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this is due to a new supply from the waiting game the european union delays its decision on a brags that extension chief breaks it negotiator michel dani and anyone basters agree that an extension is needed but not on how long it should be. meanwhile tempers flare between supporters and opponents of break this as the process drags on some lawmakers have received death threats. also coming up tens of thousands of people in the u.s. state of california are fleeing the fast moving wildfires just one year after the
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state experienced the deadliest fires in its history. and the man who could be argentina's new president left leaving out that the fernandez has a huge 20 point lead as the nation prepares to vote on something. i'm serious almost got to thank you for joining us the u.k.'s exit date from the european union has been delayed yet again but it's unclear for how long britain was set to leave the european union in just under a week's time but a recent vote in the u.k. parliament against an ambitious breaks a deal schedule made that deadline impossible to reach basters has confirmed that there will indeed be an extension but said a decision on a new exit date won't be reached on till next week some are advocating a shorter extension to encourage the u.k. parliament to continue working on passing the. withdrawal agreement bill an
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extension until the end of january 2020 is also being considered. correspondent is following the latest and she joins us now from london hi barrett with no clear extension date at this point what is westminster's plan for pushing this through. well prime minister boris johnson has been compared by his critics to it toddler with a giant hissy fit because he actually is saying he wants to strong arm the opposition into gaining him an election this is his plan old away 3 and now that the election actually exit from the e.u. is sort of up in the air as to when this is going to happen he says the stalemate can only be broken when there is a new general election and he wants to get the opposition to play a role and to help him with that because he does need opposition m.p.'s to actually agree to a general election so where does that leave greg sit we really don't know at the
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end of this week there's been so much back and forth and now it's up to the e.u. to agree on an extension we know that there are a lot of m.p.'s in parliament who would like to see a longer extension prime minister johnson was to get everything done as quickly as possible and this is why he's trying to basically push the boundaries here in the u.k. and get his general election on the way which he wants to have done in december already . i want to talk to you about another aspect of brags that namely how divisive it has been in the u.k. and a recent study has shown that people on both sides of the break the debate think that the risk of violence against members of parliament is quote a price worth paying to get their desired bragg's that outcome now you've been speaking to some m.p.'s about this let's take a look. at your pocket very very sorry if i don't hurry to her but. there is a crowd outside the palace of westminster every day made up of both angry leavers and remain ors the police often have to intervene m.p.'s arriving for work face
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brutal abuse and sometimes even physical attack. nigel for runge leader of the breaks a party had a milkshake thrown at him pearlie at this here are relatively harmless incident compared to what other politicians have experienced. i have threats of violence including a death threat not a civil death threats civil prosecutions by the police so i sat in a meeting recently with some other breaks in here senior colleagues and somebody said look around so does anyone not have a death threat and the answer was we've all had death threats. including tom brake . the liberal democrat is a staunch opponent of breck said one facebook page contain comments suggesting he should be strangled. it varies from low level abuse to death threats i suspect probably every other member of parliament in the house of commons has had death threats and there's no doubt that these things have got worse since
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the referendum media the all for the referendum there was a very clear increase. 3 years ago labor m.p. jo cox was murdered on the way to a drop in in her constituency. her attacker has links to a neo nazi group. members of the opposition also blame the prime minister for fueling current divisions they say his talk of capitulation and surrender is fueling hatred. but prime minister boris johnson merely dismisses threats of violence against m.p.'s as humbug it's a risky choice i. have to say to just be driving neighborhoods are drawn by you know by like. britain's divide between remainders and labour's grows ever starker many m.p.'s receive threats every day usually via facebook or twitter their references to hanging and firing squads civil war and gunning for blood there's no
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way of knowing if some of these users might perpetrate violence in the real world. liberal democrat tom break believes that the political culture needs to change the way back is for. i think in the u.k. to resolve the issue bret's it i think until this is dealt with one where another than we will continue to see this level of aggression the language used for now the brics it crisis remains ongoing and that makes all m.p.'s potential targets wherever they stand on the political spectrum. that is an incredibly troubling trend how much of a toll are these threats taking on lawmakers. i think it's big to put a brave face on it they also know that they need to get on with their work but it does take emotionally a toll on them one m.p. told me how she got send pictures of rape scenes of de camp has said to bodies and
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that even had children were approached in her house in her garden and that she was advised by the police to to fence the garden off so she told me that when she is in parliament she felt secure because there's a lot of security there but once she goes out that's it's very hard and she doesn't feel that there is really enough protection but also we know that m.p.'s don't really see another way out i mean they call and walk around with bodyguards and they have to have these open surgery so it's really. a situation that they feel many of them feel they just have to kind of tolerate and they have to endure i did have expected mass reporting for us from london thank you betty. now to some other stories making headlines around the world british police have arrested 2 more people after $39.00 bodies were found in the back of a truck in southeastern england officers believe most of the victims were chinese but a human rights activist says one or more might have invited vietnamese police continue
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to question the truck driver who was arrested on suspicion of murder. iraqi officials say at least 5 people have been killed and hundreds wounded during demonstrations in the capital baghdad the protesters are demanding an end to widespread corruption and high unemployment earlier this month 150 people were killed and thousands more injured in a police crackdown on similar protests. in the u.s. state of baltimore dignitaries have gathered for the funeral of congressman and civil rights leader a larger cummings former secretary of state hillary clinton praised cummings as a fierce champion of truth justice and kindness cummings was the head of the powerful house oversight committee investigating president donald trump. that was only last year that california experience its deadliest and most destructive wildfires now flames are once again raging across the state in the los angeles area around $50000.00 people have been told to evacuate. moving fast
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through the canyons north of los angeles driven by high winds the wildfire in southern california broke out thursday mandatory evacuation orders are in place over 500 firefighters are battling the blaze backed by air tankers and helicopters . you know be loaded by the fact that you may not see open flames right now because there are plenty of hot spots out in the incident we have all night to work on those hot spots and probably work in the future increasing our containment. the fires are not only raging in the los angeles area but also further north in the wine region of sonoma county where residents were evacuated to escape the fire. and that was 30 in the morning i woke up and the mountain was on fire and so i woke up my husband and i and we checked it out and it was across the river lot of people
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i know lost their house in the previous fires and i know for people who lost their houses in this one and it's just. a real big reality in the past california just utility company p.g. and e. has been taught responsible for numerous wildfires in the state p.g. and e. said they are investigating whether their equipment had been involved in stoking the fire in sonoma valley to reduce the risk of accidental fire power cuts to hundreds of thousands of customers in california governor gavin newsome criticized the utilities for how they handled wildfire protection is infuriating beyond words . to live in a state as innovative and extraordinarily. entrepreneurial and capable as the state of california to be living in an environment where we're seeing this kind of disruption in these kinds of blackouts with hot dry winds expected to hit california over the weekend and is not in sight. you're
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watching d.w. news still to come on our show levanon is not known for its skateboarding culture but this man from munich wants to change that by representing the country of the 2020 olympics. the 1st voters in the german state of to go to the polls this weekend in an election that's shaping up to be another crucial test for chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u. party the for a day f.t. has been polling strongly and could overtake the conservatives as the state's number 2 party behind the post communist left party touring it was part of the former east germany before reunification in 1990 it's the only german state with a governing coalition headed by the left party on your cough return to her old home town effort to gauge the mood ahead of sunday's vote. grand obeyed brick houses and narrow alleyways just like in fairy tales. small medieval fort
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well known and loft in the eastern state of the ranger. that was my home for a long time i spent most of my youth into ranger and went to effort to study when i lived here people didn't argue much about politics they couldn't if he didn't even exist but now they are likely to win at least 20 percent of the road and i wonder whether they have changed the region. leftist off the right that's often what people here want to know is politics dividing the state into. i tried to talk about it with former classmates but then i noticed that most of the people i was friends with have moved away to big cities just like i did all of us right back saying it's a delicate topic society i hear it's bitterly divided but no one wants to talk to me about it on camera. to get an idea of what's going on now i
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go to an a.s.d. campaign event the far right edge. is considered the top candidate here he insults other parties and journalists too but can't his constituency except of opinions or reasons or. more i always look for an arena where i could influence people and if there is someone who doesn't want to accept this then i'm sorry they consider the next table and drink his beer alone. when we have a family celebration sometimes we start arguing my wife keeps the arguments from escalating by changing the subject. i need to withdraw to him until he has been the state prim year of 3 for the past 5 years he's the only left party state premier in germany many think he's down to earth and he's pragmatic but while
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he was in office the a if t. succeeded in expanding its base so why couldn't the left party keep the f.t. in check and to put i try to keep them in check they began polarizing the constituency i want to talk to the people on the streets and i want to end to this polarization i want to let the people know where we stand and where we're headed or know if they can vixen. the only problem is that the range is becoming increasingly polarized that's what left party supporters keep telling me. there's a small rebellion but it's not a small as we'd like it to be. some people irreconcilable if that speech is harsha more vicious and dimwitted. my old hometown seems withdrawn and i fear of the state elections might make things worse. according to reports the left party with the board or the i'm in or past the more for port but might not succeed in forming a coalition government since no one wants to work with the a.f.p.
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the federal status and risk of a political deadlock which would further deepen the social trenches. sometimes when i go back home i feel like a stranger. right let's talk more about the vote on sunday our chief political editor is with us here in studio i mean why are we seeing such polarization between other far left and of of logical such spectrum and the far right and interview well that's the big question ticky those big 10 parties are asking themselves it's can be seen as kind of a european phenomenon where we see a lot of big tent parties losing support the social democrats here are fearing being eradicated their card is still in a government coalition with uncle americal c.d.u. party here and me and i'm going to match party has ruled out going into a coalition both with the far left the left party that is here and government into going in and also the far right the extreme right as many mainstream politicians
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are now calling it the if tea party so these are a big questions that politicians are grappling with more towards the center at the same time during that particular state has very done very extensive polling among its own population and there's some 70 percent of people said in these times we need to strong hand and that is certainly something beyond the issue of migration that the far right if he has been campaigning on the far right if he's polling at around 20 percent of this point how likely is it that they could enter the regional government. it's very unlikely because the other mainstream parties of ruled out going into any coalition with them but if anything this particular state election will become living proof how the far right if t. is completely changed the political game here in germany in germany we're not used
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to having a standoff between one camp and the other come and this is pretty much where it is right now what germany's very used to is forming coalition governments and here is simply the math not adding up if you need to leave out the far right if t. so we might see some very unusual coalitions coming there and we might see the conservative see do you have to rethink how close it can bear to be towards the left party the current government that the math is not adding up at a state level what does all this mean on a federal level for chancellor merkel and her government but means a lot less than we thought just a couple of months ago certainly there was a dressing down for both the conservative c.d.u. party and the social democrats recent regional elections in neighboring saxony for instance where the f.t. had a very very strong showing bought it's yet another indication of how much political sway the particular social democrats still have who are in constant crisis
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here and that crisis also constantly threatens to undermine the stability of last term in office all right our chief political editor michelle it is now thank you so much. let's look now at some other stories making headlines around the world the head of the world jewish congress ronald lauder has visited the german city of hollow weeks after a gunman killed 2 people while trying to break into a synagogue there letters visit comes amid numerous signs of a rise in anti-semitism in germany on monday he will present chancellor angela merkel in a word for her commitment to fighting it. the u.s. says it will strengthen its military presence near key oil fields in syria to keep fighters from the so-called islamic state from taking them over it comes after an abrupt pullout of u.s. forces from kurdish controlled areas in the north of the country. bolivia's president evo morales has declared himself winner of the country's presidential elections official results narrowly give him the 10 points 10 point lead necessary
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to win outright his main rival carlos mesa has led days of protests claiming that the vote was rigged the european union is backing calls from election observers for a runoff from. argentina heads to the polls on sunday and the opposition is on course for an election victory over the incumbent president. a rapidly tumbling economy soaring inflation and a market crash of handed this man the left leaning out of bed to finance this huge 20 percentage point lead he's benefited from the disappointment felt by many over president inability to stabilize the economy 4 years after market came to power annual inflation in argentina stands at more than 53 percent. president mauricio mockery striking when a supposed at his last campaign rally in one of those ira's. very well.
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we will turn over the page of frustration we will turn around the election and we will turn around this country forever. himself has a lot to turn around as his victory in the presidential election looks highly unlikely. the man projected to defeat him by a landslide is opposition candidate alberto fernandez he's benefited from the disappointment felt by many arjan tines over mockeries unsuccessful handling of the economy mccree came to power in 2015 promising market reforms open door trade policies and strong investment but 4 years on the argentine economy is shrinking and annual inflation stands at more than 53 percent in a primary vote in august seen as a dress rehearsal for the election mockery suffered a shock a landslide defeat fernandez won by
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a massive 16 percent polls now predict that fernandez will win the presidency out right without the need for a 2nd round runoff a win for fernandez would also spell the return of argentina's controversial former president cristina kirchner who is running for vice president she's a polarizing figure a populist who retains a huge following and is viewed as a champion of the poor it she also faces investigations into fraud and money laundering. economists are predicting that a win for fernandez could exacerbate economic volatility. after the primary vote financial markets were thrown into turmoil and the peso plunged more than 30 percent. and protests over the worsening economic situation led lawmakers to approve an emergency food law last month. with neighbors
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chile and bolivia currently suffering protests and on rest could this election push another country in the region into further instability. nicole is covering the elections for us and she joins us from in front of the. site is that is the official residence of argentina's president hi nicole good to see you you've been talking to voters of the last few days what have they told you about why they're looking for a change. well they are of course looking for a change because this is a truly devastating crisis the country is experiencing right now but the polarisation the report was just talking about also spills over into the hopes people have for these elections a lot of people say that the only reason why people aren't out in the streets here in argentina like they are for example in chile is that these elections are coming and that with them people are hoping for
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a democratic change that is about to arrive other people especially older voters are saying that they have no hope for this country in the state it is in right now because no matter who you vote for everybody is corrupt that is what they believe there is a deep distrust into the political class here in argentina they say that crises are part of the argentinean circle of life and that even if the government that is to come leads the country out of this crisis it's only a matter of time until the next one strikes that government that is to come would be led by better to offend what is his biggest selling point to voters. well he is a much more moderate candidate than the other of paris and that is also why he was handpicked by cristina fernandez we just heard that she's running for vice president so that is something unheard of the vice presidential candidate picking the candidate to run for president but of course together as she is
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a much more radical proneness they are able to appear to a much broader segment of society that also that's the difference between them that he's more moderate and she's a lot more radical could also lead to friction so international on the kurds are wondering how long this dual in in the government could could last or how long this government could eventually last and what about the current. present incumbent. how was he trying to win against all odds. was a bit of a stretch to say he's trying to win because really the chances are very low but he's been going all out since that bad primary results were in the country on the step with a tour a yes we can toward trying to garner support making unusually populist promises to the people but a lot of people say it's too little too late that he's running this campaign as if he were
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a usual candidate and not the president and that frustration with him will also reflect in the polls this sunday all right our correspondent nicole for that reporting for us there from buenos aires thank you. now a skateboarder from munich wants to represent levanon at the 2020 tokyo olympics has lived in germany his entire life and only goes to visit relatives in lebanon once a year where there isn't any skateboarding culture the 28 year old wants to change that by qualifying for skateboarding at the summer games. is one of only 2 skateboarders hoping to represent lebanon at tokyo 2020 when the sport makes its debut at the olympics he wants its popularity to spread you know it's been pretty bone on you please. oh i want to represent lebanon and also to support the skateboarding scene that. i don't think there's a real skate park in the whole of lebanon and when i visited the lebanese olympic
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committee they promised to help me carry out projects there because skateboarding is really easy. you only need a skateboard. because no one skateboard with ambitions of reaching the olympics could shaab also wants to become a role model for the sport in lebanon he's been training day and night to qualify and every time he masters a new trick he feels one step closer to tokyo. because get through doesn't this it's an unbelievable feeling the most beautiful feeling i know and you gain a lot of recognition when you succeed it's not easy it's not easy you have to fight but skateboarding is a good example for life but always persevered and if you for you get up that's how life is you know this is maybe the best thing skateboarding qualification starts in may and there are 80 spots available for the 2020 summer olympics. the focus left to him right coming up next due to the news asia with the melissa chan
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should be looking at the state of press freedom and pakistan thank you for watching to. the floor.
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the prison to europe at its most as a nation at its most exciting. most creative. glamorous. taste of innovative brilliance charming.
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and filesystem. on t.w. . 30 years after the fall of the firm nov 9th w. luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fair working conditions in sustainable production. but who is monitoring the some contractors above. and investigative
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documentary goes to. the only country in the family looks beyond the glamorous facades of fashion houses. make sure it. starts november 5th d.w. . this is the news asia coming up pakistan's plan to police its internet investigation reveals as lum about to deal with an overseas surveillance company what does this mean for civil liberties in the country. and north korea's kim jong un has decided south korean built hotels are not good enough for him we take a look at the joint peace a project that is on the rocks if you know we also have a mountain of a vast hall it is tackling the trash piling high on the slopes of mount.


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