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i am. the be. the boss. this is coming to you live from berlin waiting for brussels to decide in granting another breaks it extension. chief drags it then goes here to michel barnier is in talks with the board $27.00 e.u. on bass and about the length of the tide breaks a delay as british lawmakers consider prime minister boris johnson scored for a staff election. coming up a lack of priests in remote catholic communities in the amazon forces the church to rethink its celibacy rules for support finally getting rid of celibacy if
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a priest wants to be chased following but it should be voluntary not obligatory. remains one of the most senior priests in the region who says it's time for the church to change. and the pull of populism all reports of business of german state of touring where the far right if he could deliver another stinging go to chance machall in vision elections on sunday. just a last minute scramble to climb to st louis most famous rock tourists come out in force in the final long before band goes into place for australia's original inhabitants think i'm going to geno's the rock is sacred and they have long opposed people climbing it. out of a warm welcome to you i'm on the tide. european union ambassadors are meeting in
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brussels to discuss another delay to the u.k. his departure from the block there's broad consensus within the e.u. on granting a delay but the length is still being debated and this comes after the u.k.'s prime minister barak's johnson said he's willing to give parliament more time to study the brig's it would draw if m.p.'s agree to a general election on december 12th johnson hopes a fresh air will give him a majority in parliament to ratify the brics a deal he's reached with the e.u. leaders last me. now the chief existing body has been keeping tight lipped about deliberations so far today have a listen. to. correspondents
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a shot of thoughts in london and in brussels guilt starting with you what are you hearing about the brics that extension. look i'm seeing that in principle abraxas deal has been agreed to of even from the british side the really the only big concern that brussels currently has is that the e.u. does not want to be dragged into if you want the sticky swamp of breck's of politics of internal u.k. politics and that is why ambassadors are now in their meeting which is still ongoing looking to find a solution to stay away from that i think the most likely scenario will be a 3 month extension until the for 2031st of general area just in order to make sure nobody can say they have moved this or that in that fight that is currently going on in long shall return to you in london what does today's decision on the extension mean for mars johnson we still don't know how long that extension is
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likely to be. well i'm rita you might remember that boris johnson said he'd rather be dead in a ditch the next that except another extension and for the 1st time this morning the government has ditched that deadline of the 31st of october and admitted that it's not really doable this is why boris johnson once a fresh election he's pushing for a general election that vote is going to be held and parliament on monday but boris johnson needs a 2 thirds majority in parliament to back a general election and so far the opposition doesn't seem to be on board with this and this is where it becomes really tricky because labor day labor opposition ponty who boris johnson would need for a general election they are saying that they need clarity from the european union 1st on how long this extension is granted so then we run into this chicken and egg problem westminster is waiting for clarity from the european union the european
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union is waiting for clarity from westminster but i'd go because what shall it have to say that about each waiting for the other to make the final decision on the $27.00 members completely united on the extension or ah there those who are not happy at the way this is just simply dragging on and on exactly rochelle not as much in the chicken egg problem and apparently here it's the french in particular where alarm bells were set off by boris johnson saying look if labor if the opposition does not grant me a general election then i will pull that deal that brussels has worked so hard for one scenario i could see that could happen is that you have a nother 2 stage extension so no you extend all the extension if the deal gets done even this year and then the longer one if no deal can be can be agreed that could be one scenario to resolve the dilemma and shall i mean boris johnson is fairly keen to have an early election fairly soon december 12th as we heard more about
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what's his strategy here. well he wants a general election because he needs a mandate or he says he needs a mandate from the british people that his trip to exit strategy is the right one so he wants british voters to say yes all you've been doing all you've been working for that deal is a great one so let's get the majority in parliament and shake these numbers up and that is his strategy behind it and he says if parliament doesn't vote for a general election on monday already mentioned then the government would go on strike a very unconservative approach here but they say they would go on strike until paul amends decides for a general election. thank you very much for sharing your perspectives with us. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world in indonesia the funded report by investigators into nonstick crash of
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a line and boeing 737 max jet has blamed a combination of design flaws maintenance problems and inadequate training the report said pilots were told not to they were not told how to react quickly to malfunctions of the jet's flight control system. iraqi police have fired warning shots and tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters in baghdad demonstrators were marching on a government buildings to protest against corruption it's a renewal of the deadly anti-government demonstrations restrict this earlier this month 150 people were kids and 3000 injured in a police crackdown. wildfires in southern california have forced some 50000 people from their homes the area has also been experiencing power blackouts utility companies are preparing for a massive shutdown this weekend amid fears high winds could knocked on power lines
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and thereby worsen the fire emergency. needs are members including turkey and the united states are meeting in belgium as they try to catch up with events in northern syria turkey acting without its allies has formed a pact would russia to create a safe zone along its border with syria not long after the united states also a member of nato pulled its troops out of the region nato was on the sidelines is now struggling to speak with one voice german minister for defense on a great clown cotton ball had suggested an internationally policed safe zone a suggestion ignored by honey to ally turkey. is at the new nato headquarters in brussels and keeping track of developments there so terry nato ministers are holding talks on syria this as we keep hearing about flip flops on u.s. policy in syria what can you tell us what's the latest developments from there.
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well i'm reading yesterday was the big turkey day and i'm told it was very intensive discussion behind closed. criticize turkey not just for with russia to establish joint patrols very near nato's border today are on marshalling resources in case of urgent threats and of course the perennial european allies of defense spending later this afternoon the u.s. defense secretary marc esper will hold a press conference and there he will get some very direct questions about syria of course it was the u.s. pull out of its 50 or so soldiers from northern syria that allowed the kurds to move in so while the u.s. would very much like the focus to remain on criticism of turkey for its actions there are also some nato allies germany included who were not happy with the u.s.
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moves who they think which they feel precipitated this problem so while allies are discussing the other important matters on their agenda syria very much hangs as a cloud over this meeting as it was described to be to me by one official last night in the end what it comes down to is that kurds are not members of nato and turkey is we have to make it work. at the nato headquarters in brussels thank you. married men be allowed to become catholic priests that is one of the controversial topics being discussed at the 3 week amazon summit at the vatican the meeting of bishops is focused on the amazon region home to several isolated catholic communities the proposed change to the celibacy for priests would allow married men in such communities to be ordained idea however has outraged conservatives on the other hand in a lot of the ones where the church faces
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a chronic shortage of priests many say it's the only reasonable solution milsom cardoso is a devout catholic but at the moment he's not altogether happy with his church he's critical of the celibacy requirement. pastors in the protestant church have them. so catholic priests should be allowed to have them to look at them and we just didn't. know since church has largely been abandoned the paint has faded and moisture has penetrated the walls children play and a place of worship deep in the amazon rain forest the priest in charge can only make rare visits getting there is always difficult for edilberto the 77 year old may not look like a catholic official but he's one of the most senior priests in this region and he's sworn to celibacy he tells us he has lived this way his whole life. the trip to
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remote congregations takes him at least 6 hours. in mines and a hammock while on route father and alberto is also critical of celibacy. the problem is that pope francis has recognized that our congregations need the help of married priests why should any chaste priests be allowed this is a major issue in the church right now and i see it as a blessing. in the amazon it's clear what father deal barito is talking about the congregations are far apart travelling by boat takes a long time and his church struggles to find young people willing to be celibate. in the village of self francisco father and oberto celebrates mass with 200 catholic youths. 'd only edilberto can consecrate bread and accordance with church rooms. the region's catholic youth me and sell francisco and they seem
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uninterested in taking about chastity edilberto discusses the pope's amazon synod and possible plans to ease the celibacy requirement. for voice support finally getting rid of celibacy if a priest wants to be chaste fine but it should be voluntary not obligatory. to don't. this idea was discussed at the amazon senate at the vatican and even encouraged by pope francis the catholic church is looking for ways to cope with the lack of priests and stop members from leaving. most members of milton's congregation support the end of celibacy in the priesthood so mass can take place every sunday and not just once every 3 months nelson would even consider leaving the church services himself but he wants to remain married. it has to be possible. we see how protestant ministers have wives and children.
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we want this to. be. the reform of the catholic church might just have its origins in the amazon. turning out of pakistan was just starting to pull put all its internet traffic under surveillance with the help of the canadian based tech company and that's according to a report from an investigative news website good story the move to included all its citizens ondine privacy raises serious civil liberties concerns the program means that security services would be able to monitor citizens' digital activity almost constantly something activists say would have a chilling effect on press freedom and citizens' rights the company involved san vine is no stranger to controversy and it's been you accused of has big turkey egypt and syria trick its citizens into downloading spyware.
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was one of the reporters who carried out that investigation for the news website called us tory and joins me now tell us what your research revealed about the surveillance program and how it's expected to work in pakistan. yeah as you said it's kind of it's kind of unprecedented indeed and the system it aims at curbing create traffic essentially which experts say might also include encrypted messaging services like what. and this is that when provided by saying going is actually capable of redirecting and blocking the internet internet traffic in real time which essentially means that the government can intercept internet traffic and can do anything with it and as you mentioned in egypt and in the same technology it has been used to for example install spyware in the user's divisive. and i would
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also like to add to that the same technology. it has been used in china as well where the government can filter out certain keywords and block access to websites in real time and i think about from there there's also the whole system also raises privacy concerns it raises privacy concerns because the government says that because the government and private companies would now have access to the internet data from millions of users in pakistan so i mean why is the government that in this massive surveillance and how are people reacting to the news. yeah so so so this news comes in the backdrop of already censored internet in pakistan but because until now close to a 1000000 websites have been blocked in pakistan with many of them being described as and i stated blasphemous. sites also include news outlets like for
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example wives of america. and i have spoken with i've spoken to. as you said it would have chilling effect on pakistan on pakistan's. expressions seen and so people are naturally very worried because for many internet is perhaps the only source left that remains relatively uncensored unlike traditional news media which is facing unprecedented so it's so the brokers the groups they are saying. they are shocked and clueless because of the lack of transparency all made the film did obvious is your desk thank you very much for those insights. you're watching the news coming up ahead these people among the last to climb to do we tell you why australia's iconic rock is now off limits.
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but 1st voters in the german state have to go to the polls this weekend in a lection that's shaping up into another crucial test for chancellor angela merkel c.d.o. party the far right f.t. has been coding strongly and could overtake the conservatives as the state's number 2 party behind the post communist left party and during it was thought of the former east germany before reunification in 1900 it's the only german state with a governing coalition headed by the left body i did of this reporter on their car returns to her old hometown effort to gauge the mood ahead of sunday's ballot. grendel baited brick houses and narrowing the waste just like in fairy tales. small medieval city select for our well known and loft in the eastern state of the ranger . that was my home for a long time i spent most of my youth into ranger and went to effort to study when i
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lived here people didn't argue much about politics they couldn't if they didn't even exist but now they are likely to win at least 20 percent of the road and i wonder whether they have changed their region leftist off right that's often what people here want to know is politics dividing the state into. i tried to talk about it with former classmates but then i noticed that most of the people i was friends with have moved away to big cities just like i did i was right back saying it's a delicate topic society i hear it's bitterly divided but no one wants to talk to me about it on camera. to get an idea of what's going on now i go to an a.s.d. campaign event the far right and she take a view on her is considered the top candidate here and he insults other parties and
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journalists too but can't his constituency except of opinions those who are. or. if you have more i always look for an arena where i could influence people and if there is someone who doesn't want to accept this then i'm sorry you consider the next table and drink is beer alone. when we have a family celebration sometimes we start arguing my wife keeps the arguments from escalating by changing the subject. i need to withdraw to handle he has been the state prim you know if the ranger for the past 5 years he's the only left party state premier in germany many think he's down to earth and he's pragmatic but while he was in office the a if t. succeeded in expanding its base so why couldn't the left party keep the f.t.
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in check put when i try to keep them in check they begin polarizing the constituency i want to talk to the people on the streets and i want an end to this polarization and i want to let the people know where we stand and where we're headed or know if they can fix in. the only problem is that the range is becoming increasingly polarized that's what left party supporters keep telling me this is a video this is small rebellion but it's not a small as we'd like it to be. some people irreconcilable if that speech is harsha more vicious and dimwitted. my old hometown seems withdrawn and i fear the stadia lections might make things worse. according to polls the left party with the board over i'm a little past the more support but might not succeed in forming a coalition government and since no one wants to work with the a.f.p. the federal state is the drift of a political deadlock which would further deepen the social trenches. sometimes when
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i go back home i feel like a stranger. and of course we have laws all of those elections on sunday when the results come in the visitors have been gathering at the iconic sandstone rock in the australian desert which is has sacred by the indigenous aboriginal people many were hoping to scale the rock ahead of a permanent ban on climbing which has now gone into effect. indigenous australians call tourists at a lower plants there are many australians here right now they feel it's their right to climb the national landmark the holy rock of the local aboriginal people teacher and hansen and her cousin geoff say the geological feature belongs to all australians. think you can be respectful about it and it's a rock or some areas where you know stay away from certain areas and
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it's a wonder of the world a song from our bucket list long ago australians of european descent named a as rock but for indigenous communities it's always been signs were put up here a couple of years ago please do not climb and action film has been made on the rock people leave their garbage lying around and use the area as an outdoor toilet now the request has become a ban. this is sacred ground for us the tourists that understand this want to understand it they say this is my rock i say no this is not your rock it's a rock or a little river. there are 700000 indigenous people in australia and many feel they are disadvantaged in many ways to this day the artist couple lulu and billy cooley are not against tourist coming to illumine general but they do want their culture to be respected. leading play for the
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crowd from the crowd who were coming in. and people coming in and. from. the climbing band has been decided but it's controversial lindy severin and her farm and a nearby small motel with the pub she's afraid there will be fewer tourists now as a local business woman she feels her needs were not given enough consideration when the decision was made. iraq has pain very much part of all of our lives but as professionally and personally for a long time. having one of those activities now removed just changes that at least $35.00 people have died climbing the rock over the decades and the hansen and her cousin jack have made it to the top of. my view for someone to come from or where the public can climb up to ice portion highly modest
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far as the top layer wave going to die and then that money goes back to the indigenous community but now only bike tours and hikes around the rock will be allowed after all the head of the park's visit to sever says wants to share respect for the people's beliefs such a significant decision to close a call is very important that they can actually make such a huge decision themselves demonstrate that i actually own the place and that i can make these decisions without listening to what other people think. be instillation field of light brightens up every night but if the path through the peak is closed a doctor kept her in australia's colonial history. this is the news and these are our top stories here on bass a dozen brussels a failed to agree on the length of another delay to the u.k.'s departure from the bloc this comes after the u.k.'s prime minister barak's johnson said he's really
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need to give parliament more time to study the brig's abridged if m.p.'s agree to a general election on december the 12th. in indonesia. vista gate is into last year's crash. 737 max chit has been the combination of design maintenance problems and inadequate training the report said were not told how to react quickly to malfunctions of the jets flight control system. wildfires in california have forced some 50000 people from their homes the area has also been experiencing power blackouts utility companies are preparing for a massive shutdown this weekend amid fears high winds could knock down power lines . to enjoy their last chance to climb the iconic sound still on friday the permanent ban on climbing is now gone
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into effect to protect the rock his secret by the aboriginal. this news from berlin for more news you can always go to our website at www dot com . stay with us stuff of business news coming up next with ben facility and. moved.
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to the point of strong opinion recently of musicians from international perspectives this was supposed to be the decisive week for exit but where now and constantly even whether the u.k. will leave the e.u. remains unclear now the timetables partly after brussels can westminster seal a deal that's our topic on to the point join us. on the phone in 60 minutes on the c.w. . how to cover more than just one reality. where i
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come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized failure early that it made sense to explain different realities. i'm out here. at the heart of the european union in brussels we have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking forward and moving journalists they can trust for them to make sense of this. bidens myself going to work at the government.
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lisa bloom can talk book now travel now a mainstream type of. signs of life for germany's economy a new survey shows things chugging along quite nicely so what happens to the predictions of doom and gloom last the man behind the numbers. the world's top 2 economies talk trade again u.s. vice president mike pence throws the cat among the pigeons with an un tacked on china. south korea says it will stop trying to benefit from its developing nation status the u.s. complains rich countries again mean the world trade system and.


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