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this is due to renewed life for girl in the far right alternative for germany storms into 2nd place in the state election in the n.g.'s well exit polls show the left wing left party are the strongest force but they'll have a hard time forming a new government will have team coverage of the election's outcome and what it means for the country get large also coming up the world's most wanted terrorist has died during a u.s. led ring u.s. president donald trump confirms that american special forces stormed alba bucker
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gardens hideout in northwestern syria will get you analysis from our correspondent in washington. and have been raking it with the tradition to do to a shortage of catholic priests and sounds of western germany a woman has become the head of the parakeet. where the rock is great to have you along everyone polls have closed in the state election of thuringia and eastern germany the left party has held onto its position as the strongest party in the state but the far right a of d. has stormed into 2nd place at the expense of chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u. a stick a look now for you at the 1st exit poll the conservative city you party took a. big hit they have 22.5 percent of the vote
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a sharp drop of 11 percentage points the socialist left party which leads the governing coalition in the state at the moment has 29.5 percent the center left social democrat s.p.d. is at 8.5 percent and the right wing populist a.f.d. made big gains and more than double their vote they are on 24 percent the 2nd strongest party in parliament the environmental greens have 5.5 percent and the business friendly f.t.p. is perhaps secured 5 percent of the vote according to a preliminary exit polls let's go straight now to our very own call her she is in the city of air force the capital of the state of thuringia good to have you with us i know you've been there for the last couple of days i mean this is that you stay deeply divided going by these preliminary results how difficult will it be to
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form a government. well and will be very difficult to form a government and frankly at the moment i don't really see where this is all going the left party is now the strongest force in the federal parliament. but their coalition partners they're currently in a coalition with the s.p.v. the social democrats and the greens their partners a simply not strong enough so this current coalition government does not have a majority anymore at the moment i see 2 possibilities but only in theory one could be left party working together with the cd hugh was i'm going to mak it's conservative party the c.d.u. of however has already ruled out working together with the left party and a coalition between the c.d.u. and the far right the a 50 would also be possible but again the c.d.u. has ruled out a booking to get through with a 50 so. my take here
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a while till we actually see a new government well meanwhile arguably the night belongs to far right it is now the 2nd strongest party in the ranger let's take a listen now to their leader buren her reaction to the exit polls the new months and never before in history has a single party and a single person been so defamed in the federal republic like we were. reports and yet the 3 engines have made this result possible and the result says a clear no which you are paralyzed partly democracy a result that says yes to a new vibrant democracy. mr evidently feels very vindicated by these results did he manage to mobilize more voters to come out and cast their ballot. yeah apparently he has and that might also have to do with
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his way of complaining the h.d. the far right they can paint massively beyond hope of the one we just heard the leading candidate was holding our long speeches almost on a daily basis in different. towns now right please stand by. one of now bring in our chief political editor mikaela. who is also we're tracking these results so very very closely for you mikhail of course you know democracy in action in the state of. why does the score so high there. why does their message resonate with the voters there well this is that channel's discontent resentment and disappointment particularly in those eastern states we've been on hook of that was a rather rich statements coming from somebody who's a former history teacher and knows some history very well to see them as victims of
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democracy here as we see democracy in action and i think i also need to add that the left posse really is the big winner of the night it's the 1st time that the left party that is also a party that sees itself as standing up for the east here and which still is divided on so many a particular issues particularly economically as well and on attitudes it's the 1st time it's become the strongest party in any german federal state. himself though now sees if he on track to become the next big tent party in the united germany that's something he told a different board cost of this evening and he also taps into this growing together the east and west saying that the if the will fulfill vended who knows so basically the 4 of the brothers in war and the growing together of east and west and east sounding up so he's clearly trying to tap into
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a history of which he really didn't have any part to play and you're absolutely right i mean. stealing the left parties thunder because we're focusing so much on their results but let's talk a little bit more about the left party what does their resoundingly victory tell you. well 1st of all that the death party can actually govern the state without any kind of economic decline and that's what was predicted 5 years ago when bordeaux hammad all became the 1st left state premier so the left party and he's a rather exceptional character within that party managed prove that they can do conservative as well he taps into a christian conservative camp which actually doesn't play such a significant role in the east but still so he's somebody to talk to at the same time the left party together with the far right if both parties under the map calls conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. tab doesn't work together with one of the big losers of the night the greens leader hole but the greens who scored so well and who managed to really put some pressure
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on the deal as well in other regional elections so that this was a significant dramatic situation that that now is the time for all democratic parties to talk to each other that they have to talk to each other and they're still big question marks we're going to michael see do you will come around to that point but the pure math might force them to well let's go where the stories that too. well to me caylus point to can these divisions be bridged. yeah that's very hard to tell i have spent the last couple days here in this state and i've met a lot of polarized people families that don't talk to each other anymore because parts of the families tend to the left side the other tend to be a if he also i if the supporters of the far right supporters have told me that when they have arguments about politics at home that sometimes those arguments also questions escalate and they try to change the topic to avoid further escalation so
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it will be really hard i think here to bridge this polarization and why does it matter what happens in the state of the. i think the range is a pretty good of example of how fragmented political landscape in germany is at the movement i mean we have been talking about how difficult it will be here to form a stable government and what we also see it that those 2 parties who used to be the leading parties the big parties in germany the social democrats on one side the c.d.u. on the other side they have lost support message and that's also important of course not only for the federal state but also on the national level because of this is not the only place here where we see this kind of phenomenon are so big losers are the established parties michela what real chance are numerical make of
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these results well 1st of all these results already pretty much factored into what is happening here in politico by the right now but they i guess another example that the german political trademark of the stable governments of forming stable coalitions and of posse is actually playing ball in always having an eye on that being the key aim in the end those days are over she knows that and that's why her so-called grand coalition with the social democrats despite all the infighting is not keen on having a negative outcome of the assessment that the present over the coming weeks which itself could question the very final term of angela merkel here in office but i think we were far away from thinking of fresh elections but that is an issue that is constantly lingering in the room with every political development here sucking out all the oxygen in their room chief political editor mikhail out here with me in
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the studio thank you for your analysis and reporting from the state of the ranger. thank you both for your coverage. we'd like to shift our attention now and go to our other top story the leader of the so-called islamic state. has been killed in a u.s. led military operation in syria u.s. president donald trump confirmed by daddy's death in a special address from the white house he said obadiah he died in a nighttime targeted read and it lived province in the northwest of syria trump thanked sources in russia syria iraq and turkey for their help with what he called taking down the world's most wanted terrorist the u.s. special operations forces executed a dangerous and daring nighttime raid in northwestern syria and accomplished
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their mission in grand style the u.s. personnel were incredible i got to watch much of it no personnel were lost in the operation while a large number of baghdad these fighters and companions were killed with him he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way all right we're now joined by our correspondent in washington pablo foley alias pablo we're a major announcement there by the president or more can you tell us. well you heard some snippets of it there lay that it was a very graphic statement from president trump who said the leader of the so-called islamic state. like a dog and a cow were an almost hour long news conference from president truman he went into
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a lot of detail about his death and he said that al baghdadi had killed himself using a suicide vest he also said that tests being carried out on the body and that it was it was him in fact and u.s. forces were in the compound for 2 hours and that also they had seized highly sensitive material and information on the isis president went on to say that he knew of possible successors to diety as leader of the so-called islamic state and the interesting lee you mentioned that he russia turkey syria and iraq as well as intelligence officials from the united states and also u.s. special forces and also what was quite interesting was how he said that he watched the entire operation and how he said it was like watching a movie. what more do we know about the special mission. well what we do know is the president said that he had been under surveillance for several weeks and that there had been 2 or 3 efforts to capture him and that
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they've been canceled he also mentions how the u.s. special forces knew the location he was hiding in tunnels and they have them covert so his capture would have been carried out and like i mentioned before that he thanked turkey he syria and russia as well as the intelligence officials and the u.s. special forces and that since then we've heard from the kurdish led syrian democratic forces that they tweeted and they said it was a successful joint operation with the u.s. and also we've heard within russia there are reports within the media that the country's ministry of defense wasn't even aware that they provided any assistance to the united states in the operation turkey said that it was pressured to help the united states so you know this ill run for president trump is a very successful day in what has been you know a tough couple of weeks for him right well in conclusion want to talk to you about that because the timing obviously is very interesting comes just as there is
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a growing concern about a resurgence in syria because of the president's decision to pull out troops from the country so this is me now mission accomplished case closed. it's very hard to know where president obama particularly with syria he's had a lot of criticism from democrats and republicans but it is very positive news for president trump and it is it's a significant moment for him he's been under a lot of pressure not just because of the ongoing impeachment inquiry that's taking place but of course for that of broked its decision to withdraw troops from syria and abandon that longstanding kurdish ally that they have there so but overall he's taking this as a positive. public fully is reporting from washington thank you. so who was barker al baghdadi and how much of a blow is his death to the militant the hottest movement we have this report. this
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man was the target of the raid in. the notoriously reclusive and elusive leader of the islamic state movement. in that one of whom the mujahedeen have been rewarded victory by god after years of jihad and they were able to achieve their aim and hurried to announce the caliphate and choose the. 2014 i asked seized control of large parts of iraq and syria and declared the territory a caliphate its rule didn't last long. the u.s. led international coalition including the kurdish led syrian democratic forces its main force on the ground for to back and re took the territory over the course of about 2 years. but daddy was on the run and the u.s. posted a $25000000.00 reward for information on his whereabouts in march this year the u.s. to clear victory over i-s. prematurely say many observers also this year baghdadi reemerged releasing messages
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calling on i.i.s. fighters to regroup the question now is how the jihadi movement itself will fare without baghdadi want to say now about some of the other stories making news around the world. protesters formed a human chain across lebanon on sunday to express solidarity with antigovernment protests demonstrators joined hands from tripoli to tire for a 170 kilometer long chain that ran through the capital of beirut while a nation no wide rally sparked by proposals for new taxes of paralyzed lebanon since their start more than a week ago. how cancun east used tear gas and water cannon to break up an unauthorized demonstration and a waterfront district organizers called the protests to demonstrate against police conduct during the month long pro democracy demonstrations activists have
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criticised police for using pepper spray rubber bullets and police dogs. serbia has issued a warning about high levels of air pollution in the capital of belgrade and several other cities health officials say the smog is caused by unusually warm weather officials say a waste dump fire and the burning of farmland have contributed to the problem. at a special synod in the vatican catholic bishops from across the amazon called for the ordination of married men as priests while they hope the move would address the shortage of priests in the region the proposal will be presented to pope francis who will take a final decision on the vote total going to be. and is staying with that theme while the previously to brew subject of married men becoming priest is at least being discussed at the vatican there is still no movement on breaking
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tradition to allow women to become priests but due to a shortage of catholic priests in south western germany a woman has now become the head of the parish. this woman is exceptional ample blocking. is the head of the catholic parish a position usually the exclusive domain of men but there's a lack of priests in the region so last year when no one applied for the position at st john the baptist church near the town of church bishops decided to exercise a clause which allowed them to make an exception since then bearable blocking has been in charge here. it was a for me it's something new and it's something special for me too and i feel very honored bearable studied theology and began working as a pastoral counsellor over 20 years ago she gives sermons and offers spiritual guidance but unlike her male counterparts she can't administer holy sacraments
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baptized or officiate weddings as myself. it really makes me sad because i'm often involved with preparing people for a christening before for their marriages when i accompany them on the path towards a crossroads in their lives and yes i'm not allowed to then give them the sacraments. it's a real shame it's in the end it's a comment that's been involved that is the shadow but bearable blocking is a key decision maker together with her team she is responsible for $4000.00 members of the community a total of 3 churches and the accompanying administrative apparatus she wants to use this responsibility to rethink the way the church works and she believes having fun is at the heart of it. in the past by members i think one exciting idea is not just to invite people into our churches but instead to go to a pope and read the bible together there we need to go where the people are and not
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insist on bringing them to us blocking is convinced that the church is at a crossroads right now and she's frustrated that change is happening too slowly particularly when it comes to the role of women in the catholic church. school he couldn't that's the church we can't cut off half of humanity when it comes to roles and leadership position and if we don't find another solution we simply won't remain credible. something needs to happen to keep us an attractive option for people. for the mention of $23.00 play there. loving doesn't see yourself as a rebel but rather as a warrior fighting for the catholic church and she's not happy with the position of being the exception to the rule. there we are just hours away from learning who the people of argentina have elected to become their president well opinion polls are
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predicting that center left candidate alberto for a non this will be conservative incumbent mockery of fernandez was a political unknown outside of argentina until that is this year but this election is seen as a referendum on mockeries tough love the austerity measures poverty has soared in the country's currency value dropped during mockeries presidency. president mauricio mockery striking when as posed at his last campaign rally in weren't as irish as all of us are aware that back here we will turn over the page of frustration we will turn around the election and we will turn around this country forever but. murray himself has a lot to turn around as his victory in the presidential election looks highly unlikely the man projected to defeat him by a landslide is opposition candidate alberto fernandez he's benefited from the
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disappointment felt by many arjen times over much praise unsuccessful handling of the economy. came to power in 2015 promising market reforms open door trade policies and strong investment but 4 years on the argentine economy is shrinking and annual inflation stands at more than 53 percent in a primary vote in august seen as a dress rehearsal for the election mockery suffered a shock landslide defeat for nanda as one by a massive 16 percent polls now predict that finances will win the presidency out right without the need for a 2nd round runoff. a win for fernandez would also spell the return of argentina's controversial former president cristina kirchner who is running for vice president she's a polarizing figure a populist who retains a huge following and is viewed as
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a champion of the poor yet she also faces investigations into fraud and money laundering. economists are predicting that a win for fernandez could exacerbate economic volatility and that was. after the primary vote financial markets were thrown into turmoil and the peso plunged more than 30 percent. and protests over the worsening economic situation led lawmakers to approve an emergency food law last month. with neighbors chile and bolivia currently suffering protests and unrest could this election push another country in the region into further instability. to the going to see going now shaka and dortmund renamed their rivalry in the latest edition of the rule derby on saturday but despite the intense atmosphere in the stands there was no winner on the pitch. yellow and black took over 3 points
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home from the felton's arena last year before blue and white went to dortmund and scuppered their rivals title challenge with an away win of the o.t. 8 was shy guy who had the best of the 1st half this time around with 28 minutes gone saif sunday rose high to me to call an up but was denied by the bar. on the half an hour mark welsh young still dropping baton though picked some fits his pocket and though he failed to keep his foot on target he's energy continue to coastal problems shortly afterwards some confusion in the guest's back line gave shock a brilliant child to go in front but the post prevented su etc from giving his side to meet. the hosts were unable to find an opening goal before the break still not encouraging 1st half for diving but not in his darby davis cup. shock to have
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the upper hand on the stands to their hold of stolen rival flags wolfing what the dortmund ultras managed to swipe in return half the 2nd 45 so fewer chances ditto bush tyler was unable to put an end to his on during goal drought and then the tundra missed a chance to make himself a hero blazing and later opportunity over the path right in front of the north call for the deadlock remained unbroken. up until the final whistle i'm very very happy about the performance of day and the and how they played how they how they used our game plan i'm a little bit disappointed by the result but sometimes in football games you don't get what you just. speak owners in the 1st goal misrule dobby since 2016. and now reminder of our top stories that we're tracking for you right now. the far
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aim to alternative for germany's storms into 2nd place and a state election in the india preliminary results show the left wing left party for the strongest force but they'll have a hard time forming a new government comes on the miracle city you are the big losers is wrapping from 1st to 3rd place plus in u.s. president donald trump has confirmed that the founder and leader of the so-called islamic state is dead on trump said abu bakr of baghdad he killed himself with an explosive suicide vest as american special forces stormed his hideout in northeastern syria. the town next up but is are a mortar magazine drive it and we'll be back at the top of the hour with more next to the flop.
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