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this is the w. news coming to you live from berlin the leader of islamic state is dead but his extreme ideology is not. down he died in a raid by u.s. special forces on his hind out in northwestern syria according to the president on the trail but it's unlikely to mean the end of the so-called islamic state also coming up germany's far right parties surges forward in a state election is a bruising defeat for transfer mackerels conservatives into 3rd place. and fighting we follow
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a world health organization team at work in the democratic republic of congo for more than 2000 lives have been lost in the latest outbreak of the disease. hello i'm terry margin good to have you with us world leaders have welcomed u.s. president donald trump's announcement that the leader of the so-called islamic state of baghdad he was killed in a raid by u.s. special forces in syria trump said baghdad he blew himself up as u.s. troops stormed his hideout but satisfaction at the death of baghdad he has been tempered with several leaders cautioning that although its leader may be dead islamic state continues to pose a threat. donald trump said american special forces blew open a wall and moved in quickly cornering al baghdadi in a tunnel where he had taken 3 of his children he then supposedly blew himself up
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along with his children the u.s. says he quickly carried out d.n.a. tests confirmed his identity. the american president said he had been after baghdad he says he took office and explained why the u.s. chose to go in because this is the one that built isis and beyond and was looking to rebuild it again very very strongly looking debility and that's why he went to this province this why he went to this area president trump also said the mission was so top secret that only a few officials knew about it even keeping his allies in the dark al baghdadi had started a reign of terror this decade he's believed to have become radicalized while being imprisoned by u.s. forces in iraq in 2004 he then became leader of isis in 2010 he made only one public appearance in 2014 in mosul iraq where he declared himself the colleague and announced the establishment of the islamic state as well as declaring
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a holy war in pencil president trump said the u.s. still has other people there after today's events are another reminder that we will continue to pursue the remaining isis terrorists to their brutal end that also goes for other terrorist organizations they are likewise in our sights baghdadi and the losers who work for. and losers they are they had no idea what they were getting into the president also defended his decision to pull out u.s. forces from syria saying he didn't want his country mired in the ancient disputes of others but he did say some u.s. forces will stay to protect the oil they're. all for some analysis now let's bring in gator steinberg his from the german institute for international and security fares a think tank here good to see you how important was baghdadi for isis and what impact
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will his death have on this terrorist group he was very important to let the organization since 2010 and when he took over the organization did have less than a 1000 fighters and 4 years later he has founded a quasi state in iraq in syria it will be very hard to find a replacement for him in the coming months and he is do you think it's going to weaken isis yes yes a little bit they will have trouble to find someone who qualifies as cayle if they will have trouble to find someone who is as ruthless well organized and ideologically motivated as he was so it weakens the organization but of course it is still there not only in iraq in syria but all over these i mean where of the president is clearly proud of the fact that u.s. special forces killed daddy or that he blew himself up when they were approaching
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do you think that the killing will have an effect on how american policy is executed in the middle east in fighting jihadi. things so i think we see an administration that is committed to the fight against the jihad is but it's an administration that is also committed to a withdrawal not only from syria but from the region in order to reorient its its strength. towards asia so that means that will severely weakened the fight against terrorism in the region so you don't see this as softening the u.s. stance and in fighting terrorism in the middle east because trouble saying you want to bring troops home and all of that narrative i think that's problematic and we already see that in syria and we heard yesterday that the american government was or that the military was in kind of a rush because of the withdrawal in syria that would severely weaken the fight
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against terrorism that it is and it would pose a problem for the europeans who theoretically would have to take over because what is happening in syria and in turkey is directly affecting us not the u.s. this killing did take place in northern syria where global and regional powers are flexing their muscles right now time to russia and turkey other countries to do you see any prospects for stability returning to this region any time soon not any time soon money it's clear that bashar al assad has won the civil war but it will take awhile until he'll be able to regain control of the country i think the civil war will go on for for several years from now on and i says will still be a factor in this war just quickly do you think there is a risk that isis could try to avenge the death of its leader by carrying out to more terrorist attacks definitely has been the threat of isis attacks in recent
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months and years and it and it remains i think i think one act is infallible and that's the kurds because now we know that the strike originated in abuja gaeta thank you so much from the german institute for international and security affairs here in berlin. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today in argentina central left handed it about joe fernandez has won the country's presidential election in the 1st round with almost all votes counted fernando's has 48 percent giving him an outright victory over the incumbent. the election was dominated by argentina's economic crisis. argentina's neighbor uruguay has also been going to the polls there the less daniel martinez finished 1st but he fell well short of the 50 percent needed to win outright he's now headed into a runoff against the center right candidate who reads the poll on november 24th.
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almost 200 people 120-0000 people rather have been ordered to leave their homes as wildfires spread through northern california's wine country strong winds are fanning the flames in a state wide emergency has been declared california's governor said visuals were using every resource available to respond to the fires. well here in germany voters have flocked to the far right if deep party in a regional election in the eastern state of thuringia the party more than doubled its vote although it came 2nd to the left party which will now try to form a coalition government just going to michael's conservatives suffered a crushing defeat the c.p.u. got 21.8 percent of the vote a drop of more than 11 percentage points the left party is at 31 percent their best showing ever in the state social democrats drop slightly to 8.2 percent the far right alternative for germany surged ahead gaining 23.4 percent the greens are at
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5.2 percent well the pro-business free democrats are hovering at the 5 percent threshold needed to enter the state parliament. gets for analysis in just a moment but 1st this report featuring reactions from orange years state capital airport was scenes of jubilation at the left party headquarters the socialists achieved their best result ever topping a state election for the 1st time this sadly a strong left party is simply the best thing for this state it was a good result for the far left party led by popular prime yeah. but if i'm alone this current governing coalition an alliance with the social democrat s.p.d. party and the greens can't continue as it is the other 2 parties center of left lost considerable ground and up a big when i was the alternative for germany party or a f.t. the far right party is considered particularly radical and. the parties that are in
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gelida b.n. hooka struck a particularly nationalist tone which won the party 2nd place. in the stuffy old system is now being swept away my friends we're now going to take back our country. though. that was disappointment for the conservatives or c.d.u. party chancellor angela merkel's party came in behind the f.t. and 3rd place but isn't it a lot out for it it's a bitter day for the c.d.u. in 3 and a bitter day for the c.d.u. in germany we fight together we win together and just like today we also lose together. mike mortaring cd used to renji a leader has already ruled out the idea of forming a coalition with either the far right or the far left this means forming a regional government will most likely be an extremely complicated task. our
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political correspondent hans bon ted has been covering this election for us good morning hans a fractured political landscape there in its orange will it be possible for the triumph left party to form a government that's going to be a very very difficult task the current premier in the region both of them will is in a fairly comfortable position because he can continue as interim leader until a new leader is chosen whenever that may be so he is not under a lot of time pressure to get together to put together a government but the political landscape is so fractured that he will need to pull together very very diverse parties in order to be able to form some sort of government there is talk of maybe a minority government which is a situation that is very rare in germany in other words that for every decision that is taken in parliament he will have to find a new majority so it's going to be a long process it's going to be
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a difficult process but at the same time the situation will remain stable for the time being so left party won increased share of bot the far right d. party more than doubled its share of the vote in this election here's the party's leader in thuringia commenting on the election results. and the much niggas who never before in history has a single party and a single person been so defamed in the federal republic like we were. we let's them and yet the 3 engines have made this result possible and the result it says a clear no to our paralyzed party democracy a result that says yes to a new vibrant democracy going to bendigo. a new vibrant democracy how did her and his party the tea manage to mobilize so many voters to win nearly a quarter of the i think 1st of all you have to say this man is
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a real fascist. there's even been a court judgment saying that one has a to call him that he's a very right wing right wing out in this party despite that more than almost a quarter of the voters voted for him the party went very much on a narrative directed at east germans at their feeling of being somehow 2nd class citizens of not being respected in the whole of germany of not being able to say what they feel in the whole of germany also the issue of migration which elsewhere in germany has is on the back burner is not so current anymore in that region it's still something that the if he can use to mobilize people so it was that combination of playing into the feeling of east germans of being 2nd class citizens together with a migration issue that has been successful there and elsewhere in eastern germany one has to say in recent elections in other eastern german the german regions federal states. have very similar results with this kind of structure so the far
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right after he nearly doubled or more than doubled its vote in the state meanwhile the center right c.d.u. party of chancellor angela merkel lost a lot how big of a blow is this to chancellor merkel c.d.'s this is a very very bitter result for chancellor merkel and her current topologies this used to be the majority party in the federal state until 5 years ago it is now in 3rd place despite the fact. that senior politicians from that party assisted in this election campaign including the new party leader. and a good con carbon ball who was there supporting the local candidate all of that. was for nothing the party lost 11 percent its very very very bad result for the party what if anything does this election result in tell us about the political direction of germany as a whole i think what you can say in germany as
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a whole that is reflected in thuringia as well is the fact that the political let's landscape is a lot more fractures they are no longer these 2 dominating parties that we've had for decades in germany the conservatives over anglo-american on the one hand and the social democrats on the other a whole lot of other parties have similar sorts of results as these big parties forming governments is a lot more difficult and the question of what does this mean for the coalition governing the governing coalition between the conservatives and the social democrats both of them lost their both of them will be under pressure to try and change something in central government there's not much to change in fact they will have to continue in some way in the way that they're operating at the moment ok the party that won the most votes the left party the incumbent state premier boto romola was quite popular how much of his party's success is attributable to him a very large part i think this is something that has been similar also in other
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recent elections that the incumbent has gained an extra portion of the helping his party to victory this is happened elsewhere as well but obama though despite the fact that he comes from the left probably is in fact a fairly conservative person he has been running this government for the process 5 years in a very successful man so that is the bone is that he got from that i think. people want him to continue but remaining the premier but he's going to struggle putting together a government and come. when you're in government still a left party and syringe of bucking the trend for the party elsewhere in the country has planned our political correspondent thank you so much. you're watching d.w. news still to come later in this half hour in sports gladbach are back on top of the bonus league could they be the team to challenge by a munich plus in formula one we'll see lewis hamilton's masterful display at the mexican run for. the democratic republic
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of congo is grappling with the world's 2nd largest a boulder epidemic on record with more than 2000 lives lost and $3000.00 confirmed infections since the outbreak began in august of last year the world health organization says the outbreak in the congo has slowed down but should still be classified as a global emergency the w.h.o. has more than 650 staff on the ground to try to contain the spread of the disease for we resisted the i love this if you like a nudge the nuclear center gets a call telling them about a 50 year old man who's vomiting and has a fever possible signs of an infection. while a driver is sent out a response team travelled to the village to speak to the community. dr b. tells them about the risks and tries to find out who the newly infected man had been
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in contact with sick if you're sick is it done since they had contact with a relative who is showing symptoms we ask them to the next a team will stay and monitor the health for 21 days and as soon as they hear symptoms we will implement public out for matches seen young. forms of the media decided it would be. but up to moon b. and her team often meet with resistance in rural communities in the congo where the battle is still rife many a suspicious of western medicine. and refuse to come to treatment centers even if they think they might have been infected. county. health workers have been threatened one locally bola treatment center was recently burned down. with the flu but to contain a disease like you bury everybody who has been in contact with a newly infected person should be vaccinated and monitored in the lab while there is no license treatment for the deadly infection yet
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a newly developed vaccine is already being used here under emergency guidelines in a so-called ring vaccination people who may have been in contact with a newly infected person and who dr moonbase team have traced her off that the vaccine to protect them. and attitudes in the community are slowly changing. i'm happiest when we see a patient cured and leaving a life because the community believes that when we come it's a sign of death it's complicated but when they survive we stand tall we accompany them sometimes with germs they don't boo hoo ah. and with every survivor who leaves the treatment center to the sound of clapping and drum beats the message goes out take precautions and get treatment to help contain the spread of this deadly disease. yes. well
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joining us now is dr michael ryan he's executive director of the world health organization's health emergencies program thanks for being with us here this morning history that we just saw the work that the world health organization is doing in congo how difficult is it to stop a disease like a boulder that can jump across borders and potentially go much further. was a very difficult disease to stop at the moment particularly in the context of congo where we have a. mixture of conflict displacement and a very weak of system so the chances that the disease can amplify and spread even across borders is quite high the chances of global level are reasonably low because the disease does not spread by the airborne route but there are many other viral pathogens that can do that now you're attending the world health summit that's taking place here in berlin right now the main focus of that summit this year is climate change what impact this climate change have on the spread of disease.
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climate and climate variability climate change will impact on the spread of diseases in many many ways a lot of it's mediated by rainfall patterns and temperature patterns viruses and particularly the vectors to carry them are very sensitive to rainfall humidity groundwater and that will drive vector borne disease we see that this year which you can do you would take breaks all over the world equally we will see diseases associated with drugs or flooding you cast your mind back a year ago we had a major sites with a mozambique within a week of that cycle and we had a massive epidemic of cholera. what are the flashpoints for epidemics and diseases like you just described right now which region regions of the world are most at risk most affected i think everyone has one ruble but if we look at zones of great biodiversity in the world the great rain forests and all those if we look at zones which have conflict and increasing populations with
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a lot of population movement where populations are already vulnerable like in like india or congo but there are many other places like that but we are all vulnerable a major cities all around the world are vulnerable but not necessarily vulnerable to the disease emerging in the city but they're very vulnerable to a disease arriving in the city and then causing a major epidemic and again we're seeing that or more is the world prepared for something like that for the cause for the risk that these diseases pose and i think we're at a stage of great vulnerability and great risk but we're also entering an era of great capacity we have technology we have you virus a new vaccines we have new drugs we have better surveillance systems we have communities that are connected all over the world we're better connected communities than we ever have been however trust between communities and governments is as a as a as a low ebb so how are we going to use the technologies of our disposal use all the advantages of development and globalization and managing those risks that are
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really there and in association with globalization and appeal for multilateralism it sounds like dr michael ryan director of the w h o's health emergencies program thanks for being with us thank you. in the bonus league. held on to their spot at the top of the table after they came out victorious in a thrilling game against prank for the poles bounced back from a loss to dortmund last time out with a ruthless attacking display. placed firmly in front of the lens this season their performances. tinubu to fuel title talk a promising start bore fruit early on bill and below set off in a blistering counterattack and teed up marcus to run by one mill after 29 minutes and below showing off pace and vision to create this simple tap in. and just before
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the break glass pressure produced a 2nd a slice of luck here but oscar vents finish was pure power i'm strong hit from the left back and coach marco only had to give a very simple half time team talk or so he would have thought on 59 minutes frankfurt pulled one back daiichi canada creating the chance for danny. 21 hope for the visitors yet. a flurry of goals followed on 75 minutes nico alveda restored glass box to goal buffer. i before martine him to return the favor 4 minutes later to make it 32. but it was glad backs not dennys that precise hit sealed all 3 points on 85 minutes. before 2 victory sending the phones back to the top of the bundesliga table.
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in formula one lewis hamilton is closer to winning his 6th drivers' title after claiming victory at the mexican grand prix the briton leads the standings by a massive margin and could wrap up the championship at the next race in the us. a ferrari from ray made life difficult for lewis hamilton at the start of this race pushed wide on to the grass by sebastian fattal and straight into a tangle with red bulls max fish happened a couple of corners later the british driver came out of that scrap the better and the same could be said of the pit stops. after slicing through the field with seemingly listener effort hamilton went in for his tires early so he could get ahead of the ferrari's up today stops that strategy cooked up by the miss a the steam works and it was helped in part by some mistakes in the ferrari carriage then leader charlotte clare had already made one stop when this happens
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a problem putting on his rear tire. they knew they'd blown it and it was then just left to hamilton's unearths his car over the line. a well earned victory for him in mexico i am incredibly humbled by today's opportunity in a car pulled together as it did in the team's being so sufficient and executed the best strategy. for $612.00 title will have to wait for now but it surely just a matter of time. thousands of revelers in mexico city have taken to the streets for the annual day of the dead celebrations people paraded wearing costumes and face paint with many dressed as a scuttle figured known as lucky 3 no the character was created by a mexican illustrator more than 100 years ago the colorful festivities take place ahead of beck's goes to day holiday to honor the dead which traditionally begins on
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november 1st. i'm sorry martin you're watching d.w. news from berlin and coming up next we've got a documentary film looking at the legacy of war in bosnia the children of shame of course you get all the latest news information in all our web site anytime a v.w. dot com i'm terry marshall thanks for being with us. when
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she was 15 i mean since discovered a secret. she was born after her mother was raped during the bosnian war people with such a past are often shocked. for i know it was very painful to love how she came to be but she's strong i know fights for bosnia has children of shame. next on t.w. .
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to france dear antone our dear cecilia distance of visit us i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble that's asked out when i was 8 france is a choice of germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades since it was given a month when your mother was born in 1969 the wall has already 8 years and you know my grandchildren who were born after the war felt born in a green unified germany along a full time a time of great joy. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. darkness
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has fallen and it's still peaceful and have remained so for your sakes my grandchildren often i have. the birth of our family and us start to live or 6th on d. w. . the war in bosnia ended almost 24 years ago but for some the conflict lives on as a bitter part of everyday life. in this movie it's a little but we're not children of log we're children of hate it took me a long time to accept that the war is the only reason i'm alive that these. children born of wartime rape a taboo topic in bosnia these children are now adults fighting against discrimination. somebody to suck it.


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