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tv   Check-in  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CET

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scene $71.00 tape recordings expose the bundesliga clubs including shakur should frights and intentionally lost and matches. chalco players pocketed a total of $40000.00 marks from the match fixing. because fisher did he did since and should have been of the docents my youngest. dormant were relegated despite being innocent that season while shaka stayed up that's only field resentment. which fled into open hostility groups like boston font and the mighty blues was founded by fans of both clubs and often brought violence to the fore which remains a factor to this day. things are a bit more laid back in brazil petro georgiou and the kids organized a small doggie of their own to shelter fans faced off against a swarm of media to him and. sure the shelter boys can put them
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away but they had to see if they kept the job and in the end in far off germany pub still have a chance of the title but that doesn't matter in the dobie. when the class just rules t.c. scarce is supposed to mean too little to profit. by people who voted out your book is also about go to them i assume you pretty much if you do those things most hospitals use some of them but the major parties cost of course was problem important in brazil 2 of them came out on top of you for going to lay all. lawyers for real mccoy quoting them going for the hell of slow movement but this is without most of human import let me go about it and choose the level of office building. at the moment do women seem to be the top dog in both germany and brazil but don't worry shelter fans back in the day the royal blues dominated the dub a. and they just might be the most successful side against the petros of the world
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are just waiting for their moment of. rivals or not pedro and george i sure have similar dreams for the future. and for a lot here doing is a ring a movie you just think you should. cause a look though she jane she border which will not she will continue to just issue is over they will say you know what up are. these things. you think me laughing pretty much into my our new individual the school student who could be key causes the shingles to be this august queue for so long but who knows some shock over the chief of the judge means to be a mind something something to solve. things over there is compelling to put it keep going oh you mean why are slowing of course if you throw this away my clothes are miles from where president who you're the one who said origin there but i kid he's
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. no but i mean it's almost but i in his place where they think they are who i was sawing a woman to chew on i think. alexander newbill is now showing his 1st choice keeper plans that fool of a great so like you're predicting a bright future for the young just tell you. this man is currently being told up as one of germany's biggest gang keeping talents should we believe the hype is the lowdown from the legendary oliver carney. well this week in my keeper jack i'm going to run the rule of law shall custody in our example in my name people should. see difference if i might wonder why alexander nouvel bobs up and down my rubber suits anticipating the show whether it's a peculiarity of the show. goalkeeping school basically he's getting his legs ready
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to explode into action at the right moment x. would be able to push out his kneecap belt with a rope last piece of joe keeping. up with the sustain a come here again we've got that grief bobbing motion for a new build to be optimally primed for the shot and when it comes his response is absolutely world class absolute classic look pretty sure that even the thing. that's the point here you see the explosive reflex reaction to this effort from close range passing the ball away with his hand lightning fast through clark. and it was one of he called world class keeper doesn't just use his hands to make a reaction save he can deploy its legs and feet as well in a fraction of a 2nd. by any issues of alexander the new bill demonstrates that ability great style the air and this is a double save you want to pass there's the manages to get
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a foot to the ball and then by is so common that then he shows tremendous pressure to get back on his feet again by him and he knows there's another live cd player there and responds with the instant follow up family task stuff. job take a look quickly he's back up to speed. a bunch of possible risk if you have that you can see that the team always needs the feeling they've got a man behind the moves not just glued to the line but sometimes comes out of his goal and then he has to be decisive both for high balls into the box and for corners and a bundesliga keeper has to be able to come out and punch these days but in this situation he demonstrates something else a physical presence that he's appealing and that is his opponents respect shuffles he has picked. up on every keeper has good footballing skills these days. yes there is not so much of
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a disparity as we fought since your ballot this is a good example from alexander knew well even the way says a k finds its way directly to the team might be no more date another of his qualities is that he's a very can be used on the golf week precise no nonsense passes out from the back it sees it it seems iraq is only firing it out all over the place it. looks on a new report we created their city in this instance new who does also benefit from marco ross playing the ball slightly turned far ahead but he still illustrates his top draw positional play and it's i theory can just block it to sign for a corner but up toward a. we keep us have a vital role to play alexander who burrows already shown he's a top class goalkeeper and at 23 he obviously has the potential to get even better he certainly a player who can make the difference. to round off some blasts from the past as we take you through the 94 much history of the riviera
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darby thanks for watching can enjoy. i. eat.
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it's a stinker as least thank you this is the bravery atomic. bomb
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with our super heroes my mission is clear kushti get them to me culturally should explore germany if they die just. like everything else there's a lot going on in. germany tried and tested. the limits of the g.w. . thing takes up. go to
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subscribe to documentary on you tube. and. today's journey takes me to one of the warmest and lovely it's regions and germany that german wine routes. 5 kilometers long and winds through the pole latin
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that's been. the sign bearing a bunch of rigs shows me the way. the . wind is very important around these parts the polack net is germany 2nd biggest wine growing area there are over 23000 hectares of vineyards here. good wine good food combined with this incredible landscape the perfect set up for a little autumn get away i'm excited to find out what i'm going to see and savor and the poll latin it and here is a little taste of what's the. trip to humbucker castle the birthplace of german democracy. a
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hike along the fine trail. and one of our viewers shows us around his hometown in columbia got back into. the wind gauge in shi'a in the question this is where the german wine route starts it's one of germany's oldest tourist routes. yet some people prefer not to talk about who invented it. if you look closely you'll see an odd blank space below the eagle that's chiseled out but you can still make out what it once was a swastika the wine route was an idea of the nazis today you'll look in vain for.
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reminder of the gates dark past. nowadays the wind gauge belongs to a been near association set up a wine shop and restaurant here. have learned one thing on my travels that wine regions are always home to extremely sociable people along with german wine around there are a couple of places that have a legendary reputation in that then here are a couple recommendations for you. first there are the wine festivals more than 200 take place in the past not between april and november 1 of the best known as the german wine harvest festival in noise shot always in october it has floats lots of music. and even more wine. bar go kinds of 1st market is a bit like the plaques in its october fest its name means sausage market but it's
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definitely a wine festival. in fact with 600000 visitors it's the world's largest. this time is especially attractive to the rich and famous. venerable old winery. and upmarket restaurants. prominent politicians have played a role in polling in celebrities former chancellor helmut kohl used to invite v.i.p.'s from around the world to eat with him at the time just where he was a regular. the wine route 85 kilometers long. can become a pretty quickly because there are so many lovely places along the way it's best not to hurry and that's what it's about taking time to enjoy life there's all. it's
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a party going on somewhere. and like the one in the water want to eat pork he hosts a chest not fashionable with all sorts of dishes made from them. from chestnut burgos. to chestnut bridge and chestnut confectionery. and as in a company munch what else nice glass of wine. in the whole so intently to book i'm up for a little adventure. is in the very romantic place. i've put myself a segway tour through the vineyards 1st
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a quick introduction to my trusty steed. hold tight to transfer your weight on to your toes slightly forward this is the weird. thing in the fall for your way to your heels to break that was how you moved to steer it up but i didn't move yes you did. and off we go. after 20 minutes we reach our destination. thanks to. it was commissioned by bavarian king mood today.


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