of camera chair it's the creation of polish chef damien in virginia. i treat britain like my home and i cook my home food in my new home if maybe don't mix you know about this is what i'm trying to do i try to create something completely completely new for this environment for these guests. his menu and his restaurant house of feasts reflect damian's identity he came to england in 2005 like so many of his compatriots when poland joined the e.u. he's worked his way up even cooking for royalty like princess them. and
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prince william. but most of his guests are eastern european. some of them don't even speak polish but they come in here they look and additional does doesn't look polish and then they eat that as if this is like my mom cooked so this is what i think makes me smile. hausa feasts is located on the outskirts of peterborough in the east of england it's many factories and farms and workers from eastern europe who are long welcomed here with open arms tens of thousands of poles settled here but since the grex that referendum many feel unwelcome to be allowed to stay p.s.y. gens girl lived here for 8 years and she's worried. you can score in the body of the moment you don't want to have to go back to poland mainly because of my 13 year old son he speaks very little politics will be so i don't think he has a future there is some unis of his or his. she's brought all of the documents
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which prove she's lived in the u.k. for more than 5 consecutive years to damien's restaurant outside of opening hours a polish social. comes here to help people apply for settled status online opportunity. a lot of us have not been keeping these documents. you know this whole time because who would know that would actually be required at any point so the anxiety around the settlement scheme comes from comes from not being you know not not being sure whether they're going to be able to prove that settled state is even if they get it damien didn't get his at 1st either though he's lived in paid taxes in britain for 15 years but he fought back and now has the settled status by hosting free info sessions he hopes to stop more poles from leaving. the
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numbers in britain fell from around $1000000.00 to under 900000 last year making it harder to find staff in last 2 years is drastic is huge issue and well probably because of break so because so many friends of mine already left. and they were well settled we have also ships which came here 56 years ago they work for me they left so he's also using the info sessions to recruit staff. says thanks but no thanks against all odds dainian plans to expand welcome to you ask. he start 12 trailers to sell his polish style dumplings from cambridge here although over the u.k. . now the russian capital moscow is of course a huge city and it's facing
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a future garbage crisis there's very little recycling and waste sites are quite simply overflowing so the of origins had wanted to transport the problem to a so far unspoiled location more than a 1000 kilometers from moscow as i say that was the plan but in an unusual show of grassroots activism local residents are up you know saying the proposed garbage tip is an environmental disaster in the making. moscow with its $20000000.00 inhabitants is a rich metropolis responsible for a quarter of russia's gross domestic product. russia's capital boasts luxurious cars and restaurants catering for all tastes. on the flipside is this garbage a lot of garbage. most of it still ends up and dumps hardly any garbage is recycled . and therefore local authorities would like to use trains to transport the
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garbage cheere 1200 kilometers to the northeast she is a rail station in the tiger a chance hunters found this construction site which came as a shock for a local residents like of. when the plant pot plan please 1st they said they were going to cut down $300.00 hectares of forest the heat and now it's already up to $3000.00 which isn't what they're planning is unbelievable really they simply want to destroy russia's not to install it. and activists worry about the swamp land becoming europe's largest dispose of facility they believe toxics could see 1st into rivers and then into the sea certainly no ecological impact studies was commissioned and construction was never approved. and your caliber and other residents have started protesting. they blocked gas trucks so that the fuel had to be delivered by helicopter. there were
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35 of us at the helicopter landing site when a group of at least 60 security personnel came toward us they started beating us and carrying us away asking. construction has been suspended but the atmosphere remains tense massacure of the personnel dance the site were recorded too and the policeman takes note on his phone. day and night activists monitor the site where that construction might start again. instead of fighting them who could learn from the. periods are experienced in garbage separation in the nearby town of earth citizens themselves constructed a central collection point for recyclables. to survive came up with the idea to separate recyclables into 10 different categories each symbol represents
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a different material can be found on the packaging. the initiative and or the mother has earned them awards and is inspired others. to work with you that they don't know what the realisation that life can't go on is there for results from human beings learning and understanding by example. turned over for the protesters and she. volunteers come from all over the region some of them have travelled by car for 12 hours they've erected a camp and keep an eye on the site day and night. the governor has promised jobs and investments into infrastructure schools and hospitals provided the dump will be constructed the activists want to prevent this at all costs. just a few meters away the operating company is passing out information a p.r.
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employee explains the garbage from moscow and safely well the boxes for the more construction here was just a preliminary examination but it will be made look at least 10 iraqi buildings like these trailers and the loading and unloading side of the minimal infrastructure necessary to start construction to start examinations with. much of what. the activists don't believe a word he says they've called for further protests and over 20. you. got to get in the middle of the problem out. loud. what good are place that is so gladly pack up and leave as soon as the authorities decide to abandon construction plans for this dumping site until that happens will stay i don't always like i need to stay on the.
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marina and her husband taken shifts at the activists monitoring site till they don't want their efforts to be misunderstood as a conflict between cities and rural areas. we're not against moscow citizens that both they and their bosses need to understand that it's time to start separating garbage and to give up plastic the activists emphasize that their protest is peaceful but we are repeatedly being told that if needs be they can start blocking rail tracks once garbage arrives from moscow now the series of wars that followed the breakup of yugoslavia back in the 1990 s. were notoriously bitter and bloody and still today militant nationalism plagues the region with accusations and counter-accusations our reporters visitors in a small village in the sheba nick region of southern croatia where the serb minority has regularly being faced with violence but one local man boris petticoats
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says the time has come to begin to look to the future. the people of this story a will never forget the day a group of men attacked because bar boris his family and friends had been watching a football match when they stormed the bar beating up everyone inside and wrecking havoc. a 16 year old boy from the neighborhood was even hospitalized with a serious head injury. to a local boys on the school there were 2 they weren't local men. also spoke of it. they travelled here for more than 100 kilometers. one of the bits missing this was a premeditated attack. yeah exactly what. i want the authorities to find out who organized this. and who sent them. you know
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the one of the world boris has since repair the damage some suspected attackers are now behind bars although the background of the attack has not been cleared up. boris who belongs to croatia serb minority has been subjected to intense online abuse from right wing croatians they accuse him of being a war criminal an ex police officer who tortured croatian prisoners of war. the authorities and media have never refuted deeds accusations you know that it's all. nobody has made clear this wasn't me petco. they've all kept silent. nobody has explained that i was only 12 years old when the war broke out. the legacy of the yugoslav wars is still evident today there croatian county of mean she beneath was once occupied by serbs and then retaken by
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croats many ruin still dot the region today thousands were massacred and fell victim to ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands were forced to flee the retaking of conine during operation storm became a symbol of the croatian victory and is celebrated every year with great pomp and fanfare this year a president called linda grabbed architect of the church said she wished she'd fought alongside the croatian troops nationalism is on the rise in croatia attacks on the serb minority are increasing but the region's governor claims the attack was an isolated incident. mislabel you know where no such incidents the situation is peaceful and stable there are no excesses hate crimes or anything like that. the croatian government sees things differently they've strongly condemned the attacks and are demanding that local authorities track down the perpetrators. but the problem is much bigger than the authorities wanted to let on says journalist
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vasco radulovich gangs chants nationalist slogans and stones are thrown into windows that night though she says only a fraction of the attacks become known. but the tical sell off in villages where mainly older serbs live they don't want to talk about it when something like that happens when they have justified fears because something like the attack and could happen anywhere. that's going to do live it has documented many such cases. here people's olive trees were chopped down they live from all of their farmers and of course no one asked them how high the damage was and they didn't get any compensation either. but boris is not intimidated he says he gets along with everyone whether service. apart from the bar he runs a farm and has big plans soon he hopes to turn his bar into
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a restaurant that will serve meat he's raised himself. to we have to look to the future not the past we want to live work create something that's. near his house is a commemorative plaque which remembers the 8 service killed here almost 15 years ago during operation storm they all died on a single day in all were over 60 old people who couldn't or wouldn't flee their killers are still at large here history is long from being forgotten. now on a very different no the illegal drug trade is a large lucrative and growing market it's driven by the fact that more and more people in prosperous countries like germany want purebred pets that knock down prices and that demand is satisfied mainly by unscrupulous supply as from eastern
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europe however animal rights activists stefan clip in has made it his mission to expose the illicit trade which requires some real courage as we find out now. steffen clip stein and a friend of his are on their way to the next case they want to expose illegal dog smugglers in berlin. they pretend they want to buy this puppy. the smugglers were filmed with a hidden camera. and you can get it for 500 on. this deal is a trap. the police take action animal welfare worker stefan clip stein here on the left witnesses scenes like this almost every day i thought it was really sad. that animal rights activists use these methods to work against romanian dog smugglers. that they want to save the animals.
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or the toilets to live yours or inflamed i inflammation here inflammation. the dog is perhaps 8 or 10 weeks old he shouldn't be in germany and he shouldn't be sold here if you recall the. puppies can only be legally exported within the e.u. from the age of 15 weeks. they have to have received all their required vaccinations before hand clips time works to ensure these laws are upheld he's been attacked and injured by smugglers many times. you've got to be the one speaking out or doing something against this face has been stalked and intimidated. so much so nobody is doing anything against it because if you do then you'll be facing a lot of trouble for rick and cliff stein looks for dubious ads on the internet he says 8 out of 10 ads on e bay classified are illegal. most puppies imported illegally come from eastern
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europe especially romania that's where the dog mafia uses another trick they also smuggle stray mongrels as well as pedigree dogs for blood on it sounds strange at 1st how can. make money with stray dogs with their one can just touch dogs in the street or get them from unemotional tears or given away for free what's up with the goodness of the beautiful words are when they're sold in germany and money is made because people take pity because cousin them a court of law it's a. book arrest the romanian capital stray dogs are a big problem here. battles the smugglers the other end of this criminal network he files police reports and tries to get lost changed he also started an animal shelter for rescue dogs. this one was dumped by smugglers when marya's exposed them today he's part of the household. photos of
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stray dogs are also part of the business shady animal welfare groups in germany are involved working with their romanian partners together they raise money on the internet mostly through facebook setting off a string of profits. for them where this sort of start rescue us right we need money for the transport and germans the italians the brits start to pay so you raise a few $1000.00 fellow at the docks into a van and bring them to a shelter where they look for sponsors again the same people who already gave money donate again sr use that's what they're popping. back in berlin stephan clips diners looking for political support he meets with beyond voice that animal rights expert of the christian democratic party. is
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a studio the author of i'm often on my own documenting researching and contacting the police of the view that i often feel like the political will to actively climb down and this is lacking. it's fun for us it's good of you to help out but this is actually the state's job every local councillor should have an animal rights department. up to now authorities haven't been effectively clamping down on dog smuggling. it infuriates me that this is still possible with selling animals on line still has not been banned. as a dog lover stefan clip stein wants to ensure that all the dogs being smuggled to germany month after month get the protection they deserve. that's all from focus on europe this time around thanks so much for joining us and if you'd like to see any of our reports again just go to our own page on d.w.
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dot com or visit our facebook page the w stories do come back next time around it's over and by by. the an. excellent. folks.
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into the conflicts come on to the gulf fiji opiah has come a long way in a short time as a new peace deal with eritrea i mean you can mustafa qadri determined to bring accountability for the human rights abuses of the hall to my guest this week here in brussels just treat yourself haile mariam a testament. conflict so for 30 minutes on w. one surely god what happens in the brain.
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and why are more and more germans taking up business. for a long time there was an aversion to firearms in germany but not gun sales legal and illegal are rising. why there's no interest in guns where the. new gun law. 75 spawned w. t a france deer antone and deer says see here he sits opposite us i'm sitting on a terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble that's asked out when i was 8 france's age germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades and this might give on one when your mother was born in 1969 the world was
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already 8 years old you know my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born in a marina find the wonderful time a time of great joy. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. just. the way our family and us starts november 6th on d w. this
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is deja vu news live from berlin nato grapples with turkey's invasion of northern syria the alliance meets today to hammer out a unified response as nato member turkey conducts operations with russian troops in a self declared safe zone in syria also coming up. police searched 2 homes in northern ireland.


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