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you know. this is deja vu news live from berlin germany's foreign minister calls for a lasting cease fire in northern syria heiko mass is in ankara for talks with his turkish counterpart there dismissed as unrealistic and now the german proposal for an international security zone in the region also coming out. germany's foreign minister calls for a lasting cease fire in northern syria. and british police to file manslaughter charges against the driver of the truck that
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was found carrying the bodies of 39 people investigators now saying thanks don't know where the victims came from and are asking members of the u.k.'s vietnamese community for help. i'm rebecca it has welcome to the program germany's foreign minister heiko mosque has called for a lasting cease fire in northern syria after talks in ankara and his turkish counterpart have a scholer come commented on proposals to limit the conflict on syria's border. to greeting appeared friendly enough but the tensions were evident even before german foreign minister heikal mass arrived in ankara his turkish counterpart had responded to german criticism in a tweet seeing anyone who lectures turkey has to expect an appropriate response script through tional. it's there obviously i think serious differences between us
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. but partners and allies should be able to talk to one another in such a situation. and not talk about each other. the turkish foreign minister maintains that germany does not understand the security concerns facing turkey and correct considers the kurdish y p g militia to be a terrorist organization museum. we expect germany as an ally and as a friend to fully support us in the fight against terrorism. both foreign ministers dismissed german defense minister on a great crime caught in byers controversial proposal to set up a un protected securities law in a northern syria. the moment we don't have time for the theoretical right now i for the people of syria at the time for theoretical debates is over here we have to should depart for. the 1st germany needs to come to an agreement on this
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there are different opinions in the government that's democracy but i do not want to get involved masses prioritising other things above all humanitarian aid for refugees a lasting cease fire and a political solution to the conflict. earlier we spoke to our correspondent union in istanbul she told us how realistic germany's proposed permanent ceasefire would be while that does not only depend on germany of course the current cease fire even though turkey doesn't call it a cease fire was brokered by russia and include and it includes that russian military police and syrian regime border police are trying to make sure that kurdish fighters are withdrawing from a designated area close to the turkish border and today present add on threatened if this is not happening that turkey would take matters into its own hands suggesting that there could be renewed attacks off to tuesday evening. well germany's social democrats have moved a step closer to electing a new lady and
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a decision on whether to stay in government with angela merkel's conservatives 2 teams of candidates survived the 1st round of voting by party members still now face a runoff next month. ok i guess we're kind of back on track now so i. come in thanks for coming in. both for being counted at the social democrats headquarters from the early hours of the morning. almost 430000 party members were eligible to cast ballots online or by post in the end turnout was 53 percent. there was no clear winner so 2 pairs of candidates will take part in a runoff vote. all of. us can in norbert alter boy received $440967.00 votes which corresponds to a share of 21 percent and. all of.
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its intellectual it's received $40473.00 votes which corresponds to a share of 22 percent of. all of shorts and a guy that enter the runoff as pragmatic sober minded representatives of the status quo choice as vice chancellor and finance minister wants to continue the governing grand coalition with germany's conservatives that it's good to sell the video it's about how we can make the s.p.d. so strong that it can play its role in germany as a party that stands for fairness and justice gets their rivals take a different course. and not bought a boy and offer an alternative vision. they've made no secret of their skepticism about continuing the grand coalition. and we need to see clearly how we intend to provide fairness in this country. we can keep rolling over to special interests that want to have a say in how things work. but that means we need to put the social democracy back on the s.p.d.
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and win back voters trust. in november party members will vote on who will lead the s.p.d. which couldn't turn decide if germany's grand coalition holds on to power. for more on this story i'm joined in the studio by anika clothes from yesterday's youth wing i'm good thanks for joining me thank you you voted today you happy with the result yes i have voted actually it was a process of 2 weeks and which because voted and i'm happy with the turnout actually i do not support so much so a couple which got in 1st. but the 2nd capital was. you know about that a buyout and just gascon they were backed by the youth wing so i'm happy that they got into the runoff now so then you've supported the sort of the couple that are. i suppose anti the so-called grand coalition they want to break up the coalition between under michael's conservatives and the s.p.d. does that mean you don't want to see him oppose johnson or anyone well that's for
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sure that i don't want to see a conservative chancellor in germany and you more and i also think that's a grand grand coalition is finally coming to an end and no viable and that's destined they have put that also. a program out which just highly unlikely to be able to be pursued in the great crowd listen asking for 500000000 euros for investments into our future and for for future investments into ecological change against climate change and i don't see that happening with america and her conservatives than any time soon what do you see you guys are part of the youth the younger part of the party what do you see for the future what do you want the s.p.d. to do well we want the social democracy democratic party to be a workers' party again which is really a left wing party where everyone knows what it stands for because right now after having so many years of great credit a credit was a conservative it's hard to tell which party is actually stands up for what and
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also the more conservative wing of the social democratic party which is a couple who came in 1st now belongs to they don't want much change but actually if we want to get to the youth again and get them voting for the social democratic party again we need more left wing politics so let's assume that all of shelters couple when election you know what what what next well if all that sides wins of course we have to do what we have to do is campaign for our political opinions anyways especially force them to get more investments into our infrastructure and for preventing climate change also we need them to stop looking for us there is the politics we need just. the neo liberal politics and we have to come up with some ideas how to get involved more young people in our party so if they should win which i do not hope they should approach us and talk to us what we can do together
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to fix this party and not just stay was there conservative ideas yes it's no secret have not been doing very well in german politics in recent years they've been losing election after election the voter turnout even for this even when it was member party members coming out to vote was really low you said you were happy with the turnout it was just over 50 percent is there a future for the s.p.d. in germany but i wasn't so happy about the turnout but about the results at the end like which team got in to the runoff but yes the turnout was low but i think it's not about the young people because there was a online voting system and many especially young people applied for that but. i think right now is the problem was that there were a lot of teams running for their party leadership that many people don't really know what's the it would start action is going to go to and we need to get clear on that and our national congress in december we have to vote in new party leadership
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and from then on we can pursue politics which left wing approaching young people and also make sure that the people know what this bill actually wants because that's i think what most people are questioning what do you actually mean when you say social justice or if you say you want more social equality people don't have answers for that and they think that if we now have 2 teams doing the runoff it's going to be much more clear what they stand for so we can have actually like a decision if it's going to be more right wing or more conservative within the social democratic party year and i think the turnout is going to be much higher in this decision quiz it's much clearer on a closer from germany's young socialist thanks very much thank you. turning now to some of the other stories making news around the world iraqi officials say at least 7 protesters were killed at anti-government demonstrations on saturday police used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse crowds in baghdad and the southern town of
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nasiriya over 40 were killed in clashes on friday. medical workers in hong kong joined a rally in the heart of the city's financial center on saturday they were demonstrating against alleged police brutality during more than 4 months of anti-government protests protesters are angry about what they say is creeping chinese interference in hong kong. in spain hundreds of thousands of supporters of catalan independence marched through the streets of boston lona calling for the race release of jailed separatist leaders the catalan region has same violent protests since 9 leaders were sentenced to long prison terms earlier this month. british police have filed charges against the driver of the truck that was found carrying the bodies of $39.00 suspected migrants on wednesday the 25 year old faces $39.00 counts of manslaughter as well as other charges meanwhile british police
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have backed away from initial reports that the victims were from china investigators have asked britain's vietnamese community for help identifying the bodies. it has been a long and drawn out process recovering the $39.00 bodies from the truck where they were found. but police say that the operation has now been completed. what i can say now is that all of our victims have been recovered they are all now at broome field hospital and they will be undergoing post-mortems the whole process is forensic the recovery process was forensic up until now there had been speculation on the nationalities of the victims and police are now shedding some light on that question now we know that although we can't speculate at this time on the nationality of the victims. it's clear from everybody that we are getting a large amount of engagement from the vietnamese population from communities home and abroad. since friday multiple vietnamese families have come forward fearing
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their relatives are among the victims and in vietnam some are looking for answers as they have no news from their loved ones who had traveled to the u.k. . the news of the people who had died on their way to the u.k. in search of a new life that lost their lives instead of not only the district of. but perhaps the whole country is in sorrow. this is a tragedy that the whole country has to make it difficult and then pay them to. police are now appealing to anyone who fears a relative may be among the victims to come forward. turning to football now and reigning champions by and munich have gone to the top of the bundesliga after a $21.00 win over union berlin robert leavened. decisive 2nd goal and set a new record in the process is the 1st bonus league player to score in each of the
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1st 9 games of the season. well let's take a look at the rest of the results from this weekend's bundesliga game so far shellac and dortmund played out a goalless draw hoffenheim 132 away at her to berlin fribourg beat leipzig 21 and powder born one for the 1st time this season against a sold off on friday months one against cologne. now the rugby world cup has its 1st of finalists off to england sensationally bay new zealand in their semi final in yokohama the old blacks would defending champions and favorites for the tournament but england stifled their attack to go 10 by half time in one stranglehold continued after the break and they ran out $197.00 whenas to reach their 4th world cup final they play the winner of sunday's semi final between whiles and south africa you're watching data you news from berlin coming up next a date of any reporter which this week looks at one person struggle with depression
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and we're back at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that stayed up when you don't come back or it is thanks for watching. it's all happening don't you get it coming. during leaked news from africa the world you're going to exceptional stories and discussions can you and will come to diffuse african program tonight from 4 and germany is easy to power out with say deputed smash africa join us on facebook t.w. africa.


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