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one of marie's 4 sons of fresh. starts a new membership on t.w. . this is date over the news line from a bruising defeat for german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives in a state election in eastern germany the socialist left party a projected to win the most states in the state parliament called the far right alternative to germany surge into 2nd place and head of merkel's conservatives also coming up. voting for change in argentina supporters of presidential challenger
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alberto fernandez is celebrating official early results show him heading for an outright victory in an election dominated by the country's economic crisis. plus gladbach back on top of the bonus lay go on for a win against frankfurt sounds and wondering whether the phones could do the same to break by in munich stranglehold on the german. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives have suffered a crushing defeat in the eastern state of threatening you according to the preliminary official results her c.d.u. gets 21.8 percent of the vote that's a drop of more than 11 percentage points the left parties at 31 percent their best showing ever in the state the social democrats dropped to. point 2 percent on the
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far right alternative to germany has more than doubled its share of the votes to 23.4 percent the grains are $5.00 and the pro-business free democrats are hovering at the 5 percent threshold needed to enter the state parliament we have this report with reactions from the state capital effort was scenes of jubilation at the left party headquarters the socialists achieved their best result ever topping a state election for the 1st time this sadly a strong left party is simply the best thing for this state it was a good result for the far left party led by popular premier border obama little bit of time of those current governing coalition an alliance with the social democrat s.p.v. party and the greens can't continue as it is the other 2 parties center of left lost considerable ground and up the big winner was the alternative for germany party or a f.t. the far right party is considered particularly radical and. the parties that are in
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cheerleader b.n. hooka struck a particularly nationalist tone which won the party 2nd place. on the stuff the old system is now being swept away my friends we're now going to take back our country. that was disappointment for the conservatives or c.d.u. party chancellor angela merkel's party came in behind the a.f.p. and 3rd place. but isn't it all worked out for the it's a better day for the she do you in 3 and a better day for the c.d.u. in germany we fight together we win together and just like today we also lose together for the envy of. mark moring cd used to rinse your leader has already ruled out the idea of forming a coalition with the far right all the far left this means forming a regional government will most likely be extremely complicated task.
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w.'s on your car who is in error for this analysis of today's vote the big winner of the night is the age of 50 the far right populace have doubled their results after campaigning massively in the state of the ranger with a very controversial top candidate beer on her who was campaigning basically on a daily basis here with very very harsh anti in my grand positions and apparently that attracted a lot of voters now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world voters in columbus capital bogota have elected a woman as mayor for the 1st time cloudy lopez who's also openly gay won about 35 percent of the vote the position of bogota is widely considered to be the 2nd most important political post after the presidency. a rare painting that was discovered
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by chance in an elderly french woman's kitchen has fetched 24000000 euros at auction the artwork called christ mocked is by italian premier in a science master cimi bouquet and was found to be in excellent condition the woman will now receive the majority of the sale money. u.s. president tunnel trump has announced that the later of the so-called islamic state abu bakr al baghdadi is dead trumps in fact that he blew himself up as american special forces stormed his hideout in england province in northwestern syria trunk thanked russia syria turkey and iraq for cooperating with the operation latest from around the world have welcomed the news but warned that the islamic state remains a threat donald trump said american special forces blew open a wall and moved in quickly cornering al baghdadi in a tunnel where he had taken 3 of his children he didn't supposedly blew himself up along with his children the u.s. says he quickly carried out d.n.a.
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tests confirmed his identity. the american president said he had been after baghdad he says he took office and explained why the u.s. chose to go in there is this is the one that built isis and beyond and was looking to rebuild it again very very strongly looking to build it and that's why he went to this province this way he went to this area president trump also said the mission was so top secret that only a few officials knew about it even keeping his allies in the dark album daddy had started a reign of terror this decade. he's believed to have become radicalized while being imprisoned by u.s. forces in iraq in 2004 he then became leader of isis in 2010 he made only one public appearance in 2014 in mosul iraq where he declared himself the colleague and announced the establishment of the islamic state as well as declaring a holy war. president trump said the u.s.
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still has other people there after today's events are another reminder that we will continue to pursue the remaining isis terrorists to their brutal end that also goes for other terrorist organizations they are likewise in our sights baghdadi and the losers who work for. and the losers they are they had no idea what they were getting into the president also defended his decision to pull out u.s. forces from syria saying he didn't want his country mired in the ancient disputes of others have but he did say some u.s. forces will stay to protect the oil there. official early results from argentina's presidential election show center left candidate alberto is heading for an outright victory as has around 47 percent of the vice compared to 41 percent for conservative incumbent. that's
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a moment 70 percent of the votes counted results suggest phone is a punishing machree for his handling of the country's economic crisis. we're joined now on the phone by correspondent nicole fullish who's in want to say recent nicole results only results at least or in. have been on those is has been relatively unknown he's looking like he's going to easily win tell us a bit more about him. but you know well pointed out he was a rather unknown figure and so he was tossed into the presidential race by his running make you know for an amnesty he was he's a cabinet with her husband there for kerry and for her they later of carted away the after only a couple of months of working together he's known as the. internet to go there with certainly come in handy because burning tomorrow he'll have to find a way to really throughout the country massive negotiating with north korea really
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difficult counterpart the i am. nicole why vote is turned away from achree the incumbent. when he was brought in. by the i am. the i.m.f. ended up giving argentina the biggest credit in history then let you have your charity measure here in the country he was the one under under his leadership the country humbled in you the devastating criteria that the country go into and a lot of people that you wait when there is a dire situation that there go. going through with have the crisis hit the middle class hardest and that is also. well cristina fernandez says playing field so they responded to the crisis by turning their back on the president who they think
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brought it upon them now alberto fernandas of running mate with former president cristina cashman what role did she play in the outcome. she was the one who picked him in the 1st place which is an odd consolation the vice president taking the presidential candidate she did so many analysts believe to make her candidacy viable because she's a very divisive figure here in argentina a lot of people wouldn't have voted for the freedom that the party had she been the the presidential candidate so she was looking for someone to make her candidacy viable to make her party vote of all and that is why she opted for a more moderate candidate can lead the take and he is being investigated in several corruption cases which is why some people are also saying that she
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wanted to see the fine president so she could fall back on a presidential pardon should things turn sour for her. she is as aready pointed out . a lot more radical than heard of her nonetheless and. it's only a matter of time until the 2 of them clash as they have parted ways before rebecca koval is covering those elections for us from one of the areas thank you. well in formula one lewis hamilton has inched closer to his 6th drivers' world title after winning mexican grown prayed the mercedes driver battled back from a poor start to the race to cross the line in 1st however 3rd place finish for hamilton's closest challenge of all terry but us means that the britain may have to wait until the next race in the usa to confirm his championship win. in the
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bundesliga mentioned bloodbath held on to this spot at the top of the table after they came out victorious in a thrilling game against frankfurt the foals balance back from a loss to dortmund last time out with a ruthless attacking display. has been placed firmly in front of the lens this season their performances continue to fuel total talk a promising start for fruit early on brill and below set off a blistering counterattack and teed up marcus to rob was one nil after 29 minutes and below showing off pace and vision to create this simple tap in. and just before the break glass backs pressure produced a 2nd a slice of luck here but oscar vents finish was pure power by a strong hit from the left back and coach marco those are only had to give a very simple half time team talk or so he would have thought on 59 minutes
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frankfurt pulled one back daiichi canada creating the chance for danny de costa to one hope for the visitors yet. a flurry of goals followed on 75 minutes nico alveda restored glove box to gold buffer. i before martine him to record a return the favor 4 minutes later to make it 32. but it was glad backs not dennys that korea's precise hit sealed all 3 points on 85 minutes. before 2 victories sending the falls back to the top of the pool in this league table. and let's take a look at all of the results from this weekend weekend's bundesliga games by an bate in berlin at home hoffenheim 132 away at hertha berlin freiburg bait live to one well padded bowl one for the 1st time this season against
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a sold off and living person and bremen played out an exciting 22 draw on friday nights one against cologne on sunday vols back and out through nil nil and mention glad to one for 2 against france at. and we can take a look at how those results affect the bundesliga table thanks to their victory glad back on the top followed by by in munich don't have dropped off the pace following recent results at the bottom had a boeing's win is it enough to lift them off 18th place does wolf and union berlin remain just outside the relegation zone despite suffering the fates. of thousands of revelers in mexico city have taken to the streets for the annual day of the dead celebrations people paraded wearing costumes and face paint with many dressed as a skeleton skeletal figure known as luck and trying to train up the character was created by a mexican illustrator more than 100 years ago the colorful festivities take place
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ahead of mexico's 2 day holiday to one of the dead which traditionally begins on november 1st you're watching date on the news from berlin coming up doc film with a feature on germany's justice system more news coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at state of utah or becker it is thanks for watching. it's all happening coach of. normally news from africa the world we're going to exceptional stories and discussions here no one will come to their views after coming program tonight from foreign agenda meet. the easy to our website don't you to come smash africa join us on facebook w.


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