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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  October 27, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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field resentment. which fled into open hostility groups like boston front and the mighty blues were founded by fans of both clubs and often brought violence to the fore which remains a factor to this day. things are a bit more laid back in brazil petro georgiou and the kids organized a small dalby of their own to shelter fans faced off against a swarm made. sure the shelter boys can put them away but they had to see if they kept the job and in the end in far off germany pups still have a chance of the title but that doesn't matter in the dummy. class to schools q.c. scarce is supposed to mean to get across the sea by people who voted out those about go to the mines and we pretty much read you this thing my house is going to throw you some of the back the major parties the class of course was. important in
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brazil 2 of them came out on top. you were going to clear all. boys for you in the boy quoting them sequence but when the telephone move by this is without my eyes a human import let me go about it and choose them a little which both. at the moment 2 of them seem to be the top dog in both germany and brazil but don't worry shocker fans back in the day the royal blues dominated the dubby and they just might be the most successful side again see the padres of the world are just waiting for that moment. and rivals or not pedro and george i sure have similar dreams for the future. as for like yeah if you enjoy a win i'm searching as a ringer no you think you should. cause a look i should change which will not you go pointing that guy you. just issues
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over there to see you know grow up are. these things. is the only thing we laugh a bit too much into my are limited you drove a school student who could be key causes the shadows the view the saw the. pupil solve some shock over the chief of the judge means to the minds of the example of assaults along with the kid teams of those contending for the keep going oh you know my 1st point. i was on my 1st clearance where to. the large hole there but i can be like you know what i mean so most players place politically or who oversaw a war which a lot of think. alexander newbill is now showing his 1st choice keeper plans are full of a great so like you're predicting a bright future for the young custody of. this
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man is currently being told up as one of germany's biggest goalkeeping talents should we believe the hype is the lowdown from the legendary oliver card. well this week in my key project i'm going to run the rule over shall custody in alexander in my name people should. live in sci fi might wonder why alexander nouvel bobs up and down my absolute certainty is approaching the shot whether it's a peculiarity of the shall go feeling sure about basically he's getting his legs ready to explode into action at the right moment so the answer could push out to sneak out to do battle with the rope cast piece of joe keeping. up with the sustainer come here again we've got about a brief issue from the new battle to be optimally primed for the shot and when it comes his response is absolutely world class absolute belt classes look pretty. shorten it even better i think. that's the point here you see the explosive
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reflex reaction to this effort from close range passing the ball away with his hand lightning fast break through it to how it was all know well class keeper doesn't just use his hands to make a reaction save he can deploy its legs and feet as well in a fraction of a 2nd. if you said alexander newbill demonstrates that ability in great style here and this is a double save why for hearts you want to ask 1st he manages to get a foot to the ball and then by is so common that then he shows tremendous speed to get back on his feet again then by him and again others there's another live cd player there and responds with the instant follow up family tactic stuff. quickly he's back up to speed. a bunch of those even if you haven't figured out the team always needs the feeling they've got
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a man behind the moves not just glued to the line but sometimes comes out of his goal and then he has to be decisive both for high balls into the box and for corners and a bonus league a keeper has to be able to come out and punch these days but in this situation he demonstrates something else of the physical presence he's appealing and that ends his opponents respect to show off the seat aspect and get. every keeper has good footballing skills these days is not so much of a disparity as before this is a good example from alexander knew well even the way says a k. finds its way to replicate to a teammate. another of his qualities is that he's a very can be used on the ball weak precise no nonsense passes out from the back it's easy it seems iraq is a firing it out all over the place it. looks and a new report we created their city in this instance new who does also benefit from marco roy's playing. slightly turn far ahead but he still illustrates his top
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drawer positional play that's i theory just block it to the sign for a corner. toward a spin on the keepers have a vital role to play alexander knew bo's already shown he's a top class goalkeeper and at 23 he obviously has the potential to get even better he certainly a player who can make the difference. to round off some blasts from the past as we take you through the 94 much history of the riviera dudley thanks for watching can enjoy. i.
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thanks thanks this is the regular topic.
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i want to got what happens in the brain. and why are the germans taking up this cause. for a long time there was a newer version to firearms in germany but not gun sales those legal and illegal are rising. why this new increase gun. where the. gun laws. just. keep doubling. in the.
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she gives you a chronically ill you shouldn't work out but he showed her gums one disease heart problems back pain joint pain this one treatment a good set of and any medication insecticides. that was congress is the right to take. an in and we'll tell you. good change in 90 minutes on the w. . i mean nothing at the well i guess sometimes i am but most end up in with the 10 a day but i don't think i think into jamma culture. to pick this ground up day on the east coast it's all that they know i'm right oh joy make me think of an event eat up the post take a trip on aussie go christmas market hopping with d.w.
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is d w news live from berlin half of american troops killed the head of the so-called islamic state report saying i will buy a car like daddy was the target of an overnight raid by special forces in syria. sources say they believe baghdad the u.s. debt u.s. president donald trump is due to make a major announcement in a few hours time also coming up spanish authorities battle separatists as violent demonstrations barcelona police clashed with protesters deploying water cannons and firing tear gas that's after more than $300000.00 people turned out earlier today
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for a peaceful march demanding independence for catalonia. and in german bundesliga soccer byron the acclaimed top sponsor with a little help from record breaking striker robert lewandowski. i mary in evanston welcome to the program we begin with some breaking news the leader of the so-called islamic state. is believed to be dad after being targeted by a u.s. military operation in syria now sources in syria iraq and iran the say they've been informed about baghdad is death but it has yet to be officially confirmed by the united states officials there have confirmed the raid took place and it live province in syria's northwest u.s.
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president donald trump is set to make a statement at 9 am washington time after tweeting earlier that quote something very big has just happened all right let's get more on the story from our middle east correspondent reedy who joins us now from beirut so what do we know so far about this operation. moment. 8 helicopters. in north west syria to. the main in the sea again if human rights mention a few minutes ago the old operation. operation based on.
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a main. date was. the. islamic state a life. for . himself with a suicide vest now my phone tells them down the location and what's significant about it. and the surprise role the surprising thing is. he was killed and nobody told that he might be in the because if you look at the. how they operate in syria. 'd the. old islamic state. in the
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north east of syria. in the north west. so it's a very long distance between the 2 cities. and all will be between cities controlled by the well let's say the enemies of the it's controlled by the syrian army. by. their allies all these forces. allies controlling all the area between. west. syria and. those that president bush will. reach these days oh huge hole he passed through he has no safe for such organization. so how he reached it specially that it's going to hold the elections on the other 1000000 organizations so it's only me. it's all competitors that set
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a controlling it. so how you teach there and what you choose this place to stay in iraq a battle do stay with us for just a moment we now have a closer look at who baghdad really is why was. the leader of i ask is was notoriously reclusive and elusive this is the man believed to be. even that isn't certain. the mujahedeen have been rewarded victory by god after years of jihad they were able to achieve their aim and hurried to announce the caliphate and choose the image. in 2014 i asked seized control of large parts of iraq and syria and declared the territory a kind of foot a u.s. led international coalition for back and re took the territory over the course of about 2 years. baghdad he was on the run and the us posted.


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